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22nd May 2017: Attempting a rework of how my characters are presented. Major characters in my roster will retain their full articles, but some other full PCs that I either haven't used or developed much may have their information condensed into sections of a new Other Characters page.

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Thank you! It feels great to have complement on him and I just noticed you voted for him last month which makes me feel more honored :) He's still a WIP but it is getting there. I plan to ease myself into roleplay, probably start with a forum rp and break into it from there, I'd would certainly like him to meet Sludd at some point though haha. - Exray

Yeah, I can't help but pop in every now and then to tinker and see new chars, hoping to get a partition in my macpro soon so I can get playing but could still be a way off, good to hear from you tho man - Exray

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I understand that my pictures on the page I've created recently, Gargoyle, are in fact from other games. Do keep in mind that they are only temporary 'placeholders' until the final in-game creations of said characters are finally finished as I've been unable to log into Champs without a stable internet connection. The pictures will be replaced as soon as I get the chance too, I'm also in works of getting another laptop due to my old one recently stop working and I'm accessing the PRIMUS Database from a slow and old desktop computer at the moment. Again, the pictures I have used will be replaced as soon as I get the chance too as they were never intentionally meant to be the supposed final product. - Somerandomkid500 (talk) 2, March 2016 3:13 am (EST)

Hey Epe, I'm having trouble with an image I uploaded. I tried to "upload a new version" of the image, but PDB seems unwilling to actually make it stick; the old one keeps showing up instead. I tried reverting a couple times, but nothing changes. I've noticed the issue before, but it always resolved itself it seems, until now. Here's the image:


I just need his new, star-spangled look to show up instead of the dark one I used to have. I don't want to just upload the new picture as its own file unless it's necessary. (And why is it posting the version I want here, but not on Cap's page? Weird.) Thanks! --CalamityCain (talk) 13:30, 21 May 2017 (UTC)

Aaaand clearing my browsing data took care of it. --CalamityCain (talk) 20:33, 21 May 2017 (UTC)


Atomac-s.png Wheel-s.png Sludd-s.png Null-s.png
Pmask-s.png Kingdom-s.png Quest-s.png



"No one said taking the high road was easy."

Name: Rodney Duelleck
Abilities: Bonded Rubber Suit, Enhanced Durability, Superhuman Flexibility, Rolling Momentum




"We're all animals, but I'm just a little bit more of one."

Name: Gregory Wilde
Abilities: Animal Mimicry

Protectors of the World



"Broadcasting the sound of justice!"

Name: Marc O'Neill
Abilities: Radio Voice, Electromagnetic Signal Manipulation, Super Leaping via Boost Boots

The Progeny



"It's time for me to start making a bigger difference."

Name: Ralph Matheson
Abilities: Quantum Energy Manipulation, Size and Density Shifting




"[Sludd's quote]"

Name: Sullivan Cleaner
Abilities: Sewage Control, Elemental Body, Disembodied Consciousness, Empathy, Telepathic Communication

Urban Legends of Millennium City



"Guilty as charged, so to speak."

Name: Timothy Ohlmann
Abilities: Electricity Enhanced Physiology, Super Speed, Electric Energy Manipulation, Temporary Energy Form




"Today's forecast: a chance of heavy rain to wash out your little crime spree!"

Name: Bartholomew Loomis
Abilities: Vapor Generation and Control, Weather Projection




"Have to admit, Doc-- I guess we make one heck of a team after all."

Name: Dr. Adrian Benson (Pulse@CptThunder), Todd Meyer (Rigor)
Abilities: Vibration Control: Magnification (Pulse), Stasis (Rigor)




"Moe than enough to go around."

Name: Winston Grand
Abilities: Duplication via Artificial Accelerated Cloning), Subliminal Communication