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Handle: @thesilverserval

Timezone: Pacific Time.

Current Level of Activity: 3-5 days a week.

Type of Play: Roleplayer of all levels.

Account Level: Silver.

Characters of Champions Online



Mind-Mender (Currently Inactive)



People may know me from...

  • In City of Heroes/Villains, I mainly used the global handle of @ChIoro: Kydras of Empire of Atlantis, Vile Toxin of United Underworld, Moonstroke briefly of Rogues Gallery and many others that weren't really important in other plots (Lifespike, Taiga Zero, Chloro, Vermilion, etc..). I made only one foe all those years of playing, compared to 10-15 good friends and a million acquaintances.
  • Pendulum on the CO boards before it was released. I won the 'name that cherry blossom park' contest with the most obvious answer, 'Sakura Park' by somehow doing it first before everyone else (it was luck - I also received a lot of flack for it too by random bitter private messages). I was invited into beta, and then they also decided to send the rest of the Sakura Gang along with me. I am very certain that old account has been hacked since early 2010.

So.. if you recognize me, want to find me in game or start some type of roleplay plot, feel free to say hello. I love running into familiar faces behind the characters. ;)