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Abigail Talonfist
Player: @AbigailTalonfist
Character Build
Class Focus: Range, Melee*, Crowd Control
Power Level: 40 / 35*
Research & Development: Arcane
Biographical Data
Real Name: Abigail Talonfist
Known Aliases: The Spectre Queen, Baroness Abigail, Lady Talonfist, Abi, Abikins, Abeejail.
Gender: Female
Species: Metadet' Eri Spectrus (Translated: Half Elf Spectre)
Ethnicity: Ancient Brahmantian on what is partly known as Delsyrus in the present.
Place of Birth: Formerly the city of Ahimsa, located near the existing Falcon Eyed Falls.
Base of Operations: Two places of operations. The Misfit Sanctum, located in Millennium City. A remote cave underneath Kigatilik's Maw, Canada.
Relatives: Alex Talonfist (Eldest Brother),Jynx Talonfist and Magnus Talonfist III (Elder brothers), Janus Talonfist (Elder brother.), Nethari Rivers-Talonfist (Sister-in-law), Miriam Talonfist (Daughter), Jythari Talonfist (Niece).
Age: 634 years of age.(Appears to look 30)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Spectral Blue (Normal), Crystal Grey (When in her living appearance)
Hair: Raven Black
Complexion: Pale as snow (Normal), Fair skin tone (When in her living appearance)
Physical Build: Tall, athletic and muscular
Physical Features: Has tribal tattoo markings on her shoulders, connecting at the center of her chest, arms, right leg, lower back, and navel. Piercings on her ears (5 ringed skulls on each side), lip, nose, eyebrow, and in private regions.
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: 24
Citizenship: Canadian (Has a passport to travel back into the US)
Occupation: Nocturnal Misfits Co-Founder, Freelance Occult Liaison, Bounty Huntress.
Education: Arcana & schooling was taught to her by a legendary sage of Ancient Brahmanticus.
Marital Status: Married to Millia Sharihen (aka Lady Immolatasia)
Known Powers and Abilities
Most form of Sorcery (ie, Illusionist, Conjurer, Transmuter, etc.) Can project energy blasts and bursts by incantations. Fly due to her spectrus form. Can turn from corporeal to incorporeal at will in combat. Able to concentrate her energy manipulation as shields. Regeneration due to her immortality as a spectre. Has Psionic powers (Telepath, Telekenesis).
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Modified skull armor she crafted out of hardened leather, heads of a queen ogre and her orc guards, and magical incantations that protect her from damage. Has two diamond sharp shapeshifting swords that belonged to her late husband. They were unnamed for a time being before she gave them the names Magnolia and Lilac due to her love of the flowers. Also carries her main shape shifting barbarian sword, Matilda. Has other forms of tech based armor due to her affiliation with a tech guru of the Misfits.
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≈ A friendly note from Abi's player: ≈

The following sequence will be Abigail being the narrator to her newly updated journal. This entry will explain lots of her life (or unlife...) from her past, to her current time through her own words.

≈ Prologue ≈

She calls this place, "The Forest of Lonely Spirits", but we know it as Kigatilik's Maw in Canada. Though she does have a mystical sanctum located in Millennium City, she only would use that as a place of "business" with the Misfits. This place, the Maw, she calls it home. Living underground as usual, she turned a desolate dark cavern into a place of relaxation and peace. Her new place of meditation and repose for her spiritual mana spent during the days.(More to come...)

≈ "The past... ≈

"...can definitely creep up on you when you least expect it. As I sit here now, I was just about to write on my journal of today's joyous occasion, instead, my heart grows heavy with sadness as I begin to reminisce about the tragic event that was my childhood. Why now? I was sitting down for a few minutes trying to figure out why suddenly this thought occurred. I then grew frustrated and gave into my mind's urges. It began that day. Oh that -horrible- day! It's haunted me for so long. And yet I cannot come to terms with it. I can only remember bits and pieces of it as I was an infant, cradled in the arms of my mother for a moment, before I felt her strong but gentle arms and then in moments felt the rough and rugged arms of one of my brothers, Janus Talonfist."

"I remember looking up to his emerald eyes and then examining his dark greyish face as locks of his silver hair would droop down covering parts of his saddened eyes. I could hear others around me, I could not see who they all were. I heard horses as well, surrounding mother, Janus and myself. I could hear two more young voices, crying out for mercy as did I heard my mother do the same. Then...then I heard -him-. The man who was responsible for it all. My eldest brother Alex. From what I was told, he betrayed our family because of jealousy. So he sided with our family's enemy. I could never forget the voice of this man. It was frightening, it was sinister. I suddenly began to cry. Not because of hunger, nor fatigued, nor wanting attention...but because I was terrified of him. I could hear him threatening another elder male that was close by. But this male was not intimidated, nor infuriated. However, he sounded heart broken. I could hear it in his voice, I could also feel it in him. That voice, was father's. What I heard next was what I could not shake all of these centuries. The unsheathing of a blade, and a blood curdling scream before I heard the contact from steel to flesh. I could hear mother crying for a few moments. Then she screamed once more before I could hear her gurgling. That's when I heard Magnus yell out to mother, then to Alex, telling him that he'll pay for what he's done."

"I can hear Alex again, this time laughing at my brother's threats before ordering the men to take Janus along with me as his captives, as his slaves. That was when I no longer was in my brother Janus' arms. For a few moments, I saw an unknown person look to me. His eyes... His eyes darkened by the shadows of the most frightening helmet I've ever seen in all of my existence. Then, all went black. I could not see anymore, I could only hear. I could hear Jynx and Magnus' cries of angst as they faded away. I only could hear the galloping of the horses around me. Nothing else was said on the way to my new destination. For the first time. I was alone. Fatherless, Motherless. My life stripped away from me before it could even begin. I don't remember much of anything for four years after that incident, except being taken care of by my brother Janus. Janus wouldn't say much. In fact, he didn't say anything at all. He only gestured his love for me. He would kiss my forehead goodnight before tucking me in to sleep. Though there were moments when he would show me how to snatch an object from his hand as quick as I could. At first I thought it was a game, but it wasn't. Janus was starting to teach me his ways of thieving."

"My memories began fully when I was around five years of age. I used to be troublesome to the guards by stealing their coin and sometimes food. I wasn't getting fed enough. And Janus was taking care of me less and less. But it wasn't of his choosing. So I had to learn how to basically survive on my own most of the days. I cannot tell you all the beatings I've received from the guards whenever my attempts failed miserably. If I was alive today, I'd still have the physical scars to prove it. But indeed I was scarred, mentally. As for emotions? I only knew of two. Sadness and anger. I was a cold child. I was starting to be just like Janus. I hardly spoke. The only fortunate moments were when my keepers went off to conquer other villages. That's when I got to see Janus more. Though, he's been changing drastically. His once emerald eyes, became crimson. His physical features were that of a battle tested teenager. His visits weren't for caring purposes. This time, he used the opportunity, to teach me newer skills. Only this time, those skills were not to steal more accurately, but, to take another person's life efficiently, stealthy and with no remorse doing so. At that time, Janus was being used as an assassin to do Alex's master's bidding. Word has spread in the encampment, that he was one of the deadliest assassins in all of Brahmanticus. It was the right time for me to learn what it is to survive out in the world. Night after night, I was being taught. I had less sleep, but with how things were at the time, I didn't want any of it. I was scolded and beaten repeatedly by Janus whenever I failed. But wasn't out of hatred, whenever I made a mistake, he acted on it how a victim would act if their life was being threatened."

"The training went on for another 4 years. I knew plenty now in order to survive. Then one day, I was being manhandled by the guards and was tossed into the audience of Alex's master, and his honor guards. Alex was present as well. He also changed drastically during my years being captured. His appearance was that of a behemoth. He was as massive as an ogre. I then heard the master speak. What I heard next, was something I thought at the time as what my future would become. I was auctioned out to be a slave girl. I...I..."

  • Abi loses her composure for a moment. She begins to cry remembering a part of her life that she wanted to lock away. But as she told her story of her past, she could not avoid it.*

"M-my apologies. It's just so painful to speak of. The very next day, I was collared, then stripped down to my naked body. I was only nine years old, though my body at the time started to change, I was still a little girl. But that didn't matter to them. The next few months were nothing but a nightmare. I...I don't want to get into the graphic details, but I know you're smart enough to put two and two together as to what I was used for."

"I was still a slave girl at the age of ten, this time, I would do my requested tasks in order to survive for food and clothing. Each night since that first time becoming a slave girl, I grew hateful, and I was waiting for the right moment to strike. But I never had the courage to fulfill it. My hate became sorrow and hopelessness. I was already wanting and pleading for Mo'Ertuth to take me to the world of the dead. One night, I again was thrust to an audience with the master. This time he was alone, and this time, he was the "client". Before this night I had prayed and pleaded to the gods to grant me a way out of all of this turmoil. I take it, that was the night my prayers were answered so to speak. I did not want to seem very confrontational, so I began my usual courtship and granted whatever he wanted me to perform. It was early in the morning after the session I had with him, it was still night out and all was quiet. I moved as gentle and silent as I could and reached out to my razor tipped ring. He then awoke, but still groggy. I again acted out as though I was taking "interest" to him and he accepted it like a normal lust possessed male would. This night, was my night of freedom. As I lay on top of him and kissed him, I leaned close to his ear and whispered the very last words he would hear. "My mother would be so proud of my retaliation this night." Of course he thought it a joke as he chuckled at my words. I in turn giggled and in mere seconds impaled my ring into his neck and carved my artistic smile...ear to ear. Oh, not to mention that I drugged his wine which was toxin from a Brahmantian viper's venom which can paralyze it's victim, and my ring? Venom from the most poisonous spider in Brahmanticus, the red widow. When mixed, it can be a very, -very- deadly combination, not to mention they would activate cohesively once contact was made. His eyes widened as he could not move an inch. I know it burns...most red widow's venom does, I'm sure it feels like he's been doused with lava on the inside of his blood. I remember my own last words before I made my escape from his quarters. "Sleep my master, for your crimes committed in terms of using my body against my will have been justified." And that very night, it was. For the first time, I've taken a life and it felt... so wonderful and so very satisfying." (More to come)

≈ OOC Guideline of Character limits: ≈

In regards to fights with other players outside of the Nocturnal Misfits' Forum Rule Set:

  • The very first rule (Which I'm sure all RPers share when it comes to other players), is to communicate OOCly first and foremost before the encounter, making plans on how the fight is going to go. Be it PvP or Text. This is also where players compromise the results of the said duel.

  • Under NO circumstances are players to make a decision of my character's fate without consulting me first. And even then I'd have to agree on the terms (This is a definite NO NO in my book. You'd def get insta-ignored.).

  • If I do agree on results in defeats on my character. I decide (or compromise) how long she's incapacitated for. Be it, a kill (And yes I'll let you kill her, but not kill her OFF, there's a difference so please don't get this confused.), Banishing her (Banishment consists of; off the planet, off the universe, off to the planes I.E. Limbo, Nexus..etc.), or even mind controlling her to do your bidding (Again this also must be agreed upon on my end and oh, this doesn't give free play on controlling her to be a sex slave. That is also grounds for an insta-ignore.). Even if it's also a defeat to steal her powers or just drain her.

Here's a rough draft on length of Abi when she's:

  • Killed: ICly incapacitated for a minimum of 10 days to 15 days maximum (RT days) before she's back to being either a 1/4 of strength or fully recovered (This "I" get to decide).
  • Banished: Off the Planet; consists of 3 RT days max before being either brought back or she found a way to get back. Off Universe; consists of 10-20 days (This can be decided by me or compromised.) before she finds her way back or being brought back. Off to a Plane; consists of 20-25 days (This can be decided or compromised.) before finding her way back or being brought back.
  • Mind Controlled: And it better be a very very powerful mentalist or more than one mentalist to get her controlled. This can be compromised depending on the player's power level, which means game level or a hell of a good compromise on why I should let my Abi get controlled by a game level 2 character. The length can be compromised but as long as she's not controlled forever. Maximum days I can let her be controlled for would be 30 days. Since this is Mind control, then it'll mostly be ICly, meaning the max 30 days RT (or any compromised length) is a bit unfair if I'm not always on. So it will be 30 days (or compromised length) of RP time (This could possibly go for about 90 days RT for example if I haven't been on a lot due to RL obligations.).
  • Power Stealing (or Draining); consists of 3 rt days max.

Now why can't she be killed off you're wondering? ICly, she's protected by her deity, who in her home dimension is the creator of all creation. In no way are her powers "god-like", she's just protected by it. She's in Demi-Goddess status by just sheer experience of how much she's mastered her powers, abilities and skills. She's not a "Demi-Goddess" by title, she's just on par with one. OOCly? Mainly because I've had this character for 24 years. You might be saying,"So what?". Well here's the counter argument to that. In those 24 years, I've earned all of my experience on her. Worked on her constantly through each game genre (not just her but also the whole Talonfist family.). Paper & Pencil (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition ® / Forgotten Realms ™) which is where she started off. Later it gravitated towards online chatroom RPs (AOL's Arts & Entertainment / Yahoo's RP Chatrooms.). Since I couldn't use the rights to the P&P games to further my story. I decided to create my own world (Still using the guideline structure of how to make one from the D&D manuals). Then finally, the MMO genre. CoH/V being the first place to crossover to a Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre and bridging the gaps on how I got there. Then I did the same when I went to CO when it first released in '09 and then took her to DCUO for a time before returning to CoH/V til it's sunset, and then came back to CO. All of these games I worked countless of hours to do just about everything each platform offered (Missions,TF's, Alerts, Perk/Badge/Accomplishment hunting, PvP/Text PvP and of course lots of RPing hours). So again, I earned my stripes, which is why I'm making this guideline so that I can reference this to anyone who "chooses" to rp duel me, or just RP with me in general. What ya see is what ya get, take it or leave it. It's your choice. I'm just putting this info out there so players can understand where I'm coming from.