Blue Fox

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Blue Fox
Player: @thenightrunner8
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Biographical Data
Real Name: Marshall David McAllister
Known Aliases: Blue Fox
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Irish-Italian
Place of Birth: Orchardville, Michigan - United States
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Mark McAllister (father), Kyle Clayton McAllister (older brother)
Age: 18
Height: 6'1
Weight: Lean, Extremely Muscled
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Complexion: Caucasian, tanned,smooth
Physical Build: Athletic, lean, v-shaped
Physical Features: Handsome, young
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: 4
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Student
Education: 12th Grade
Marital Status: Taken
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength, Enhanced Agility, Precognitive Reflexes, Amplified Senses, Accelerated Healing Factor, Improved Endurance, Sturdy Durability/Resistance, Lock-picking/ Computer Hacking Skills
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Grapple Gun, Boomerangs (Blunt+Sharp), Smoke Bombs, Upgraded Smartphone, Charging Blocks, Headset Communicator, Various Computer Hacking Gadgets, Questionite Claws, Zip Ties, Micro-Trackers, and Power-Suppression Cuffs
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High School Activities

Marshall played pitcher for the Westside Varsity Baseball team as a freshman, sophomore, and junior. However, after receiving powers, he accidentally broke his teammates’ hand during a summer training session. This led to him dropping out of baseball without being able to inform any of his teammates or his coach as to why, sacrificing many valuable relationships, much to the worried confusion of his supportive father. He was still able to retain his membership in more 'loose' extracurricular functions for the remainder of his High School years, including: the Mathletes, the computer science club, as well as serving as the VP of the A/V Club.

Home Life

Marshall was the second child of loving parents, and arrived five years after his brother, Kyle. Originally Marshall's life was peaceful, and pleasant. That all changed during the Qularr invasion of 2009. His father, a MARS agent at the time, received dire wounds, paralyzing him for for a time. He was able to gain his motor functions back to a limited degree due to the assistance of meta-human advancements in technology.

However, his crippled state put a strain on his marriage, and little more than a year later Marshall's mother abandoned the family and disappeared. She has yet to be heard from.

Marshall maintained an extremely close bond with his father and brother, all the way up until Kyle enlisted in the USMC to fight overseas.

Marshall regards his brother and his father as role models. More often than not, when trumped by a serious problem, Marshall can especially rely upon his father for wisdom and counsel.

Superhero Life


Marshall is usually a wisecracking, upbeat young man. He might take petty jabs at his friends, but it's all from the heart. He is infamous for taunting the more dangerous villains in his rogues gallery, though he pointedly refrains from tormenting 'normal' criminals too much.


Super Strength

Blue Fox has rested himself and found his 'soft cap' for lifting to be around ten tons (20,000 pounds), before he over strains himself.


Because of Marshall's intense strength, he can basically manipulate his own body as if he were weightless. The Blue Fox has been known to spring dozens of feet in the air, scaling five story buildings in one leap!

Precognitive Reflexes

Blue Fox can sense danger fast approaching, and more often than not he finds his body reacting reflexively to avoid peril. This also includes non-hazardous objects or organisms delivered without hostile intent. Additionally, if he can see where a bullet is coming from, odds are he will be able to successfully 'dodge' it. It's not that he's moving as fast as a bullet, but instead his reflexes compel him to preemptively move out of the way of attacks with almost precognitive precision.

Additionally, this makes him extremely coordinated. He's able to throw his boomerangs and guide them through the air with surgical precision.

Amplified Senses

Marshall's senses were magnified dramatically after receiving his powers. He can actively ear the heartbeats of others, sometimes from over fifty yards away, often acting as a human lie-detector if need be. He can memorize the smell of others, and his enhanced eyesight enables him to see with the relative strength of a set of binoculars, in addition to being able to see in extra low-light conditions. His sense of touch and taste are equally magnified, heightening these sensations. Overall, he is virtually impossible to sneak up on or deceive, unless one was specifically trained to trump polygraph tests.

Accelerated Healing

Marshall can heal from most gunshot wounds within 1-3 days, depending on the size and severity. Naturally, this would require lots of rest and re-hydration, but he's usually back on the streets in no time. He cannot, however, regenerate limbs or organs.

Increased Endurance

Marshall does not get tired easily. Although he does require regular sleep and sustenance, if need be, he can perform at maximum effort and capacity for hours before he'd need to step back and recuperate.

Sturdy Durability

Marshall's skin is not bullet proof. In fact, guns/knives/etc. pose a very real threat to his safety. However, his muscles and bones are infused with blue Kelvarite, simply making him sturdier than the common man, able to take far more punishment before he taps out for good.



Marshall is a natural when it comes to computers. He can hack into most databases, within reason, and he heavily relies on his hacking abilities when it comes to fighting crimes. He's well-versed in most, if not all forms of computer hardware and software.


Although Marshall isn't a a master computer technician, he can tear one apart and put it back together with the fullest confidence. Having always held a deep fascination for computation engineering, he's extremely well versed in both the software and hardware aspects of it.


The Adventurers

Recently, Marshall joined the street-level superhero team 'The Adventures!'