Azure Hawk

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Azure Hawk
Player: @Sigmaballs
"I'm in the PRIMUS Database despite not being registered!? Golly!"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jonathan "Jack" Thomas Lawrence Jr.
Known Aliases: Azure Hawk
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Native American
Place of Birth: Cottonwood, Arizona
Base of Operations: -Hidden Area in Edison Enterprises, Millennium Branch
-Lawrence Manor/Observatory in Arizona
Relatives: Jonathan & Anna Lawrence
(Parents; Deceased)
Age: 56
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 210ish lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black with growing Grey
Complexion: Worn and Aged
Physical Build: Swole
Physical Features: Large and imposing, yet colorful and approachable.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: As an Unnamed Vigilante
1980 - 1983
As Azure Hawk
1983 - Present
Citizenship: American Citizen
Occupation: CEO of Edison Enterprises
Education: Completed High School
4 Years of College
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Mastered multiple Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Art styles
Amazing Physical Human Conditioning
Equipment and Paraphernalia
See "Equipment" Section
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(It should be mentioned that most of the information involving his personal life or his past would not be known outside himself or a few select others. It is merely here for OoC context if ever needed. However, if it is an event as Azure Hawk, it may be known to others outside his circle!)

Pre-Millennium History

Jack was born in Cottonwood, Arizona in 1965. He was mostly raised by his mother, while his father worked most of the time in Phoenix as CEO of Edison Enterprises, though he made regular calls and always attempted to stay in their lives. At a young age, Jack became interested in the exploits of super heroes of the time. It became a mission for him to become a super hero himself one day, using that as a way to motivate himself through school. He convinced his mother to allow him to start taking karate classes, though these did not last long due to it being revealed the master was actually a fraud. After a few years, Jack would befriend a former kickboxer who moved into the town and actually convinced him to train him somewhat. With this training, Jack soon became quite competent in both kickboxing, and even a few other mixed martial arts styles of fighting.

A few weeks after he turned fifteen, Cottonwood was shook by an event that would change his life forever. A biker gang from the South of the state occupied a bar and began to terrorize the city. With local police overwhelmed and the group all but occupying the city hall, Jack decided someone needed to step up, and he would be the one who did it. Taking inspiration from the heroes he idolized, he scrapped together a homemade costume and began to fight the gang as an unnamed vigilante. Thanks to his training, he was able to best them in fights even officers could not hope to win. Thanks to him, a good number of the gang was able to be thrown in prison due to their crimes, or was driven out of town disbanded. It was under this unnamed state he would continue to fight in Cottonwood, until finally after graduating High School he decided on a name for himself.

He would be known as Azure Hawk.

After high school, Jack took up college courses in economics and business. While he could easily just become a spoiled rich boy with his family, he felt a need to establish himself on his own if he could. Working two jobs, taking college courses, and his work as Azure Hawk was obviously draining him. In early 1984, Jack was hit by a tragedy that would thrust him into a whole new world. Both of his parents were killed in a freak plane crash, caused by a simple engine failure. In this same call he learned that due to a loophole in a contract his father had signed years before, he was now the CEO of Edison Enterprises. This doubled his resolve, vowing to not only take up the mantle left by his father, but also using it as a way to assist in his true passion, heroics. Over the years, he used funds and technology from the company to make himself a suit and gadgets to use in his adventures.

Years would pass, and Azure Hawk would soon start building quite a reputation within the local community. Soon enough, he was known statewide, and soon even in the nearby states. Oddly, tales of his heroics, and papers and news on them as well, would only be well known within the Rockies region. However, Edison Enterprises soon began to boom under Jack's leadership. Branches soon opened up in other cites with in Arizona, and soon enough within the region. Branches soon opened up within Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico, and the Azure Hawk soon started making appearances within those states. It was also during this time that a large chunk of the police force in the states soon began to hate the blue bird's heroic antics. Using his status as an unregistered vigilante to their advantage, at least in Arizona, a number of police departments would instead try to capture Hawk instead of attempting to apprehend the criminals he was taking down. This came to a head when the current sheriff of Maricopa County formed a task force to take down the hero once and for all. This task force was more of a hit-squad, and ended up leaving a path of destruction in a chase with Azure Hawk through Downtown Phoenix. In a public embarrassment, Hawk was able to subdue the trigger happy officers and gave himself a public boost in popularity. The next day, the sheriff suffered a public meltdown at a press conference, resulting in him punching multiple reporters and having to be restrained. After this event, while Hawk was much more accepted by the local police forces in most of the four corner states, police forces in Arizona still have a stigma against him. This has lead Hawk to be weary of any police force while in uniform.

In 2004, he encountered a young Janet Ofrey on a mission of vengeance to take down a branch of the cartel that had attempted to take the lives of her whole family. He took her under his wing and she became the Emerald Osprey, and the two would become close allies in their efforts to fight crime.

The next year, Jack was on a trip to Las Vegas, when the super villain San Diego Bandido appeared and attempted to steal New York, New York's Statue of Liberty replica. Azure Hawk was quick to intercept, and the two had a long chase through the high rises of the Strip. The chase would eventually end up at the top of the Stratosphere Tower, where the two would fight while sliding down the recently closed High Roller. Both of them slipped off the edge of it, with Hawk grabbing onto the coaster with one hand, and the Bandido with the other. Not wanting to go to jail, the Bandido snatched Hawk's grapple from his belt, and proceeded to stab his left wrist with a hidden blade he had kept under his outfit. Despite being stabbed, Hawk attempted to warn the thief that the grapple hadn't been reloaded yet, but was eventually unable to hold on due to the excessive stabbing. The Bandido was dropped, cackling until he discovered the grapple was empty, where it very quickly turned into screaming until his sudden stop. While Hawk was soon saved from a similar fate by the timely arrival of Emerald Osprey, the events of this day would haunt him for years to come.

In 2011, a branch of Edison Enterprises opened up within Millennium City, and Jack began overseeing operations over there, taking in the fact that the city seemed to be a mecca of heroes. Seeing this, he felt no need to don the Azure Hawk costume within the city.

2015 to Present

Partners slowly drifting away. Hey, it's symbolic!

Upon seeing the number of heroes in Millennium, Jack took a break from being Azure Hawk. Not that he had given up, there were just so many other heroes that were clearly better than him at the time! In this time, he began to build the Millennium Branch of Edison Enterprises. Meanwhile, Janet continued her tenure as Emerald Osprey in the Four Corners area of the country. During this time her opinions on Jack and his whole Azure Hawk persona began to sour somewhat, seeing him as a fake hero of sorts while letting others do the work for him. Despite this, she kept in constant contact with him, and vise versa. Despite all this, Jack's efforts paid off as the Millennium Branch was quickly growing into one of Edison Enterprise's most profitable, and unique, branches. In 2015, Janet came to Millennium in search of an escaped convict, Ron Smitton, also known as the Lost Dutchman. Seeing Osprey come to the city seemed to remind Jack why he had become the Azure Hawk in the first place. Donning the costume once again, the two of them were able to take down the Lost Dutchman and ship him back to Arizona.

With his partner in tow, Hawk soon began operations once again. The two of them dealt with many of the smaller, street level crimes happening within the city, while also flying back to Arizona and taking care of problems there as well often. One small odd incident involved a man attempting to don the alias of "Mauve Quail" and attempt to assist the two of them. It did not last long, and the unknown man vanished one day, never to be seen by the two partners again.

In mid 2018, Hawk suddenly stopped hearing anything from Osprey. He kept his cool, hoping she was merely busy and had not contacted him due to a sting or some sort. After a week or so, he began seeing reports of an emerald clad hero brutalizing criminals and leaving them in critical condition. During a raid by the New Purple Gang, Hawk confronted Osprey during a brawl. She finally snapped at him, screaming at him about how he was nothing but an old man playing pretend superhero by using his money to beat up people. Osprey stormed off after the explosion, claiming she was going off to be a real hero by stopping criminals properly. This sent Jack into a slight depression, and introduced him to his new favorite mixed drink, Bloody Marys. The two did not talk for a few months, until Janet attempted to bridge their relationship. Her personal life had gotten the better of her, taking out her frustrations with her heroics. Yet, she wanted out of Hawk's shadow, and decided to split off and do her own heroics away from Hawk. The two would be still in contact to some extent, but they would never be the crime fighting duo again.

Hawk joined the hero team the Adventurers soon after this, going on quite a few adventures with them before taking a less active role as a "Full Time-Part Timer." It was during this time he was attacked by an unknown vigilante who idolized Osprey. It turned out she was simply lead to believe Azure Hawk was a bad guy, and simply thought she was doing the right thing. Over the course of a few weeks she softened up somewhat when it became clear that he was not a villain. Hawk took her up as his new partner to fill the void left by Osprey, and she gave herself a name to match the theme: Goldfinch!

In late 2021, Edison Enterprises was suddenly bought out via a leveraged buyout by tech giant Vendex, self named after its founder Hannah Vendex. All locations of Edison outside of Millennium were shuttered, while the location inside the city was rebranded a Vendex satellite location. This left Jack Lawrence suddenly in early retirement, and no reason to be seen out of costume in Millennium for long periods. Due to this, he cut back his costumed work in the city to focus more on situations happening more often in Arizona.

This was far from the end...

Modern Day Bulletpoints

  • Hawk ran into a hero named Blue Fox, and the two quickly bonded with Fox looking up to him somewhat.
  • Blue Fox asked Hawk to help him take down a villain named Vorona, who Fox had clashed with before. The battle turned out to be a trap, leaving Fox writhing in pain due to ultra high pitched sound generators. Hawk and Vorona clashed, but the woman was just too much and was able to wear him down. Fox and Hawk were able to escape, but the battle permanently injured Jack's (already damaged) left wrist.
  • Hawk considered retiring, Emerald Osprey's words still ringing in his ear. Blue Fox was able to convince him not to after witnessing him take down three thugs with little to no effort.
  • During a nightly patrol, Hawk was attacked by a young vigilante in a simple hoodie outfit. While she was able to catch him off guard, Hawk was quick to gain the upper hand in the fight. It was quickly revealed she was a huge fan of Emerald Osprey, and had only seen parts of police reports involving Azure Hawk, leading her to believe he was a criminal. This was quickly sorted out, but potential was certainly in the girl.
  • Hawk eventually took on this girl as his new crime fighting partner, Goldfinch!


Jack is often quiet, plagued by an almost crippling social anxiety that he was never able to overcome from his childhood. This results in a rather recluse-like nature, with him only making public appearances once in a blue moon. This is not to say he is not friendly. He is able to function quite well when surrounded by close friends, or in very small groups, and often cracks jokes at his own expense. Even with his wealth, he is still most often going out of his way to avoid buying more lavish items when spending his money.

However, a load of confidence flows into him when he dons the Azure Hawk outfit. Able to hide himself, he is often able to speak with a many number of people without breaking down into a scared shell. He is rather flashy while in costume, yet never comes off as one who has an ego bigger than their body. He often expresses the words "golly" or "nare-do-well" despite him never actually using them at any point in his life while out of costume. At least, this was how it was for years, in recent times, his out of costume personality has bled into his in costume. In recent times, Azure Hawk is quiet, tends to stay to himself, and has dropped the cheesy super hero catchphrases. Despite this, he still very much cares for his fellow man, and will very much go out of his way to save people (or teammates) in danger when he can!


(Rework in Progress!)


RP Hooks

  • Do you live in or around Arizona? Maybe you've heard of him or seen a news report about him or Emerald Osprey!
  • Are you a fan of old school heroes, perhaps you may have heard his name in passing once!
  • If you were in Arizona in the 90's, you may have watched an infamous PSA he did for a local TV station. The PSA covers "Drowning Safety."
  • Said PSA mentioned in the last point has also become somewhat of a memed video online.