The Magic Bullet

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The Magic Bullet
Player: @AaronKorr
Biographical Data
Real Name: Steven Klingensmith
Known Aliases: The Magic Bullet
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: White and nerdy
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Yuki Sakura (Terasu) Klingensmith - Wife
Aisu Iwa Klingensmith - Son
Sue Klingensmith - Mother
Martin Klingensmith - Father
Paul Klingensmith - Brother
Shiro Uchiyama - Father in law
Age: 27
Height: 6' -7"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Eyes: Soft purple glow
Hair: Black
Complexion: Slightly tan
Physical Build: Slim and toned.
Physical Features: Glowing purple freaking eyes, tends to wear shades or sometimes contacts to hide this though he rarely hides it anymore.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: US Citizen, and claims to be a citizen of the Klaatu Verata Nikto system.
Occupation: Actor, voice talent, comedian, and co-owner of a local auto repair shop.
Education: College graduate with an eclectic mix.
Marital Status: Married.
Known Powers and Abilities
Unique magical talents.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Light armor, enchanted duster, and a pair of replica revolvers.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Background and Origin

The birth of a legend (In his own mind)

So you want to hear my story? Well here goes! First born son to Sue and Martin Klingensmith I grew up as a pretty average kid. Oh yeah I was smart and a bit of a geek, but totally average. Just your typical nerd, mind you I had some medical issues with asthma and I was nearsighted. Barely remember much but I happened to be out of town with family when Destroyer up and blew up my home, lucky me right? Hell of a family reunion, playing with my bro and a cousin and boom apparently Detroit exploded. So here we are at a reunion one moment and the next, homeless. So we ended up staying with family for the longest time and my first school sadly not where I was looking forward to going.

But anyways lets skip ahead a bit shall we? Pretty boring stuff in between anyways, well there was the one time I got this jerk in trouble by a near perfect mimic of his voice in class. Hah, he had it coming. Dude never let up off me after but i got him more than not. But anyways, on to my awakening. It was freaking crazy, about to graduate in like a few weeks and I had this wicked dream. Here I was in some post-apocalyptic world with this western styled feel, pretty cool huh? Anyways here I am in this cool duster and western gear and all with these old cracked shades wandering into some small community and boom! Some biker gang thing shows up with these sweet salvaged rides, pretty fancy tech and I guess they were well known, hard to say being a dream. The people were all but ready to hand over some of their hard earned resources out of fear, but not me oh hell no. So I just grab this old busted BB gun and guy just looks at me like I'm cracked, gonna fight them with a busted gun?

So there I go just smiling and walking out busted gun in hand. Those bikers just laugh at me when I threaten them with this obvious busted thing, so I smile and pull the shades off tossing them real high into the air and that's when everyone sees it, my glowing purple irises like some demonic possession or something. The bikers suddenly scramble for their guns but it's too late that busted gun? Suddenly glows with violet energy appearing like a holographic outline of some wicked assault rifle spewing out violet death bullets of a pure magical nature it seems, not one bullet wasted and every one of them dropped to the ground. Wasn't long after this I wake up shrugging it off as another crazy dream.

Now here I am getting ready for school, grab my glasses so I can see what I'm doing and in my mind going totally 'what the fuck?' because everything seemed to get a bit off looking as I put them on. I go and look down the hall from my room with them on then off and like... boom somehow my vision is just perfect. First time I remember not needing glasses. So I kind of flipped out, same as the rest of the family once they got a look at me. I'm all 'What?' and they're blinking and stuff and then.. 'Your eyes!' So into the bathroom for the mirror there and wow! Just like the dream my eyes... freaking glowing some purple shade. So major freakout here, missed school that day, just called in sick and ended up going in the next day wearing shades to hide the change. Got into it again with that jerk, and he knocks the shades from my face then laughing and mocking me for the new eyes and I kind of snapped. Had a pen in hand and well, I somehow shot him with it. That's right I turned a pen into a gun in the middle of a classroom, mind you the pen afterward was little more than melted plastic. And yup boom, out of school after that. Still let me graduate with my class, sort of. Got the degree and all but couldn't go to graduation on account of being a 'threat'.

With great power comes... lectures and part-time jobs?

So here I am with my world turned upside down, suddenly after some crazy dream I have super powers. Not only that but in perfect health, my 'awakening' managed to repair my eyesight, all my allergies, and even the asthma. Pretty cool stuff right? I still had some options for college and decided to stick with that for a little while at least, taking classes all over the spectrum. Mostly pursuing acting, or voice acting at least. Eventually I did get through the classes and all of course... then I had some real bad luck. The first attempts at pretty much any work in acting were disastrous at best. So I pretty much all but gave up on it as I started to try and find someone that might be able to help me with those neglected powers I apparently had.

Again, bad luck there for the most part. What I did no one had ever heard of before though most thought it must be of some magical nature so I was pointed to that council of finger wagglers. That went over real well. They did determine it was somehow connected to magic but not something anyone could teach me. Some labeled it as a form of wild magic, but one never before heard of. They even tried teaching me how to use 'traditional' magic to no avail. I just don't understand all that stuff. Oh but the best part? Had one of them come to me in secret believing my gift was a major threat to... well, everything. Due to how I seem to convert matter into a form of magical energy. Well, he was all like 'I'm too dangerous to let live' or something. And then made the mistake of grabbing me, were talking direct skin contact and I looked to be unarmed. How wrong he was. I ended up sending him flying into some wall where the impact knocked him out cold, but that wasn't the real injury I inflicted, his arms were a bloody charred mess as I used him to power the attack. Destroying the tissue of his arms to fuel me, his skin, blood, and even bone were all used leaving his arms permanently disfigured. The fact he attacked me was the only thing saving me with that in the end.

Of course after that whole debacle none of them wanted anything to do with me, which I was and still am fine with. Bunch of help they were. So I figure I had to learn it all myself and did just that while working some part-time job outside Detroit, just some boring thing honestly don't even remember what it was anymore. And yes... I am well aware it was renamed Millennium City, but screw that noise. So yeah here I am trying to figure all of this out and well I royally screwed something up, like took a jackhammer to my mind. So I was out of it for a few weeks I think with my mind pretty much shattered but I guess just enough there to rebuild it. I don't know really, can't remember much about the whole ordeal other than managing to recover somehow. Not much fun I can tell you that, but apparently my gift was at least partially telepathic. So yeah, that job was gone when I gathered my wits. Got another boring one at some movie theater and stuck there for awhile learning how to properly control the power I had.

So yeah, took me weeks or months, the time was a bit of a blur so I forget how long it was. But I learned how a good deal of control at least, mostly figured out the whole 'burning' bit in relation to my powers. And learned a few painful lessons in always keeping something close to hand if using them. And then once I had learned how to do all of that, well I was all excited and everything. Totally time to be a hero, but wait. I couldn't just go out without some cool look and name right? So it took a bit but I finally had it, took a bit from that dream I had and made this awesome western looking outfit titling myself "The Magic Bullet".

The Magic Bullet!

(( Current stuff, still working on. ))

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Power 1 - He has a rather unusual ability to 'burn' matter he touches to power a form of magic unique to him. It usually takes the form of varied constructs brought to life by his mind and likewise controlled through it,

though he has also demonstrated the ability to use this power to render himself or nearly anything invisible for a limited time. He also seems able to use this power to create portals of various sizes to locations he is familiar


Power 2 - He also possesses limited telepathy he can only use in close proximity.


Skill 1 - He possesses a good bit of mechanical knowledge from experience in the maintenance of his classic ride.

Skill 2 - He is rather talented at mimicking voices and sound effects as noted in the children's cartoon "Jackaltown" Where he does the voices of half a dozen characters.

Gear and Equipment


While not truly weapons he carries a pair of replica revolvers when in costume, in anyone elses hands they would literally just be hunks of metal.

Other Equipment

His duster is specifically enchanted to repel light fire and also shield him from a number of magical effects.

He also drives a 1972 Buick Skylark, that he lovingly maintains and even added a high tech kinetic barrier to it. The generator occupying much of the trunk.



Most notably his wife and son Yuki Sakura Terasu (Now Klingensmith) and Aisu Iwa Klingensmith. After them would be Snap Jaw and then Yuki's side of their family and finally the other members of The Cognatus. And... way down the line is his agent. Jerk. I'll never forget that one job. What WERE you thinking!?