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"As we stand here, toghether, against tiranny and injustice.. we cherish in our hearts the unfathomable truth: we are more than a group, we are a family"

-Crash, before defending the city from an horde of Destroids

The Platinum Guardians are a modern superhero team focused on protecting humanity from some of it's greatest threats. Even if they mostly travel around the globe to fight against World Wide Criminal Organizations such as VIPER or the army of Doctor Destroyer, they keep preventing petty robberies and stand bright under the justice light; serving as one of the nation's, and the world's most dedicated crime-fighters, and stopping at nothing to serve as a shield for the greater good. They are the Platinum Guardians; heroes of the world.

Although they averagely only keep a small number of members at a time in their ranks, they recruit widely, and indiscriminately, allowing truly unique heroes join them. And when they're needed, they're on the spot ready for any threats and any situations quickly, prepared with a plan, and a means of backup. Rarely do these heroes admit defeat, as they will fight even to their personal demise for the greater good of the world.'

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Things your charachter could/should know

-The Platinum Guardians as a team has been on Live Tv a couple of times: once fighting in New York an army of Cyborgs and another one in Millennium City fighting Destroids.
-Almost all the Guardians has been in Tv at least once, for interviews or recordered while performing heroes stuff.
-The Moon Base they had is on the rebuilding thanks to their allies of the Global Defence Force.
-In two different occasions the Platinum Guardians were involved in the destruction of some walls at Club Caprice.

OOC info
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The Platinum Guardians are an LRP-MRP focused group that enjoy even HRP. We are a small group but we are very close and proud of our past events and our lore. We are currently looking around for some new recruits who would like to join the "family".

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