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Player: @AnsharKishar
TrixShot Main.jpg
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
Biographical Data
Real Name: Beatrix "Trixie" Whistler
Known Aliases: TrixShot
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: London, UK
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None alive
Age: 35
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 160lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Normal
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features: Her body is covered with tribal symbols and runes, hidden by her clothes.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: American, British, Namibian
Occupation: CEO, Whistler's Big Game Hunting Equipment
Education: D.Clin.Psych
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Mild Regeneration
  • Strong Durability
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Senses

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • A wide assortment of modified weaponry
  • Kendrium body armor
  • A Marauder vehicle
  • A Chevrolet 2014 Camaro ZL1
  • A Hummer H1

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

TrixShot is a vigilante/bounty-huntress operating in Westside. Due to her heavy armor that hides her features, she is hardly recognizable as Beatrix "Trixie" Whistler. Her skills, M.O's and weapons has certainly made her a noticeable character around Westside, and she even made it to the news several times, until she agreed to an interview where she revealed her face to the public. It was due to her elaborate equipment and skills that the media has given her the alias "TrixShot".


At the impressive height of 7'0", its hard to miss her when she enters a room. But other than that, her appearance can be hardly described as anything but normal. She's usually seen in her civilian attire, a simple gray vest over a black buttoned-down shirt, with a simple pair of black pants and elegant buckled boots. Those who see her in action might catch a glimpse of her full battle armor, described in the Equipment section, or the under-armor if she just got off "work" and didn't have time to change.


Early Life

Beatrix Whistler was born on the 8th of May, 1979, to a wealthy family of Architects. Her life was, as expected, very well financed and predetermined. She didn't skip a day of school since day one to the last day of her Doctorate. All her hard work gave her marvelous grades, but close to no friends. At the age of 24 she obtained her doctorate in clinical psychology, but her parents urged her that before she starts looking for work, perhaps its best she joined them to Africa, to finally see a world that isn't dreary gray London.


And so in 2003 the family travelled together to Namibia. While her mother did architectural work, her father and his friends decided to take her out to the wild to teach her the arts of game hunting. Beatrix was a quick-study, and within their first year she was already on par with her teachers.


Things took a turn to the worse, though. As her father decided to take her farther to hunt bigger game. They ran into a crossfire between rivaling tribes. Her father was killed, their transport demolished. Beatrix managed to survive on her own a whole month, before running into a local tribe. Educated and trained in western first aid, she helped the tribals treat their wounded, and gained their trust. They explained to her that they were attacked by giant animals walking on two legs, and metal men who could fly.

Serpent Hunter

She later learned they meant a VIPER force not far from their location. She agreed to help them, and taught them the same arts of combat her father taught her. She lived with the tribe for the following nine years, raiding small VIPER transports for weapons and supplies, and driving their forces back. UNTIL's Project Snakecharmer eventually learned of these unexpected allies, and managed to contact Beatrix, as the tribe's English liaison. Beatrix only then learned exactly how far from Namibia she travelled along with the tribe. The tribe's Shamans gave her a parting gift, enhancing her body with strength, agility and endurance, as worthy for a huntress of her stature.

A New Start

Word moved to the UNTIL headquarters in Millenium City, and Beatrix was sent there after contributing information about all the VIPER holds in the area. After UNTIL debriefed her, she decided to stay in Millenium city. She inherited a wealthy sum from her parents, but after a decade in the wilds of Africa she found it hard to walk back into the lap of luxury she was born to. She rented a small basement apartment in Westside, and quickly learned how bad the situation is there. She felt the urge of the hunt burn inside of her soul, and decided to pursue the city's criminals, instead of wild animals. When she registered for a citizenship, she was registered into PRIMUS for her Shamanistic enhancements. The press quickly caught word of the unusual Bounty Huntress that made Westside's criminals her prey, and for her impressive array of weaponry and the just as impressive skill in which she uses them, they decided to dub her TrixShot.

Whistler's Big Game Hunting

Spending the year spending a vast majority of her wealth on her equipment as a headhunter, Beatrix began her hunting spree in Millenium City in early 2014. Reports spoke of violent gunfights between local known criminal groups and a lone assailant assumed to be TrixShot, the heroic pseudonym attached to Beatrix. These events usually started with forceful entry via explosives to criminal hideouts following gunfire and multiple explosions for hours. Most of these events took place in Westside reporting multiple gang affiliated casualties and a red Marauder with the unregistered license plate "Papa Bear" fleeding the scene, other events in downtown MC describe the same, with a green Hummer bearing the plate "Mama Bear". The MCPD has made no comment, and a public outcry against these actions has yet to be heard.

Beatrix hired two young women and started a business called "Whistler's Big Game Hunting Equipment", the business, located in a small workshop, is exporting various combination rifle, mostly Dreiling (three-barrel) and Vierling (four-barrel) safari rifles, to England. Though the prices of these relatively old-fashioned firearms ranges in the tens of thousands of US dollars, it seems to be gaining popularity amongst wealthy English hunters, frequently travelling to hunt big game in Africa.

When asked if the small shop is also responsible to Beatrix's own weaponry she replied that her weapons are of her own design, but are not offered for sale as they are heavily modified, and exporting them might cause legal issues.


Beatrix is a well-educated and well-mannered individual, and as such is usually a pleasant person to be around. However, her years as a huntress, and perhaps thanks to her gifts from the tribal shamans, she has grown a rather aggressive nature when pushed to it. Its advised not to push her to her more feral side without being able to withstand a strong attack.

Skills & Abilities

Years of hunting both under her father's training and under tribal training, she has become a versatile fighter, a highly skilled markswoman, and a vicious, formidable foe. Her keen senses allow her to face multiple enemies without breaking a sweat. Thanks to the gifts she received upon leaving the tribe she traveled Africa with, she has stronger skin, able to withstand most caliber rounds, and she recovers from attacks very quickly with enhanced regeneration. Her agility and dexterity gives her cat-like reflexes, a canine sense of smell and a hawk-like sense of sight, allowing her to hunt and track her prey without stopping. Her knowledge in psychology and her experience from the wild have given her the tool to assess situations and solve whatever problem is keeping her from getting what she is after.


Weapons (Carried)

Beatrix uses an impressive array of modified weaponry which she carries on her person throughout a mission, which certainly emphasizes her motto, "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned."

TrixShot 01 LeMat.jpg
2 × Raging LeMat (Modified Taurus Raging Bull)
  • Type: Pistol, Revolver
  • Barrels:
    • Upper: 1 × 10mm
    • Lower: 1 × 20ga
  • Ammo (Per Reload):
    • 8 × 10mm StRIP
    • 1 × 20ga StRIP Slug
  • Length:
    • Full: 420mm
    • Barrel: 260mm
  • Range (Per Ammo):
    • 10mm Auto: 100m
    • 12ga Slug: 200m
  • Firing Modes: Semi

TrixShot 02 FMG10.jpg
2 × FMG-10 (Modified Magpul FMG-90)
  • Type: Sub-Machine-Gun
  • Barrels:
    • Upper: 1 × 10mm
  • Ammo (Per Reload):
    • 31 × 10mm StRIP
  • Length:
    • Full: 503mm
    • Barrel: 191mm
  • Range (Per Ammo):
    • 10mm Auto: 150m
  • Firing Modes: Auto

TrixShot 03 Safari.jpg
1 × Vierling Safari Rifle
  • Type: Break-Action Rifle
  • Barrels:
    • Upper: 1 × 8×75mm
    • Middle: 2 × 20ga
    • Lower: 1 × .50
  • Ammo (Per Reload):
    • 1 × 8×75mm StRIP
    • 2 × 20ga StRIP Slug
    • 1 × .50 Fordite Raufuss HEIAP
  • Length:
    • Full: 1200mm
    • Barrel: 660mm
  • Range (Per Ammo):
    • 8×75mm: 800m
    • 20ga: 200m
    • .50: 1800m
  • Firing Modes: Semi
  • Modifications: Telescopic Sight

A Vierling (Quad-barrel) Big Game hunting rifle, armed with a high power scope. This mean rifle can easily switch the job between a regular sniper rifle, a anti-material sniper rifle, or a regular double-barrel shotgun.

TrixShot 04 SawnOff.png
1 × Vierling Sawn Off Shotgun
  • Type: Break-Action Shotgun
  • Barrels:
    • Upper&Lower: 2 × 12ga
    • Middle: 2 × 9.3×74mm
  • Ammo (Per Reload):
    • 2 × 12ga Fordite-FRAG12
    • 2 × 9.3×74mm StRIP
  • Length:
    • Full: 510mm
    • Barrel: 300mm
  • Range (Per Ammo):
    • 12ga: 200m
    • 9.3×74mm: 600m
  • Firing Modes: Semi
  • Modifications: N/A

A Vierling (Quad-barrel) Shotgun, Sawn Off. Designed for delivering a swift and lethal punch when things turn sour.

TrixShot 05 PDR.jpg
2 × Magpul PDR-C
  • Type: Personal Defense Weapon
  • Barrels:
    • Upper: 1 × .300 Blackout
  • Ammo (Per Reload):
    • 100 × .300 Blackout Supersonic StRIP
  • Length:
    • Full: 480mm
    • Barrel: 260mm
  • Range (Per Ammo):
    • .300 Blackout: 600m
  • Firing Modes: Burst
  • Modifications: Inbuilt Laser Sight

A Magpul Industries Personal Defense Rifle, Compact (PDR-C). A gem of modern engineering. Originally designed to support various STANAG magazines in the 5.56×45mm standard US military caliber. This version, however, delivers the lethal supersonic .300 AAC Blackout round in extended STANAG casket magazines. The P90 like structure, the bulpup configuration, and the ambidextrous controls and eject system all make this weapon lethal in close quarters battle.

TrixShot 06 KS23.JPG
2 × KS-25 (Modified KS-23)
  • Type: Pump-Action Shotgun
  • Barrels:
    • Upper: 1 × 25mm
  • Ammo (Per Reload):
    • 4 × 25mm Fordite Charge Grenade
  • Length:
    • Full: 950mm
    • Barrel: 510mm
  • Range (Per Ammo):
    • 25mm: 200m
  • Firing Modes: Single
  • Modifications: Weighted pumps for hand-free reload

A Soviet KS-23 shotgun, rechambered to support the 25mm grenade, instead. An explosive solution to pretty much anything that can be considered a problem.

TrixShot 07 AFKnife.jpg
6 × Kendrium-Fairbairn Knife (Reforged Applegate-Fairbairn Knife)
  • Type: Knife, Melee & Throwable
  • Barrels: N/A
  • Ammo (Per Reload):
    • 1 × Kendrium bladed knife
  • Length:
    • Full: 280mm
    • Blade: 150mm
  • Range (Per Ammo):
    • Throw: 50m
  • Firing Modes: Single
  • Modifications: Adjustable weights to shift balance point.

An Applegate-Fairbairn combat knife, supporting a double-edged dagger profile with a handle with adjustable lead weights which could change the knife's balance-point. The blade replaced by a High-Frequency Kendrium one.

TrixShot 08 G29SF.jpg
1 × Glock G29SF
  • Type: Pistol, Automatic
  • Barrels:
    • Upper: 1 × 10mm Auto
  • Ammo (Per Reload):
    • 10 × 10mm StRIP
  • Length:
    • Full: 175mm
    • Barrel: 96mm
  • Range (Per Ammo):
    • Throw: 100m
  • Firing Modes: Single
  • Modifications: N/A

A plain Glock 29SF is a Subcompact, slimmer model of the Glock 20. It carries a small 10 round magazine and it easily concealed. This weapon is only carried by Beatrix when not in casual clothes, tucked hidden away on the inner side of her belt.

Weapons (Other)

In addition to her many carried weapons, she keeps several special purpose weapons for her initial entry. They are usually kept in the trunk of her Marauder or Hummer, and kept there after emptying a single clip to clear her entry point.

TrixShot 09 m249pip.jpg
1 × FN Herstal M249 PIP
  • Type: Light Machine-Gun
  • Barrels:
    • Upper: 1 × .300 Blackout
  • Ammo (Per Reload):
    • 200 × .300 Blackout Supersonic StRIP
  • Length:
    • Full: 1035mm
    • Blade: 465mm
  • Range (Per Ammo):
    • .300: 800m
  • Firing Modes: Auto
  • Modifications: Plastic stock, Hydraulic Buffer system, Flash suppressor, Soft Pack ammo-chain cover.

A M249 with a Product Improvement Program (PIP) kit, rechambered to the .300 Blackout rounds. A solution if what you want is to deliver a barrage of suppressive fire. And who wouldn't want that?

TrixShot 10 MilkorMGL.png
1 × Milkor MGL
  • Type: Multiple Grenade Launcher
  • Barrels:
    • Upper: 1 × 40mm
  • Ammo (Per Reload):
    • 2 × 40mm Fordite Charge Grenade
    • 2 × 40mm Flashbang Grenade
    • 2 × 40mm Tear Gas Grenade
  • Length:
    • Full: 565mm
    • Blade: 300mm
  • Range (Per Ammo):
    • 40mm: 400m
  • Firing Modes: Semi
  • Modifications: N/A.

A Grenade launcher with a drum magazine holding 6 40mm grenades total, this weapons acts as a initial entry weapon, first blowing up a hole in the wall, then blinding whoever is in there, and then tear-gassing them. With this little tool, you're bound to make an entrance.


Beatrix uses a variety of modified weapons, and with those she uses a variety of customized rounds, as well.

StRIP - Silver-tipped Radically Invasive Projectile
A modification to the RIP (Radically Invasive Projectile) bullets, which are an advanced version of HP (Hollow Point) rounds.
Upon impact, the standard HP round loses its energy and breaks off, usually leading to severe injury. The RIP round is designed differently. Upon impact, the RIP round breaks off to 9 pieces, each flying a different trajectory, preserving energy from the collision. That maximizes impact and penetration of the bullet.

However, HP rounds in general, and the RIP round included, have always suffered of reduced aerodynamic performance. For that purpose many companies offered a plastic tip to their HP rounds. Before impact, the plastic gives the HP round the same aerodynamic property of a "regular" Spitzer round, and upon impact, the plastic is simply destroyed as it is too weak, letting the HP round deliver the increased stopping power it is known for.

The concept of using a silver tip instead of a plastic came as an answer to a need. Silver is a soft metal that needs to be hardened through magic to be used as a bullet against several creatures of the night. But while acting as a simple tip and filler for the HP (or RIP) round, it acts the same way a plastic tip would, creating a dangerous combination of the physically damaging HP/RIP round, with the mystically damaging Silver bullet.

StRIP rounds are available in the following calibers:

  • 8×75mm RS (used by: Vierling Safari Rifle)
  • 9.3×74mm R (used by: Vierling Sawn Off Shotgun)
  • 10mm Auto (used by: Raging LeMat, FMG-10)
  • 20ga Rifled Slug (used by: Raging LeMat, Vierling Safari Rifle)
  • .300 Blackout Supersonic (used by: Magpul PDR-C, M249 PIP)

Explosive Rounds
Silver may stop certain things that go bump in the dark. Other rounds may stop cartain things that go bump in the day. But there's something that stops pretty much anything that goes bump anywhere, at any time - Explosives.

Some of the ammunition Beatrix uses holds one of the most explosive compounds in the world - Fordite, a powerful concentrated explosive, created by Fordham Chemtech.

Fordite FRAG-12 - A 12-gauge mini-rocket with a impact-activated Fordite charge, charged after leaving the barrel.
Used by: Vierling Sawn Off Shotgun

25mm Fordite Charge - An Fordite-explosive, designed in the fashion of the M-18 Claymore Mine - Upon impact, it latches onto the surface it hits, detonating towards it, thus dealing most damage towards the enemy, and not just all around. Due to the nature of Fordite, though, those who are too close might still suffer from the blast.
Used by: KS-25

40mm Fordite Charge - Same as the 25mm Fordite Charge, only bigger, and thus stronger. Used as a breaching charge to penetrate building walls.
Used by: Milkor MGL

.50 Fordite Raufuss HEIAP - A modified Raufuss HEIAP (High-Explosive/Incendiary/Armor-Piercing) round, with the High-Explosive factor increased significantly by loading it with Fordite.
Used by: Vierling Safari Rifle


Body Armor

  • Composed of Kendrium, and Regor Plastic, a near-impenetrable synthetic fiber created by Fordham Chemtech.
  • Main armor is a set of Kendrium plates, over a vest made of scalloping Kendrium scale mesh for better impact absorption. All wrapped in black Regor Plastic to conceal the metallic shine.
  • Thigh guards and ankle guards are Kendrium plates, coated with Rigor Plastic.
  • Arm-guards are scalloped Kendrium sleeves coated in the black plastic, coming down from a bicep guard made mainly of the plastic, with four plates for increased protection.
    • Along the inner side of the fore-arm, is a notch on one of the scalloping plates, designed to support the stock of the FMG-10, or the stock of the PDR-C.
  • Facemask is a solid Kendrium plate covered in the plastic.
  • Helmet is a Kendrium scalloping Kendrium scale mesh, with a reinforced plexiglas visor, darkened.

Weapon Sheaths and Extras

  • To each side of her backplate there are two sheaths, one for a Vierling Sawn-Off, and one for a KS-23, when the Sawn-Offs have their grips aiming upwards and towards the plate, and the KS-23's have their grips aiming downwards and towards the plate.
  • Over the backplate hangs her Safari-Rifle, stock over her left arm, barrel going towards her right hand.
  • Between the backplate and her belt is a large rigid leather satchel, probably used to hold ammunition.
  • Under each arm is her revolver sheath, with the barrels aiming downwards, and grips aiming outwards. Between those and the armor, near the area of her revolver barrels, are the FMG-10 SMG sheaths, in their folded state, the grip aiming to the front, laser modules downwards.
  • Her belt holds 10 canisters (5 on each side) and 16 FMG-10 magazines (2 between each 2 cannisters, 8 on each side).
    • Each canister contains 3 pre-loaded revolver cylinder magazines, for swift reload of her favored weapon of choice.
    • Between the rear pair of canisters, where there is more space, a compact grappling-hook gun rests in a holster.
  • Between the belt and her thigh-holsters rests a rigid leather satchel on each leg. Probably containing ammunition.
  • On the straps on her leg rests a Magpul PDR-C on the side of each leg, two 100-round casket STANAG magazines on the front, and 3 knives on the back, in diagonal sheaths that go towards the outer side.


Papa Bear
A Red Marauder Kendrium/Orchicalum-plate armored, mine-protected vehicle, which she uses for her heavier targets. A big mean vehicle that can rip through just about anything (or anyone) in it's way. In its back she keeps additional ammo, and some additional heavy weapons she doesn't usually carry on her body armor.

Mama Bear
A dark green Hummer H1 Wagon, heavily armored with Kendrium/Orchicalum platings and reinforced bullet-proof glass, supported by airless Honeycomb tires. She uses this vehicle to bring a smaller, but just as crucial payload to her work, in a more compact vehicle, capable of driving more freely in areas like downtown MC.

Baby Bear
The smallest of her three vehicles by far, with a trunk she can only put her body armor in for cases of emergency. Her third vehicle, clearly designed for play more than for work, is a black 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Though she uses this car to cruise around with its powerful engine, she still had it reinforced, though much more lightly than her two bulletproof vehicles. Just so she won't have to pay the dent bill.