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Player: @magemighty
"An Urban Myth?"
Character Build
Class Focus: Tech-vigilante
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: John Summers
Known Aliases: Blackflight, The Cape, Shroud, Demon, Eric O'Reilly
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Bishop City
Base of Operations: Millennium City (Temporarily), Usually Bishop City
Relatives: None listed
Age: 52
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 165lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Greying-brown
Complexion: Fair skinned, attractive even.
Physical Build: Muscular, large and intimidating.
Physical Features: Extensively scarred body from his younger years. Defined as attractive, at least for his age. In a strange, Tom Cruise kind of way.
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: 10 (Intermittently)
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Socialite, Board member at Summers Industrials
Education: Degree-level, Psychology and Criminology.
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
In possession of the Amulet of Vengeance, the gem being shattered and implanted to parts of his body. Various gadgets and vehicles. Extensive assets accumulated over time.
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Born into a wealthy family in the urban cesspool that is Bishop City, John Summers lived a life of substance and privilege, something very few have within his home city. After his sobering induction into the extensive criminal politics throughout the City, John swore he would never be a pawn to be used for the benefit of others. He had seen the belly of the criminal underworld, and he did not blink or give in. He swore to destroy it, make his city a place worthy of its holy, benevolent namesake.

Taking his second chance after being freed from his abduction, John Summers travelled the world - eventually returning to his home city, becoming the Blackflight.

... That was years ago. He was just a boy with high-tech toys. A boy who's antics endangered the lives of others. He retired after the death of his partner, guilt weighing heavily on him. The return of an old foe left him not content to simply sit around and age quietly, he has claimed the Amulet of Vengeance and reclaimed his mantle as Blackflight, bringing his reign of Justice back - this time to Millennium City. By day, the wealthy socialite John Summers; by night, one of the most talented detectives and infamous vigilantes.



Most vigilantes like John usually have a terrible, defining tragedy - usually revolving around the death of a father figure or such like. John isn't quite so dramatic.

John is descended from one of the Founding Fathers of Bishop City - a group of four large corporations with roots dating back to the founding of the city, and practically every crime that occurs in it, as such he had always lived a life of wealth and substance, but also a life of politics and intrigue. Whilst well-loved by his parents, he was despised by other Founding Families. He grew up completely unaware of the political scheming and movements that surrounded his family. Blissfully unaware of his family's own criminal connections, John tried to have as normal of an upbringing as possible.

He did this. If you don't include the numerous self-defence classes and extensive education he got, albeit depriving him of normal human socialisation.

His life changed, however, on his 15th birthday, in the midst of a power struggle between vying rivals, the Summers and the Brookhyders. In a bid to gain leverage over the Summers, the Brookhyders ordered the kidnapping of the young John Summers, which was carried out to brutal effect. The experience proved traumatic to the young boy, even more so when it turned out that his parents refused to heed the Brookhyders demands to free him; only estranging him from his parents. Eventually, John was rescued after a brief and decisive shootout between the Summers private army and the force holding John - but the experience proved to be a harsh awakening to the politics of Bishop City. In the wake of his weakness in the situation, how easily captured he was, he was set down a path, a path that would inadvertently set him against his own family...

He left the city shortly after that night, with the blessings of his parents, leaving under the guise of protection and training to take over the family business. He went to begin training - training that would shape the man he would become...

Original career

At twenty years old, John Summers returned to Bishop City after 5 years of extensive, intense training abroad. He assumed a management position in his family's company, Summers Industrials, focusing mainly on the manufacture of industrial goods and the occasional underground weapons contract. John wielded this new influence, alongside his connections to a secretive technology-broker to begin the creation of various assets with which to fight crime from. He created his distinctive battlesuit, car and gadgets to start with - operating out of the basement of Summers Tower first, in a secret sublevel he constructed himself. It connected to the extensive sewer system underneath Bishop city, enabling him to get anywhere within the city without being seen.

It was shortly after he had laid the groundwork for his new purpose that rumors and murmurings of a dangerous, shadowy figure started appearing in the Ireton District, several gang members checking into various hospitals with extensive broken bones and other disfiguring injuries.

After a news-breaking bust up of a docklands drug shipment, the figure was officially named "The Shroud" by tabloids and other newspapers in the area, becoming somewhat of a folk hero to the good people of Bishop City. A journalist shortly after then refined the name, under an anonymous tip, to the name Blackflight.

Blackflight exploited his new found infamy among the people; preying on the people believing him to be an urban legend. But with this infamy, rogues began to rise up, seeking to challenge Bishop City's new champion and protector - with the Founding Fathers scrambling to remove him as soon as possible.

Rise of the Sideshow Syndicate

With the rise of Blackflight, some criminals became more bold.

Blackflight's presence had weakened the strong grip that the Founding Fathers had retained over their city for hundreds of years, allowing newer, deadly criminals to spring up in a grab for power. One of these was the elusive "Ringleader". A man by two names, Boss Jester and Ringleader, he was a classic case of a psychotic mental patient. He escaped from Bishop City's Thomas Forsythe Hospital for the Criminally Insane. An infamous serial killer and almost peerless tactician and manipulator, it didn't take long for the Ringleader to appeal to the disenfranchised of the City - the poor and destitute, and even low-level enforcers of the Founding Fathers who desired more.

He formed a new criminal faction, the Sideshow Syndicate, themed after a circus show - with himself as Ringleader, deadly acrobat assassins, brutes as strongmen, all forming a macabre and violent imitation of an otherwise enjoyable pass-time. Ringleader, with his multiple personalities, could not decide whether he preferred being the leader, or a simple clown - opting for both. The Sideshow Syndicate went on a rampage across the city, banks and businesses failing in their violent crime spree. This attracted the attention of Blackflight who, after several run-ins with the Syndicate, was able to capture an Enforcer for interrogation (more like torture). It didn't take long for him to extract the location of Ringleader and the base of operations.

Ringleader operated out of an abandoned Amusement Park in the Stuart Improvement District of the City. A place where the gang continues to operate out of to this day, forming a stronghold of sorts.

First Encounters

Having extracted the location of the Sideshow Syndicate's Ringleader, Blackflight headed there immediately. Much to his own surprise, he found the police force tracking the same quarry. Sneaking past their barricade and into the Funtime Pier area of the city, he encountered a group of gang members beating up a bloodied, outmatched cop. Dispatching the gang members with relative ease, he freed the cop from his trappings - identifying him instantly. The chief of police - James Matthews.

The Chief nodded slowly in gratitude, not drawing his gun. Blackflight fled quickly back into the shadows, focusing back on his personal mission to find the Ringleader. It didn't take long.

In the middle of the showground sat an oversized Hot Air Ballon, the Ringleader standing in it with enough bombs to level a city block. The man giggled happily as his followers loaded more on, only to instantly frown and shoot one of them right after. Babbling something about the balloon being "too heavy". Surely enough, it began to float away shortly after.

Blackflight followed suit, leaping from a bigtop tent, to a trampoline and then somersaulting through the air. Not quite enough height, he fired his grapple line at the balloon, hooking into it and using his momentum to yank him further, landing firmly in the passenger area alongside the crime boss, gunfire spraying around them as the Syndicate tried to take down the elusive vigilante. Then, Blackflight stared into the eyes of his quarry, seeing only madness. This one look defined the rest of their relationship, the Ringleader seeing... An equal.

A single, quick, bone crunching punch and the Ringleader was down - or so Blackflight thought. Turning around to disarm the bombs, he didn't spot the Ringleader scrambling up, dropping one of the bombs on the other side of the Balloon down on the city, levelling an entire building in the Stuart Improvement District from a single bomb. Blackflight, thinking quickly, took a Wing from his belt, throwing it up at the balloon, puncturing it. Taking the steering mechanism, he took it towards Bishop Bay - intending to take the Ringleader with him.

The Ringleader jumped at him, pinning him to the floor as the Balloon went down. Pressed for time, he kicked upwards, forcing the Ringleader into the flaming generator and leaping from the balloon, watching as it sunk into the Bishop Bay.

Something told him that it wasn't the last he'd seen of the Ringleader...

Retirement and thereafter

It was leading up to the Battle of Detroit, Destroyer had reached out to supervillains across the country - and a quietness had fallen over Bishop City. The entire city waited anxiously for the result of the battle between Dr Destroyer and the heroes of Earth.

No one expected Destroyer to have reached out to the Ringleader of all people.

Coincidentally, Blackflight, Blackwing and James Matthews had been planning to assault the Funtime Pier with a contingent of police officers, intent on ending the Ringleader's reign of terror among the poor and impoverished of Bishop City. It was to be a breakthrough for Blackflight in his vigilante cause, the first time that Blackflight had ever officially teamed up with the police. Everything was drawn up perfectly, contingencies for everything that the Ringleader would usually have at his disposal. The plan was full-proof.

The plan started out swiftly, the Sideshow Syndicate members still within the Funtime Pier area easily subdued as Blackflight, Blackwing and Matthews entered the bigtop tent. Confronted with the Ringleader standing on a raised platform. He laughed menacingly as the three champions of Justice stepped forward. Blackflight implored Ringleader to surrender, eliciting a further laugh from the insane circus member. Then, the platform Ringleader stood on opened up, out of it walked destroids, more than a dozen of them - clearly supplied by Destroyer in return for Ringleader's support in the Battle of Detroit - support that wouldn't be provided apparently. Blackflight and Blackwing tried to fight the Destroids, but were quickly overwhelmed by the superior technology, apparently ill-equipped to take them down. The robots knocked the three heroes unconscious - Ringleader had plans for them.

When Blackflight regained consciousness, he was tied to a column, one of the supports for the tent. Matthews was on the one across from him, Blackwing in the middle of the bigtop, a pistol pressed against his head by Ringleader himself - the Destroids nowhere to be found. Ringleader taunted Blackflight, who remained passive in an attempt to not give the Ringleader what he wanted to see. Then, just as the Ringleader appeared to be about to shoot the sidekick, he twisted, in a personality-episode, and shot the Police Commissioner, a bullet right through the head. Killing him. Blackflight simply remained passive on the outside, struggling internally.

Then, still displeased with Blackflight's lack of reaction, he shot the sidekick, a point blank bullet to the back of his head, killing him instantly. Blood splattering over the Ringleader's bright red suit. Unable to control himself any more, Blackflight broken free from his trappings, the ropes snapping under his sheer strength. He rushed the Ringleader, taking a shot into his armour in the process, it pierced it too, injuring him. With one punch, he floored the maniacal circus leader, moving over him to continue brutally laying into him - in a moment of total psychosis. Snatching the gun from his hands and then beating him with it, until all that remained was a bloody pulp, barely alive.

Blackflight carried his young sidekick's body out of the tent, slowly and solemnly. Police entering the tent afterwards, led by Matthews' son, seeing the Ringleader near death, and then the corpse of the Police Commissioner.

The son ran out to arrest Blackflight, by which time he was long gone.

Current Events

The Birds Migrate...


Inside Out: John Summers</font>

((The following is an excerpt from a tabloid magazine, published upon John Summers' arrival in Millennium City.))

Heeeeeeeello readers! Tabby Tramlow again, and it's time for another feature of INSIDE-OUT.

This time, we have a real gentleman, an older man too! Some of you might have heard of him, his name is John Summers!

Bishop City's signature playboy!

Now, Mister Summers, in spite of his -advanced- age doesn't seem to have lost his charm one bit! Dressed in a classy, casual blazer, pristine white shirt and formal pants, he seemed more fitting to be at a movie premier than a magazine interview!

But enough about that, dear readers, I'm sure you want to get aaaaaaaaaaaall the juicy gossip; enjoy the interview!

Q: Mister Summers, I'm aware that you're kinda a big deal back home in Bishop City, but for those of us that don't live in that -wonderful- Metropolis, how would you describe yourself to them?

A: Hrm... Tough question there, Tamm-... Tabby. *He paused, for an awkward laugh. His hand stroking his chin idly.* It's easiest to just say what I do for work, isn't it? I represent the family company, Summers Industrials, I'm really just here to broker a deal for the company, they figured we could do with some more publicity, so here I am.

Q: Boooooooooooooooring! Come on, Johnny, give us something interesting! Oh! I got it! How's the love life looking? I'm sure everyone wants to hear about Bishop City's most eligible bachelor.

A: *He begins with another awkward chuckle, pursing his lips, like he's debating what to say.* Come now, I wouldn't say -everyone- wants to hear about that. But I am still single. As I'm sure you'll be pleased to know. *He responds, offering a charming smile.*

Q: My, my, Mister Summers; it seems that flirtatious attitude hasn't waned in old age! It doesn't change the fact that the answer seems more deflective than genuine...

A: Is there a question there?

Q: No fun! I was putting on my best pout! In any case, let's try something else. You were alive for the first appearance of that Bishop City vigilante, he's back now too! What're your thoughts?

A: *He puts on a half smirk, rolling his eyes at the question, he expertly quips his way out of it.* Well, for one thing, it reminds me of how old I am now! And, as for the actual question, anyone dressing in body armour and beating up civilians in the dead of night -clearly- has issues. No more than the regular cape around here though.

Q: Not a fan of superheroes, Mister Summers?

A: I... Didn't say that. *He hesitates, first time in the interview.* Must be part of coming from Bishop City. We aren't quite used to capes. Lord knows we could've used them back in the day!

Q: Heh... Well, you're here now! Embrace the hero culture! On a darker note, one of your city's criminals has apparently been seen around the city. Bloodgust? Bloodfuss? Bloodlust! That's it! Thoughts on him?

A: I'm gonna have to say "no comment", not my place to comment on police matters.

Q: Just seems awful coincidental...

A: And now I definitely can't comment! *He chuckles*

Q: Well... Uhm... That's our time then! Take a read of this in the Gazette tomorrow!



Blackflight is a 52 year old man, but, outside of his mask, he appears to have aged somewhat well, comparable to celebrities like Tom Cruise. He has greying brown hair, early wrinkles and world-weary eyes, his looks befitting his previous playboy lifestyle. He does, however possess and imposing, muscular figure, larger than his younger self through routine workouts and preservation techniques to keep his body spry and fit. To people of his appropriate age group, he could probably be seen as attractive. When in public, he keeps a welcoming façade around him at all times, appearing polite and kind to those around him, his features softened into that of a friendly smile or even a flirtatious smirk. He relaxes his muscles to assume a more relaxed posture in public appearances, all in an effort to make it harder to detect his true nature.

As Blackflight, he wears a kevlar-mesh suit, not dissimilar to the kind that Nighthawk wears. He wears a partial mask with dark grey facepaint over his mouth area to blend it with the mask design, whilst allowing ease of breathing. At the end of each of his arms are bladed tips, again, another cue taken from the vigilante, Nighthawk. His suit is made up of a dark, black cape. The cape merges into his shoulders seamlessly, seeming to droop onto the chest slightly, shrouding his shoulders. The chest is covered with an armor-style pattern, a black-undermesh with lighter grey plates on top. A centerpiece of his suit is his jet black utility belt, known to contain his infamous gadgets. Below the belt, the mesh pattern continues again, being swiftly finished by matching colour grey combat boots. Over his eyes are large, white coloured eyepieces, giving him access to a sophisticated HUD whilst providing an imposing, inhuman visage to the criminals he fights.


Blackflight is an elderly, bitter man.

Years of crimefighting have taken their toll on the old man, forming a cynical, realist outlook. He rarely sees optimism in any situation and rather looks at the circumstances he finds himself in analytically. Alongside these issues, years of giving up crimefighting have broken his heart, watching his city fall into decadence in the absence of its protector, in spite of the efforts of other vigilantes to curb rampant crime and corruption. His bitterness has resulted in an excessively violent outlook and attitude when in the suit since his return to crimefighting, the only way to curb the issues in his city being to do so with more violence. Inside his suit, he is work-focused, the mission being his only objective. He is cold and unfeeling. To criminals and those on his bad side, he is immensely aggressive and violent, offering them no-quarter, at times it is hard to tell whether it is part of the act and persona that he cultivated for himself in his earlier years. He is silent and a man of few words, in many ways this lack of talking is irksome and bothers his opponents, who seek to provoke a reaction from him but only succeed in a cold rejection or a brief one-liner to agitate them more.

In his day-to-day persona of John Summers, he once seemed vacuous, now he puts on the act of a man approaching retirement, at work he appears to be dedicated, mild mannered even - a caricature to those that knew him in his younger years. A far cry from his younger playboy persona; filled with charm and flirtatious wit which endears him to women he meets and makes him an interesting point of sociability to others, he does occasionally dip into it at socialite gatherings - which he is still active in, being the head of several 'charitable' endeavours in his home city, and spokesperson for the family business. When not in such gatherings, he is known to be a grump, seemingly discontented with the state of modern society, basically your grumpy grandpa. To those that know him well, he offers moments of wise and insightful behaviour. He is well spoken and obvious educated, his social skills are just rather stunted from an obviously restricted upbringing.

His personality is largely determined by his experiences in his younger years, his lack of socialisation forced upon him by his parents, being isolated from regular kids at his age. His abduction as a mere teen leaving him untrusting and justifiably paranoid; also resulting in his particularly aggressive streak towards criminals, whilst also leaving him cold and detached towards others whilst wearing the mask. The ease at which he slips into his civilian identity is a bi-product of his training and simply a lifetime of lying and growing up around criminal politics, he's highly deflective and lets very few people in - which has, in part, caused his bitterness in his middle-aged life. He is single, having understandably never been in a relationship, a lack of exposure and real bonding left him unable to find love.


Blackflight has developed an array of Skills with which he continues to fight crime in Bishop City, refined over years of practice. Some are detailed below:

Martials Arts:

Blackflight wields several Martial Arts in an Idiosyncratic mixture, perfecting more and more in his long life:

Mastery of Ninjutsu - Blackflight trained in Ninjutsu from Ninjas in Japan, in an attempt to practice stealth, escapology, guerilla tactics and the joint-lock heavy hand-to-hand combat style with which to fight with. He also developed his skill with thrown weapons - his modified shurikens, whilst training there. As a Master, he does use his Ninjutsu training to great effect in stealth situations.

Proficient in Eskrima - Whilst in the Philippines, Blackflight trained in Eskrima, specifically the dual wielding component of it - which he still actively practices today, through the use of Eskrima sticks which can be joined together to form a Bo Staff, to compliment his Ninjutsu training, forming an Idiosyncratic mixture between the two Martial arts.

Skilled Boxer - Whilst growing up in Bishop City, he trained in Boxing alongside a personal trainer. He still incorporates the heavy punches into his combat routines, his physical strength leaving him able to knock out a weaker opponent in a single punch.

Proficient in Muay Thai - Blackflight is highly skilled in Muay Thai, able to incorporate all of his body and limbs into various free-flowing combat techniques, making him a deadly fighter at close range.

Proficient at Jiu-Jutsu - Blackflight is very skilled when it comes to submission holds, owing both to his strength and training in Jiu-Jutsu and Brazillian Jiu Jutsu, able to to subdue even stronger opponents with ease.

Mastery of Kung Fu - Blackflight has mastered a single style of Kung Fu, focusing around counters and moving with the flow of the battle - Wing Chun. He learnt it in Hong Kong from some of the early modern practitioners of the style. He relies in his Mastery of Kung Fu to perform his seemingly impossible counters and manage handling multiple opponents.


Blackflight is by no means an unintelligent man, having pursued several fields of study throughout his life, making him somewhat of a Polymath:

Psychology - Through his extensive study of Psychology, the subject of his degree alongside Criminology, Blackflight has extensive insight into the theories of crime, the criminal mind and the behaviour of the insane, he uses this knowledge to help profile criminals within his territory, keeping track of their predicted movements to isolate them before they can cause too much harm.

Criminology - As the minor part of his degree, Blackflight has insight into the theories associated with Criminology and their management, understanding and prevention of crime. He uses this knowledge to isolate areas of the population and his city which crime is most likely to occur in, patrolling these areas extensively.

Forensic Science - Blackflight has knowledge of the field of Forensic Science, he is hardly a genius when it comes to it, but his knowledge is valid enough to allow him to conduct scientific investigations and collect evidence at crime scenes.

Proficient in the three basic sciences - While speaking for itself, Blackflight does possess a talent for Biology, Physics and Chemistry. He just did not take his study in those fields as far as his other specialisations.

Detective training - Blackflight has trained in various methods of investigation across the world, enabling him to be considered a skilled detective, something he employs regularly in Bishop City.

Interrogation skills - Blackflight knows how to extract the truth from a guilty man. Be it torture, intimidation or mind games.

Body language reading - Blackflight's extensive Kung Fu training allows him to read the body language of his opponents in order to form an educated guess as to what their next move may be.


Blackflight is just a man, and a man has many weaknesses:

Just Human - Blackflight is, at his core, just a man in a fancy suit. He's vulnerable at the exact same points as any human, maybe even more so given his age. Groups of people can overwhelm him, superpowered opponents can probably beat him into the ground, those of greater combat skill are probably just as likely to defeat him.

Elderly - Without the amulet shards inside him, Blackflight is an elderly old man - this extensive physical activity would catch up with him in an instant, maybe even proving fatal to him.

Old wounds - Several of Blackflight's old wounds failed to heal properly, forming weak spots on his body, not that he'd reveal those easily.

Mental instability - From a young age, Blackflight has demonstrated a degree of mental issues, these manifest in excessive violence nowadays, but he could be driven into shock and other associated issues under the right stimulus.


The Car
Owned by Blackflight
Vehicle Statistics
Weapons Speed
Armor Maneuverability
Shields Stealth

Propulsion: Wheels
Power Source: Jet engine propane tanks alongside a self-perpetuating fusion core for electronic functions.
Origin: Constructed and modified over the years by John Summers and an elusive partner.
Occupant Capacity: Two occupants, driver and passenger.
Length: 6.60 meters
Width: 2.3 meters
Height: 1.3 meters
Weight: 1 tonne, to the nearest tonne
Weapons and Ammunition
Two machine guns, loaded with rubber bullets, alongside a single projectile launcher, for larger ammunition.
Other Capabilities
No special capabilities.
VehicleBox created by @Maekada

The Car

The Manoeuvrable Attack Vehicle, Blackflight's personal car both constructed and modified by Blackflight and his mysterious tech broker - Codenamed Hephaestus - over the years. The original concept was simple, to build a car with the speed of a Formula racing car, and with the armor of a light-armored vehicle, with which Blackflight could conduct his war on crime in the form of car chases. The vehicle in its original form proved to be cumbersome and tank-like, yet dramatically falling short in the armaments department. After an encounter with some heavily armed VIPER cells, the car was all but wrecked, forcing Blackflight to return to the drawing board alongside his mysterious benefactor to redesign the vehicle with combat in mind, to make the vehicle even more versatile and effective on the streets.

These added armaments included two automatic machine guns, located at each tip. These were adjusted to fire air-rounds and rubber bullets for the sake of subduing and injuring foes and even protesters, for the sake of causing panic and dispersion rather than grievous injury. A later addition was the Heavy-duty military grade turret, retrofitted to fire gas rounds filled with tear and knock out gas, to disperse and subdue crowds. It does have a heavy-fire capability, but it is rarely used.

Utility Belt facilities and other gagdets

Wings - Wings are Blackflight's custom made shurikens, used primarily to disarm weaponry held by his opponents as well as powerful tools for interrogation. They are a simple design, collapsible wing-shaped designs with sharp, serrated edges, similar to throwing knives rather than any modern shuriken. To date, they are the staple of Blackflight's arsenal, appearing in several forms over the years:

  • Melee Wings - These act as additional fist weaponry, he grasps the non-serrated middle of the shuriken to use it as a form of double edged butterfly knife to compliment his Kung Fu training, using them primarily to parry, but also to grievously maim opponents. These are often used in interrogations due to their sharpened edges, effective at... Loosening the tongues of those he interrogates.
  • Standard Wings - These are simple, shuriken-esque weapons, thrown at the wrists of opponents in order to disarm them with great effect. Their surface area is smaller than that of the melee Wings, as they are not meant to be grasped in hand to hand combat.
  • Electronic Wings - These function similar to Standard Wings, save for the fact that, upon contact, they release a set of micro-filament Taser strands which electrocute those they touch, and those immediate close to them. Blackflight has used them to subdue small groups on occasion.
  • Explosive Wings - These are a bulky variant of the Wings, they still fly through the air fairly well, but they are loaded with an explosive payload, strong enough to greatly damage vehicles or blast through walls - typically a tool of escape for Blackflight.

The Grapple Gun - The Grapple gun is a staple of Blackflight's arsenal, first seeing use as a gas powered grappling hook back in the early 1980s, it has gone through several changes throughout the years to advance with technology and keep him as mobile as ever. The modern incarnation is still gas-powered, firing a high-tensile line with a motor inside with the strength to carry twice Blackflight's body weight, serving to pull him to wherever it lands at the press of a button, making it a faster and more effective version of the original Grapple Gun.

Para-cape - The Para-cape is the name given to the custom made glider rig and parachute functionality within Blackflight's cape. When not engaged, the natural volume of the cape acts to slow his falls in a way similar to a slightly less effective parachute, this is to protect him from harm due to great falls in the largely vertical areas of Bishop City. It is lightly bullet proofed, able to take gun shots without compromising the overall structural integrity of the cape. The cape can also be stretched into a high-tech glider rig, a newly added functionality which allows him to saw across the skies of Bishop City and great, streamlined speeds.

Brace Computer - Blackflight's right bracer is also home to an interactive touch screen interface when activated, allowing him to call in airdrops and review crime data by interaction with his BlackNEST Central Mainframe, regardless of where he is in the world. The device works via a wi-fi emitter in his goal, acting as a hot spot for those around him as well, convenient. It is one of the more modern updates to Blackflight's arsenal, with the technology for it only being available in recent years. The computer also houses a back up communicator.

Explosive Gel - Blackflight also has access to an explosive gelignite dispenser. This releases a controlled explosion capable of breaking through walls and weak metals, he uses this against robots and to breach into buildings or hostage situations. The device was developed by Hephaestus back in the late 1980s to provide Blackflight with an easy means of entering secure areas. It proved useful when fighting against repurposed Destroid robots around the late 1980s and early 1990s, when they became more prominent.

Gas pellets - Blackflight carries around at least 5 pellets of various types of gas at all times. Including Anaesthetic gas, mustard gas, chlorine gas and regular smoke to obscure his enemies' vision. Each type of pellet is tailored to a specific use or scenario, with Blackflight protecting himself from the harsh chemicals through a gas mask built into his cowl.

Allies and friends

Codename: Hephaestus


Real name: Unknown
Status: ALIVE

Hephaestus is Blackflight's technology broker. He came into contact with John Summers whilst he was travelling across Asia.

Hephaestus could be one person or many, even Blackflight doesn't know, he was simply contacted by the entity just before leaving Japan, regardless of Hephaestus' nature, they are a veritable technological genius, manufacturing many of Blackflight's gadgets and other technology, including coding his security system, providing the monitors for BlackNESTs around the United States. Hephaestus is also the entity that assembles all of Blackflight's bodysuits, using assets ripped from Summers Industrials. Hephaestus, from Blackflight's observations, is clearly a rich or powerful individual, with access to large funds with which to obtain and produce the schematics that he provides to Blackflight. Hephaestus is the only person alive that is fully aware of John Summers' double life - having deduced his purpose prior to John even becoming the infamous Blackflight.

Hephaestus clearly derives his name from the Greek God of blacksmiths, artisans, craftsmen, metallurgy and even volcanoes - a fitting alias given Hephaestus' role as technology broker and craftsman.



Real name: Adam Quinn

Adam Quinn was a young, impoverished teenager from Industry Mile, between failing at School and working a part time job at the Summers Car Manufacturing Plant; Adam also worked with a gang scavenging parts from dumping sites and pickpocketing what they can from wealthy men and women passing through the area to observe production. He did all this to support his terminally ill mother and layabout father, at the expense of his own future. As fate would have it, it would be his criminal past time that would alter his life forever - in a botched attempt at pickpocketing John Summers.

Somewhat empathising with the boys plight, Summers agreed to fund his mother's treatment, and get them out of such a polluted area in the City, moving them to the Old Town area, affording Quinn better education and an internship at Summers Industrials. Summers kept visiting the boy and his family, to check in on their living - and to covertly evaluate the boy, gradually inducting him into his double life as Blackflight, starting with courier work for him, then training, then technology managing and then, finally, giving him a suit and alias himself - Blackwing.

Blackwing would be Blackflight's sidekick for five years, up until 1992 - the Battle of Detroit. Or at least the events that occurred around Bishop City, leading to his death...

James Matthews

Real name: James Alan Matthews

James Matthews was the former Chief of Police in Bishop City. By the books and one of few cops not paid off by the Founding Fathers, he always refused to accept bribes. He did, on occasion, bow to their whims however. Matthews and Blackflight's partnership was one of convenience, first made when their goals aligned during a hostage situation, Blackflight being Matthews' only hope of saving the hostages from a crazed gunman who had escaped from the Thomas Forsythe Institute. Blackflight dispatched the gunman swiftly and then disappeared, allowing Matthews' to take the credit and thereby the promotions from the Founding Fathers until he attained the Commissioner post. From there, he announced his public support of Blackflight, much to the Fathers chagrin. But, completely advantageously and coincidentally, Matthews was removed from the picture thanks to his sudden demise in 1992, painting Blackflight as a violent, murderous and dangerous vigilante, also serving to create Evan Matthews' (James' son and replacement) vengeful grudge against the vigilante.

The death of Matthews' served as a reminder to Blackflight, alongside his Blackwing, that he should work alone and stay that way. Other people make him vulnerable and could not be relied upon.

Rogues Gallery

Threat levels explanation:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
1 - Easily apprehended, not much threat to Blackflight or his city.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
2 - Slightly higher threat than previous, likely more heavily armed.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
3 - Usually some form of gang leader or minor threat to Blackflight, might possess knowledge or technology of a high standard
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
4 - Higher level gang leader or even an enforcer, might have injured Blackflight or even defeated him before.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
5 - Moving out of simple gang leader territory, more on the 'supervillain' level. Usually well-armed or superpowered, poses a threat to the City and to Blackflight.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
6 - Approach with caution, verging onto State most wanted lists here, known terrorist or murderer, capable of standing even with Blackflight.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
7 - Villains of this calibre prove few and far between, they're resilient and highly personal threats towards Blackflight, or every dangerous to the City.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
8 - Reserved for the pinnacle of Blackflight's Rogues Gallery, they can be anything from deadly personal threats to Blackflight, to threats on the scale of causing Citywide evacuation.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
9 - Worldwide threats, usually not a part of Blackflight's personal Rogues. OR the Founding Fathers themselves.



Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Ringleader, an escaped mental patient and dreaded serial killer in Bishop City. He is one of Blackflight's most enduring and deadly foes. Whilst not a physical match for Blackflight, he is more than an intellectual one, his unpredictable thinking proving at odds with Blackflight's need for logic and order - and his extraordinary tactical mind proving to match Blackflight's at every turn. Ringleader is the... Well... Ringleader of the Sideshow Syndicate, one of the most debased and evil gangs in Bishop City, filled with psychopaths and murderers. His gang proves more deadly than ones under the Founding Fathers, the Syndicate isn't restricted by rules holding the men back for the sake of the city, instead it is a rampant force of anarchy, supporting Ringleader's mad, psychotic agenda.

Blackflight and Ringleader are almost obsessed with each other, proving to be two enduring foes representing polar opposites, chaos and anarchy on one side and order and logic on the other. Their battles are drawn out and intellectual, and usually end in despair and tragedy.

The Sideshow Syndicate

Threat Level

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

This is Ringleader's own personal crime organisation, based out of an amusement park in the Stuart Housing District - compared by some to the Court of Miracles on 1700s France, an area for the poor and destitute. Upon the appearance of Blackflight, Ringleader was able to play upon the deprivation and poor conditions on the area to rally the desperate, psychotics and even local Founding Fathers Enforcers. Together they have formed a violent and uncontrollable rabble of murderous and selfish impulses, all taking Circus-like personas to fit Ringleader's ideals.

They form an almost private army, dedicated to their leader and almost unflinching in their beliefs. Some have heard rumours of an almost deadly initiation ritual involving deadly drug cocktails and violent acts, a deterrent to all but the most insane the City has to offer, only bolstering Ringleader's already large ranks. Operating out of the now-militarised, fortress like Amusement Park.

Some say that the Sideshow Syndicate has even begun appearing in other cities, namely Millennium City...

The Founding Fathers

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

The Founding Fathers are a collection of 4 powerful families and corporations that run crime and government behind the scenes in Bishop City, integrated into every strata of Bishopian Society, they are mysterious and secretive - a not-so-secret society with unknown schemes and plans for the city. Each family specialises in a different industry and crime sector, but all are very political, seeking to make movements into each other's territories and business sectors:

The Summers

The Summers, and their company - Summers Industrials, focus on the industry side of Bishop City, from electronics production, to car manufacturing and even construction. Their given criminal industry is high-tech weapons trafficking, using their advanced technology from their company to produce and deal weapons to third world dictators, supervillains, even the corrupt Police Force of Bishop City - the BCPD. Their thugs and henchmen are the best equipped of all the Founding Fathers, taking advantage of their advanced technology. They control the areas East of Summers Tower, including the East Docklands. The Summers are also Blackflight's own family, and Summers Industrials is where he holds a board position, and works on a day-to-day basis.

The Summers Family operates out of their company HQ, Summers Tower, on the East side of Laud Memorial Park. The company appears to be a respectable corporation at face value, but clearly has more sinister motives - motives that become more apparent the further up the Tower you travel.

The Brookhyders

The second most powerful contender in Bishop City. They specialise in the Entertainment industry, producing films, festivals - running clubs and more. The multitude of city officials which visit their establishments gives them more than neough leverage with which to blackmail the administration, effectively keeping them in a vice. The Criminal Sector that the Brookhyders control is Human Trafficking, forcing men and women into slavery for anyone who will take them - for the right price. Blackflight has a particular distaste for the Brookhyders, as they abducted him as a teenager - they're inadvertently responsible for creating the vigilante they so distaste.

Brookhyder Entertainment is based in the Showtime Walk area of the city, in their very flashy and ostentatious tower, Brookhyder Tower, serving as their Headquarters.

The Hydes

The Hydes are the third most powerful contender for power in Bishop City. They operate the Hyde Shipping Company responsible for most shipping within the city, both exports and imports. As such, they control a sizeable portion of the city's docklands, buying area from the Summers family with which to move their large freight ships. As a shipping company, their criminal industry is drug smuggling, they control and regulate all shipping of narcotics and recreational drugs into the city - as well as having a web of dealers to distribute their supply. This makes them popular among the youth of the city, acting as a mini-army for the Hydes. They also have the allegiance of drug cartels from Mexico bolstering the ranks of their gang.

They operate out of Hyde Shipping Inc, a tower on the North side of Laud Memorial Park. Their territory extending through Arbor Heights, a middle class area with a major drug problem among the youth.


The Wilmots

The Wilmots are not a contender for power in Bishop City, they're a more tactical Founding Family. They running the Wilmot Banking Corporation - WILBank, one of few banks to remain stable in the economic turmoil plaguing recent years - this is partly due to their extra-activities on the side, their criminal industry being criminal financing. They finance everything from terrorists to rogue states, oddly always being paid back in spite of the bad company they keep. They even fund their own other Founding Fathers, playing off their intense rivalries and gaining more money for it - making them the richest of the Founding Fathers, albeit secretly; revealing their tricks would get them ostracised from the organisation.

The Wilmots make the headquarters in WILBank Tower, on the West side of Laud Memorial Park; inside the Avenue of Progress, the central business district of the City.

The Paladin

The Paladin is the Founding Fathers' secret weapon. A personal, magically enhanced and later genetically augmented assassin dating back to the late 1800s.

First created as a means of maintaining the Founding Fathers' grip on the city when freedom of ideas began spreading across the United States in the 1800s, the Paladin has become an Urban Legend, used in cautionary tales from parents to their children in order to keep them well behaved. The truth of the story isn't too different - the Paladin is dispatched when people cross the Founding Fathers or go against their ideals and plans for Bishop City, he moves in swiftly to assassinate them, leaving their bodies in public spaces to serve as a warning to the person's replacement. In the era of Blackflight in the 1980s, the Paladin was dispatched against the vigilante several times, with Blackflight never able to best him.

The Paladin's true name and origin remain a mystery to this day, as he has never been captured or interrogated.



Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Bloodlust (AKA Reginald Markon) is a deluded Schizophrenic from Hudson City. Worshipped as a child by his mother, he developed a messiah complex over time - alongside highly violent tendencies. In his teenage years, these violent and disturbed tendencies did not mix well with Paranoid Schizophrenia, pairing with his Messiah Complex. He came to believe he was sent to Earth by God himself. He soon left Hudson City, coming upon the desperate Bishop City. He started a bloody killing spree through Bishop City, eventually happening upon the old Bishop City Cathedral, installing himself in there as a base. The media dubbed him Bloodlust, for his excessively bloody manner of killing people with his bare hands. His face is instantly recognisable for its deep scars and poorly stitched skin, sustained through years of hand to hand combat.

To Blackflight, the name holds a different meaning. Bloodlust injects himself with a mixture of Draysha and Vampire blood to enhance himself beyond human capacities; whilst not being a vampire - he does have inhuman strength, speed and reflexes. These are traits he has used to defeat Blackflight in the past, making him a dangerous physical threat to the Shroud of Bishop City.

The Clergy of Blood

Threat Level

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

The Clergy of Blood are a violent and deluded group of dedicated followers - cultists believing that Bloodlust was the Messiah sent by God to liberate the righteous of Bishop City from their cruel and unfair life. Many of them are escapees from the Thomas Forsythe Mental Hospital, known for its ineffectual security. They are excessively violent, preferring ancient weapons like axes and swords compared to modern firearms, known for butchering their victims - this makes them feared by many of the citizens in Bishop City, with the old Bishop City Cathedral being often avoided for fear of death. The Cultists wear robes, akin to monks from Medieval periods. They base themselves out of Bishop City Cathedral, a rotting wound from a terrorist that was never healed. A veritable fortress, almost impossible to siege.

OOC info

Roleplay Hooks

  • Maybe you've read about John Summers' exploits when he was younger? Or maybe you even travel the same circles as he does?
  • Maybe you've visited Bishop City and heard the urban myths about him?
  • Maybe you know someone that's encountered Blackflight before?
  • I'm always looking for villains to fight, find me in game and we can sort something out?
  • He was a hero in the eighties, maybe some of you hero people trained under him? Or were even inspired by him?
  • I'm looking to do a Batman and put together methods of taking down high-powered supers should they go rogue. Find me in game if you want to help me come up with a contingency for your character.
  • UNTIL and PRIMUS don't like him.
  • Maybe you know of John Summers' Philanthropic ventures? Attended one of his fundraisers in the past perhaps?


Kung Fu Clairvoyance - Blackflight has demonstrated this on many an occasion, through his Mastery of Wing Chun, he is a Master at reading body language, even able to predict his opponent's moves before they make them.

Crazy Prepared - If Blackflight knows what situation he is walking into, he'll plan for every eventuality of it. Backups of his backups, which then have even more backups. His utility belt often being loaded with the relevant gadgets too.

Great Detective - As with many vigilantes like Blackflight, he is a trained and great detective, often employing his deduction skills to track down street level crime in Bishop City.

Badass Normal - In a world filled with superpowers, Blackflight manages to retain a certain level of badassery, standing toe-to-toe with superpowered opponents through intellect, training and preparation.

Anti Hero - Blackflight is largely the opposite of the ideal hero, working in the shadows, violently putting down foes - his motives also possessing a sort of selfishness to a degree too.

Doesn't Like Guns - Blackflight has a distaste for firearms. Not because of any personal tragedy surrounding them, but simply because he views them as the weapon of cowards, those without the guts to do things up close.

Combat Pragmatist - Whilst Blackflight is generally an honourable combatant, he will take the necessary steps to ensure his victory should the situation come to it. Be it employing poisons against opponents, or resorting to psychological warfare.

Master of Disguise - Through his Ninjutsu training, Blackflight has become a Master of Espionage as well as disguise, able to portray himself as a different person entirely depending on the situation.

Bad powers, Good people - Adapting the trope here, Blackflight's money and finances are obtained through criminal activity through the Founding Fathers, he reinvests them to attain his technology and equipment which he then ironically uses for crimefighting.

Aristocrats are evil - Many of John Summers' 'friends' are evil, members of the Founding Fathers which run Bishop City in the background, everything from the judicial system to crime itself.

Thou Shalt Not Kill - One line Blackflight has yet to cross is the murder one. He feels that taking a life is a waste and should never be done, not because his parents were murdered, but rather because it makes him like those he swore to fight against.

Dead Sidekick - Someone close to Blackflight, be it Sidekick or Ally, was killed in 1992, this led to his retirement from heroism. And has something to do with his subsequent return.

Temporary Retirement - After 23 years of Retirement, Blackflight is back and ready to kick butt again.

I work Alone Blackflight works best alone. He thought that from the start, even more so now he has come out of retirement. But surely even he needs to realise that he needs help sometimes...

Informed Loner - Blackflight spends much of his time alone, keeping to himself and maintaining a form of personal monologue - much of his dialogue conducted through inner analytic thought rather than outwards talking.

Millionaire Playboy - At least in his younger years, Blackflight masqueraded as a Playboy to disguise his midnight activities. He occasional dabbles into this persona in modern day.

Obfuscating Stupidity - Blackflight pretends to be vacuous, or mild mannered, or simply disinterested to throw people off the trail that he could be a vigilante.

Hero with Bad Publicity - The Founding Fathers control the media in Bishop City, and publicly condemn anything that acts against their plans - Blackflight is a particular victim of this negative publicity. In contrast, his alter ego is often showered in positive publicity, unless he falls out with members of the Brookhyder Family.

Mr Fanservice - John Summers was/could be considered attractive to the opposite sex - maybe less so at his current age.

Genius Bruiser - Blackflight is a genius through his years of study and application; combine this with his advanced martial arts skills and he becomes a formidable, tactical and intelligent brawler - a combination of brain and brawn.

Becoming The Mask - John Summers' years away from home changed him from a boy and shaped him into the vigilante he became - the public facade of his alter ego is his real mask, Blackflight is the genuine person.

Covered With Scars - Many of Blackflight's injuries failed to heal properly over the years, resulting in a scar covered torso.

Socially Awkward Hero - Blackflight was deprived of basic socialisation as a child as his parents forced a private, home schooled education on him, keeping him separate from peers within his age group. This led to poorly developed social skills and made him Oblivious to love. He's skilled at acting, but it does serve to explain why he has no lasting friendships.



The obvious inspiration for this character is Batman from the Dark Knight Returns, alongside Nite Owl from Watchmen - maybe with a little bit of Daredevil thrown into it for good measure. I'm hoping this will only remain an inspiration rather than being something cloney, the eventual product should be diverse enough from the original Batman mold.