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Silver medal T.png
Boston's Own
The Oriole
"Give up now, and spare yourself the embarrassment."
Player: @BCall
Super Group
Freelance Vigilante
· Other Affiliations ·
MCPD, Primus
Real Name
Connor MacManus
The Blue Oriole, The Boston Oriole
October 1, 1995
Boston, Mass. (South-side)
Basement Apartment in Westside
Basement Apartment in Westside
Vigilante / Student
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Marion MacManus (Mother) , Bridget MacManus (Younger Sister) , Deirdre O'Connel (Aunt)
Physical Traits
Mutant Human
Caucasian, Irish Decent
Apparent Age
5' 11"
167 pounds
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Electricity Generation, Manipulation, and Resistance. Flight through use of a specially made suit.
· Equipment ·
Winged Flight Suit, Cell Phone, Custom Goggles, Adhesive Tracers
· Other Abilities ·
Some Boxing and Wrestling experience.


Born and raised in Boston's South-Side, he was your typical lower class Irish Catholic kid, interested in sports, mostly Hockey, and not a terribly strong student yet smart in his own way. He kept mostly to himself except for Murphy, his best friend since first grade, who knew him better than anyone. Tragically, when Connor was eleven years old, his Father, a dock worker of fifteen years, was killed along with eight others when Boston Police tried to apprehend an arriving ship owned by local drug-dealers. His family was rocked by the loss and Connor was now the man of the house, having to look out for his Mother and little Sister.

The tragedy stuck with him over the years and has inspired him to become a crime fighter after he discovered his innate talents two days after his fourteenth Birthday. On his way home from Murph's House, he was riding his bike through a nasty storm when a bolt of lightning struck a nearby pole, downing several live wires in the middle of the road. The large puddle of water that had gathered was instantly electrified and crackled with current from between the power lines, and Connor was headed right for it. He gripped his hand-brakes and slid towards the surely fatal electricity, closing his eyes and flipping over his handlebars. Landing in the puddle, the energy crackled around him, as he remained completely unaffected but curled up defensively. Realizing he was still alive, he opened his eyes and was shocked (no pun intended) to see that the electricity was not flowing through him, but rather around him. Standing up, the current surrounded him, and seemed to move as he willed it, which freaked him out even more. Shouting for it to 'go away', the electricity around him arced back into the rest, still bouncing around the downed wires. He gathered his things from the side of the road and found the comic book that Murph had given him for his Birthday, ruined from the rain, but allowing what just happened to click in his mind.

Connor was weirded out by his recent experience, but grew curious as to what else he could do with it and began experimenting with his powers. Starting small, he toyed with very small amounts of electricity, mostly giving friends harmless zaps when they didn't expect it, and reading about how electricity works. When he was sixteen, he began work on his suit, designing it himself with what he had learned in technical skills and electrical engineering. It took nearly a year to finish, but would allow him to fly, which along with his now harnessed electrical powers, meant he could finally do what every kid dreams of... Become a Crime-Fighter.


Black and cobalt blue custom-built flight suit with wings on forearms and retractable wings on the back. The emblem of an electrified bird is on the chest, and a mask covers much of his face. Blue goggles glow over his eyes, and his black hair is short and spiky.




1. Electricity Generation - Is able to call upon Electricity from his surroundings, drawing it out of nature or technology at will as needed. He accumulates this Electricity around him to shield him from some attacks, and wield in battle.

2. Electricity Manipulation - Is able to control Electrical currents and direct them at will. The wattage of the current can vary at will as well, fluxing from a tiny zap on up, depending on his needs. The upper-limits of his control have never been tested, as he can only wield as much electricity as he has generated around him.

3. Electricity Immunity - Is immune to the effects of Electrical currents of any amperage, or voltage, and in fact can be energized even more if attacked with Electricity based attacks. Grabbing a live power-line would not be foolish for him, but charge him up with plenty of Electricity to use.


Has some Boxing and Wrestling experience from his former High-School years, and can use it on occasion when fighting crime.

A decent Hockey Player as well, favoring the Left Wing position, but will only play on ice and not rollerblades, claiming to be a purist. Is also a major Hockey fan, specifically the Boston Bruins, and knows more about their history than one person probably should who isn't part of the organization itself.


1. Custom Built Flight Suit - The Black and Cobalt Blue Flight Suit has twin wings attached to the forearms for steering, and retractable wings that deploy from the back that generate the lift and thrust needed to achieve flight. Completely self-designed, the suit is not the most impressive piece of tech around, but gets the job done, and allows the Oriole to travel as swiftly as his namesake implies.

2. Custom Built "Oriole Eye" Goggles with HUD - Self-designed, these goggles are equipped with a Heads Up Display to assist The Oriole in combat situations. Also features thermal, and night-vision imaging and can also connect to the internet for quick access to maps and other information.

3. Adhesive Tracers - Simple GPS Tracking Chips coated in a homemade adhesive. Connects to Oriole Eye Goggles for easy tracking of subjects. Kept in a hidden compartment on his belt.

4. Homemade Smoke Bombs - Your basic distraction, filled with baking soda or other harmless substances, for use in escaping dangerous situations. Kept in a hidden compartment on his belt.


Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up to Boston

House of Pain - Top O' the Mornin to Ya