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The Magical
"High Mage of High School"
"I kick butt and save the world. It's kind of my thing."
The Grimoire
Player: @Monikor
Super Group
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Real Name
Lillian Anders
June 15th, 1997
San Francisco, CA
Millenium City, MI
Father's apartment
High-School Student
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Donovan Anders (Father, alive); Jennifer Anders (Mother, missing)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
105 lbs.
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Green eyes that glow faintly; Smaller build than most
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
A wide array of offensive, defensive and supportive magic as well as flight
· Equipment ·
A wrist-mounted communication device; a satchel of probably useful stuff
· Other Abilities ·
Impressive magical knowledge; can sense magical disturbances and the like


Early Life of a Prodigy

Lillian Anders was born on June 15th, 1997 to a middle-class family in San Francisco, California. Her mother, Jennifer Anders, is a respected mage amongst the mystic community and her father, Donovan Anders, is an ordinary pharmacist who had been in the business for a number of years. The family lived a rather comfortable life in sunny San Francisco for the first 10 years of Lillian's childhood; Jennifer continued making waves within the community, Donovan was leading a humble but successful business and Lillian just kept on making friends at her school.

When Lillian turned 10, she became interested in her mother's work. Jennifer happily taught Lillian everything she knew, which Lillian learned at an impressive rate. After a couple of years, it became clear that what the Anders had was a special little girl. Lillian had an innate connection with magic, a connection that few had. She was a natural. Lillian was beginning to learn spells that were way ahead of her age level, casting them with levels of control that rivaled those who'd trained in the arts for far more years than Lillian had. By age 13, Lillian was flinging round college-level spells with little effort. However, such things do not go unnoticed in the mystic world.

The Ivory Circle and the Journey to a New World

Lillian's magical prowess soon attracted the attention of the Ivory Circle, a local magic cult who have been tracking Lillian's progress from the beginning. They saw Lillian's abilities as potent tools for the extension of the Circle's influence, as the Circle had wanted to reach beyond San Francisco for the longest time. When Lillian turned 14, the Ivory Circle decided it was time.

One faithful night, Lillian and her mother were ambushed by the Circle on the way home. The band of mages attempted to kidnap Lillian only to be beaten to hell and back by the magic duo. This overwhelming victory against the would-be attackers awoke something in Lillian, something that made Lillian crave more. The pleasure of beating up bad guys, the idea of using her own skill to come out on top made Lillian very happy. Lillian started learning the more offensive applications of magic, bolstering her already impressive skillset and starting her path to heroism.

Eventually, continuing pressure from the Ivory Circle eventually forced Lillian and her family to flee from San Francisco. Forced to cut off all ties with her old friends, Lillian was left with nothing tying her to her life at California. She had to start anew. At age 15, Lillian found herself in a completely different world. That is, she found herself in Millenium City.

Millenium City and the Rise of Witchchild

Coming to Millenium City became one of the most important events in Lillian's life. It was here that she became inspired to become a heroine. She saw the superheroes that soared through the sky and in between the skyscapers, she saw the huge gatherings of crime-fighters of all shapes and sizes, she saw headline after headline of criminals getting busted on a daily basis. She soon became obsessed with superhero culture. She read the comic books, watched the movies, attended the conventions. A few months here and Lillian knew what she wanted to be. A superheroine. She continued to hone her abilities every day and learned as much as she could about the mystic world. Lillian's outgoing nature had not changed at all since elementary school, as Lillian soon became yet again the popular girl at school. The fact that her friends had cool superpowers was just a bonus. Life was good, much better than back in San Francisco. At least until, one day, her mother disappeared.

The last time Lillian saw her, Jennifer was heading out to attend a mystic gathering. That was it. No heartfelt good-bye, no famous last words. She was just...gone. No mention of her was made, not even in the papers. Lillian and her father were crushed. Now, Donovan struggles to take care of Lillian, is working overtime to make up for Jennifer's disappearance and is almost never home because of it. Lillian, essentially on her own for most of the day, continues to pursue her dream of becoming a superheroine while maintaining her school life.

On September 20th of 2013, Lillian became Witchchild. Dedicated to joining the ranks of the superheroes and helping the citizens of the world, Witchchild is slowly gaining prominence in Millenium City as a skilled magician and a young upstart heroine with potential. Lillian, however, is known for her promising intellect and infamous laziness as her grades are starting to slip because of her crime-fighting antics. As Witchchild balances the trials and tribulations of both superheroism and high-school, she is also looking into exactly what happened on the night of Jennifer Anders' disappearance.


Witchchild appears as a 16-year-old high school girl. She has been described by friends as "pretty cute," but this was not elaborated on. She possesses a slim frame, being rather average in build, with fair skin. She also possesses striking green eyes and shoulder-length, jet-black hair. She stands at around 5'2" and weighs in at 105 lbs, meaning she has a smaller stature than average. Witchchild typically dresses in casual wear, her most iconic dress being a half-open red jacket with a black tanktop bearing an eclipse on it as well as a black skirt with bike shorts underneath.


Witchchild is as plucky as teenagers can get. A social butterfly, Witchchild loves to make new friends and talk with others. She's active, easy to interact with and fun to be around. Always keeping a positive attitude, Witchchild is remarkably confident in herself and her abilities, which can lead to overconfidence on her part. She is not exactly fond of failure, but nonetheless sees it as an opportunity to learn and become better at what she does.


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