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Player: @brasstonsekyr
Biographical Data
Real Name: Xeno-Splice Echo Tango 2537
Known Aliases: Xeno, Zee
Gender: Multiple (see below)
Species: Genetically Spliced Human/Extraterrestrial Hybrid
Ethnicity: Xeno-Splice
Place of Birth: Alternate Reality Earth
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None
Age: 20
Eyes: Black
Hair: Dark Purple with green streaks
Complexion: Speckled with smooth photosynthetic scales
Physical Build: Slender and curvy
Physical Features: Multiple tentacles over head, arms, and a tail-like one. Has a frill of gill-like structures around her neck which reaches down to just between the top of her shoulder-blades. Photosynthetic scales over her skin.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: >0
Citizenship: Unspecified as of yet
Occupation: Former conscripted soldier
Education: College level
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Conditioning
  • Segmented Skeleton: Allows for extreme dexterity and flexibility
  • Enhanced Perception: Electromagnetic Fields, Pheromones, Night-vision, Mild Telepathy
  • Pheromone Production
  • Tentacles can produce a highly addictive, narcotic fluid.
  • Combat Expertise

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • Tac-Suit
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Kineic Slug Blasters
  • Hover-Board

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Earth Invaded

Xeno hails from an alternate dimension Earth where frequent alien invasions had nearly brought humanity to its knees. Invaders came for resources. They came for slaves. For breeding fodder. Sometimes they attacked without any discernible motive. The population couldn't keep up and humanity was looking at extinction within three generations.
A lucky break provided the planet a final desperate opportunity to fight back. A downed UFO was found to be a highly developed genetic engineering lab. After several years of research they cracked the devices in the lab and gained access to the laboratory's systems. Desperate to defend themselves, the governments of Earth banded together and created the Xeno-Splice project. Utilizing genetic material gathered from the corpses of various alien invaders, they began splicing human and alien DNA together to create a new breed of soldier more capable of fighting on the attacker's level.

Project Xeno

Extensive Genetic testing and manipulation resulted in the creation of the Xeno-Splices, or Xenos as they were commonly know. Mutated hybrids o humand and alien, these new branches of the tree of humanity were rapidly produced, trained, and put into the service of the governments of Earth to fight the alien threat. The Xeno-splices are divided into three 'generations'. These generations are based on the technology used to produce them rather than their chronological age.

First Generation

The first Generation Xeno-Splice were the most unstable. The necessity of having a defense force as quickly as possible meant that the first generation of Xeno-Splices were hybridized with only one alien gene-set. They also were subjected to experimental and not fully understood accelerated growth systems. The result was a generation of physically matured beings within the span of a year. Extensive psychological conditioning ensured that they were loyal and brave. However as time went on they proved more and more unstable.

Second Generation

The Second Generation of Xenos were still a single splice grouping. However they were allowed to mature at a more natural pace while the First Generation took to the front lines. As a result they developed to be more psychologically stable. Over time the Second Gen became the bulk of the Xeno-Splice forces, making up most of the 'grunts' of the armed defense against alien invaders.

Third Generation

The Third generation were the final culmination of the Xeno-Splice projects. An increasing understanding of the alien technology allowed for a generation which were not only able to have multiple gene-sets spliced into them, but also able to be matured via the accelerated growth systems without the psychological impacts that caused the Firsts to become so unstable. This Generation became the leaders and specialists of the force. They were custom tailored for specific needs, from recon, to combat, to medical. (WIP. More to come)

Physiology, Powers, Skills, and Attributes


A diagram showing some of the physiological enhancements

Evolved Brain Composition - Inherited from Species 1. This allows for extremely rapid decision making, near perfect information retention and mild telepathic perception (see below).

Prehensile Tentacles - Inherited from Species 12. These tentacles sprout primarily from her head, as she has two large ones extending from the side near her temple, several smaller ones over the top of her scalp, two small ones extending from the sides of each shoulder, and a longer one extending from her tailbone as a tail like structure. These tentacles provide sensory input as well as secreting a highly addictive narcotic fluid. This fluid also possesses reproductive qualities. It has proven to be highly adaptable at impregnating a number of other species.

Photosynthetic Scales - Inherited from Species 3. Her skin is covered with soft, smooth scales which have photosynthetic qualities. These scales provide additional energy to allow Zee to go longer periods of time without eating or provide a boost of energy in emergency situations.

Low Light Vison - Inherited from Species 2. Subject has extremely precise low light vision.

Multiple Reproductive System - Inherited from baseline human genes as well as Species 12 and 14. She has the standard sexual morphology of a human female, though some internal musculature is different. In addition to the baseline human female reproductive system she is also able to reproduce via impregnating a viable female with the fluid secreted from her tentacles, or 'seeding' another organic being with spores produced by her gills. These spores infect and spread through the host creating offspring which replace her human DNA with the hosts, while retaining the alien traits. Both of these additional reproductive systems are entirely voluntary and she can utilize them at will.

Segmented Skeletal Structure - Inherited from Species 20. This skeletal structure resembles a snake and extends throughout nearly all of her bones. This results in her being extraordinarily flexible, agile, and dexterous but at the expense of physical strength and resilience.

Semi-Aquatic Gill and Lung structure - Inherited from Species 14 with traits from Species 32. She has a frill around her neck, which extends down her back to just below the top of her shoulderblades. This frill serves several purposes. It is her primary olfactory organ, allowing her to differentiate several distinct scents as well as detect and produce pheromones (see below). They also operate as a gill structure, allowing her to breath under water for extended periods of time so long as she is not heavily exerting herself. Combined with the photosynthetic scales in her skin it can allow her to 'root' herself underwater and remain there indefinitely. Strenuous exertion would require her to surface and breath air.


The nature of the various gene-sets spliced into her have provided Zee with a number of 'superhuman' abilities.

Electro-magnetic perception - One of the purposes of her various tentacles is that they provide a way for her to perceive electromagnetic spectrum, thus being able to sense electronics, as well as the natural bio-electric field that can surround most living things.

Pheromone perception and production - The frill around her neck allows her to scent pheromones to get an impression of how those near her are feeling. She is also able to voluntarily produce pheromones to manipulate those around her as well. While they can not make someone act completely out of character, they can induce others to feel less aggression toward her, or feel attraction.

Narcotic Venom - Her tentacles produce a highly addictive narcotic in the form of a slick, sticky fluid secreted from the tentacle's skin near the tip. This fluid can be used to incapacitate or enthrall others.

Low-level Telepathy - She has a short range telepathic perception. While she is not a mind-reader as such, she can sense and differentiate between sentient and non-sentient minds within about a 30 foot radius.


Tactical Reconnaissance - Due to the nature of her splices, Zee was well suited to the role of scout. she has developed a number of skills to allow her to move unseen and retain information she discovers.

Weapons Training - She has been trained to utilize a number of weapons both high and low tech.


Quick Learner - Due to the hybrid nature of her brain, Zee is a very quick learner and extremely adaptable.

Extreme flexibility- As mentioned above, her physiology allows her to have a flexibility and acrobatic ability that puts any baseline human to shame. Her skeleton and organs can be compressed to allow her to squeeze and squish into confined spaces.

Omni-sexual - Many of the invading alien species utilize various forms of reproduction in their invasion strategies. From seeding people with spores, planting offspring in their minds to turn the host into a puppet, to impregnating females, to cloning themselves using humans as hosts. Because of this many Xeno-Splices view sexuality from an 'all you can eat buffet' standpoint.

Gear and Equipment


Zee with her T.A.C. Suit and rifle

Weapon - She utilizes both a high power precision plasma rifle and a high-velocity kinetic slug pistol. The rifle has recently been augmented with the technology that brought her to this dimension allowing it to cause quantum displacement in targets, resulting in a number of effects.

Armor - She utilizes her T.A.C. Armor that was issued to her during the war. The armor provides protection from damage as well as insulating her against the elements. It can operated as a completely contained environment, supplementing her body's natural abilities, providing nutrition, and processing wastes. Travel to this dimension has damaged some of its subsystems. To date she has only been able to reactivate the medical-nanites.

Anti-Gravity Hover Disk - Her primary means of transport is a collapsible anti-gravity hover disc which allows her to fly at low altitudes.



She has not officially stated anyone to be her lover.


Being newly arrived to the city and this world, Zee has not had an opportunity to make many friends yet. She is fairly friendly in nature though, so it shouldn't take her too long.


She does not have any enemies or rivals in Millennium City as of yet.

General Perception

Thus far she has maintained a fairly low profile and is not as easily recognizable to the public as many of the other heroes.

Comments from other Heroes
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