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"Welp. That happened."

Alex Margrave
Player: @ambigue
The walkin' dirt changes all who tread upon it. Ya can't stay static. An' the longer ya linger here amongst us mortal folk, the ever closer ya creep to the heart o' what we are.
Character Build
Class Focus: Philosophy/twanginess
Power Level: Quite a few, I bet!
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Alexander Randolph Margrave
Known Aliases: Stormcrow (not often used)
Gender: A Mans
Species: Ascended Bumpkin/Nephilim
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Former Ginger
Place of Birth: Gulfport, Mississippi
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Immediate family deceased. Distantly related to Penelia, the Angel of Life
Age: 28
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195lbs
Eyes: Cloudy, grey, tempestuous
Hair: Blond with splashes of white at the temples
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Lean, muscular
Physical Features: Greyish wings, a halo made of clouds and lightning, and brilliant blue scrollwork tattoos on his shoulders and back.
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: Less than 1
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Volunteer medical professional
Education: High school diploma
Marital Status: Unmarried, dating Penelia
Known Powers and Abilities
Ability to manipulate wind, lightning, and ice to a limited degree
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Turtle, Fancy Turtle Terrarium, A flower, A small, glowing angel statue from Elysium, several saucy outfits, paperwork
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Alex is lean, muscular, and generally considered quite attractive these days. He takes some pride in his appearance and keeps himself clean and neatly groomed like his mama taught him. He enjoys wearing odd bits of clothing, especially fancy jackets and boots. His hair is blond with splashes of white at the temples. His eyes are cloudy, greyish-blue and flash occasionally, looking for all the world like miniature thunderstorms seen from far away. His wings, when visible, are almost white at the tops, shading to a dark, thunderous grey at the ends of his pinions. He usually affects a halo, but this is really just a ring of dark clouds through which lightning constantly arcs. He carries himself with an easy confidence and smells like rain.

Alex is a bit vain about the intricate, brilliant blue, scroll-work tattoos on his arms and shoulders, so he tends to wear sleeveless shirts or no shirt at all if he can get away with it.


Alex is cheerful, philosophical, and genuine. He enjoys dispensing bits of Southern-sounding folk wisdom in a pleasing drawl. Most of these gems, he insists, are simply things he's heard Morgan Freeman say, though he can never remember which movie they're allegedly from. He likes people and tends to treat most folks he meets with non-judgemental good humor and smiling acceptance. Arrogant posturing, pointless theatrics, and mindless behavior almost always irk him, though, and causing others suffering for the enjoyment of doing so is sure to put him in a foul mood. Alex is also fiercely defensive of his personal boundaries and frowns upon people touching him without asking first.

Alex is a genuinely good person and strives every day to be a better one. He's not perfect, however, but his sins are few enough in number and are usually the result of poor judgement on his part rather than pettiness or vindictiveness. Despite his usual good cheer, Alex does get moody and distracted from time to time, and tends to get a bit agitated around large groups of people.

Lastly, despite his claims that he is, in fact, "a simple feller", Alex is surprisingly clever and very perceptive. He is not very well educated, however, and tended to find his schooling boring and difficult to concentrate on when he was younger. He does read quite a bit and can come across as being very knowledgeable, or at least conversant, on a variety of odd topics. He hopes to address his lack of education soon and has applied for the winter semester at the Millennium City Community College's south campus. From there, he'll transfer off to a big-name university to pursue engineering, math, or some other interesting degree.


While not the angel he appears to be, he nevertheless embodies a spirit of balance. He can sense and alter the equilibrium in the world around him. A shift in the ambient temperature, air pressure, or in a local electrical field can cause tempestuous winds, biting cold, or flashes of lightning. He's still capable of limited healing magics, but tends to rely on his control of wind and lightning to handle most violent situations. When flying, his body is wreathed in gentle, coruscating blue sparks. When fighting, he cracks and flashes like a thunderstorm. When at rest, he's as calm as the center of a hurricane.

Alex is growing into a formidable combatant, equally comfortable fighting up close or at range against single or multiple foes. He relies on his speed and ability to force foes away to keep himself from being overwhelmed. His lack of experience dealing with magic can leave him vulnerable, however. Also, Alex isn't as resilient as he could be, either, and protracted engagements against powerful foes can overwhelm his limited healing ability.



Alex, as he often cheerfully points out, was born in a trailer park in Gulfport, Mississippi. His parents, Randolph Margrave and Lynn Murphy, were poor, but friendly folks, who struggled to provide Alex and his twin sister Sophia with the opportunities they couldn't manage for themselves. It was a pretty typical sort of affair. No grandiose signs in the heavens. No inspiring omens. It was raining, though, and the local clay stunk like sewage. Make of that what you will.


Alex spent most of his free days wandering the pine forests around his home, trawling for crawfish using a bucket on a string, and cast-net fishing for mullet out in the Gulf of Mexico. His evenings were spent reading bad science fiction and building things out of legos. His constant companion for much of this was his sister. Otherwise, he was a quiet, thoughtful, introverted sort of boy more likely to watch and listen than to say much.

Sophia, or Sophie, was the more outgoing and adventurous of the two. The two were always close, as twins tend to be, and Sophie remained Alex' best friend and greatest ally for many years. As they grew older, she got a great deal of attention from the boys. Not all of it was polite, however, and, as a result, Alex grew to resent folks who wouldn't take "no" for an answer. It was this, more than anything, that would inspire the deep introspection Alex would develop over the course of his life. After all, did he have a right to bemoan the poor behavior of others if he wasn't really doing any better himself?

Post-Graduation and enlistment

Alex made it through high school with good grades and without doing anything particularly stupid. Just a few awkward attempts at romance that failed miserably and the occasional bout of trouble with his peers.

Unfortunately, his parents couldn't afford to send both him and his sister to college, so Alex opted to enlist in the Army. Sophie, always the better student, went off to Delta State University to study history. Alex adapted to the Army life with surprising enthusiasm. In the first year of his enlistment he lost almost all of his shy, awkward gangliness, maturing into an easy, confident young man. While serving as a medic in Afghanistan he learned the news that his family had perished in a car accident while his sister was home on break. He would complete the remaining two years of his enlistment and leave the Army behind with a weary heart, having seen too much death and suffered too much loss.

The MC

Alex wandered for a several years, living off of his meager inheritance and struggling to find meaning. He was bitter at first, though that quickly faded, replaced with a desire to understand the world and his place in it. As time wore on, he found comfort and understanding in simply living as best as one could. Eventually, he arrived in what used to be Detroit and found a way to make himself useful. He volunteered at the Four Mile Road Men's Shelter, tending to junkies, patching up the wounds left by gang violence, and generally being agreeable. He threw himself into his new purpose, but never was able to shake the aching feeling of isolation that had gripped him since his family passed on. His only comfort and regular companion throughout all of this was his sister's tiny pet turtle Commander Ellingsworth Tiberius Destructinator Esquire. It was during this time, he was given a free pass into Club Caprice as part of it's "Everyday Heroes" PR event. It was there that he'd meet the woman who would change his life forever.

The Lady and the Loss

Penelia would quickly become one of Alex's best friends and the object of his intense and quiet affection. The soft-spoken angel was a distant ancestor of his and taught him how to use the tiny spark of divine energy within himself to help heal others. Alex, again, pursued this new knowledge of himself with all of his old vigor and enthusiasm, approaching it all with a cheerful, philosophical air.

This changed when the shelter was bombed. It was early in the day and the place was still filled with sleeping men. Alex survived the blast relatively unscathed, but quickly found himself the only one capable of saving many lives. His medical training insufficient, his supplies low, and time very quickly running out, Alex opted, instead to use the magic Penelia had taught him. The divine spark provided only a little energy, but it also allowed him to consume the limited energies of his own soul if need be. Ever self-sacrificing, he did so without a moment's hesitation. Nine men were brought back from the brink of death before Alex eventually collapsed into a coma. Pen would find him a full day later and patch up what was left of his tattered soul with a portion of her own. Alex would change as a result, his body reforming itself to match the angelic essence inside. He describes this process as "painful as all get out."

The bombing is currently considered an act of gang violence. Investigators have concluded that the owners were using it as a front to launder money. It is suspected that they ran afoul of their business partners. Both are dead. Alex, however, has come to realize that something far more unsettling is at work.

Current status

Right now, Alex is a low-ranking member of the Remnants of Legends. He finds himself growing to like the group more and more, despite his quiet reservations.

He's faced the vicious Keelin Greenbriar, the very woman who was responsible for the bombing of the shelter. This has left him with some very uncomfortable questions hanging in the air. Why would this woman, the powerful and elegant CEO of Greenbriar-Wodehouse Pharmaceuticals, risk her career and reputation to see him killed? As far as he is aware, they have no shared personal history, though it's always possible there is something far more profound going on that has passed right over his head.

As always, he is struggling to relate with the person he has become and how to interact with the strange and perilous world he's found himself in. Fortunately, the love of his life has reconsidered her stance on dating in general and dating Alex specifically. Alex's new romance to Penelia has done much to alleviate the feeling of terrible isolation and loneliness that has plagued him for years. Though the two seem genuinely happy together, the future holds no guarantees.

Life Gallery

Alex leads a simple and uncomplicated life. Here are little slices of it for your perusal.