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Player: @MGoblin256
The Shaman of Vengeance
Biographical Data
Real Name: Joshua Nanurark
Known Aliases: Shaman of Vengeance
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Nunavut Inuit
Place of Birth: Inukjuak, Canada
Base of Operations: Canada
Relatives: N/A
Age: 48 (Born 3-16-1964)
Height: 182.88 cm (6'00")
Weight: 95.25 kg (210 LBS)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Complexion: Pale and gray, slightly-wrinkled
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Ritual tattooing on arms, torso and legs
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: Shaman, Necromancer
Education: College
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Ice and shadow sorcery, Necromancy, Shamanic Healing
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Various potion/salve reagents, ceremonial ivory masks
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Joshua without his archetypical headdress
Joshua Nanurark is a tall, athletic-looking Nunavut-Inuit male with long, black hair and brown, deep-set eyes. His hair, when not hidden under his head-dress, tends to appear rather unkempt, and he features a "tendril"-style mustache and noticeable stubble. He possesses periorbital dark circles around his eyes, further complementing their deep set look. Joshua's strangest physical feature is his pale, grayish-blue colored skin. Originally, prior to his corruption by Kigatilik, as well his near constant exposure to cold (something he is now completely immune to), Joshua had normal-colored dark skin. Since leaving Kigatilik's service, his skin pigmentation has begun to slowly return to normal. His skin also usually possesses a notable sheen, primarily due to the thin layer of frost that Joshua tends to coat himself with as a means of protection. Joshua's torso, arms and legs are painted with dark-blue ritual tattoos, which serve to help amplify his magical abilities and, in addition, ward away evil spirts.


Tupilaq in full costume.

Joshua has managed to alter his previous "tribal" attire worn during his service to Kigatilik to set him apart from his former colleagues and appear more recognizable while, at the same time, still appear menacing. The most recognizable feature of Joshua's attire is his headdress, which consists of a bleached bull skull, still complete with horns. Hanging from the sides and back of his headdress are what appear to be human finger-bones. Etched and painted into the top of the skull is an Inuktitut (Inuit scripture) symbol designed to serve as a ward against evil spirits. The inside of the helmet features a heavy, dark green-colored cloth skull cap and leather chin-strap to make the helmet more comfortable to wear and easier to keep on.

Around his neck, Joshua wears a particularly grisly amulet composed of a fox skull and four small human skulls, two to each side of the fox-skull. The "string" consists of a leather strap threaded through each of the skulls, as well as meticulously hollowed-out human finger-bones. Across his chest, he wears a leather sash, featuring two bleached skulls, formerly belonging to two of Kigatilik's lesser demons and on his shoulders are two strapped-on raven-feather shoulder pads. On his right arm he has a strapped-on sheath for a hunting knife, and on his left, a strap that allows him to carry several potion vials. His wrists are wrapped with leather straps, in addition to gold and dark-green colored cloth, the former of which extends further and wraps around his hands.

Joshua wears a leather "kilt" of sorts, complete with stitched in patches of long wolf-fur. Extending down the front of the kilt to his knees is an elegantly patterned dark-green, gold and dark blue length of cloth. Around his waist, he wears a leather belt that has eight small human skulls woven into it, as well as a dream-catcher on the front of it, serving as a "buckle" of sorts. His "boots" consist of fur-lined, dark-green and gold cloth "greaves", patterned and tasseled in typical Inuit fashion, in addition to a pair of leather sandals.

When not fighting crime, Joshua has taken to wearing more normal clothing, including his parka, in lieu of his "superhero outfit".


Prior to Kigatilik's influence, Joshua was a kind, well-mannered and helpful man who got along well with those in his community. While considered somewhat strange due to his profession as an angakkuq (or shaman), he nevertheless did his best to serve the community as a "leader" type of figure, as well as a physician and doctor to the sick. He was rarely without a smile upon his features, and had a good sense of humor. Despite this, he was a somewhat stern individual, and one who took matters of the community very seriously.

After being corrupted by Kigatilik, Joshua became vastly more cruel and reclusive, having been essentially brain-washed by the demon god. Isolating himself from former friends, he even becoming aggressively violent towards them until he was kicked out of his village. Over time, he became an incredibly hateful man with an insatiable hatred for human kind, and a near unmatched reverence for Kigatilik, perfectly willing to commit all varieties of wicked and heinous acts in order to appease him.

Following his betrayal and eventual freedom from Kigatilik's control, Joshua thought nothing else of revenge, his hatred and anger being redirected towards the demon god who had left him to die. It was this desire for vengeance that influenced Joshua to begin calling himself Tupilaq, after an Inuit monster that was created for the sake of exacting vengeance. Over time, however, Joshua's former personality began to reassert itself, resulting in a conflicted, grim-mannered man who felt deep regret and sorrow over what he had done under the demon's control. Despite the fact that his powers were granted to him by evil means, and were intended to be used for evil purposes, Joshua has looked upon his new abilities as a blessing, and hopes to make good use of them as a crime-fighter; While vengeance against Kigatilik was still one of his priorities, Joshua now would like more than anything to redeem himself in the eyes of his people, his community, and the spirits of the land.

Powers, Abilities & Skills

Tupilaq is a highly-skilled shaman and necromancer whose primary expertise lies in the casting of Ice and Shadow magic, as well as summoning the dead. He is also a practiced Medicine Man who knows a variety of cures, both pharmaceutical and spiritual, for a wide variety of ailments and sicknesses.

Ice Sorcery

Tupilaq's greatest knowledge is that of ice magic, which he learned over time during his corruption by Kigatilik, and has since then been refining it further and practicing to improve his techniques. Apart from being able to cast bolts of ice, conjure blizzards and ice storms, or call down avalanches upon his foes, he is capable of manipulating ice around him to such a degree that might be considered cryokinetic. This particular ability has come in handy for the shaping of his hideout, or "sanctum" as he refers to it. Tupilaq's ability to command the forces of the arctic, combined with his willpower, also allows him to summon and bind a Frost Hound to do his bidding as well.

Tupilaq also makes use of his ice magic for defensive purposes as well, often erecting barriers of hard-packed ice to protect him from attacks. Additionally, Tupilaq tends to coat his skin with a light layer of frost, which adds some resilience to his skin.

Shadow Sorcery

Tupilaq is also an adept wielder of nether magic, or shadow magic as it's called in some cases. Like his ice magic, Tupilaq learned this magic during the time of his influence by Kigatilik. He is capable of inflicting explicit pain upon his foe with these abilities, and is even capable of siphoning life from them using his powers. Despite no longer being under Kigatilik's influence, Tupilaq still makes use of these abilities, albeit not nearly as much, and to a far less lethal extent; Instead of killing someone by draining their life, he will drain just enough to leave them unconscious, for example.


Tupilaq's most vile and wretched art learned under Kigatilik's influence is that of Necromancy, with which he is able to summon corpses from the earth to do his bidding. While no longer under the influence of Kigatilik, Tupilaq continues the practice of the art, although he tends to use other forms; Taking control of previously raised cadavers to do his bidding instead of raising them himself seems to be his preferred method. This, however, does not prevent him from summoning the undead on his own.

Shamanic Magic

While not used nearly as frequently as he did prior to his service to Kigatilik, Tupilaq was, and still is, an adept practitioner of Inuit Shamanism. Most of Tupilaq's shamanic spells consist of banishment incantations and wards against evil spirits, but he possesses some knowledge of spiritual healing as well.

Herbalism & Medicine

Tupilaq is an adept Medicine Man, and no other skill of his supports this more than his herbalism and pharmaceutical knowledge. Tupilaq is able to make a wide variety of cures and salves from a wide variety of ingredients. His knowledge originally consisted of plants native to Canada and the United States, but he has since then been expanding his knowledge, to the point where he's able to concoct a highly regenerative potion that is capable of bringing a person back from the brink of death.






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