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Player: @Aerostream
"I just took out fifty of your men getting here. You really think you have a chance against me?"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jel'risa qul'Varinth mas-Aschal
Known Aliases: Reese
Gender: Female
Species: Laginth
Ethnicity: Varinth clan
Place of Birth: Hun'caar, Aschal
Base of Operations: Northeastern U.S.
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 17 Lagin years (28 in Earth years)
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 384 lbs.
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Brown-red Gradient
Complexion: Rough
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: Scarlet tattoos adorning her body of an unknown substance
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: U.S. Visa
Occupation: Gun-for-hire, occasional PRIMUS operative
Education: Basic Laginth Education
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Enhanced Strength / Durability, Laginth Military Training
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Laginth Technology & Weapons
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

Born to the advance alien race known as the Laginth, Jel'risa, commonly known by her Earth nickname "Reese", was sent by her people to investigate why other species such as the Qularr and Gadroon were interested in the planet. After spending a year on Earth, it was determined that the other aliens were interested in Earth's unique bio-diversity, and communicated this to her leaders, who decided to send immigrants to the planet under a banner of peace, unlike their violent counterparts. Now the first ever Laginth immigrant, Jel'risa finds herself working as a gun-for-hire, using her military skills to get her next paycheck.


"Mawek, Lord of all that has been and will be, safeguard this traveler as he/she walks your roads. Safeguard them from the ills time has to offer, and heal their sorrows the way only you can." - Varinth prayer to Mawek, God of Time

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Born to Amas qul'Varinth mas-Aschal and Trey'lak qul'Varinth mas-Sarik on the Laginth colony-planet Aschal during Earth Year (henceforth abbreviated to "E.Y.") 1984 in the village of Hun'caar, Jel'risa grew up in the Varinth clan's settlement. As a child, Jel'risa had a keen interest in the history of her people, and would find documents, books, logs, and records wherever she could, a skill which would later manifest itself as an aptitude for tracking and espionage. As Hun'caar doubled as a fishing village (as well as the military training camps every Laginth settlement was required to have), Jel'risa grew up learning to fish and swim, with water being another of her favorite things. At the age of 10 Lagin years, like all Laginth, Jel'risa was recruited into the Laginth military and began her training.


Jel'risa would go through the standard military training of marksmanship, physical conditioning, and military discipline instilled in every Laginth since the Fall of Lagin. At the age of 11, she was recruited into Kolan Squadron and began to undertake operations onto foreign worlds, as well as their own. She gunned down many dangerous beasts in her time as a "Kaluk", a rank best compared to the human's Marine Corps Private, and eventually climbed her way up to the rank of "Deluket", akin to a Marine Corporal. It was at this time that she'd meet her first love, Helben qul'Varinth mas-Denesket.

Love Lost

Jel'risa and Helben grew fond of each other quickly, learning to communicate with simple gestures and movements during operations as the bond between them grew. As the Laginth military had no rules against fraternization (in fact, it was encouraged), the two began a more intimate relationship, with courtship being discussed. However, tragedy would strike when Jel'risa was 14, as Helben was caught unaware by a wild beast prowling an uncharted planet and dragged off to be killed. Now labeled missing-in-action, her squad had to move on without him, leaving Jel'risa with a broken heart. While Helben would always stay fond in her memories, with the help of her squad who also lamented his death, she deemed it best to move on with her life, knowing he wouldn't want her to mourn him for the rest of her life and that getting depressed would only put her allies at risk.

Arrival on Earth

As of E.Y. 2011 A.D., the Laginth had been observing many other alien species they had contact with, such as the Qularr and Gadroon, and their interest in the terrestrial planet known as Earth had caught the clan leaders' attention. Now 16 years of age and holding the rank of "Akan", equal to the marine rank of Gunnery Sergeant, Jel'risa's skill at information gathering and more subtle operations had been long since noticed by the clan leaders. Deciding to send her alone to the planet so as not to lower the risk of hostile reaction by the natives, Jel'risa arrived on Earth during June 14th, as noted by PRIMUS records. An engine malfunction in low-atmosphere caused her to crash land near Lake Michigan, which had caught the attention of a few locals living nearby. PRIMUS was sent to investigate and found Jel'risa unconscious in her ship, but unharmed. After a lengthy investigation and educating the Laginth woman on English, which she learned at an astounding speed, she was allowed to investigate the Qularr and Gadroon under PRIMUS supervision. After relaying her discovered information to the clan leaders, it was decided they would negotiate with the U.S. government for immigration rights to the country, and Jel'risa was known as the Laginth Emissary of Earth, albeit being an unofficial title.

The Gun Arm of Lagin

You don't want to be in this position. Ever.
Despite having completed her mission and successfully opening negotiations between the Laginth and the U.S., Jel'risa still had one outstanding problem - her crashed ship. Having salvaged numerous bits of furniture and relocated to a nearby cave as a makeshift base, she had little U.S. currency to her name. One PRIMUS soldier suggested that, having obtained her U.S. visa, she start work as a gun-for-hire and undertake dangerous jobs in exchange for payment. In addition to occasional charity work for PRIMUS, word of Jel'risa's exploits quickly spread around the Northeast U.S., her skill as a marksman and soldier prevalent among possible employers. She rejected any work with even a trace of shady history, however, as she was good at finding paper trails and information on her employers, which somewhat restricted her pay, but after nearly a year of work, she managed to finally get her ship fixed. Living on Earth for a year had warmed her to the planet, however, and she eventually decided to stay as the first Laginth immigrant to Earth.


"Chaklet, Lady of the calm, the patient, and the true, give me the strength to overcome this hardship I am about to face, and watch over me so that I may never stray from the path of truth." - Varinth prayer to Chaklet, Goddess of Law and Discipline

Jel'risa is, first and foremost, calm, collected, and very disciplined. First impressions may deem her cold and calculating, but this is merely her business facade, to determine who's interested in getting to know her and who just wants to chat for an evening. Around those she is closer to (as well as other Laginth), she begins to show a far more casual side to her while off-duty, perfectly willing to joke around and laugh. However, she still takes most things very seriously and can easily drop the jokes and jests when necessary. Honorable to the end, Jel'risa will finish a job she has taken (and has a spotless mercenary record, as a result), never lies (as it is considered a sign of weakness among the Laginth), and is always patient, polite, and respectful, as long as she is given the same respect.

Jel'risa is an avid reader and loves to find out about history, whether that of the Laginth, other clans, a planet, or simply that of a single person. Stories of past exploits fascinate her (as long as they're non-fictional), and she is always ready to listen to the story of a scar, a weapon, or even a simple table. Likewise, she enjoys telling stories, herself, and finds the history of her own people an enjoyable story to tell to most, even if it doesn't have a happy ending.

Water is another of Jel'risa's passions, and sometimes enjoys spending her off-duty hours on a boat on Lake Michigan or the Detroit River, just sitting on the water and relaxing, maybe doing a little fishing, or sometimes taking a swim. She has a long-standing wish to see the oceans of Earth, as her home planet is only compromised of rivers, lakes, and seas, with the former being the only body of water she saw before Earth (and promptly crash-landing right near a lake).

Abilities and Equipment

"Araka, Lady of combat and honor, guide me and my allies to victory as we undertake this dangerous task. Guide our hands so that our aim may never err, and that our foes' always shall." - Varinth prayer to Araka, Goddess of Warfare

Skills and Abilities

Military Training

Jel'risa has undergone the standard Laginth military training and has more than 12 Earth years of operations experience under her belt. A career soldier before she came to Earth, she is extremely familiar with many forms of Laginth weaponry, from the standard-issue pistol, to custom sniper rifles. Her specialty in combat is gunning down enemies from a distance before they can counter-attack, as is the same with most Laginth soldiers (the only exception being the Laginth "keksalith", similar to human shock troopers).

Laginth Biology

As is the case with all Laginth, Jel'risa is physically superior to a regular human. The dense structure of her body renders her muscles stronger, her bones sturdier, and her skin tough. Though she still requires combat armor to keep guns from hurting her, she can take and dish out far more physical punishment than a normal human. Her military training and conditioning has pushed this even further, bordering her on the edges of superhuman, though she'd be hard-pressed to be nearly as effective in combat without her armor and weapons.

Covert Expertise

Due to her remarkable ability to find just where information is being kept and how to obtain it, Jel'risa is an expert at information gathering and espionage. Combined with her military training, she can be a very effective tool against organizations or powerful super villains who depend on external funding or special information. If you need a secret from someone, Jel'risa will have it before long.

Technological Know-how

Laginth are super-advanced, technology-wise, from Earth. All Laginth are giving basic technological training so they can keep their own armor and weapons in good condition; Jel'risa has taken this a bit further and learned a fair bit more about both Laginth and alien tech in her multiple investigations over the years. This makes human technology simple and almost primitive to her, and she can figure out how to use the newest gadget, take it apart, and put it back together in the span of a few hours; this is even more true for military technology, which she has far more experience with.



P-28 "Butterfly" Hand Cannon

The Butterfly, as it's been deemed by PRIMUS soldiers, is a pistol nearly twice the size of a standard human .44 magnum. As with all Laginth standard-issue weaponry, the hand cannon fires the surrounding air as opposed to bullets, super-heated and at near-light speeds. This eradicates the issue of running out of ammunition, though the gun must vent the extra heat from its inner hull so as to not cause malfunctions and makes them useless in the vacuum of space. The Butterfly itself, in matching with its size, has power far beyond that of a human pistol. Weighing around 58 pounds and with kickback five times that of a normal pistol, an unconditioned human would break their arm trying to fire the gun. While considered standard-issue, the pistol is almost universally used by all Laginth soldiers over custom pistols, as few sidearms combine great stopping power with light weight (for a Laginth) and a small frame.

A-37 "Jackhammer" Combat Rifle

Heavier than the Butterfly at approximately 94 pounds, but with less kickback, the Jackhammer is the standard-issue combat rifle for the Laginth military. Accurate at mid ranges, the gun is a staple of the Laginth's guerilla warfare tactics, as the deadly bursts of gunfire easily penetrate most organic beings' hides and bone, allowing them to spring from their hiding places, fire on a hostile group, and retreat before others investigate the commotion. While unwieldy due to its massive size, at two feet tall and three-and-a-half feet long, the gun is the least risky of the standard-issue Laginth weaponry for a human to wield, special training only required to keep the rifle accurate.

R-19 "Komodo" Energy Launcher

The Komodo is noted to be similar to an Earth rocket launcher in build and design, yet launches compressed and super-heated air at near the speed of light, just like all Laginth weaponry. The Komodo is the standard-issue anti-materiel weapon for the race's military forces. Large in size even when retracted into its smaller form, the launcher is capable of firing massive amounts of air at once, causing large amounts of destruction wherever it's aimed. The launcher is only capable of firing once every few minutes, however, as the heat generated by the massive firearm always renders the gun's workings too overheated to operate. A single Komodo will likely only see combat a few times as the constant overheating eventually damages the launcher beyond repair, which causes most Laginth squadrons to carry multiple Komodos in stock. The sheer weight of the Komodo makes it impossible for even a human at the peak of physical strength to carry, so humans generally use them as portable cannons.

S-54 "Javelin" Sniper Rifle

Possibly the deadliest standard-issue gun carried by the Laginth military, the Javelin is large, heavy, has a large amount of kickback, and can easily penetrate most metals aside from Neutronium and Questionite. A headshot with the rifle will absolutely decimate the target's cranium, shattering the skull and vaporizing the brain. Just like most of the Laginth's standard-issue heavy weaponry, the Javelin can only fire off a single shot before needing to be vented, and the gun's kickback and weight make it impossible for a normal human to use, no matter their physical ability.

Armor and Gear

Laginth S.N.P. (Squash-and-Pierce) Rounds Special rounds that are used on the rare occasion that the standard super-heated air fired from normal Laginth arms aren't enough, the Laginth S.N.P. rounds are simple liquid bullets covered in a special film. When super-heated and fired at near-light speeds, the rounds will pierce many substances. When they don't, the bullets instead squash against their target to apply more force to the target, hopefully shattering any defenses. These rounds can be used with most standard-issue Laginth weaponry.

Laginth Sonic Rounds Similar in concept to the S.N.P. rounds, sonic rounds are also liquid bullets covered in a special film. However, both the liquid and film are different in composition; upon impact, the super-heated film will instead break, causing the liquid inside to mix with oxygen, causing a burst of super-sonic energy that rips through defenses and weakens a target that can hear. The burst is small enough that the sound weakens by the time it reaches the user's ears, rendering it loud, but harmless to allies. Like with S.N.P. rounds, these are fitted to work with most Laginth standard-issue arms.

T-22 Customized Combat Armor - Kahnek Model An upgraded suit of combat armor made by the Kahnek clan, the suit features built-in kinetic shielding like most Laginth armor. Lightweight, but thin on defense, the armor prevents many simple forms of offense from breaking through, such as gunpowder weapons, swords (unless swung with enough force), and fists, making it optimal for more covert-minded individuals. The helmet features a toxin-filtering system, which serves to filter the oxygen from water, as well, making water breathing possible.

Motion Tracker: The HUD of the armor's helmet features an on-board motion tracker, which functions by detecting vibrations in the nearby air and provides a rough map of the general area. Despite the high level of tech involved in the device, the tracker only goes as far as 30 meters, so while it makes it almost impossible for Jel'risa to be surprised in close quarters, the device cannot be used to keep positions of others at a range. Unless someone has another, similar motion tracker on their person or built into their gear, all indicated disruptions are indistinguishable from one another.

Stealth Systems: This device, built into the entire armor itself, lowers the amount of light that is reflected off Jel'risa's body and allowed to pass through. Though not perfect (as perfection would blind her), the system makes it easier for her to complete covert operations without being detected.

M-12 Support Drones

Support Mode
Combat Mode
Mostly used in firefights, Jel'risa has salvaged a pair of Earth support drones and adapted them to recharge her suit's kinetic barriers and repair physical damage to the suit itself. When repairs aren't necessary, the drones can be changed to a combat mode, armed with basic Laginth offensive systems, from simple lasers to expulsions of near-light speed, superheated air, similar to Laginth weapons. The drones themselves are lightweight and not very sturdy, nor do they possess kinetic barriers, like Jel'risa's armor. However, they are as fully capable of repairing each other as they are of Jel'risa's suit, and can restore the armor of multiple people at once, should the subjects be close enough in proximity to each other. Eventually, whether in Support Mode or Combat Mode, the drones will overheat, much like standard Laginth weapons, and must vent the heat lest they risk malfunction and, eventually, destruction. The drones utilize Laginth teleportation technology, so they can be summoned from virtually anywhere on Earth from their stasis area on Jel'risa's ship.

The Rizarak The Rizarak is Jel'risa's personal, 1-man ship that she landed on Earth with. While it's hardly the most combat-worthy space-faring vessel out there, the ship is outfitted with atmospheric-dependent weaponry that fires off bursts of superheated air, just like Laginth personnel weapons. (More to be added)


"Balun, Lord of spirit, give me the strength to see past the falsehoods of words and gaze deep into the truth of action. Grant me the strength of will to see who is friend and who is foe." - Varinth prayer to Balun, God of the Heart

Friends and Allies

To Be Updated


Executioner: A bounty hunter and mercenary, real name Thomas Kirkson, who began to lose jobs as Jel'risa rose more in prominence. He has declared Jel'risa his enemy now that he's discovered she's the reason for his decrease in paying work, and is trying to eliminate the alien soldier so he can start making the money he used to, again.



Jel'risa is loosely affiliated with PRIMUS, as they took her in for interrogation not long after she landed on Earth. After her intentions were confirmed, she was allowed to take part in operations and joined PRIMUS part-time until she had completed her assignment. She grew close to many soldiers and officers in PRIMUS, and, as such, sometimes helps them with assignments for free. She also uses them as part of her information network, and will often check with them for information on superhuman subjects or documents. as an honorary PRIMUS soldier, she's not actually enlisted, but has access to a certain level of security and information clearance with them.

Recent Activity

"Maketh, Lord of the wilds, give me the fleetness of the torun, the strength of a ra'sherak, and the cunning of a mun, so that I may find my prey and give them an honorable death." - Varinth prayer to Maketh, God of Hunting and Animals

Northeast United States


Southwest United States




Vibora Bay




Main Theme: Rundas Battle (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

Scouting Theme: Infiltrate (Halo 3)

Firefight Theme: Grunt (Mass Effect 2)

Infiltration/Spy Theme: Pleasant Intrigue (Tales of Vesperia)

Discovered! E1M1 (Doom)

Casual Theme: Like a Dream Come True (Persona 4)


Action Girl

Action Hero

Authority Equals Asskicking

Bruiser With a Soft Center - "Just because I'm a big-and-tough soldier doesn't mean I can't be emotional."


Deflector Shields

Effortless Amazonian Lift - "I've had to pull a few PRIMUS soldiers out of the fire. Over my shoulder, yes."

Even the Girls Want Her - "Seems even human females are interested in me."

Extraordinarily Empowered Girl - "No, they're not super powers."

Fire-Forged Friends - "I prefer friends I can trust in the heat of battle."

Genius Bruiser - "Strong doesn't mean stupid."

Girls With Guns

Good is Not Dumb

Higher Tech Species

Hit-and-Run Tactics - "Why let the enemy shoot back?"

Hot Amazon - "Apparently your people find me 'exotic'."

Human Aliens

Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better - "Why bother with the limited chemicals involving laser weaponry when a simple burst of near-light speed air will suffice?"

Lawful Good

Long Range Fighter - "I could punch you, but then what would I do with all these guns?"

Proud Warrior Race

Red Oni, Blue Oni - "Apparently I am the 'Blue Oni' to my compatriot Kel'ira's 'Red Oni'. Rather funny, actually, considering the colors of our clans."

Smarter Than You Look - "Are you implying I look stupid?"

The Captain - "No, I do not hold the rank your race would equate to 'Captain'. ...Yes, I do lead squads from time to time, but - "

The Fettered

Tomboy - "Is it so odd for your females to be on equal terms with males? ...Strange."

RP Hooks

PRIMUS: Jel'risa's first human contact was with PRIMUS agents. Though she had a rocky start with them, she eventually became a sort of honorary PRIMUS soldier in her time working with them. Even now, she still does occasional work for them for free, and it's very possible your character might have knowledge of her or worked with her should he/she be involved with PRIMUS.

Alien: Is your character an alien from the Milky Way? Then there's a good chance he/she has heard of, if not actually met, the Laginth. Jel'risa herself has an extensive career of planet-hopping with her squad, so he/she may have even met her directly.

Contacts: Jel'risa has a lot of regular contractors who have her either take down a dangerous enemy or get them some hidden info. There's always the possibility that your character may know one of her contacts, who might suggest her as someone for your character to hire, as well!


Disgaea-style Cut-in