Penelia Nemphry

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Penelia Nemphry
Player: @Crimsonmist
Goddess Anadiels
Biographical Data
Real Name: Anadiels
Known Aliases: Penelia. Nicknames: Fluffy, Penpen, Peipei, Pen n Paper.
Gender: Female
Species: Goddess
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Elysium
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Parents: Lusepabopiel and Setatiel. Brothers: Aron and Hbuanasiel. Sister, Sopiel. Children: Maphriel
Age: Slightly over 2000
Height: 5'8
Weight: 64.8 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Goldish blonde
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Fit, but not athletic.
Physical Features: Dazzling glowing blue eyes, and an angelic voice.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Until Registered
Years Active: Since 2000 years ago.
Citizenship: Heaven: Active. Ruler of her own Domain.
Occupation: Goddess of Life, Motherhood, Water, and Love. Heroine.
Education: College level medical training, Paramedics, Surgery.
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Resurrection, Healing, Shields, Telepathy, Limited Forms of ego attacks, Holy Energy, Meta-human durability, teleportation, and flight.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Can influence the ebbs and flows of life energy around her, inducing healing, crippling exhaustion, or even death as desired. Usually healing.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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The Pre-Earth years


Penelia originated in the Heavenly Jerusalem, a city within the Christian sphere of Elysium. She was born as the third child to Lusepabopiel and Setatiel, two minor Celestials . Her siblings consist of two older brothers, Aron and Hbuanasiel, and her younger sister Sopiel. Penelia was gifted with the Healing Arts and Telepathy, and bound to a minor god.

Younger Years

Penelia had a typical and unremarkable childhood for a Celestial, spending most of her time undergoing schooling and playing. Curiously, she never received any orders from her god, which only encouraged her free-spirited nature. Upon growing up, and full of youthful idealism, she decided to join the Christian forces. She hoped to make a difference the world by performing acts of goodness wherever she went, and, maybe, make a few mortals' lives easier in the process. Thus, she spent the first 500 years of her life tending the wounded wherever her superiors sent her and looking after the heavenly war parties she was assigned to.

The war against evil and corruption is eternal, however, and it makes hard demands on the people that fight it. Penelia found herself performing undercover work, using her telepathy to weed out corrupted mortals and infernals in places of mortal power. The drive to purify the various races of demonic influence was all-consuming. However, She eventually grew disquieted over all the violence and all of the killing of mortals done in the name of their God, the matter made all the worse by the absolute silence of her own assigned god. Feeling leaderless and disillusioned, she left the Christian forces to find her own path.

The Wandering

Over the next 500 years, she wandered the planes of existence and many different realities in an attempt to find her own path, her own destiny. She has witnessed the rise and fall of empires, and even races, across various worlds of the Material Plane where Malkuth, or Earth, can be found. It is during this time that she has come to understand more closely the chaotic nature of mortals, their unpredictable ways, and their tendency for rapid progress and destruction. It is through the wisdom gained during this time that she has come to appreciate the mortal races she finds and came to fear their potential power. Despite their brief lives, or perhaps because of them, the mortal races are capable of such change and diversity that they, as a whole, can rival the powers of the Divine, The Infernal, the numerous immortal races and even the gods. Thus, she has dedicated her life to studying the mortal races in depth in an attempt to, perhaps some day, find ways to guide the mortals towards a better future. She envisions a future for them above the violence and death she has seen so often, and, hopes to bring the beauty of their mortal lives she has seen to the forefront. But fate had other plans for Penelia.


The Summoning

It is the year 937. In the rustic and foreboding lands of medieval England an old and powerful wizard by the name Malgazar Nemphry has gathered the materials he needs to summon and bind an angel to his will. His desire is immortality. Penelia is chosen at random from among the healing angels by the Grand Lottery to answer his summons.

Alas, neither spell nor angel can grant a mortal immortality. That is the power of the gods alone and was a path Malgazar had no time left to pursue. He was already very old, close to death. However, Penelia, through careful tending and care, was able to extend his life for a full two hundred years more.

It was in this time that Malgazar eventually convinced Penelia to give him another form of immortality. Using a portion of her own celestial spirit and a piece of Malgazar's own body, they created a new being in the form of a small child. He would be called Maphriel of Justice. Penelia would raise the half angel, half-human Nephilim as her own. She took the family name of Nemphry to both honor Malagazer and to give Maphriel, whom she loved dearly, a sense of kinship.

In time, the Nemphry family established itself as a regional power in order to enact the changes necessary to bring justice and to better the lives of the surrounding populace. Maphriel acted as the patriarchal head of the family while Penelia operated behind the scenes, using her powers to their fullest extent to support them in their quest. After a few generations, the family grew large, prosperous, and powerful. Penelia, deciding that her family would be safe without out her, decided to venture forth from the castle, her only home for 400 years, to explore the world beyond its walls. This proved to be a deadly mistake.

Of Fire, Death, And Despair

It took less than a week. The family's enemies quickly learned that the Nemphry's secretive and powerful guardian spirit had disappeared and struck against them suddenly and with overwhelming force. Penelia, sensing death in her family line, rushed to her family's aid, only to find her family destroyed and her home in ruins. Overcome by her loss and with no where else to go, she has prayed to her god for guidance in her time of need. He remained silent, as always. With no answers forthcoming and no clues as to which of her family's enemies were responsible, she simply wandered Europe for hundreds of years. She took refuge in various temporary havens she found during her journeys. With little purpose left to her, she took to saving countless villages from depredations of bandits and from the ravages of the wars that occurred all to frequently in those dark times. She performed what she was born to do, attempting to find some comfort and solace from her own terrible loss.

With The Passing of Time

Time has a way of changing everything. With the coming and going of the Second World War, Penelia has noticed a change in the air. Her suspicions that magic was returning to the mortal world proved correct. As the 60's rolled around, mutants and mystical creatures started to appear with alarming regularity. Seeing this pattern before during her travels across the planes, she understood it was only a matter of time before the world became a very dangerous place. Already the various super-powered beings were arranging themselves into larger and more formalized groups, some very dangerous indeed to a single, lonely being no matter how powerful they may be. Penelia decided the the time was right to cast aside her usual secrecy and become more overt in her actions to help those around her. She hoped to catch the attention of other like-mined heroes. Afterall, with the world becoming more perilous, they'd need all the help they could get to keep the common folk safe. So Penelia has became a super hero herself. While known to those who responsible for monitoring super-powered beings, she remains unknown to the public in general. With the exception of the occasional fan or mortal she has saved few recognize her, for she kept her presence as a minimum whenever possible. However, Penelia sensed that her fate laid in Millennium City and came to understand that it would continue to be the center of many great events. And so it was there that Penelia established her public life as a super hero, just another face in a city where super powered beings can appear around every corner. And it was in Millennium City that her life would change profoundly.

Millennium City

Penelia's recent adventures in Millennium City, and Club Caprice in particular, are too numerous to recount in this page, but have nevertheless had a profound impact on her. She has found love with Alex Margrave. She has learned how to truly befriend the people she trusts. She has come to understand mortals more fully than she ever has before. But paired with all of that happiness is pain. Betrayals, pointless drama caused by those around her, and many other things she's experienced have caused her to question both what she thought she knew and what she's always believed in. All of this weighs heavily on her as she struggles to find a balance between her old self and a blossoming new identity. She sometimes feels perilously close to insanity and falling from grace. The shadow of the Angel of Wrath she would become looms ever darker as she struggles to find peace within herself, manage her growing frustrations and depression, and adapt to the environment around her.

Despite all the turmoil she has undergone, and is still undergoing, she is blossoming into something more than simply an angel. She no longer things as other angels do. Her long co-existence with ever-questioning humanity has finally caused her to question her own nature. She has also started to look beyond the immediate impact of her actions as her burgeoning human conscience isn't content with just the act of doing good. Rather, it looks to the results of doing good in the long term. This has forced her to step beyond her normal limits, to dispense wrath in order to save lives, or simply withheld healing to those she believes will use their renewed lives for evil ends.

The future is unknown as Earth is a place of constant change. It is hard to tell what Penelia will become in the days ahead. But she has hope. She trusts her conscience and the actions it urges her to take, and she has a small legion of friends who look after her, should she ask for their help. She even has a future she can work towards with Alex.

The Ascension

Penelia's many trials in her long journey as an angel, and the several races she's created in the past has brought about a constant spiking in her powers, which finally forced her to ascend to a Goddess of Life, Motherhood, Water, and Love from exposure to the leaking energy of the goddess Asterja-Devi, once an enemy, now a friend as Asterja also ascended from being a fallen archangel, and became the Goddess of Balance, Fate, and Death. Together, Penelia and Asterja decided to work together and create a Pantheon for their mutual protection as Penelia attempts to figure out what to do with herself, now that her near fanatical attempts at being the epitome of goodness, doesn't seem to matter so much anymore. Giving her a long awaited escape from the battles that constantly took place within her as she no longer dealt with the concept of Good, and Evil as she once did.

Anadiel's Realm

Her realm consists of mountains, hills, lush forests, and at the center of it all, is a giant circular city. The city is sectioned into various wedge partitions, seperating the primary residential, and commercial quarters from each other. to ease travel amongst the districts, teleportation platforms are set to take residents to various districts, or places within districts should the city grow too large. At the center is a tower that reaches high into the sky, and at the top, rests a giant sphere of divine light that can be seen for miles around, especially in the dark. All protected by a giant city wall encircling the entire city. The streets are paved with various gold and silver metals, and every gems imaginable which sparkles gently in the presence of light. The buildings themselves appear white in day time, but emits a soft glow of light, coupled with the glow from the sphere of divine light casting light from above onto the streets, allowing the pedestrians to walk in the night if they desired, earning the city the name Crystal Moonlight. The entire city and the ground it rests on, she can lift out of the earth, and turn it into a floating island city, should she feel the mood to do so. Anadiels herself resides in the tower whenever she conducts her experiments, contemplate, or seeks to rest.

As vast as the City's realm is, there are rumors to be other sections to Anadiel's realm that hasn't been found yet.



Befitting her divine nature, Penelia has a soft glow about her body. Though not athletic, she has a well-proportioned build with flawless pale skin. Her irises glow a startlingly bright ivory in a well lit area, but become a piercing blue in a darkened room. Her wings are a perfect white, with sparkling, dimly glowing feathers. Her attire is almost always elegant and fashionable. Her head is crowned in gorgeous gold blond hair.


She is a quiet, kind, and sensitive soul. She carries herself with a gentle elegance, a warm smile on her face, and a willing ear for anyone who needs someone to talk to. As one who is easilly troubled and prone to worry, she has always avoided trouble when she can and is reluctant to reveal her troubles to her friends for fear of burdening them. She is polite and kind to a fault, traits which many have tried to take advantage of in the past. However, she is very protective of her privacy and personal life and will rise up in arms, despite any trepidations she may have, to protect her friends. She is learning that, in order to ease her burdens on her friends, she needs to stand up for herself, and is heartened that they will aid her at a moment's notice should she need it. And she is learning that she is a far stronger and beautiful person then she originally thought, a view constantly bolstered by her friends numerous compliments about her personality. This has proven a tonic for the low-self esteem she's kept to herself, fearful that it may worry her friends.


Penelia is a Goddess of Life. She's capable of healing wounds, cleansing the body of diseases and poisons, shielding others from harm, and resurrecting the recently dead. She is also a gifted telepath, capable of telepathic communications, able to telepathically locate the minds of others, mind reading, illusions, mental alterations, and even mental control. The true extent of her capabilities are unknown as she loathe to influence people in such a manner. However, she will certainly do so if lives are on the line. She has learned how to manipulate the life flow of others and uses the knowledge to give her an offensive punch to compliment her prodigious defensive abilities. Pen's hallmark power, however, is her ability to shield herself and others from harm using potent energy shields. These bubbles have saved many lives and have proven a popular trick at parties.

Current Status

Figures, I went to bed as an angel, and woke up a goddess. How does that work?