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22nd of July 2013

The Department of Defense, requested the aid of Vitality in order to help to set up a few long range sensors out in space for better intelligence gathering on possible extra-terrestrial threats, as well as a few powerful enough to monitor the goings on of shady characters the Department were tracking. Vitality readily accepted, he made his way to the DoD HQ and was shown the five different sensors he was to place as well as the different locations in space and the activation codes. He was to fly the sensors out far beyond normal communication range and active the sensors.

With Vitality out in space, Ultimate decided to make his move. He had been gathering his minions from various gangs around Millennium City, even roping in some of the New Purple Gang on a deal he had made with Kevin Poe over the past few months. Having managed to have secured his deal and uphold his part of the bargain, Hi Pan, Kevin Poe, Zoe Loft amongst others delivered and contributed to his attacking army, all as eager and ruthless as the next person to see Millennium City crushed.

With added numbers in the palm of his hand, Ultimate began his all out assault on Millennium City. The sheer number of Ultimate's followers, alone, was enough to overpower most of the defense the city had to offer including PRIMUS, UNTIL and the available police force. Whilst his minions who were extracted from the mobs around Millennium City took on the police forces and governmental agencies, his more "super powered" followers were strong enough to engage the heroes who had gotten word of the disturbance and came to help. Unfortunately the empowered followers of Ultimate were strong enough to go one on one with the heroes of Millennium City.

Ultimate didn't even have to get involved, as the power and numbers of his followers were more than enough to take over downtown Millennium City. Slowly but surely the police forces and even the heroes were loosing the fight against the opposing forces. Drastic measures were taken and DE:LTA and some of it's associates were called to the scene; Kontrol, Sarge, D.A.W.N., and Crescentwave were the first members to arrive.

Aided by the remaining allies and police force they managed to turn the tide, taking out a large number of Ultimate's minions with ease and sending the mob members from the various groups in Westside running back.

With Crescentwave using her command over sheets of water approaching 25ft high to drive back would be attackers, healing any allies it touched in the process, Sarge and D.A.W.N. were rounding up and fighting back mob members and Ultimate's tough minions using their respective ammunition. Kontrol had her hands full projecting brain-wave controlling signals to any in her wake, forcing them into submission.

"How's everyone holding up?" ~ Crescentwave asked as she dropped the sheets of water as the mob members were either unconscious, drenched and unconscious, forced into submission or on the run.

"Doing just fine, these brutes sure do pack a punch though.." ~ Sarge replied, reloading his weapons then elbowing a Purple Gang member creeping up on him, who was rendered unconscious from the blow to his face.

"Do not stray from the mission objective, our priority is containment, an objective made easier if we weren't the only competent people around here, remind me to have a word with Agent Henderson and Agent Cashton. This situation would have been admittedly easier if they had bothered to show up." ~ Kontrol warned as she forced the last minion within her range into a state of unconsciousness.

Just as the DELTA members were seemingly about to get things under control, another wave of minions rounded the corner making their way rapidly towards the four agents.

"Looks like it's time for round two." ~ D.A.W.N. sighed as she re-focused her weapons on the approaching targets.

Ultimate, who had noticed the recent tide turning DE:LTA had accomplished, made his appearance on the battle field shortly after his second wave of minions had been deployed. Ultimate smashed a foot down into the ground, creating a shockwave that sent Kontrol flying back.

D.A.W.N.'s ballistics and weaponry were immediately re-focused and unleashed in Ultimate's direction. The force of the attacks causing him to relent, accompanied by Sarge's gun fire as Crescentwave broke off to tend to an unconscious Kontrol. It seemed like Ultimate was finally being subdued, when he realized he was being forced into a corner, he unleashed a rage filled shout and charged forward, bullets bouncing off his biceps. He moved with such surprising speed Sarge barely dodged the mighty forearm which just missed him, however the shockwave of the force Ultimate's hand, sent Sarge careering into Crescentwave who thankfully utilized her water manipulation to catch Sarge in a bed of water. Quickly assessing the situation Crescentwave moved Kontrol and Sarge, both still unconscious to a safe zone, healing them as fast as she could, whilst taking out Ultimate's minions in a flurry of aqueous blasts and powerful jets of water.

D.A.W.N. did not let up on the assault dodging pieces of pavement Ultimate tore up sending in her direction in an attempt to stop her from firing. He jumped up unexpectedly and released a mighty thunderclap, the force of the resultant shockwave sent D.A.W.N. into the nearest building face, she fell from the building almost limp, her plummet to the ground was cut short by the arms of Cliff-Side who caught her, arriving on the scene with fellow agent Cavalier. Ultimate turned to face them, ordering his remaining minions to attack the standing DE:LTA agents. Cavalier jumped back to take on the minions whilst Cliff-Side rammed into Ultimate head on at full force. Cavalier made short work of the minions with his superior fighting skills, stopping them from advancing on Crescentwave who was assisting him and allowing Kontrol, Sarge and D.A.W.N to stay safe until they had recuperated sufficiently to fight again, whilst Cliff-Side did what he could to keep Ultimate busy.

Cavalier quickly noticed that Crescentwave was getting further and further away from him, as Ultimate's minions, had been working to move them further apart. Cavalier fought to get back to Crescentwave who looked as if she was having trouble. He was yanked backwards by an unexpected hand and fell to the ground, a minion of Ultimate raised his hands attempting to slam down on Cavalier, only to meet with a wall which pulsed blue when hit, he banged against the shield in confusion, Cavalier looked to his right to see ForceGirl on the scene, with a number of unconscious minions around her projecting the force field in front of him. After winking a thanks in her direction he jumped back into the fight against Ultimate and his seemingly endless number of minions. ForceGirl expanded the shield causing it to explode in the minions face after Cavalier was clear. ForceGirl made her way to a wounded and struggling Crescentwave whom she assisted in taking out the remaining minions attacking.

With Crescentwave too wounded to fight any longer, she focused on full recovery of her teammates, ForceGirl turned her attention to Ultimate who was locked in combat with both slowly tiring Cliff-Side and a slightly wounded Cavalier. Before she could attempt to assist, Ultimate back handed Cavalier who was sent flying towards Crescentwave, but fortunately was cushioned and halted from slamming into his team mate by ForceGirl's force field. Too wounded to go on, Cavalier hung his head low, on the edge of passing out. The situation went from bad to worse as Ultimate managed to get a disorientating punch in and Cliff-Side was momentarily put off by Ultimate, who took the opportunity to land a solid punch on Cliff-Side, grabbing him and throwing him to the side. Cliff-Side's powerful and rock armored frame scrapped along the floor towards Crescentwave, Cavalier and the other DE:LTA Agents. Cliff-Side's earthen helmet had been severely weakened by Ultimate's physical assaults and crumbled away along with other parts of the weakened earthen armor. His head impacted on the corner of a wall at high speed, causing him to fall into unconsciousness.

Ultimate's gaze fell towards a very defiant looking ForceGirl, he charged at her and ran into a very solid force field, the impact of it sending him crashing towards the floor and her back slightly. Noticing Ultimate was quickly recovering and eyeing the fallen DE:LTA Agents, who were being healed by Crescentwave, ForceGirl stood between them projecting a dome shaped force field over herself and her allies. Ultimate chuckled and ran into the shield, half surprised it didn't budge.

"Your going to have to do a lot better than that to get past me. Now back off." - ForceGirl

"I'm just getting started darling..." - Ultimate sneered.

His colossal fists came down on the force field with a tremendous impact, each hit sending shockwaves off the force field from the sheer force of the blows. After countless impacts, ForceGirl was slowly but surely weakening, the psionic feedback was taking it's toll. Realizing she needed assistance, she cried out to Mentella using her psychic link:

<I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. He's...really...strong. I could really use a little help!> ~ ForceGirl

<I'm on my way now, try your best to keep the shield active until I arrive.> ~ Mentella

Mentella broadcasted a message to Vitality using her telepathy, who was still in space, alerting him to the situation. Vitality was nearing the end of his mission in space when he received an urgent message, the concern in Mentella's voice evident:

<Ultimate is in downtown Millennium City, and he is tearing up the place. Right now my sister is the only thing in his way. You need to get there NOW!> ~ Mentella

<I'm on my way!> ~ Vitality

Vitality had just finished activating the sensors and flew back to Earth at top speed. A bright pillar of white light crashed into the ground a few feet from the scene of the fight, rapidly lessening in intensity as a figure stepped out from the column of light. Mentella turned and saw her sister almost on her knees in pain as Ultimate raised his fists and slammed it down on the shield, the final barrier between the DE:LTA members and Ultimate.

He paused as he noticed the pillar of light, he turned as Mentella stretched out her hands towards him, he started as his mind was inundated with a barrage of psychic energy. He gritted his teeth as he tried in vain to fight the telepathic attack, forcing him away from the DE:LTA members and ForceGirl. His remaining minions who were still conscious were also caught in Mentella's telepathic attack and writhed in pain as their minds were assaulted. ForceGirl, noticing her sister's arrival, dropped the force field. The look of relief was evident on her face as she saw her sister locking down Ultimate and his minions.

"El'sai, thanks!" smiled ForceGirl

"My pleasure." nodded Mentella

An ear-splitting sonic boom sounded high above them as Vitality flew in. ForceGirl's eyes widened as Vitality slammed into Ultimate at an incredible speed ripping Ultimate from where he stood. Moments later Ultimate's large frame plummeted to the ground; before impacting the ground, Vitality quickly flew into him again. The shockwaves from the cataclysmic impacts causing severe structural damage as the surrounding buildings began to crumble and topple. ForceGirl quickly projected her force fields over several buildings, her force fields acting as support columns until the civilians inside had escaped.

Mentella had ceased focusing on Ultimate's mind the moment Vitality flew in and turned her attention to the minions. She focused her psychic assault momentarily, rendering them comatose. She then aided the unconscious members of Delta, bringing them back to consciousness whilst Crescentwave healed them. ForceGirl's eyes widened as Vitality punched Ultimate into a building; the impact of his large frame causing the surrounding glass to shatter, sending chunks of the building plummeting through the air to street level. ForceGirl heard the screams of the civilians below and projected her force fields over them, the jagged glass shards and concrete bouncing off the force field harmlessly.

Vitality looked down quickly noticing the incredible amount of destruction which had occurred and had the potential to happen, he watched as ForceGirl safely escorted three civilians away from the scene. Ultimate groaned as he climbed out of a building wall, he stood up disorientated and attempted to get his bearings. Not wanting to put anyone else in danger, Vitality knew he had to move the fight to a less populated area; he flew into Ultimate holding onto the super villains collar soaring high into the air above Millennium City and out of the taking the fight to a large open area in nearby Canada. Few words were exchanged as the two powerhouses continued their fight.

Eventually, the power of Ultimate proved too much even for Vitality, as he began to take the upper hand. Ultimate continued his relentless assault on Vitality and dominated the fight.

As the fight went on, Ultimate continued to lash out ruthlessly; he grabbed Vitality by the leg before throwing him into a nearby mountainside.

"You know, after I'm finished with you, nothing's going to be able to stop me, the world will be all mine, I'll find a way to deal with that psychic bitch, once I get rid of her, nothing will be able to stop Ultimate! You hear me?! NOTHING!" roared Ultimate

He unleashed a devastating punch that sent Vitality across the clearing and deep into another mountain side. Before lunging towards him to continue the assault.

Beaten and broken, Vitality sent out a telepathic message to Mentella, asking her to advise the DoD and DE:LTA to stay away from the area, she complied, cutting off the psychic thread as Vitality gathered his focus. Ultimate stalked towards his opponent before reaching out to take hold of him, fully intending to finish him off. Quicker than Ultimate could even comprehend, Vitality burst from his location creating a rush of air acting like a stunning shockwave. He flew out into the orbit of the Earth, closed his eyes, and gathered all his strength. He shot straight down to earth, flying faster than he ever had and smashed directly down onto Ultimate. The area around them erupted as the resultant shockwave was so devastating, it uprooted nearby trees and causing a tidal wave of snow to erupt around the impact point, stripping all the snow from the ground for at least a mile radius.

Mentella frowned as she sensed a lack of conscious thought from Vitality and informed DE:LTA and the DoD, who quickly arrived on the scene. They found both Vitality and Ultimate's bodies in the epicenter of a crater at least a mile wide. They were both alive, though badly injured and unconscious. Vitality was taken to a government medical center, where he stayed in a coma-like state for two days. Ultimate was taken to a secret facility where he was locked in a stasis tube, hopefully never to return again.

His super powered minions were rounded up in Millennium City and sent to Stronghold complete with power suppression gauntlets. Despite the devastation and injuries...the day was won.

Mentella's Note: DE:LTA is now Delta.