The Polychoron

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The Polychoron
Item Data
Known Aliases: The God's Box
Item Type: Unknown
Creator: Unknown
Creation Date: Unknown
Known Owners: Unknown
Item Speciality: Reality Alteration
Height: Dimensions vary.
Weight: Not Applicable
Extremely dangerous and powerful. To be immediately confined in most secure holding chamber available if encountered.

SUBJECT: Confidential


The Polychoron is a device of unknown origin that was recovered by PRIMUS scientists investigating unprecedented geological activity near a deep-sea trench. Although it is not sure whether the Polychoron was responsible for the geological activity, it is clear that it was not what scientists expected to find.

It is clear that the Polychoron is a device beyond what anyone on Earth is capable of creating. Although it was originally believed to be an alien artifact, scientists at GATEWAY became skeptical of such a conclusion, as the device did not match the technological patterns of any known alien civilizations.

According to UNTIL, there is no data related to the Polychoron in the General Universal Identification and Dimensional-data Extrapolation device.

Known History of the Polychoron

Although the origin of the artifact is unknown, the short time that it has spent on Earth has been carefully documented by several interested parties, including the PRIMUS Dimensional Research Division.

Modern History

Recovery of the Polychoron took place on March 13th, 2013. When the submersible sent to investigate attempted to grasp the Polychoron, several systems were damaged, forcing the vessel to return to the surface for repairs. After being refitted with various energy redirection circuits, the craft was sent down again, successfully retrieving the Polychoron during the second dive.

Upon being brought to the surface, the Polychoron was brought directly to the Millennium City division of PRIMUS, where it was studied extensively by nearly every facet of the organization in order to determine its origin, including the DRD. When no progress was made by PRIMUS, the Polychoron was held in confinement for just over two months before being transferred to UNTIL on May 17th, 2013. Research on the Polychoron was conducted by UNTIL's science division for roughly another month, until the project was given to UNTIL Science Affiliate Kaira Varium Otos for oversight. Finally, the Polychoron was confirmed to be an artifact of extra-dimensional origin, and was then moved to UNTIL's Facility Nine for immediate confinement. As of June 23rd, 2013, the Polychoron remains in Facility Nine's storage facility.


Ancient History

There are various tales describing something with similar qualities to the Polychoron scattered around the globe, dating back to roughly 2000 B.C.E.

Generally, the Polychoron is depicted as a glowing rectangle, sphere, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, or other geometric shape, often with a halo or indication of light surrounding it. Writings regarding the Polychoron often refer to it with a nearly godlike reverence, with classical and romantic texts describing the object often considering it to be a plaything of god himself. Additionally, it is often noted that the Polychoron was capable of "driving the wise mad," including supposed wizards and magicians, as well as seers and those with increased mental capabilities.

The Polychoron is also noted as granting the wielder various "godlike" powers, which every written account says is indicated by a "shattering of the sight," after which the will of the user is directly imposed.

Historical documentation of Polychoron-like objects are separated by large spans of time, during which it is assumed that the Polychoron was lost or stolen. Those who supposedly wielded the Polychoron often assumed the roles of saints, high priests, or magicians, often for their own gain. The Polychoron then suddenly disappears from their records near the height of the wielder's power.

Physical Description

According to UNTIL's science division, it is impossible to accurately describe the true form of the Polychoron without resulting to mathematics. In short, the Polychoron is a geometrically-shaped device that requires four spatial dimensions in order to hold its true shape, with the fourth being incomprehensible to the normal human mind, therefore rendering it intangible. It is projected by Otos that the Polychoron is not a strictly four-dimensional shape, and is instead capable of penetrating all spatial dimensions, with only those present on a particular dimensional membrane, along with the spatial dimension directly above the last, rendered as being possible to view at any given time.

The shape and appearance of the Polychoron tends to vary greatly. Rather than having a solid shape, it seems to be comprised of a set of highlighted networked points that drift within a set boundary, forming various constantly shifting shapes as a result. The points seem to be connected by small beams of light, not unlike a laser pointer.

Additionally, the Polychoron does not seem to have solid sides, instead seeming more like a "cage" in which various scenes are contained, shifting in a similar manner to the shape of the device. More often than not, the scenes within seem to resemble the vastness of cosmic space, or various formations of nebulous material. Additionally, the "faces" created by the networked points appear to distort what is contained within the Polychoron, much like various overlaid panels of glass. Changes in the "scene" within the Polychoron usually take place when one panel shifts over another, leading to a sharp "fragmentation" effect within the Polychoron.

Despite this, when the Polychoron is held, the boundaries conform to any geometric shape that the holder chooses in order to make itself properly tangible. When held by a machine, the Polychoron becomes a perfect cube.


The Polychoron is capable of a high level of energy output. Siphoning energy from the Polychoron is relatively easy, requiring little more than conductive material hooked into a circuit with the Polychoron functioning as the battery. Tests on the Polychoron have concluded that it is impossible to test the full extent of the object's energy reserves, as the equipment that was being used eventually overheated, destroying the circuitry. Whether or not energy-controlling metahumans are able to siphon energy from the Polychoron in a similar manner has not yet been tested.

Projectiles, explosive and otherwise, that have been tested on the Polychoron have resulted in their disappearance from physical space. Laboratory documents describe a phenomena in which all objects that were calibrated for damaging effects disappeared from space upon hitting a flat barrier that spontaneously appeared in front of the Polychoron, bound by points and lines of light in a similar fashion to what comprises the device's shape. When the effect is observed by those directly facing the barrier, it seems that all projectiles simply soar off into a nebulous expanse beyond that stretches forward infinitely. When viewed from the side, all objects that hit the light barrier simply seem to disappear entirely. When viewed from behind the barrier, all objects seem to cause an effect similar to the shattering of glass or the rippling of a liquid surface before disappearing.

Surprisingly, the Polychoron driving people mad has been observed, lending credit to various ancient accounts. Before Otos was transferred to oversee the project, researcher R. Charleston Evermore, the overseer of experiments relating to the Polychoron, went insane during his visit to see the Polychoron with his own eyes. It was originally assumed that Evermore was experiencing a seizure, until an abrupt change in his behavior resulted in solitary confinement. Despite being seen as a threat in his current state, researchers have since approached Evermore to see if they can extract exactly what it was he saw. So far, Evermore has only responded by drawing a series of geometric shapes in levels of increasing complication before silently withdrawing.

Following the Evermore Incident, all personnel conducting research on the Polychoron are required to wear special visual equipment in the form of camera goggles in order to ensure that they are not gazing upon the Polychoron directly.

Additional Notes

The public is not to be made known of the existence of the Polychoron. Any and all workers and those who view data or files related to the Polychoron are required to sign all necessary paperwork clearing them for access and legally binding them to keeping any and all information that they see confidential. Even those with proper security clearance are required to sign said documents.

Additionally, all sessions with R. Charleston Evermore are not to be disclosed in any way, shape, form, or fashion to anyone besides those within the top three tiers of PRIMUS and UNTIL without advance notice. Evermore's location of confinement and current state as of June 19th, 2013 are to be kept strictly confidential, even to those with proper security clearance to view said files.

Requests for additional information relating to the Polychoron and related experiments, locations, and personnel, are to be made directly to overseers in PRIMUS and UNTIL. Without express written permission granting the holder access to said information, no data will be disclosed, regardless of rank and standing within either or both organizations.

Incidents of Note

--The Polychoron is suspected to be central to incidents surrounding the breach of UNTIL's top-secret Facility 9. This has been neither confirmed nor denied. The super-group Protectors of the World, which has ties to UNTIL, is not expected to disclose any information, and are therefore not to be approached with the matter.

--Independent dimensional observers under contract with PRIMUS reported a dimensional disturbance that appears to by Polychoronic in nature, as it matches the energy readings that were originally found through testing.

--IMPORTANT UPDATE, 10/10/13: Said readings were reported by the same observers to have returned, and with greater frequency and intensity. This information has not been disclosed to UNTIL, or to PRIMUS operatives below security clearance level 12. Details have only been supplied by high-level PRIMUS operatives above security clearance level [REDACTED]