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Velheya Mantos
Player: @Vendince
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level:
Research & Development:
Personal Data
Real Name: Velheya-Ayd-Thail
Known Aliases: Velheya Mantos
Species: Atlantean
Ethnicity: Not human
Age: Don't ask.
Height: 185 cm (6 foot 1)
Weight: 76 kg (168 pounds)
Eye Color: Glowing yellow
Hair Color: Strawberry orange
Biographical Data
Nationality: Not human
Occupation: Troubleshooter
Place of Birth: Atlantis
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Unmarried.
Known Relatives: A full sister, Cer-Ayd-Thail, and a half sister, Scyrakya
Known Powers
Lightning Magic
Known Abilities
Marksmanship and dual-sword swordfighting.
Too many guns, and a pair of traditional swords.
(Based on an old tabletop character I'm quite fond of.)


Velheya was born among the Atlantean nobility, the second of two daughters. Their parents died when Velheya and her sister Cer-Ayd-Thail were quite young, and the pair were raised by relatives.

From an early age, Velheya was driven by a need to prove herself to be as good as her older sister, or better. She never quite managed to, though her perfectionistic drive to succeed won her many battles. She became known as the Scourge of the Pfhor, due to her strenous efforts to eradicate them and their slaving ways.

This could have ended quite badly, if not for one incident that shook Velheya to the core. Being a millitary leader, she had her own team. Some of who apparently idolized and emulated her. While Velheya was recuperating in a millitary hospital after a particularly harrowing battle, one of her underlings took a terrible risk, like Velheya herself would have done, and ended up dead for it.

This led the shaken Velheya to finally reconcile with her sister, Cer-Ayd-Thail, who had tried for years to contact her. But there had always been one more battle, one more millitary campaign...

In the end, the two sisters reconciled, both apologizing for the mistakes they had made during their childhood. Velheya learned that it hadn't been easy for Cer-Ayd-Thail either, since she had to live with the stress of living up to expectations. In fact, she'd have gladly traded places with her sister.

Having had a lot of soul-searching to do, Velheya realized that Millennium City could use a hero. Not to mention that it would offer her an unique opportunity to make a name for herself somewhere she wouldn't be invariably compared to her sister. She's gone by the name Velheya Mantos in the city, thus obscuring her status as Atlantean nobility.

Since she came to the surface, Velheya has gained a new appreciation for fire based magic, something that simply doesn't work that well underwater.

Mutations and Powers

Unlike most other Atlanteans, Velheya was born with a tail. Not to mention that she at an early age grew a pair of huge blue- and purple-feathered wings. As far as anyone has been able to tell, it's a mutation, although a beneficial one. She can actually fly with said wings, if space permits. Not everywhere can accommodate a wing span of four meters, after all. (just over thirteen feet)

The tail does prove a slight tailoring problem, but so far she actually likes her tail, so she works around it.

In addition, she's a trained spellcaster. From an early age, she had a talent for lightning magic, which she has refined via training.

Not to mention that like several members of Atlantean nobility, she can breathe as well on land as underwater. She still needs regular soaking in water due to her Atlantean heritage, though.

The Weaponry

Velheya has a tendency to collect various weaponry. If she took it all with her, it's likely that disarming her would take a long time indeed.

  • A pair of energy-bolt firing guns (of alien make)
  • Gyrojet Pistol (fires large rockets that explode on impact, can fire one at a time or a burst of three.)
  • Gyrojet Rifle (similar type of ammo to the pistol)
  • A pair of long, curved swords. Though they look ceremonial, they are perfectly usable. Sharp, even.
  • Autoflechette shotgun (shoots bullets that turn into dozens of razor-sharp needles. Can fire one at a time, or bursts of three.)
  • Submachinegun
  • Heavy shotgun
  • Hunting rifle
  • 11 mm rifle
  • 15 mm rail rifle
  • A pair of Magnum .44s, one with a device attached that makes the bullets homing, improving her ability to hit a moving target
  • Laser Sword, rapier style

Not listed are things like explosives, since the loadout of such things varies depending on what she needs at the moment.


She's a terrible perfectionist who has to try the impossible on a regular basis. Also, she likes to carry guns. A lot of guns. About half an arsenal's worth.

Being Cer-Ayd-Thail's little sister, and also trying to be an example to the people of Millennium City, she does her best to be calm, fair, honest and decent. Sometimes her temper and pride gets the better of her, though. More often than she'd like, as she tries very hard to pretend she's not a sentient being with flaws like anyone else.

She's quite a bit less xenophobic than a lot of her fellow Atlanteans. While she can breathe both over and under water, she seems to prefer the surface these days.