Varel Dyabolum

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Player: @Darklordrichard
The Vampire Varel Dyabolum
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Varel Dyabolum, Angel of blood, Nightfiend, Shade, Lord of the night
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire (Progenitor)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: In the land currently known as France
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Vibora Bay
Relatives: Deceased
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'7 (Changes)
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Red
Hair: Grey
Complexion: Deathly pale
Physical Build: Slight
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: French
Occupation: None
Education: None
Marital Status: Generally disinterested
Known Powers and Abilities
Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Advanced Senses, Shapeshifting, Command over animals, Shadow Manipulation, Regeneration, Telepathy/Hypnosis, Telekinesis, Blood magic, Illusions
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Greatsword, Golden ear ring
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

Varel Dyabolum

Monster. Fiend. Demon. Tyrant. These are but a few words that have been used to describe Varel in the past. And he has slept, for so very long. In this new age of millennium city, his eyes once again open. The world, has been long without one of the old monsters to stalk it. But now Varel has awoken to this age, and in his wake, the ocean of blood grows.

"The Vampire Varel, one of the progenitors... we haven't yet deciphered his motives, but like all vampires, he MUST have a weakness... Dracul has a weakness... Cain has a weakness... so what is Varel's.. the last of the old monsters, must fall in order for a new age to dawn."- Exert from the book of Vampyre

Of unknown origin, Varel continues on, seeking out death and battle for his own enjoyment. Varel believes himself to be approximately twenty five hundred years old (He's WAY off) and often reminisces on the good old days, of the arena, and the brutal unending wars. Despite being unapologetically evil, Varel is often polite and courteous to a startling level, but as Varel himself has said "Vampires are wonderful people, right up to the point, where suddenly.... we're not."

Varel is a Progenitor, akin to Cain and Dracula. However, unlike his associates, not long after creating his line of Vampires, he decided that they were unworthy, and culled them. Varel, is a loner, and eschews the company of other Vampires, often due to believing them weak and pitiful. So far as he's concerned, any Vampire that can be killed by a gun, should be killed by those humans as they have no right to walk the night. His opinion that a worthy Vampire can survive hunters well known, he's often set hunters on the trails of Vampires out of amusement.

His powers are not well understood, yet are so great they seem to break the laws of what a Vampire should be capable of, leading to a belief he is in fact a demon or angel bound to earth and into the flesh. Varel has been killed a total of seven hundred and twenty six times. And each time, he has risen once more, to sate his inhuman hunger for blood. He dislikes fighting "Human style" and will often combine his abilities to devastating effect in order to accomplish what he's after.

"Of the three progenitors that walk this world, the least understood is Varel.. his powers are great, yet he never remains in one place, the eternal nomad... yet the hunters that track him report he does not even consider us a threat, mocking our order by sending our hunters a bottle of wine. Varel has a weak spot somewhere.. if we could just drive a stake through that heart... cut off his head.. stuff it with garlic, bury him in broad daylight... at a crossroads.. and even then. How could a being that was once human become this? We've lost most of our fabled order to this monster, and the rest of us will soon follow i fear.. But HOW. How can he exist. I've seen our greatest hunters become nothing but... playthings in his hands, our more fearless warriors turn and run in horror... he swore to obliterate us, and i don't know if i should fear that or not.. however great, he is only a vampyre" -The diary of the Templar Grandmaster dated Thursday October 12, 1307


Varel Dyabolum was born in the place currently known as France, and is believed to still have a large estate there, filled with servants, gems and gold. Often posing as a country lord. In the fifteen hundreds, he used his estate to hide Lycans from the Vampires that hunted them. To this day, a number of his willing servants are Lycans, serving the man who saved their lives. In return, he feeds them some of his human familiars and keeps them under his protection. Varel fought as a knight in the crusades, and against Scotland in the time of William Lonkshanks. Yet, he doesn't appear to care who he fights for, so long as he receives what he is promised in war. Blood and death.

Varel has fought in many wars throughout millennia, and would be easily recognized by anyone those knows of battles, those affiliated with Death or War especially. Varel knowingly disregards demons and angels, believing them to be of no importance, due to the fact earth belongs to humanity.

In his youth as a human, Varel was a slave. Nothing but a child, collared and forced to serve a cruel master. He was often beaten and otherwise abused, sometimes for some small slight, othertimes for the amusement of his master. As he grew, he became stronger, fitter. Eventually, his master sold him to what would be called a Gladiator pit. Varel fought amongst the gladiators for a time, but when the time came to move the slaves to another arena.. something went wrong. Somewhere in the trip, the carts stopped, Varel rose, and drained the blood out of every man, woman and child there. What happened exactly, is known only to Varel. He vanished into the night, and when he was next seen, his skin was deathly pale, his hair grey, and his eyes red and glaring like windows into hell itself. He killed his former master, and everyone in the estate, before seeking out those he would turn into vampires.

Varel chose his Vampires carefully, never the brutish or the cruel, the intelligent aristocrat was his taste. Within a year, he'd gathered one hundred Vampires at his command. Varel immediately declared war upon everything, promptly telling his Vampires to slaughter, start wars and battles needlessly, with whatever they happened to find. While the outer section of his Vampires killed, he fortified his castle with Blood magics and basic traps. When the lesser Vampires were killed, the infuriated enemies, angels, humans, Lycans and demons, charged Varel's castle. The ensuing massacre remains one of the most brutal battles in magical history to this day. Varel's traps worked seemlessly, causing each and every side to turn on each other at once. Varel and his Vampires waited, and watched the carnage, until Varel decided the enemy needed a good jolt, and sent all of his forces in. The vampires cut through dozens of humans, angels, demons and Lycans faster than any group could react, yet the Vampires could not pull the same trick twice. Now that they were caught up in the carnage, Varel continued to watch from afar, showing no fear, indeed, nothing but an amused smirk.

Infuriated, a number of angels flew up to Varel's vantage point in order to do battle with the self styled lord of the night. Having fought his Spawn, they thought they knew what Varel's power was, and acted accordingly. They were very wrong. Varel cut the angels down savagely, and drained them in order to feed his hunger. Angered, Varel hit the battlefield himself. And within moments, the enemy forces were attempting to retreat, but were blocked and pushed back by Varel's Familiars. After slaughtering and draining the enemy, he turned on his Vampires, having decided none of them were worthy of their powers. At the end of that night, only Varel remained. His enemies either dead, or scattered. The bodies of all of those races, scattered on the ground, the shadows themselves gathered around Varel, giving him the appearance of having great black wings instead of his torn cape. And then, just like that. He vanished on the spot. And thus, the battle of the Blood angel was concluded.

Hundreds of years passed, and Varel operated in the shadows, using his abilities to push nations to war. Avoiding the spotlight himself, his new pleasure being humanity, enjoying influencing them, and watching their progress. Demon hunters would find him in these days, and disbelieving the tales of what he was capable of, strike in haste. Due to the frequency of these attacks, Varel began to dress in black, deciding it was harder to see blood on black. Yet, he couldn't help but dive back into the theater of war. He began to hunt his hunters, dispatching them in extremely brutal fashions whenever he found one, his superhuman strength and speed being far beyond what they'd been trained for, they fell easily.

Varel's travels went ever further, as he looked for someone worth fighting. He travelled deep into Qliphoth thanks to a tunnel in, and engaged every demon he could find. His aura, is to this day, tainted with qliphothic energy. Yet, it was not enough. Varel then moved onwards, to battle hellish demons, once again hunting even angels, obsessed with battle, his power growing with each and every kill. Age, combined with the power he's taken in within his existence has mutated his vampiric nature making him far more resistant to magical effects. And so he continued to slaughter throughout the ages, ruthless, cruel, brutal and unstoppable.

Varel has continued ever since, unimpeded, merciless and evil. His presence in Millennium city and Vibora bay, a mystery to any but himself. The fact he is masquerading as the Vigilante "Shade" an even greater question, ones that could only be explained by him.


Varel is a master vampire, on each and every single level. He controls the dark, and moves faster than even most vampiric eyes can follow. He has been seen in modern wars to punch holes right through tank armor, and juggle cars. His manipulation of darkness is beyond merely making the shadows move however, he makes monsters and familiars come to life within the darkness, making him a devastating foe to battle. Varel's regenerative capabilities are seemingly uncharted, and has been seen recovering from decapitation and dismemberment, with relative ease. Atop this, Varel possesses the ability to speak to those animals deemed beasts, and often uses rats as spies, and keeps wolves as pets. Varel is a master shapeshifter, capable of turning into bats and mist, into a wolf and monstrous forms designed to induce fear in the greatest warriors. Varel is a skilled illusionist, often using illusions to make his opponent think he's coming from one way, when in fact, he's coming from another direction entirely. He, is also a master hypnotist, yet it seldom works on the strong willed. Varel calls upon blood magics regularly in combat, to harm and brutalize his opponents, and telekinesis to bring his opponent, kicking and screaming, into his deathly embrace.

His powers reaching to incredible levels, Varel has been known to rise from fates that would destroy lesser creatures, leading to his enemies never turning their back, even on his apparent corpse. Varel is TRUELY immortal, he can be beaten, but never to death itself. However, get him to this point, and you might get a few interesting options instead.


While in a glamour, Varel is nigh undetectable to normal humans. He casts no reflection, his heart does not beat. Yet his skin remains human, his eyes hidden. His skin, may be warm depending on when he last fed, the more recently, the more likely he is warm.


Without a glamour, Varel appears as his red eyed, pale skinned self. His shadow often moving without him, his fingers now clawed. He is very detectable while like this, BUT. He has no thermal signature, and makes no sound. He is utterly invisible to technology (Robots and androids, will likely not be able to see him) His shadow, may move without him. Often dancing.


Varel in his ultimate form, is something that few will ever see. Combining all his dark powers, as well as all the power he's gained from those he has killed, and even the power that has corrupted him, his form changes and warps into a master vampiric form. A form giving him access to enough power, to be labelled a worldwide threat. While in this form, his shadow appears physical, often as a cape, or great black wings behind him. In this form, he gains the ability to rip all the blood out of someone, pulling it through their skin, veins and arteries. The shadows obey his will, and he is capable of pulling nightmares from the darkness itself to destroy his enemies. His strength increases massively, making him easily capable of crushing diamond in his hand, his speed does the like, moving so fast, even his eyes can't follow it all. He merely chooses to be somewhere, and he is. (Within reason) however. He can only enter this form at night, and even then, it drains him to sustain it long. His record for sustaining it is 30 minutes, after that, he collapsed, utterly defenseless.

Vampire, and demon hunters have long since realized, the only way they might have a chance against Varel, is to push him into his ultimate form, and then try and outlast him. All hunters who have attempted this, have died without even getting him to this form. While it is true he is at his strongest in this form, far beyond what a vampire should be capable of, it is also his greatest weakness.


Varel must drink blood to fuel himself, and his dark powers, but beyond that he must sleep in the casket, filled with the earth of his homeland. While sunlight does not burn Varel, it does remove his more advanced abilities (Shapeshifting, Blood magic, Shadow manipulation) and give him a splitting headache. Varel is immune to Silver, due to not being a werewolf, as well as crucifixes (He doesn't believe, and chances are, neither do you) yet, he cannot enter a house without being invited in, he cannot cross running water. Holy water also has no effect, and he is likely to drink it and gargle. He is however, warded away by garlic, which affects him as if it's a magnet at the same charge as he is.


Varel is a sociopathic warmonger, in the simplest terms. Yet, can be extremely honorable when need be. Despite his cruel nature, he is often a gentleman, kindly and calmly gliding through the world. However, when angered, Varel's darker side comes to the fore, his brutal nature combining with natural vampiric cunning, to make a monster. Have no doubt, Varel is a monster. Whatever kindness he shows is a ruse, whatever positive emotion false. He hasn't got a heart, and if so, it's definitely in the wrong place.

Varel is truly happy when feeding, or in battle. He exists as nothing but a killer. In killing, he is himself.

RP Hooks

He is easily recognized by Demons, Angels, Vampires and Lycans, as the Warlord Varel

Varel is well known, and tracked by demon/vampire hunters (That being said, attack him head on, and you'll die)

Varel is disliked by most vampires, due to his tendency to murder them suddenly without warning or provocation

His aura would appear as blood red, giving a hint of tens of thousands having been consumed by this monster

Anyone with extra sight, would see blood seeming to follow him, and pool around his feet

There is a portrait of Varel in the Louvre, and he would be recognized by anyone with a taste for art

Telepaths would get rather disturbing images of battle when in his presence

Is well known for NOT hating Lycans

Is being tracked by UNTIL (They haven't yet found a way to contain or kill him)


Anne Rice- Lestat De Lioncourt Bram Stoker- Dracula Hellsing- Alucard (Unfortunately, he isn't half as cool)


Varel does not fit into WoD at all. He's far too powerful. That being said, he's not SUPPOSED to fit into WoD. I did not base him on it, nor do i intend to have him seek out such vampires. You say he's too powerful to be a vampire? I'd like you to list the abilities he DOESN'T share with Dracula. Varel is a True vampire. Without restriction or humanizing. Vampires are monsters. And, importantly, they're fiction. Varel won't go down to a bullet in the head. He won't go down to decapitation. Why? He's a vampire. Not a human with fangs and a few neat abilities. I'm not disclaiming WoD, but let's face it. Champions is not World of Darkness online. Although i am waiting for that game hungrily. There is nothing saying, that i have to follow WoD. If i've followed any lore, i've followed Dracula. Now, if you can prove that WoD came first, and is superior, i'll submit Varel. Otherwise, anyone yelling godmodder will be politely ignored.

Can't we all just get along? I'm not the enemy, let's gang up and get the sparklers!