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Aggron is a shape shifting Tresk alien who escaped from a prison facility in deep space. He is naturally an acquatic reptile who lives in a freight box out in Westside. He is 8 years old and innocent. More like a pet than a superhero.

Player: @katoregama
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"I give you permission to be sexy."
Class Focus: Might, Ice
Power Level: 23
Research & Development: Arms, Alien Metabolism
Personal Data
Real Name: Aggron
Known Aliases: Aggie, Pink Thing, "You Flarking Tresk!"
Species: Tresk Alien
Ethnicity: N/A
Age: 8
Height: 3'2" (Canonically)
Weight: 67 lbs
Eye Color: Green and Yellow
Hair Color: N/A
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Mascot
Place of Birth: MARZ Prison Facility
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Fisk
Known Powers
Shapeshifting, Crystal Projection
Known Abilities
Profound Physical Aptitude
A pair of very shiny pants, a star pauldron, a red scarf, glowing boots and black shades.


Planet Mezerai

Aggron has never actually been to his home world of Mezerai. It used to be a very nice place until the galactic big-wigs decided its primary inhabitants were too dangerous. About a millennia ago, Mezerai was first discovered by a Malvan explorer seeking new resources to plunder. He found nothing useful on Mezerai except for the unusual citizens who demonstrated a capacity to change shapes. Thinking they would do well in the interstellar gladiator arena, he captured one and brought it back.

This turned out to be a mistake, as the creature could not only copy the forms of other aliens, but their powers as well. Eventually it started combining forms, and became a nigh-unstoppable threat in its quest to return home. The creature was eventually dispatched, but it was decide that the Tresk species were too dangerous. Planet Mezerai was infected with a bacterium that struck at the plants, and subsequently made breeding very difficult. Then contact was severed, and the Tresk were left to perish.


About 9 years or so ago, Contact was re-established with Mezerai which was suffering but still populous. The Mezerai were not extinct, but likewise were not thriving. Under such pitiable conditions, the Councils decided to make a second attempt to reintegrate the Tresk Aliens into the galactic community. This time however, it was done more peaceably, and with better results.

However, when the Tresks were informed of galactic history, many of them were not happy to discover that their planet had been ruined by ignorant other-worlders. A child by the name of Fisk was the most outspoken about this deception, and opted to take action in retaliation. Fisk fled the planet on a stolen ship with a few compatriots, and a brood of Tresk Eggs. Fisk's intention was to raise the hatchlings as warriors and to take revenge on the galaxy. However, his ship was shot down, and Fisk was arrested. The eggs he had taken were destroyed in the crash, excepting one.


Because Fisk's rebellion could have inspired further dissent on Mezerai, the ambassadors once again pulled out of the integration, leaving the Tresks alone, miserable, and lost somewhere in space. Fisk was incarcerated at the Maximum Attention Restraint Zion (MARZ) prison facility in deep space. Aggron hatched there a few months later, and was immediately incarcerated. Aggron was more-or-less raised by an Apterian alien name Munkassium Battosi. Aggron called him Munkusbat, or simply Munkus for short.

Munkus was a political prisoner sent to MARZ for attempting a coup de'etat against his corrupt government. He intended to raise Aggron free from the penalties of tyranny to be innocent, intelligent, and kind. Aggron was pretty much allowed to go anywhere in MARZ assuming he followed orders and did not try to escape. He made many friends turning the prison into a more pleasant place, much to the ire of Warden, the prison's warden. Warden would often punish Aggron on a whim which led Aggron to believe it was a game. He became somewhat mischievous to get back at Warden for a number of things.

Aggron's Escape

Despite making friends and being relatively well protected from abuse, Aggron still made many enemies in MARZ, and did not like being there. When he was nearly 8 years old, Aggron followed Munkus's advice and escaped from MARZ. He staged a riot amongst his supporters, and amongst the chaos shape-shifted into the warden. Aggron made a quick getaway before anyone figured it out. It wasn't until later that Warden did a head-count and found Aggron missing.

MARZ had an infamous reputation for zero escapees since its creation, and Aggron's flight ruined that perfect record. A maddened Warden appealed to the Council to support a cover-up of the situation to suppress any uprisings in other institutions. At least, that was his public stance. In truth, Warden was humiliated to have been impersonated during the escape, and swore a personal vendetta against Aggron.

One by one Warden delivered pardons to some of his more dangerous prisoners on the condition that they retrieve Aggron. Many of these make up Aggron's rogues gallery, excepting Fisk who likewise was pardoned, but decided to go his own way.

Species Notes

Aggron as drawn by the player
Skin - Tresk aliens are best defined as aquatic reptiles. They have smooth, rubbery skin that has a subtle sheen to it. If you compared their skin to a dolphin's you would find them very similar. However, Tresks do not have fur of any kind, and cannot be classified as mammals.

Antennae - Since Tresks do not inherently know every language, their antennae pick up on other fluctuations to determine the intent of the dialogue. This was they can appear to know what you are saying, and respond, without totally knowing the words. Aggron rather infamously uses words he has heard simply because his antennae assigned to them a positive or negative connotation. For instance, Aggron does not know what 'sexy' means, but since it has a positive meaning to him, it is used frequently in conversation.

Mineral Glands - Tresk fingers and feet have strange glands that emit chemical particles. These particles condense minerals in the air into crystalline shapes. The crystals evaporate quickly, but the minerals do not disappear. This way a Tresk can use its icy powers frequently.

Colors - Male Tresks typically come in bright colors, appearing almost neon. Females are more subdued, but no less brilliant. They all follow similar patterns but with differentiating spots. Much like peacocks, the Tresks are attracted to brilliant displays of color; the flashier the better. To a human these colors may clash, or seem nauseatingly bright. But to a Tresk it is a powerful attractor to the opposite gender. So if Aggron says you are shiny, it means he has taken a physical interest in you.

Gender Issue - Tresks reproduce by laying eggs. Therefore, it is often difficult to determine their genders at a glance. Since males and females all have similar bone structures, you would pretty much just have to rely own personal pronouns they use to know for sure.


Tresks have hundreds of microscopic glands inside their tails which store DNA. Using these stored strains as well at the 'matter magnet' particles in their hands, they can mimic various other species to near perfection. The drawbacks with this being that they can only store one line of terrestrial code for each planet. This means 1 Earth creature, 1 Martian, 1 Gadroon etc etc etc. Likewise, they cannot spontaneously change gender. So if a male Tresk takes DNA from a female, they can only turn into a male counterpart of the species. By that rule if there is NO same-gender counterpart for that species, a male Tresk cannot change into one.

Here is a list of Aggron's known forms:

• Tresk Mass Boost - Aggron can increase his own size and mass to appear more muscular and intimidating.

• Ladies Man Dan (Human) - Presently, his human form is that of Daniel Waltz; Commander US.

• Warden (Blaufixh) - Aggron's former Warden had a unique terrestrial code since he too was born in MARZ.

• Crash (Xiphuroid) - Crash is a skilled bounty hunter voluntarily imprisoned at MARZ.

• Fishstyx (Aquenaug) - Aquatic creature imprisoned wanted for robbery, fraud, and swimming in circles.

• Munkus (Apterian) - Aggron's loved mentor and semi-father figure. Imprisoned for political crimes.

• Brute (Blaufixh) - A natural born Blaufixh. The same species as Warden but huge. Imprisoned for gambling.

• Update (Nanogen) - A robot with DNA coded into its circuits. Imprisoned for being a know-it-all.

• Mongus (Devolvan) - A big, muscular devil-like creature imprisoned for starting fights.

• Dommy (Sayian) - One of Aggron's friends with the White Star Avengers named Dominick.

• Kelcifer (Chritin) - The first of two buglike aliens. Kelcifer was imprisoned for reckless piloting, and drunkeness.

• Sanchez (Rochann) - Speaks with a spanish accent. Second of two buglike aliens, imprisoned for trolling.

• Mire (Mutato) - A mutated swamp monster imprisoned for gaseous emissions, and chemical warfare.

• Shimmer (Empreyon) - A regal bat-like creature, imprisoned for being too pretty.

• Progma (Magmonian) - A lava creature imprisoned for being too cold to his fellow man.

Powers, Abilities, Weaknesses

Shapeshifting - As mentioned above, Aggron's best skill is his shape-shifting; an ability his race has. If need be, he can also mimic a person's voice, personality, and even their scent. To be correct, people should NOT be able to tell he's in disguise, especially when he's serious about it.

Crystals - Though he is still practicing, he has gotten good at encasing objects in large purple crystals. While they are fragile stones, they can still hold a person still for moments enough to deliver a few attacks.

Strength - For his size, Aggron is pretty burly, and by boosting his size and mass he can even lift and throw heavy pick-up trucks. This can only be done when he shifts his form however, so don't expect much when he is small.


Aggron has a child-like demeanor that is perpetually innocent and carefree. He loves objects which are 'shiny' or 'fluffy' as both represent things that he likes. He is somewhat neutral towards conflict unless it directly involves him. If he or his friends are spoken to rudely, he will talk back rudely as if it were a game.

He loves dancing the Hokey-Pokey, though he refers to it always as "The Pokey Pokey Pokey" since "his pokey is NEVER hokey." He may also recite phrases he has heard without fully understanding their context. To him the phrase "hey baby, want to come back to my place" is considered identical to "hello".

He loves sugar as opposed to his normal herbivorous diet, and such empty calories overload his metabolism momentarily. Contrary, he hates 'poop' and refers to anything with a poor smell with this descriptor. Even if the target of his dislike does NOT smell poor, he will still say they smell like poop, since it is his most well known phrase of negative context.


• Warden - The Warden of the MARZ facility driven mad over Aggron's escape.

• Crash - A bounty hunter sent to capture Aggron in exchange for an incredible sum of money.

• Fisk - Though not a completely volatile foe, Fisk does have the intention of testing Aggron suitability for villainous endeavors.

Notes & Trivia

• Voice Actor: Elizabeth Daily

• Aggron is a great swimmer. He can hold his breath for six hours at a time.

• Aggron lives and sleeps in a cardboard box out in Westside Millennium City.

• He is a vegetarian, and hates the taste of meat. To him, grass is considered a delicacy.

• Aggron's hero uniform is comprised of clothing articles given to him by other heroes. A star pauldron from Commander US, a scarf from Glenndale, luchadore pants from Brawl, and sunglasses from Godhand.

• Aggron has only one form which he can also mimic the abilities for. This form is Update, and it makes Aggron very tech savvy.

• Aggron canonically cannot fly unless he transforms into something with wings.

Comments and Quotes

This section is for any comments or quotes regarding this character from other players. Please feel free to add your own.

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