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Vigil Skully
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"Blood drops keep falling on my head, but that don't mean na na na na na....hee hee hee."
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Joseph Oliver Rayne
Known Aliases: Reaper - Vigil Skully - Masked Magician - Vigil - Skully - Vig - Viggy - Ginger Cyclops - Joe
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucacian
Place of Birth: Florida
Base of Operations: Appartment on the Downtown area, Millennium City
Relatives: Walter Rayne (Father, deceased) - Natalie Borges (Mother, deceased) - Adrian Jones (Adoptive Father, deceased)
Age: 33
Height: 6,7 ft
Weight: 86 kg
Eyes: Black
Hair: Red
Complexion: Normal
Physical Build: Athletic - Strong
Physical Features: Missing left eye
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Tailor - Magician - Detective - Supernatural Hunter and Investigator
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: In a relationship with Karla Wolfgang (Grimm)
Known Powers and Abilities
Powerful psychich abilities - Presumed mastery in Fire, Dark and Infernal sorcery - Skilled with small/medium firearms and swords
Equipment and Paraphernalia
3 special revolvers - Shurikens - Sword - Smoke Bombs - Grappling Pistol
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[Warning: The majority of information on this page is HEAVILY outdated and has drastically changed by now. One day it shall be updated, when I am not super lazy.]

Vigil Skully is a mysterious magician who possess incredibly psychic powers and that is commonly seen eliminating super natural threats in Vibora Bay. He also seems to possess various skills in sorcery; however, certain heroes and magic users have tried to detect his aura or his magic powers and have been prove unsucceful. He has been seen using various magic abilities but no signs of magic energy can be found in him. Skully is also an excellent detective and strategist who often prefers to investigate rather than to use his powers. He operates in Vibora Bay but commonly switches to Millennium City depending on the current situation.


Spoiler Warning
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Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Their beginning will be our End

Many Eons ago, when the universe(s) was(were) still young, a race of ancient beings inhabited on earth. This earth was not the one we know today, but a world that existed in a parallel dimension. There are many parallel dimensions, many parallel universes that coexist with the one we know. With the pass of time many more universes were created in addition to the ones that already existed. As mentioned, a race of ancient beings existed on one of those universes, on planet earth. They were referred as "The Ancients" and struggled for control. They fought countless wars between each other in the search for total power and domination. After some time passed, their battles started waking a mysterious power between many of The Ancients. This was the power to read minds and manipulate the brain, believed to be one of the first manifestations of telepathy/telekinesis. With the help of this new found ability, many of The Ancients were able to reach the full capacity of their minds. They pushed their new power to its very limits, causing terrible things to happen. A great war started and later culminated with the almost completely extermination of all The Ancients. Their endless conflict caused their very demise. Finally, the last and most wise and powerful of The Ancients used his abilities to reach and absorb the cosmic energy of their dimension in a last attempt end the war. The combination of his own powers plus the cosmic energy ended up destroying him and causing a breach in their reality. This breach started eating away the universe, destroying all that was in it, but that was not the end. A small portion of The Ancient’s power escaped along with some of their own evil, which had become stronger due to their arrogance and violence. This power travelled from universe to universe, being lost between realities. With it also traveled the evil, scattering itself among many worlds. This evil could be considered as the cause of many things that exist today, even if only a tiny part of it managed to travel to certain worlds. Zombies, Qliphothic horrors, villains and even heroes are connected to this. Evil is something which lives in all beings after all, in a mayor or minor way. As for the power of the last Ancient, it came to our world during the first Blood Moon, in the year 1980. Attracted by the cosmic energies of the event, the last bit of power that once belonged to The Ancient entered the body of a young woman named Natalie Borges.

A new Crusader

Joseph Oliver Rayne was born during the year that witnessed the rising of the Blood Moon. His mother, Natalie Borges, was infused with the last bit of The Ancient’s power. She died giving birth to Joseph who, thanks to this, gained the power. Joseph (10 at the time) and his father, Walter, moved to Las Vegas where they lived for quite some time. Joseph had developed the ability to read minds and his father, who knew about this, started using his son to gain money by telling the future to people. Joseph's father was not really a bad guy, but he had the dangerous habit of getting involved in the poker games of various casinos. He got to a point where he owned a lot of money to a group of gangsters who finally decided to pay him a visit. One night, the 5 men entered the hotel where Joseph and his father were staying with the intention of collecting the money or otherwise, killing them both. Walter had a gun with him when the men broke into their room, resulting in him killing one of the gangsters. The others, however, gunned him down and searched for Joseph. In a moment of fear, Joseph managed to use part of his hidden powers to control the minds of the gangsters, resulting in the men wounding each other, a moment which Joseph used to escape. He wandered alone for a couple of years until he got to Detroit, where the battle started. After the city was completely decimated by Dr. Destroyer, Joseph was found by one of the many rescue teams sent in to look for survivors. He managed to survive by using his psychic powers to create some sort of field around himself. After another couple of years he spent on an orphanage on Vibora Bay, he was adopted by an old man named Adrian Jones who worked as a tailor for a shop on the city. He taught Joseph the art of tailoring and got him to work in the shop giving him the job of fixing certain clothes. With the money he earned, Joseph got himself many fantasy and magic books, searching for an answer to explain his powers. He kept them as a secret for the time he was living with Adrian. During that time he also learned to write and read, and soon found himself fascinated with the magic world the books provided him. He was also fascinated with super heroes, which gave him a reason to want to use his powers for good. He started playing and pretending he was a magician, learning various tricks like making a coin appearing in the ear of someone or disappearing certain objects. All of that were simple tricks, of course, until he found new kinds of books. When he hitted the age of 20 he started searching for real magic books. He soon found them and tried to learn spells and incantations, but discovered that he lacked magic power to make them work. Despite his lack of magic abilities, he still had the power of The Ancient in him, which ended up giving him an alternative. The power of his mind was so vast that somehow, after studying the spells millions of times he ended up making them work. He couldn't believe it, he could use the spells without having any magic quality or ability himself. After this discovery, he left Adrian wishing him the best and started traveling around the world, learning new spells and perfecting new ways of using his powers. In his travels, he learned fencing and taekwondo. He soon started giving shows as a magician, hiding his identity behind a mask. He used the spells he had learned and his psychic abilities to perform many shows on many places, being known as "The Masked Magician".

An Avenger rises

Despite his small success as a magician, Joseph wanted to do more. He meditated and searched for various days, concentrating himself in exploring every single aspect of his mind in order to find the source of his psychic powers. A week passed, and he finally managed to give with the source. He pushed his power to its very limits and somehow managed to connect himself with the events that had caused him to gain those abilities. He could see for brief instants the conflict between The Ancients, the destruction of their universe and the true potential his power was hiding. Of course, such information had a price. Joseph had to cut the link that allowed him to see this visions or else he would have gone insane. Such information and knowledge was not yet meant for a mere human. Despite this, the revelations he had found helped him to get closer with his powers. He moved back to Vibora Bay and started investigating the various gangs and organizations in the city. At first he would just intimidate some random goon using a fire spell to get the necessary information, however, with time he improved his detective and investigation skills, gathering clues and interrogating the necessary people to get the right info. He managed to put down various gangs until meeting the one who would be one of his nemesis. A fallen angel who had been corrupted by the power of the Qliphothic realm had been kidnapping, torturing and killing people for no apparent reason. Joseph tracked him as the angel had apparently taken an entire school as its hostage. Despite Joseph's efforts, he didn't arrive in time to save the children from being sacrificed in order to fulfill some kind of satanic ritual. The fallen angel who now called himself Leech had attempted to use the children as a means to gain power, killing them and consuming their souls. However, despite having sacrificed them the ritual could not be completed since Joseph arrived and engaged Leech in a battle. He managed to defeat and scare him away, but ultimately felt devastated for the kids. He then dedicated himself to improve his detective skills as much as he could, and also learned how to use small firearms (revolvers particularly). Using his abilities as a tailor, he made himself a mask with the look of a skeleton, since it reminded him of one of his favorite fantasy heroes from his childhood, the great skeleton detective. He adopted the name Skully (due to his skeleton mask) and started dealing with crime and, particularly, super natural threats. He hunted and took down many vampires, werewolves and monsters that had been threating Vibora Bay and eventually, moved to Milleniunn City. He lost his faith in super heroes after seeing how fragile, corrupted or selfish many of them were, but never loose faith on himself or on his goals. Combining his immense psychic powers, his many spells and his other abilities he fought in the Qularr Invasion as Skully, the magician detective. He then dedicated himself to track down Leech and investigate the threat of Therakiel, since the latter is destined to defeat heaven and hell and bring the apocalypse to earth.

Checkmate, Hero

Skully followed Leech's trail for several weeks, finally finding his location. However, in the time he spent tracking Leech he stumbled across an old knight that had recently awake from his lethargy. This was Daskane Templar, formerly known as the Dark Knight, who murdered a group of boy scouts after getting out of his tomb, which was hidden somewhere near a forest. He and Skully fought, being the Dark Knight defeated and forced to flee. Or so he thought, Templar actually followed Skully to discover where he was heading, and finally found out about Leech. Even though Leech had evaded Skully once more, Templar dedicated himself to locate and establish an alliance with Leech to defeat their common enemy. The plan would be simple, to attract their enemy's attention into a cave using a poor family, tricking Skully into thinking that Leech was once again looking to use souls as a means to gain power. The plan worked well at first, since they managed to get their enemy into the cave, however, when Skully got ambushed, Leech focused himself in actually trying to absorb the souls of the family instead of helping Templar, who he used to distract the hero. Joseph failed in saving the two parents, but he managed to free the little girl who escaped the cave while her savior defended her against the two villains. While protecting the little kid, Skully got badly wounded by the Dark Knight and so was forced to jump into the offensive (though the little girl was far away by then and managed to get to safety) and brutally engaged both Leech and Templar in combat. He managed to rip off both Leech's wings, but was ultimately defeated when Templar set him on fire and blasted his face using the power of darkness. Despise this, their victory was short lived, since they had to escape the cave that had begun to collapse after Templar's last attack. Both Leech and Templar managed to get out which was followed by the Dark Knight blasting his former partner away for having betrayed him briefly during their confrontation with Skully. They both thought they had killed the hero, and they were right...though they were far away from truly defeating him.

I live...again

They thought they killed him, they blasted him away and left him for dead...they have big problems. Joseph couldn't make it out the cave in time, but that was not his end. Unlike The Ancient who had previously held the power he now has, his body was not destroyed. He probably should have died, but that was not the case. The power of The Ancients cannot survive without a body for long, at least not without feeding with cosmic energy. It can provably said that the power is somehow alive, it is unclear. What it is clear is that his power brought him back to life. It reanimated Joseph who then crawled his way to the surface. He had spent a week trapped underground between the rubble. When he finally made it out, he knew he had changed. He was now an undead, a zombie, and there was nothing he could do about it. His first thoughts were those of anger and sadness, but then they changed. He stopped feeling bad for himself and remembered what he had to do. It didn't matter that he had died, because he came back. His mission was clear again. He tweaked his name a little, and renamed himself Vigil Skully, after of which he started to track down Leech and Templar again. But before facing them, he worked in other cases, all of this without rising too much attention. He worked with PRIMUS and UNTIL helping them with certain missions, most of this so he could get a few things he needed. Two of this things were his new revolvers, which he used in his second fight against Templar, this time shooting the fingers in his right hand off (or well, almost blowing up his right hand). After that, he stabbed Templar with his own sword and sent him to the Qliphothic realm using one of the rifts that DEMON had opened in the vicinity. Since Templar is said to be immortal, Skully found the punishment rather appropriate. He is still searching for Leech to stop him before he kills more people, but has also made new enemies during the time he worked with PRIMUS and UNTIL. He still does some shows as a magician from time to time, though he must remain disguised at all times when he is in the stage to don't scare people. He finds his new condition a bit interesting, being not able to feel pain anymore can be an advantage in some cases, and a disvantage in others. He has also improved his skills in Fire, Dark and Infernal sorcery going for a more offensive magic style.

Operation Green Seal

"Guy was really pissed off when he came to ask for a favor. Well, a "favor", he just wanted to get something out of the job they sent him to do. He asked me to make him two different Colt Python revolvers. The first one was a challenge, I thought for a second to give him a toy gun as a joke because I didn't know how to make it, but then I also thought the guy would have killed me. Well, maybe not, he is a good guy, creepy, but good. I finally found out a way of putting ten bullets into a revolver without screwing too much its power. I putted my personal mark on the gun as a sign of good faith. Needless to say, the man got angry at first because of it, but I think he actually quite likes it now, maybe even finds it funny. It is my irresistible charm I know, even zombies like me!" - Nathan "Crosman" Wayne, one of UNTIL's arms specialists.

During his time working as a PRIMUS and UNTIL enforcer, Skully took part in operation "Green Seal". It had been rumored that Grond was the one who destroyed several small towns across the desert, killing most of the people in them. Since PRIMUS and UNTIL had already employed several heroes trying to capture Grond with no results, they thought they could resort to other particular means. They tried contacting demons and vampires, finally deciding to employ an undead magician. Since Skully is an undead, they thought he may be able to capture or kill Grond. He went alone and started tracking Grond, gathering certain clues along the way. He finally found Grond and engaged him in combat, resulting in Skully loosing. Thought he fought good, Grond ultimately ripped him in half and got away. Skully spent a whole day using magic to put together his legs and torso again, meanwhile another town got attacked. This time he managed to get there before PRIMUS secured the area, and upon exanimating the bodies of the victims he found out claw and bite marks. Grond was a rampaging force, but he didn't bite or scratch, he crushed and stomped things with his immense strength. That was the moment when he realized something was not so right. He continued tracking Grond, this time focusing also in following the trail of the real menace. He finally discovered that a group of werewolves were the ones responsible for the destruction of the towns. They were being lead by an extremely big werewolf engulfed with what it seemed to be an armor of some sort. Skully took care of most of the werewolves before finally facing their leader who he tricked into fighting Grond, which ended with the monster being brutally beat up. After he was defeated, Grond fled again and the other members of the pack returned to their human form. Upon exanimating them, Skully discovered the main werewolf was using PRIMUS's technology in his armor and that most of his followers were transformed UNTIL soldiers. He was enraged, but as the job was actually done, he returned to PRIMUS and UNTIL demanding at first explanations. Apparently, the large werewolf was part of an experimental program from PRIMUS in order to try and understand the curse or decease that turned people into wolves. It had failed and ended up with the specimen escaping and infecting most of the team that was sent to retrieve it. Skully was still angry, but was told by PRIMUS that a situation like that will not happen again. He didn't make any more declarations and set off to UNTIL, wanting to get a reward. UNTIL allowed him to employ one of its arms specialists mainly for all the troubled they caused him, and so Skully requested Crosman to make him two custom Colt Python revolvers. He and Crosman would eventually develop an strange friendship, even if Skully rejects it he sees Crosman as an invaluable friend, and an invaluable source of rare weapons as well. Despite the conflicts he had with PRIMUS and UNTIL in the past, Joseph is sort of registered as one of their agents. He has not given personal information about himself, but has agreed to cooperate in certain cases where the situation could get out of hand.

Death Incarnate

Rise and Fall

Will of Gods


Skully wears a suit with brown shoes, brown gloves, a fedora and a skeleton mask which also counts with a brown wig (in order to disguise his identity, since his hair is red). Sometimes he may wear a grey trench coat along with a tie or a scarf. Behind the mask he is missing his left eye, which strangely did not regenerated when he came back to life, he also has a beard. Joseph has improved the fabric of his clothes with the time, using more resistant materials to help him survive the longest battles. When doing his shows under the name of "The Masked Magician" he wears a normal black suit and a mask with white stripes. When disguised as a civilian, he will wear more casual clothing and use a cap every now and then.


Joseph is a polite and calmed gentleman. He is cold and serious most of the time but has no problems engaging in conversations if he needs to. He speaks in a gravelly voice and is very patient. He claims to transform into a complete monster if he gets totally enraged, though this has no happen yet. He enjoys reading and finds very annoying when people starts talking over one another without listening to what each of them has to say. When doing his shows as a magician, he is very friendly to kids. He will do what it needs to be done, and is ready to kill if it's necessary. He has come to accept the sacrifice of individuals as a part of war, though he is still reluctant to allow this to happen. Sometimes during combat, he can be both brutal and ruthless against his enemies, trying to hurt and incapacitate them quick to avoid more confrontation. He also likes a good challenge from time to time, reason of why he favors his revolvers over his other abilities. Sometimes, he may throw some sarcastic one liners at his enemies.

Powers and abilities

"A good magician never reveals its secrets" - Skully.

Though Skully original powers were his psychic abilities, he can use them to gain access to a wide arrange of magical attacks. After returning to life, he managed to unlock a secret potential within his powers. By charging the binary sword using magic and the help of Psyosis, the true nature of his psychic energy came to light. The boost that both individuals gave to it helped the energy transform into its true form, which is nothing less than a physical manifestation of the force of Will. This neutral force managed to transform the corrupted power of the lich artifacts into more Will energy, and allowed Joseph to freely weild it now whenever he pleases. However, to do so he must employ a few telekinetic and magic tools that help the power flow better through his body, since it would end up leaving him exhausted otherwise. Using the Force of Will gives him a big boost to his psychic abilities, making him able to empower the energy by also using magic. This also works the other way, as he can use this energy to empower his magical attacks. This Force of Will, however, will try to eat and absorb away other energies if put in direct contact with them, such as psychic or magic energies. To reach it's maximum potential, it's necesary for it to absorb cosmic energies. This "Will Power" is an energy that was created from the inmense power The Acients used to weild. They were so strong that they managed to transform their own Will into raw power, and with it, they developed new abilities later (Psychic abilities being the first). If not for their arrogance and foolishness, there are chances they could have reached and developed even more powers and abilities. His psychic abilities also grant him the power to read minds and manipulate lesser beings. He also has very strong barriers in case someone tries to read his mind and is very resistent to certain kinds of mind attacks. He combines this with his various Fire, Infernal and even Dark spells during combat. Some of these spells include fire balls, a shield made of pure dark energy, infernal blasts, shadow eyes etc. He is also trained in taekwondo and fencing, as well as the use of small/medium firearms and being an excellent detective. Skully has come to master Fire, Dark and Infernal sorcery pretty well, to the point that he could be considered a master sorcerer.


Despite having vast psychic powers and many spells at his disposition, Skully is still vulnerable to all attacks that can harm any other human, since he is not invulnerable. If he looses his body or his soul, he will not be able to come back again. Also, destroying his brain will kill him for good.


"You were not counting on me having two, were you?" - Skully talking to the Dark Knight after using his second revolver to shot off some of his fingers.

Besides the spells and the psychic abilities, Skully has a few things reserved for when the situation needs more than just fireballs. His favorite toys are a couple of revolvers which he enjoys using more than his other abilities, since he thinks they provide more challenge.

"Gambler", Skully's old gun.
"Cujo", Skully's main gun.

- Revolvers: Although he can be seen carrying only one on his leg holster, he has another one hidden in his jacket just in case. Skully employs two modified .357 Colt Python Revolvers, ideal to take down almost anything with a well aimed shot. For someone who can shoot fireballs, the power of this gun is not to be underestimated, as Skully managed to shot off various fingers from the Dark Knight's right hand (well, he actually almost shot his right hand off, but you get the picture). Both these guns were gifts from UNTIL as a way of telling him "Good job!". Skully requested to one of UNTIL's arms specialists, "Crosman", to make him two modified versions of the Colt Python. The first one trades fire power for speed and ammo capacity, and the second one is an improved and most powerful version of the original gun. The first gun, which Skully named "Gambler", stores 10 bullets and has its power greatly reduced, compensating it with a faster rate of fire and an easier reloading mechanism. It only takes to break it open in front of the revolver mechanism and replace the circular clip for a new one. The old clip can also be reloaded with bullets manually, though is faster to just use another one. Skully named the second gun "Cujo", which is just a more potent version of the original Colt Python. This weapon was modified to shot the bullets with increased force, getting to a point that is easy to shot limbs off at close range. Despite that, its ammo capacity is the standard of the Colt Python (six bullets) and is also reloaded like a normal revolver. Skully mostly uses Gambler when dealing with normal criminals, as is easy to wound them with a few shots. Cujo is reserved for special occasions where the enemies need more fire power to be taken down (ask the Dark Knight about his right hand) which is why he keeps it hidden in his jacket. After the incident where The Wise One first took control of him, both revolvers were destroyed by the blast he recieved to be taken down. Once the Nefar invasion was finished, he requested Crosman to make him a new revolver, this time with the capabilities of the previous ones. Crosman then created a new gun, able to switch between two fire modes: "Lightly Broiled" and "Extra Crispy". The names were choosen by Skully as his personal reference to the video game Blood. The first mode drastically reduces the revolver's power, so it's very easy to wound normal targets. The second mode is extremely more powerful, even more than the original Cujo, and can dismember a normal person provided the shot is aimed correctly. In order to keep a backup weapon, and because he was used to carrying two, Skully requested Mayhem to provide him with another custom revolver. The gun, which Vigil named "Willie", is slightly more powerful than Cujo 1.0, but much more precise. He prefers using the revolvers as he sees the challenge they provide more fun.

- Rifle/Tommy Gun: This are weapons he uses only on particular occasions, just like the sword. Because Skully does not like to carry much weight around, this are guns he will most likely use when great crises arise. The Winchester 1894 lever action riflecan be useful for the fact that it can store as much ammo as Gambler while being better when going for more accurate or powerful shoots. The Thompson M1928 is more of a cosmetic choice, while not as powerful or faster as more modern assault rifles, it is still a good gun when having to fire a lot and fast.

A shuriken.

- Binary Sword:

A circular clip which stores 10 bullets.

- Shurikens/Smoke bombs: Ah, the good old shurikens. Skully often packs a few of these because they are easy to carry and easy to use. He has learned to throw them effectible with the course of time and now uses them when having to be stealthy. The smoke bombs are a tool he uses in case of emergency to get away.

- Hollow Mask:

- Tech Glove/Barking Puppy:

- Skull Vest:

- Ammunition: Some of them are made of questionite, some others are made of silver. Skully is a recurrent visitor of the magic foundry located near the magic lantern book store, and sometimes strikes certain deals with the sorcerers and alchemists that work on the foundry, bringing them certain items in exchange for bullets or shurikens reinforced with silver or questionite. He can also get other rare ammunition from them which is mostly a design of his own. Big bullets for Cujo which contain small fragments of silver and celestial essence that basically works as if it was "holy water" in the fact that it hurts demonic creatures.

- Grappling Pistol: When traveling around the city, he uses a grappling pistol that he stole from a super hero. He didn't care much since that hero was very arrogant and also had all sorts of gadgets to fast travel around. The pistol is small and practical, a perfect tool to travel around the city.


"As spected from a puny mortal, only a coward would bring a gun to a sword fight." - Daskane Templar, better known as the Dark Knight, threating Skully after pointing his sword at him.

"Eh, guess what, only a moron would bring a sword to a gun fight." Skully answering the Dark Knight after taking aim with his revolver.

Skully has a few personal enemies with varied goals. Conquering the world or taking over heaven, it doesn't matter; they have a new enemy now.

- Leech: An angel that was cast down from heaven due to his many sins, Leech's original plan was to gather the souls of many mortals in order to return to heaven, however, when he started messing with the dark magic of the Qliphothic realm he became corrupted, and so his plans changed. Instead of just returning to heaven, he would conquer it. He started kidnapping and killing people of Vibora Bay, searching for the secret to get to heaven. He was ultimately noticed by Skully who started investigating and tracking him. Leech was planning on sacrificing an entire school to try and absorb the souls of all the kids and teachers, hoping to gain enough power to get to heaven. Skully managed to prevent Leech from consuming the souls but failed to get in time to save the people in the school. They fought, though Leech was still no match for the magician and had to escape. He has been hiding for some time, studying about the dark arts and searching for a way to return to heaven and conquer it. He has also been searching for a way to deal with Skully once and for all.

- The Dark Knight: Many, many years ago, an ancient order of knights was formed to defend the world from evil. All these knights mastered many holy and celestial powers in combat against many monsters and other creatures. Their leader was Daskane Templar, a knight who fought with such bravery that the masters of heaven itself decided to reward him with a place in their realm and the eternal life. Such power, however, was not meant for a human. The energies from heaven and hell are both very different to a point that there are certain incantations or spells which are not to be cast down to mortal creatures. This was the case with Templar, who became drunk with the power he had gained and tried to convince his knights to help him rule the world alongside heaven and hell. The knights refused and so Templar destroyed them all. He began acquiring dark magic powers to use in conjunction with his celestial abilities and, when heaven tried to correct its mistakes, they discovered Templar was too far out of their reach. Daskane adopted the name of the Dark Knight and sought to conquer all creation, since he believed someone like him should be its ruler. In a last effort to stop him, heaven casted down a powerful spell which managed to trap Templar inside a steel casket. He remained hidden in a forest near Vibora Bay until one day a group of curious boy scouts stumbled across his resting place. They accidently woke up Templar when they started playing with the ancient runes that lured in his chambers. He came back and slaughtered all the poor boy scouts, seeking to complete his mission once and for all. Unfortunately for him, Skully found out and tried to stop him, resulting in the Dark Knight escaping. He tried to defeat Skully by plotting with Leech, but it seems both of them have failed in destroying the hero. Templar lost his right hand in his second confrontation with Skully, who was now resurrected. He underestimated his enemy which ended up with Skully almost blowing up his entire right hand after a shot of Cujo and sending Templar to the Qliphothic dimension afterwards. After escaping the Qliphothic realm humiliated, Templar kidnapped a robot expert and cutted off his own hand in order to have it replaced with a robot version, since it was practically useless now. It is said that the Dark Knight can't die, and that every time his body is destroyed his soul will revive him again. He is evil and sadistic but loves to have a good one on one sword fight every now and then, too bad he decided to bring his sword into a gun fight.

- Blood Fang Prime: A PRIMUS experiment which went missing. Blood fang Prime was suppose to combine the powers of a werewolf and the technology of a high and advanced power armor. The armor was quirurgically implanted into the werewolf's body an as a result, its strength and durability were increased. It is unknown who Blood Fang was before turning into a werewolf, since it seems he cannot transform back to normal. He was first stopped by Skully during operation Green Seal. After that, he recovered from his injures and escaped from PRIMUS once more, interested in feeding off an small rural town. He got stopped by Skully again before he could harm any of the citizens. This time, however, he was much stronger and durable, and so managed to get away in time. Even though Blood Fang has the instinct of a salvage beast, he retains the memory of the one who caused him most of his troubles: Vigil Skully.

Other Stuff

Some other stuff that you may want to see. You know, trivia, tropes and that.


- His favorite color is blue

- He always carries a lighter. Its purpose is unknown since Skully was never a smoker

- His shows as a magician are random, meaning that he will do them when he feels like

- He is very good at playing poker even though he does not like the game too much (most of this due to the events during his childhood that ended with his father's death)

- He is a really decent tailor and can make you any kind of clothes if you provide him with the right materials and, of course, money

- He knows how to drive. It is unknown if he has a car or not

- It is unknown if he has a normal job or not. However, he works as a tailor who designs normal clothing for certain super heroes under the alias of "Helmhood"

- If he gets some free time during his work, he may stay on his base and play some old school video games in his old computer. Games like Blood, Heretic, Catacombs, etc.

- He mind controlled a VIPER Psionic Adept once and made it turn to the good side. That Adept turned out to be a young woman who is currently working with PRIMUS without knowing who saved her, and she probably never will

- Likes dogs and cats

- Also likes to read, especially if the book has a good story to tell

- Unlike most zombies, when he was undead he didn't eat brains or human flesh. In fact, he didn't need to eat anything at all. He could have been catalogued only as an undead, but not as a zombie

- He is good at singing, even if it's something he would rather not do too often. Mostly when he is alone

- He got set on fire once without noticing (since he didn't feel pain when he was dead). Fortunately, he realized in time to extinguish the fire, but his trench coat got ruined

- Does not like mimes


Badass - 'Nuff said

Creepy Good - Sometimes during combat

Badass in a nice Suit - Being a tailor helps a lot with this

Badass Long coat - Most of the times he is investigating

Coat, Hat, Mask - This

Anti Hero - Type III. Can switch to type V if he gets extremely angry, though it's very rare

Unstoppable Rage - Has not happen yet, fortunately

Cruel Mercy - Some of his enemies have suffer from this

Not Afraid to Die - At this point, he doesn't care anymore

Pragmatic Hero - "Doing what must be done, so no one else has to" (Blackwatch Defenders)

Combat Pragmatist - Even though he likes challenges, he is not stupid. Just ask the Dark Knight about his missing hand

Determinator - Giving up is not an option

Workaholic - Can't rest with so many maniacs and monsters out there

Private Detective - Yup

Exotic Detective - Being an magician with psychic powers and all

Occult Detective - He mostly takes care of super natural cases, mostly

Sherlock Scan - Has come to improve his detective skills a lot

The Strategist - He is actually very good at making plans

Good is not Nice - He has seen that acting like a boy scout just does not work

Staying Alive - He has got more careful after dying

Eyepatch of Power - His left eye strangely never recovered

Revolvers are just better - Small, effective and powerful enough to blow someone's limbs off

I call it Vera - "Gambler", "Willie" and "Cujo" would like to have a word with you

Theme songs


YOUR opinion

What does your character thinks about Skully? (Please use this carefully)

RP Hooks

  • You may know about the random shows the Masked Magician gives or have yourself assisted to one. If the latter is the case, even though you don't know who he is you may have noticed certain similarities between some magic tricks he uses and Skully's magic
  • Skully is a frequent visitor of the magic foundry located near The Serpent Lantern book store. Some of the mages and alchemists that work there can provably tell you about an unusual visitant that comes to them from time to time asking for certain tools in exchange for mystical items
  • If you work with PRIMUS or UNTIL you may have heard of operation Green Seal. Even when most of the information about it is classified, you can probably find that they employed a magician by the name of 'Vigil'
  • Many werewolves, vampires and demons in Vibora Bay have provably met Skully already
  • Again, if you work with UNTIL you could have probably heard about Crosman being friends with an undead magician
  • If you need a new hero suit or maybe some civilian clothing, "Helmhood" can get that for you for a certain price