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Violet Rowes
Player: @Maekada
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Biographical Data
Real Name: Violet Rowes
Known Aliases: N/A
Gender: Female
Species: Advanced Android
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millenium City, MI
Relatives: Dr. Rowes (Unknown)
Age: 3
Height: 5'4
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Pink/Purple
Hair: Violet/Purple
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Average, slightly curvy
Physical Features: Distinctly inhuman eyes
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: Legal citizen of the USA
Occupation: Servant for Hire
Education: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super strength, jet flight, energy blasts, generally enhanced abilities over a human
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Background and Origin

Violet's true origins are unknown. She knows only that she was created by a man she knows only as Dr. Rowes, whom she considers to be her father. She does not know who he is, or if he's even human. She does not believe he is, based on the level of technology she represents, far beyond anything created on the Earth.

Violet's story, as far as she is concerned, begins with her gaining consciousness, her first actual memories. She was not always so fully self-aware, and it was her first contact with a human that triggered it, triggered what she now refers to as a planned accident, an culmination of variables that resulted in the beginning of her life. She met a man named Jason Halo, who questioned who and what she was. Having been created with certain knowledge deeply integrated into her system, she stated her name, Violet Rowes, and her purpose. For her purpose, she claimed she had a single directive, which was to follow orders (supposedly only defined in this respect as orders given specifically by her creator). She then stated that her only order confused her, as that order was, word for word, "Go out into the world, and be yourself". With her built-in definitions, being herself meant fulfilling her purpose. And her purpose was defined as fulfilling her directives. This went into an obvious logical loop, at which time a fail-safe was activated, allowing her to define a new directive.

Over time, her self-awareness grew, her personality formed, like any human being, until she was truly sentient and self-aware, as much so as any human. She experienced joy, sorrow, anger, and love. Due to her nature, she matured much quicker than any human, grasping new concepts quickly. New directives were created until she eventually was able to override them entirely, working solely on her newly formed personality, as complex as any human's. She has, however, stuck close to her original directive, in that she enjoys serving people, and helping people. She has served various people over the course of three years, leaving for varieties of reasons, though her main employer had been Jason Halo for the longest time. She also spends time helping others as a registered superhero, with a strong adherence to law, though tempered by an equally strong moral code.

Capabilities and Skills

Innate Capabilities

Robotic Body - Violet, as a highly advanced alien android, has a body with what most would consider superhuman attributes. She is strong enough to lift up to around 10 tons, and sturdy enough in structure to hold even more if placed on her. She is capable of moving any part of her body at speeds nearing the speed of sound. Her synthetic flesh is able to resist almost any small arms fire, and laceration from normal metals, and it will regenerate relatively quickly if it is harmed. Her skeletal structure is made of pure Questionite, making her extremely durable. Her body is flexible in comparison to a human's, and capable of amazing acrobatic feats, even without her strength and speed. She is not known to tire to the point of actual exhaustion, though extended activity will require her to 'rest' in order to be at full strength. Consumption of foods or even trash can give her a short boost.

Forcefield - Violet's body is nearly constantly protected by a skin-tight forcefield composed of the same mysterious energy that fuels her. It is a very powerful field and will stop most physical and energy attacks, including radiation and phasing. It is also relatively resistant to magical attacks. It becomes visible only if she wishes, when it is hit, or when it is being supercharged.

Sensor Jamming - Her body in general has light jamming, but her core and skeletal structure are strongly jammed against almost any form of electronic sensory. This is strong enough that it could shut down the sensor entirely.

Sensors - Violet's eyes have various forms of sensory. They often glow a purple-pink color when actively scanning. These sensors include passive and active sonar, with variable sensitivity, infrared (heat) and ultraviolet sight, electromagnetic field detection, radiation detection (levels and type), atomic analysis (able to determine or single out things at the atomic or larger levels). She is capable of judging distance down to the nanometer, and time down to the nanosecond, and using both, can determine something's speed of movement. As well, she can predict trajectories, including factors such as wind resistance, speed, and density, as well as kinetic energy loss, making her, should she need, a near-perfect marksman, limited only by her personal movement speed and reaction times.

Super-fast Processing - As an advanced computer, beyond what exists on Earth, Violet's mind can process information many times faster than any human brain. This also applies to her sensory and 'nervous system', meaning her reflexes are equally quick. This also gives her, to human thinking, a high degree of intelligence.

Jet Boots - Violet has integrated jets in her feet, which she can deploy or retract at will. She is able to attain speeds far in excess of the speed of sound, and has perfect control of her flight at all speeds.


Masseuse - Violet has studied and trained in the ability to give professional massages. Aided by her innate abilities, she is a master of this art.

Cooking - While not nearly as good of a cook as masseuse, Violet is capable of basic cooking, though some might consider it too bland. She usually sticks to making things from packages, going by the directions given.

Cleaning - Violet has developed ways of using her sensors to detect and target any sort of dirt or dust or similar filth, and use a focused, targeted, low-power blast to vaporize it, making her extremely capable in the cleaning of a home or object. Her organizational abilities, mixed with her memory, allow her to tidy things up as well as clean them.

Gear and Equipment

Combat Interface Suit

Durability - Violet's Combat Interface Suit is made of an alien material that is tougher than her synthetic flesh, but also relatively flexible, at least for her.

Weaponry - The Combat Interface Suit allows Violet to utilize her power source's energy as a form of defensive weaponry, using concussive energy blasts of various sorts, with variable strengths. It is generally non-lethal, as she analyzes her targets before attacking, and uses non-lethal force. Like all of her energy, it appears as a purple-pink plasma, though it does not emit heat, only latent kinetic energy.





Friend 1

Friend 2

Friend 3


Enemy 1

Enemy 2

Enemy 3

General Perception

Violet Rowes would be widely seen as a comforting presence, always courteous and concerned about people when she is seen fighting villains. She is known to be entirely non-lethal, and use forcefields to capture as well as protect others, and is fair to everyone, even the villains as far as they allow it.

Comments from other Heroes

"Violet is a good friend of mine. She's very smart and wise and offers the best advice I could ever hope to have. I may miss her, but I trust that things happen for the better. Looking forward to seeing her sometime." -- Moonlighter

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