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Player: @chandaman1
Sheila 3.jpg
“I am not a mindless servant. I serve because I choose to serve.”
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 14
Research & Development: None
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sheila Smith
Known Aliases: Timber, Servant, Dog, Wolf, Pet.
Gender: Female
Species: Lycanthrope: Wolf
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Jeffrey Smith (Father); Rebecca Glasdell (mother; deceased)
Age: 21
Height: 5’4
Weight: 120lbs
Eyes: Bright Blue
Hair: Long. Brown and Black hair.
Complexion: Fair.
Physical Build: Well-toned. Lithe. Agile.
Physical Features: Dog collar with tag, silver bands around arms and wrists, pierced ears, pierced belly button, and two piercings in her lip.
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Identity: Publically Known
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: American and Australian
Occupation: None
Education: In College
Marital Status: Married to Vulpes
Known Powers and Abilities
Martial Arts. Can transform to half-wolf form and wolf form. Incredible sense of smell. Incredible sense of hearing. Increased speed. Increased strength.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Fighting Gii, hand wraps, special shoes.
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“Love goes toward love, as schoolboys from their books,
But love from love, toward school with heavy looks."

Romeo, William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


Timber aka Sheila Smith was born on January 1st, 1990 to a woman by the name of Rebecca Glasdell in Sydney, Australia. Before that, her father, Jeffrey Smith, had come into Sydney for a business trip when he met her mother. It was a case of a one night stand, with an emphasis on drinking that had the young woman pregnant with her first child. She didn't contact him as he went back to Miami, Florida. Nine months went by without saying so much as a word to Jeffrey, and not knowing about Rebecca, he didn't contact her at all either. He was a business man, a bachelor, and to him, she was just a one night stand. Soon she was in the hospital giving birth to the little baby girl. Unfortunately, there were complications. The doctors couldn't explain what happened that resulted in Rebecca Glasdell's death, for it was hard to determine. However,before she died she was able to give some of the information for the doctors to get in contact with Jeffrey. Thankfully, during their one night stand, they exchanged names and he had given the name of his company in Florida. This was how the hospital was able to get in touch with him. He received the phone call the day after and not knowing what else to do, besides denying the child and pretending she didn't exist, he traveled to Sydney once more to pick up his daughter. He didn't know one thing about taking care of children, but at that time in his younger years, he felt an obligation to take care of her... To a point. Unfortunately, Rebecca was not able to give her a name, and not knowing what to call her, he named her "Sheila" or girl. So, thus Sheila Smith was born.

Younger Years

She was raised mainly by other people that weren't her father, for he had no knowledge of how to raise a child. By the time she was five years old, she was a little rascal that was all over the place, curious about every little thing. Wanting to show her discipline and give her something to do, her father enrolled her into martial arts classes. She took to it immediately, and was soon practicing every chance she had. By the time she was seven years old, she had completely changed into something a bit different. She was calm, and almost passive in nature, letting things roll off her back. She spent the majority of her time alone though. She didn't have many friends growing up and so she spent most of her time either practicing her martial arts or singing in her room. Her father, not spending much time with the young girl, did not seem to either care, or want to spend much time with her, seeing her more of an inconvenience.

Middle school she was the loner. She didn't make many friends and even when she tried, it seemed as if no one wanted to spend time with the shy girl. She was good in school, trying to make it to where maybe even the teachers would see her, but even that seemed unfruitful. So she kept to herself, going after school every day to go to martial arts class to learn all that she could. She was the best in her class and her teacher even had her compete into competitions. She fell in love with fighting in the competitions and got heavily involved with them. Her first competition that she participated in, she received first place for the free style form.


Hoping that high school would be a bit different, she went in hoping to make friends and meet new people. Throughout high school though, it seemed her only friends were her books, her music, and her martial arts forms. She didn't let this get her down, however, and spent a lot of her time with competitions and making sure that she graduated with high grades. She even got into some honors classes because of how well she was doing in school. This did not impress her father, who had become a bit more negative towards his daughter. He constantly berated her and told her that she was useless, that the only reason she was born was because her mother took advantage of him. This caused her to become very introspective, only spending time with her teacher and no one else. By the time she graduated, she graduated with honors and even received a scholarship to Millennium City University for Physical Education Training.

Millennium City

Millennium City was huge to her. It was someplace new with all kinds of things going on around her. She got lost in the craze and the new atmosphere of College. There, she grew a love of Shakespeare and the arts through her English class and got heavily involved with it. Even then, with college, Shakespeare, and Martial Arts, she seemed to find a little bit of her place. She had a very small group of friends but she seemed to slowly come out of her shell, still very curious about everything around her.

Halloween, 2010

Sheila in her Timber Wolf Form.
When she was twenty years old, she was invited to a Halloween Party. This party would be the change in her life. She went with a few friends, thinking that it would be just a small party. Come to find out, it was a huge party at one of the Fraternities on campus. She instantly felt scared and unknowing of what was going on around her. She hid in one of the rooms away from everyone, looking out the window to watch the moon that was slowly rising up to the sky. When the moon hit it's peak, the screaming downstairs started. At first she thought that maybe it was a prank that the boys of the fraternity were playing. And then the multiple screams of other frat members started. She instantly began to worry, turning to look in the face of a blood red maw of a wolfish man with eyes of bright red. Her whole world went black.

When she woke up, she was hooked up to several IV's and in a hospital bed. She hurt all over as she looked down at herself. She couldn't remember anything from the night before. The doctor came in slowly and closed the door behind him. He walked over to her with a somber look to his face as he quietly told her that she had been infected with Lycanthrope. She was speechless, not knowing how to take that information. She could see outside her door the several policemen that waited to speak to her. When she asked why they were there, the doctor replied that she was the only survivor of a were-wolf attack. She was stunned. She didn't understand why she was the only one that had survived and not even anyone else could tell her either. Because of her new race, she was instantly disqualified from the human competitions in Millennium City. This saddened her until she found the supernatural bracket and started in that after she went through her first full moon. She likes to fight in her human form but recently has started liking fighting in her half form because of her new teacher.
Sheila in her Half Wolf Form.

Finding Noir


Trying to reach out to someone, Timber eventually found herself frequenting Club Caprice in Millennium City. There, she tried to use her beauty to make "friends" and other such individuals. It seemed to work for the most part, but she was still very shy around those around her. She didn't try to meet other wolves like herself because of the situation on how she became a were-wolf. It caused her to become very much a lone wolf, which wasn't exactly a change in her personality. One night, while she was visiting Club Caprice, she met a lovely woman by the name of Levana de Victoria. They seemed to get a long very well and eventually she also met her "pet" Ushoran, a tall and grey skinned man with glowing red eyes. They instantly knew what she was and she could tell from their scent that they weren't human. It slowly became apparent to her that they were vampires and for some odd reason that didn't disturb her. They talked and eventually she told them a little bit about her situation and how she became a were-wolf. They seemed to take pity on her and eventually invited her into the Noir Foundation. But first she would have to meet their Lord and the leader of the Noir Foundation: Lord Vulpes.
Sheila at Club Caprice with the Noir.

Meeting the Lord

She was taken to the mansion that belongs to the Noir Foundation and was left at the entrance. There she met the tall and handsome man known as Lord Vulpes. He asked her questions that she answered fruitfully in a way that pleased him. He called her "lucky" before claiming her neck in a bite, essentially being brought into the Foundation. A part of her was afraid of Lord Vulpes but she found him to be interesting as well. She had been told before hand that he was a great martial artist and that was one of the ways that he called her lucky because she mentioned it in her "interview". Their first class was that very day. She started off in her human form but he quickly had her change into her half wolf form to show him how much stronger and faster she was in this form.

She made her first mistake that class. He had walked out of the room and she took that to mean that she could leave. She started to leave and found him coming to her annoyed with her. He punished her with a bite to her neck, feeding from her deeply and making it hurt. It frightened her but at the same time seemed exciting to her. The next class she got better about her behavior. She became much more compliant and made another mistake, but not as harsh as the first one.

Becoming a Pet

Very slowly over the days, she became more and more interested in knowing more about Lord Vulpes. She liked spending time with him and it seemed like he enjoyed her company as well. She followed him where he went and eventually he started calling her his servant. She felt more and more happy to do so, starting to enjoy the bites that he delivered when he thirst. She is still a pleasant servant to him, following his orders to the T and is completely happy and willing in doing so.

Recent Events

Recently, Timber (Sheila) has been inducted into the Noir Foundation. She is a happy servant to the Noir Foundation and has recently become the Founder's personal servant. She has recently started getting better in her martial arts skill. She has passed the basics of Lord Vulpes' training and in reward, he gave her a lovely red and black collar with a tag with the Noir Foundation Flour-di-lis on the front. She wears it all the time and refuses to take it off for any reason. She has happily taken up the position of his personal servant.

More to Come


Sheila Smith is a very passive individual, filled with an abundance of curiosity and vigor. She can be brave when she wants to be, as well as assertive, but for the most part she is very lenient in that area. When she is around other werewolves, she is very much the opposite. She is very assertive and very much of the opinion of you follow the rules or you suffer the consequences. She is dominant when it comes to other wolves, partially out of survival of herself. With her background, she does not want to be caught unawares by another werewolf ever again, so she ensures that she is on top.

Jeffrey Smith - The Father

Jeffrey Smith, owner of Tricks and Jokes, has been a major part in Sheila's life. He was a driving force that turned her from becoming something more than what she is now. He was happy when she moved out to go to Millennium City for school. It was a big weight that escaped from him. His business continues to flourish, though he started dabbling in things that he probably shouldn't in order to make sure of that. He's made deals with certain individuals of the supernatural realm, specifically a wolf demon named 'Trygath'. When a competitor comes into the making, Jeffrey contacts Trygath again to make sure that nothing comes in between him and his success of his business. Trygath has been wanting to go to Millennium City in order to find his daughter, for he senses her as a female wolf that he could have a connection with.

(( OOC NOTE: This is the opening for her nemesis when she gains one at 25th level. ))


Lord Vulpes: Lord Vulpes is her lord and her master. She enjoys being with him and learning martial arts from him. She is almost always by his side in order to serve him at her maximum ability, offering to feed him and carry out his orders.

Levana de Victoria: Victoria was the first vampire that she ever came in contact with in her life. She met her at Club Caprice and has much respect for the daughter of Lord Vulpes. She has respect for her and finds her to be a great woman.

Ushoran: Ushoran is the Lady Victoria's "pet" and a fellow servant to the Noir Foundation. Sheila has found great trust in him and enjoys spending time with him talking freely.

More To Come

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"Such a good pet. She serves with Lord Vulpes well." - Tenebrosa