The Iron Hand

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"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." -George Orwell

This article details the more important highlights of Colonel Kardan "Iron" Ferrous, USMC, Service Number 00512-1117-KF

The Iron Hand
Player: @WPSent
Semper Fidelis Ad Astra!
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kardan Ferrous
Known Aliases: Iron
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Augmented)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Cape Cod, Mass.
Base of Operations: Camp Edson
Relatives: Gabriel(Son), Lacey(Daughter), Dexter(Son), Nikola(Son), Alicia(Daughter)
Age: 52
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 127 kg
Eyes: Blue (Artificial)
Hair: Light Brown
Complexion: White; fair.
Physical Build: Chiseled
Physical Features: Force Recon Tattoo on his upper back, Tall.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 30
Citizenship: United States of America
Occupation: United States Marine Corps Colonel
Education: High School Diploma, Officer Candidates School
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Powered Armor
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Customized Power Armor and other gear/weapons.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Early Life

Iron was born on November 1, 1961 as Christopher Steele in Cape Cod Massachusetts. His mother served in the Navy (Patricia Murphy) and his father (Maxwell Steele) served in the Marine Corps. Not long after, his brother was born. Chris's childhood was tough since either his mother, father, or both parents would be on tours of duty. His mother died when he was twelve due to a terrorist attack by VIPER. His father is still alive, serving as a Major General.

Joining the Marines

Iron while serving in Force Recon.
"Baseplate, this is Backstop One Actual. Target destroyed. Send our regards to the flyboys. Out."

Soon after Chris graduated from high school at the age of 17, he signed up for the Marines to follow in his father's footsteps and to protect others so that what happened to his mother wouldn't happen to anyone else. He attended boot camp at Parris Island. After graduating from Boot Camp, Chris went on to train to become a member of Force Recon. He excelled at this and was assigned to the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, based at Camp Lejeune. During this time, he became more involved with his high school sweetheart, Susan Wagner, and married. Not long after, she became pregnant with their first child, Nikola.


After thirteen years serving in Force Recon, now Gunnery Sergeant O'Brien, was given a mission to an isolated area in Romania. His squad was assigned the task to investigate sightings of mechanizes droids that closely resembled Destroids. The squad's investigation led them to a "supposedly" abandoned industrial park that had a substantial underground portion. This underground portion contained a very much active facility that was producing these droids. Chris decided that they saw enough and that the squad were to plant explosives at key points and then rendezvous outside before setting off the charges. However, just before the squad made it to the surface, they were ambushed. Chris found himself trapped and cut off from escape. He broke radio silence and ordered his squad topside and to make for safe distance. Soon after, his radio was destroyed by incoming fire. After running out of ammunition and hoping that his squad made it clear, he detonated the charges collapsing vast portions of the structure, including where he was. Only two members of his squad made it out and reported back to base. Chris and everyone else was listed as KIA.

This was not to be though. Chris was found in the rubble and then taken to another, nearby, facility. Here, Chris regained consciousness and was told by an unknown doctor that this group was planning on making him a "Super soldier" for their use. Having sustained numerous, critical injuries, Chris was unable to resist as his body was further mutilated as his arms and legs were entirely amputated and his insides augmented with numerous cybernetics. After the work on his body, the unknown "benefactors" hired talent from PSI to work on his mind. Being loyal to country and family would not do them any good but completely erasing him was not viable either. Why not keep the training he already had? So, the PSI personnel sculpted mind-blocks around everything but that of his skills. Afterwords, he was placed within a set of armor (the basis of which he would later use and improve on his own) for testing compatibility. During one of these tests, Chris regained consciousness which was not part of the test that day as the planned indoctrination to make him loyal to them was scheduled for a later date. Knowing only that those in front of him were not friendly, he proceeded to massacre everyone he could find in that facility and set it's power source to self-destruct.

As he was flying away in his new armor, he looked back to view his handiwork. While distracted with the "pretty" explosion, he failed to look to where he was going and proceeded to crash headlong into a nearby forest at a rather high velocity and proceeded to knock himself out.


Not long after knocking himself out via tree (a European larch), he was discovered by one Darcus Von Alberict. Darcus' first comment to Chris upon his awakening was that he must have a "solid iron head".

Iron joined Darcus and the pair traveled through Eastern Europe and Russia for a couple of years, usually leaving an area due to provoking one group or several. An infamous "incident" recalled by both years later was a drunken dispute between a drunken Iron and Darcus and several Russian officials. This led to a hasty retreat from Russia and resulted in Iron managing to "borrow" a Russian Colonel's hat. Further details are neither clear nor forthcoming.

After spending some years abroad, both decided to more or less settle in Millenium City. Eventually, both married, with Iron marrying Alex Ascot and coming up with his new name, Kardan Ferrous.


During his time in Millennium City, the mental barrier erected in Kardan's mind began to degrade. It started when his first son, Nikola, found him residing in Millennium City. This quickly picked up when his brother came to visit. This event triggered a massive mental breakdown as he was unable to resolve the two "realities" and because the barrier wasn't completely broken. Kardan sought help to completely break down the barrier. Afterwards, with some time spent recuperating with his wife, he was able to reconcile his two "lives" and sought re-enlistment in the Marine Corps. This just happened to occur at a much needed moment.

Notable Campaigns and Missions

Operation Urgent Fury (Invasion of Grenada)
Operation Just Cause (Invasion of Panama)
Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm (First Gulf War)
Operation Restore Hope (Operations in Somalia)
Operation Thrown Crown (Kidnapping, Interrogation, and Assassination of a key target - CLASSIFIED)
Operation All Seeing Eye (Recon mission in Eastern Europe - CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET)
Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (Second Gulf War and War in Afghanistan)
Operation Pullman (Contain and Repulse Qualarr Invasion of Millenium City)
Operation Starlight (Remove Chinese Aggressor Forces from new Fusion reactor plant in the South Pacific)
Operation Snake Pit (Remove VIPER forces from underground Millennium City base)
Operation Hidden Venom (Investigate VIPER infiltration of Marine Command Structure - CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET)
Operation Neighborhood Watch (Recon mission of outer Solar system and nearby systems - CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET)
Operation Blue Shield (Assist in UNTIL recovery of biological agent.)

The Aegir Armor Project

During the 1980's, the Department of Defense conducted a study on the usefulness and survivability of United States servicemen in the field. This was due to the ever increasing threat of meta-level combatants and the rapid pace of weapon development. This study concluded that if something wasn't developed within the next 20 years, US service men and women could be completely outclassed on the battlefield. This was deemed to be unacceptable and proposals were asked for to rectify this.

The US Army then submitted a purposal for a large, armored exoskeleton as the solution to this problem. The US Marine Corps submitted a smaller, less bulky powered armor design. Both proposals were taken under consideration and approved for further development. Thus began Projects Wyvern (Army) and Aegir (Marines).

The initial proposal for the Aegir project outlined the following parameters the armor would need to meet: The suit must allow the Marine to operate in areas contaminated by nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons. The suit must allow for thefull range of movement of the human body and enhance them. Lastly, the armor must protect the Marine to withstand extreme punishment from new battlefield weapons. Late in the drafting process, the ability to operate in high pressure environments and in outer space and the temperatures associated with them was added. This was for work and fighting both in the sea, a natural extension of the Marine's role, and outer space. Something not seen at the time, but proved to be good in hindsight later on.

Several companies were contacted to work on the Aegir project in cooperation with DARPA due to past work and experiance. General Dynamics Land Systems would be the premier US company working on this project alongside Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei. GDLS and Krauss-Maffei were selected for their work on the M1 Abrams and Leopard main battle tanks respectively. Rheinmetall was considered for their work in heavy weapon systems. Recently formed OPCom Battle Systems Ltd. was chosen for their interesting work with complicated computer systems and AI work.

Work began earnestly in early 1988. Progress was slow as several problems quickly popped up. The first version of the armor was barely functional. It was too heavy, too slow, and too clumsy to be anywhere near what was needed. A complete redesign was conducted which resulted in the Mark II. Material choice for the armor plate now was relatively easy due to past work on the Abrams and Leopard. A revamp of the Chobham armor with new compounds and techniques was chosen for thier light weight and toughness while retaining the same protection capabilites. An Ionic Electroactive polymer and ballistics computer, coupled with advanced ballistic sensors, provide a second layer of defense, proving to provide ample protection but at the cost of power. A hydrostatic gel layer acts as the third and final layer of defense. All of these combined allow the suits to survive almost as well as modern battle tanks. However, power generation, control and computer miniaturization proved to be major stumbling blocks. Early working models lacked power and the necessary control for the desired goal. Seven years and $10 billion of research and development seemed to be stuck, waiting for the right breakthrough to be made.

This breakthrough was discovered in 1995 as, then First Lieutenant, Kardan Ferrous found his way back to the United States after his apparent death during a Force Recon mission in Eastern Europe. He returned with the armor made and given to him by those who schemed to use him. While the armor plate was simple refractory steel, the pulse fusion reactor and neural interface were the key to making the Aegir project viable. Six months of work was required to interface the two suits into the next Aegir armor model, the Mark III. Field testing was conducted during the entirety of 1998 at Aberdeen as numerous bugs and improvements were worked out. These improvements, along with a nanite repair system, were integrated to produce the Mark IV version of the armor.

Everything worked fine and several armament packages were developed by Rheinmetall for numerous roles; from anti-infantry to anti-armor to indirect fire support. These bolstered the two weapon systems already integrated into the suit; the M45 Tactical Solid State Laser and M90 Pulse Plasma Projectors. However, the suit proved too costly with these integrated weapons. The construction cost for the Mark IV was projected to be around $1 billion per suit. This forced the designers to strip out the integrated weaponry and contract both US Ordnance and Colt's Manufacturing Company to develop a new personal weapon and sidearm respectively. This resulted in the M20 battle rifle based around a 12mm linear accelerated penetrator sabot round and the M11 12.7mm pistol.

All of this cut the cost of the armor down to nearly 50 percent of the original's cost to a more economical $500 million per suit. These stripped versions were thus designated as the Mark IV(b) suits while the original was designated Mark IV(a) and serves as an experimental command version of the suit. After the events in Detroit however, it was decided another year of development and testing were required to upgrade the suits further with advancements in synthetic muscle fibers. A thousand suits, along with personal weapons and the Rheinmetall indirect fire support packages were ordered and shipped to Camp Edson, just outside the Millenium City city limits to await the men and women who would use them.

In 2014, all Mark IV suits were upgraded with newer armor plates and system software along with new synthetic muscle fibers which increased strength, reaction time, and better energy efficiency. These are now considered Mark V suits.

Capabilities of the Mark V(a) Experimental Command Armored Combat Suit


The under layer of Kardan's armor is a Coltan-Titanium Exoskeleton reinforced in key areas with carboplatinum. A dense crystal lattice runs underneath this layer to provide local energy storage from a pulse-fusion reactor mounted underneath the chest laser cannon. An Electroactive Polymer liquid armor acts as an active defensive as it hardens as kinetic projectiles or energy weapons strike the armor and protects against radiation exposure. A hydrostatic gel layer between Kardan and energy lattice allows Kardan to survive and take less damage from kinetic strikes or falls. A free fall from too far or a hard enough impact will transfer through however. This gel layer is also laced with nanites. The job of these nanites is to dispose of any bodily wastes produced and to recycle them for later use as the suit computer decides as well as acting a stop-gap repair measure for the armor.


Covering the sub-structure in key points is another layer of armor. This layer is made up of armored plates composed of nanocrystalline ceramics and nanocomposites structured in a honeycomb like structure skinned sandwiched between layers of Fullerene. This is then furthered enhanced with a coating of Chromogenic material that allows different camouflage patterns to be replicated on demand by sending tuned electrical charges through the plates to help break up the outline of the suit at range.

Also of note is that there are different variations for Kardan to pick based on the situation at hand. A slim version minus backpack module, shield, and chainsaw for low-threat areas that allows for the best maneuverability. A flight version where the shield and chainsaw are dropped as well, but a thruster backpack module is used to provide a better aerodynamic profile and speed while in flight. Finally the assault version uses the chainsaw, shield, and missile-pod/Gatling gun combo backpack. This final version still retains the ability to fly, but performance is badly degraded compared to others.

Iron in his armor.
A recent image of Colonel Ferrous in his armor.

Integrated Weaponry

  • Palms - Plasma projectors. Allows Kardan to strike targets with streams of tightly-focused plasma. Rated at 1 MegaJoule per burst.
  • Right Wrist - Dual bladed Chainsaw. Monomolecular-edged teeth and high torque motors allow the chainsaw to cut through most armors. Very effective on infantry regardless of armor. Engraved with "Mr. Chainsaw" on the side.
  • Chest - A diode pumped alkali high energy laser emitter. Beam power is rated around 3 MegaJoules. This is roughly equivalent to 1.5 pounds of high explosive.
  • Backpack - A single Cyclone Missile pod and 10mm chaingun. Provides anti-armor and anti-air capability.
    • Cyclone Missiles x6 - Each missile is equipped with a dual purpose Anti-armor/Anti-personnel warhead and tops out at Mach 4.
    • 6.8x45mm Minigun - Mounted on the right side and uses telescoping ammunition. Can be independently targeted from current view angle. 1000 Round capacity.(Represented by the spotlight on the model.)
      • Ammo Types Used:
      • FRAP - Frangible Armour Piercing (Using tungsten carbide penetrators designed to shatter after penetration. Fragments then tumble through the interior.)
      • HEAP - High Explosive Armor Piercing (Uses an explosion to blast a path for an armor penetrator. Ideal use is on heavily armored targets.)
      • IT - Incendiary Tracer (Using a "super-thermite" compound; Aluminium-molybdenum(VI) oxide, this round ignites almost immediately after leaving the barrel and produces more heat and light than a normal tracer.)

  • Shield - The shield used by Kardan uses a similar composition of his armor but also contains energy projectors which allow him to form a hard light barrier not far from the shield to protect from most forms of attack, however using such a shield requires enormous amounts of power which results in reduced overall capacity.
  • Camouflage - The armor can go from an urban, desert, arctic, and other conditions and change the pattern to provide the best effect. Note, this is not a cloaking system as it cannot, yet, adapt to on the fly background changes.
  • EMP Shielding - Since the armor is expected to continue to work in the situation of Nuclear Warfare, the armor is treated with the same shielding all USMC Powered Armor comes with, a Faraday nanoweave through the armor's substructure that shields the sensitive components against the effects of EMP.
  • Shoulder Pads - Integrated Chaff and Flare dispenser for when the armor is in flight.

Other functionality

  • Able to instantly integrate remote telemetry and first-person input from up to 100 distinct channels ranging from full spectrum EM to acoustic, barometric, and pheromonal, presenting clear, concise tactical summaries via a separate, dedicated computer.
  • Able to provide a full suite of secure and encrypted communications.
  • Full-spectrum acuity from 1m to 100m (including terahertz radiation); 50x optical zoom at visible wavelengths and 80x digital interpolation.
  • Dual air intakes mounted on each side of the helmet with UV/HEPA-filters: Traps particulates as small as 500 nm, kills biologicals and neutralizes a wide range of chemical agents without compromising air flow.
  • Three days of sealed operation. Food, water, and air are all provided for. After this period, the suit must be resupplied.
  • Can keep the user alive in extreme temperatures. 600 C to -150 C

Current Status

Kardan currently resides in a nice suburban house not far outside Millenium City and near Camp Edson. He's currently serving in the United States Marine Corps as a Colonel and is the Commanding Officer of the 1st Marine Raider Regiment, recently reactivated and repurposed.

First Marine Raider Regiment



Lacey Ferrous

Lacey Ferrous, daughter of Kardan and Alex Ferrous. Technical genius. Co-creator of Mantis along with her father.


Dexter Ferrous

Dexter Ferrous, son of Kardan and Alex Ferrous. Also gifted in technical matters but also takes a liking to combat. Signed up to the Marines to follow in his father's footsteps.



First android child Kardan created. As he tells it, it was during a Saturday night after a few too many and thought it would be hilarious to build a missile that talks to the enemy before exploding. The end result? A sentient and self-aware munition that Kardan took a liking too. He is treated just as his own flesh and blood.



Second android child. This time the creation was deliberate and as a result, Mantis has more "life-like" qualities initially. These were boosted when an incident with black magic changed him from a purely synthetic life form to a techno-organic one. After an incident where mantis flew all the way to a battle zone because "Dad wasn't home" he's treated like a mascot of the 15th ACS and serves as in an advance recon and sabotage role.



A few years after Mantis came online a friend of Iron's, Graham Row, decided that he too wanted to develop an android and let Iron "adopt" him. However, this one would be slightly different from the rest. While his artificial intelligence would be on par with Andy and Mantis, his form would include several functions that would prove surprising and endearing. First would be the internal minelayer. Iron would only find out about this after losing a lawnmower to a fiery explosion in the back yard. The second, and less surprising feature, would be the internal lego block constructor. Hal has the capability of scanning an individual and producing a lego replica of said person.



  • Power System - Kardan is provided power from four batteries, two in his torso and two in his legs. With advancements in technology to generate electricity from heat, simple body movement, and from the body itself burning calories, these highly efficient batteries are able to stay fully charged at "normal" use and can keep up even with the longest workout. However, this does mean that Kardan does need to eat more than average after extreme physical stress to avoid power loss. This is offset in combat conditions as his armor's power source supplements his body's energy reserves.
  • Nanite hives - Within his fortified ribcage are nanite hives. These hives are where new nanites are created to replace old or broken ones. These nanites provide repair and upgrade functionality to most of Kardan's organic and synthetic systems. However, intense activity quickly drains on board energy reserves. Critical injuries will either take a long time, or require a large, secondary source of power and material.
  • Eyes - These artificial eyes allow for normal vision, low-light vision, EM detection, and infrared. Provides protection from extreme brightness and allows for x10 magnification.
  • Brain - Modifications and enhancements to the brainstem allow both for increased reflexes and local AI storage. Accompanying these are further augmentations to various other portions to allow the brain to react much faster than normal, entering a "Bullet Time" like state for a short while. This however pushes both man and machine beyond safe operating norms and can only be used in short bursts to ensure brain damage is avoided.
  • Arms & Legs - Made out of a carbon fiber weave for the "bone" portions and a modified version of nano-fiber (Usually found in powered armor to provide strength boosting) to act as "muscles". These are nigh unbreakable and provide remarkable strength and reflexes. These are also covered by a synthetic approximation of skin that is nearly impossible to tell the difference from the "real McCoy" without the use of lab equipment. This also allows Kardan to hide where the implants meet with his torso.
  • Heart - Modified to endure increased stress and needs. Attached medical dispenser can inject various chemicals that range from painkillers to coagulants in case an injury is suffered.
  • Lungs - Modified to provide greater and more efficient oxygen flow.
  • Backbone - Enhanced bone structure and nerves allow greater stresses and faster reflexes without compromising flexibility.
  • USMC AI Unit Amberley - Introduced to house his resident AI, Amberley. She helps run the automated systems within Kardan and makes them more efficient. She also provides help in parsing battlefield data and in general acts as his adjutant if required.


  • Martial Arts - Iron is trained in a variety of martial arts. Most notably in LINE, MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) and Krav Maga. However, after the amount of time spent in his armor, with it's particular traits, he's developed a unique fighting style that mixes brute force and sweeping attacks with faster and smaller attacks that allow him to tackle just about any opponent.
  • Firearms - After a long career in the Marines, Iron is a crack shot with just about any weapon.
  • Tactician/Strategy - It goes without saying that if Iron wasn't a good tactician, he wouldn't be in command of an entire Marine Regiment. His skills both shine in small unit tactics and large scale maneuvers.
  • Multilingual - Given his time abroad and recon duties, Kardan is multilingual. He speaks English, German, and a touch of Russian.
  • Well Trained - At the height of Iron's career as an enlisted man(Staff Sergeant), he held the MOS of 0326 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute and Combatant Diver Qualified. On top of that, after becoming an officer, Iron has added even more training on top of the rather long list of skills he has acquired throughout his time in service, including reaching Masters level for EOD. From diving, to air drops, to armor and weapon maintenance, there is very little Iron hasn't learned in the ways of war.

Gear and Weapons

Note: These are weapons and gear Kardan either owns or has access to (except his armor). He does not usually carry any of these unless the situation calls for it.

KA-BAR Knife
Marine Officers' Mameluke Sword
Barrett M107A1
Five-seven USG x2
Colt M1911A1 x2
Colt Delta Elite x2
M-45 MEUSOC Pistol
Colt 1991 x2
HK Mk 23 Mod 0 Pistol
Atchisson Assault Shotgun (AA-12)
P90 Laserex x2
Springfield Armory M1 Garand (Refurbished)
Colt M4A1 SOPMOD Block I Carbine x2
HK 416A5 x2
HK 417 "Recce" Variant x2
M14 Rogue x2
AAC "Honey Badger"
M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle
HK 21E

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429- Was the car his father gave him after completing Basic.
Black H1 Hummer- Kardan's idea of a "family" vehicle.
1969 USMC UH-1 Echo "Huey" Gunship- Bought and made flight worthy with some elbow grease, Iron has taken the liberty of slightly personalizing this Huey gunship and installing some modern avionics, but it otherwise remains in its 1969 state.


Kardan loves to play music during battle where it's appropriate, usually broadcasting it over enemy frequencies and audibly from his armor. When asked why he does this, he answered: "Sometimes it scares the hell out of the enemy. Usually though, it just gives a moral boost to the men and women under my command."
These are his more popular choices.

Indestructible - Disturbed
The Animal - Disturbed
Inside the Fire - Disturbed
We Are the Chosen Ones - Dream Evil
Highway to Hell - AC/DC
Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC
Through the Fire and the Flames - DragonForce
Primo Victoria - Sabaton
Resist and Bite - Sabaton
Attero Dominatus - Sabaton
Ghost Division - Sabaton
Gott Mit Uns - Sabaton
Midway - Sabaton
Screaming Eagles - Sabaton
White Death - Sabaton
Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi
Carry On - Avenged Sevenfold
Not Ready to Die - Avenged Sevenfold
Sacred Worlds - Blind Guardian
Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones
Feuer Frei - Rammstein

Awards and Honors

Iron in his Class A's.
Colonel Ferrous in his office.

Navy Cross (With 1 gold star device)
Silver Star
Navy and Marine Corps Medal
Bronze Star (With the Combat "V" device)
Purple Heart (With 2 gold star devices)
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
Air Medal (With the Combat "V" device)
Joint Service Commendation Medal
Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal
Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal
Combat Action Ribbon
Presidential Unit Citation
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation
Navy "E"
Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal (With 4 gold star devices)
Fleet Marine Force Service Ribbon
Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal (With 4 bronze star devices)
National Defense Service Medal
Southwest Asia Service Medal
Afghanistan Campaign Medal (With 2 bronze service stars)
Iraq Campaign Medal (With 2 bronze service stars)
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Navy/Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon
Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia - Fifth Class)
Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)
Navy & Marine Corps Parachutist Insignia
Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Insignia
USMC Combatant Diving Badge
Pistol Expert Badge
Rifle Expert Badge

USN Parachutist.png

Tropes that Fit

Artistic License - Military- To sometimes make RP more interesting or capable of happening, this trope is used. Another reason is that I have a limited working knowledge and may get a few details wrong now and then.
Anti-Hero-Pragmatic Anti-Hero
More Dakka- See Gatling Good.
Gatling Good- See more Dakka.
Chainsaw Good - Groovy...
Gun Nut- See Gear and Weapons Section.
Action Dad- He has six kids and three androids.
Badass Grandpa- Nikola and Lacey both have kids of their own.
Colonel Badass
One Man Army
Semper Fi
Powered Armor
Cyborg- Also see: Artificial Limbs, Electronic Eyes, Unwilling Roboticisation, We Can Rebuild Him
Ace Custom- His suit of powered armor by no means represents the standard Marine issue. Highly specialized and customized.
Autobots, Rock out!- Loves to play music during battles and other instances where it fits his fancy.
Vitriolic Best Buds- Iron and Donovan Roivan
Good is Not Soft- Would gladly give the coat off his back to a friend in need, but has no qualms about killing those who deserve it.
Military Maverick- He doesn't do it often and only with a very good reason.
Super Soldier- Arguably after his cybernetic "upgrades".
Do Anything Solider- Not quite, but after 30 years of service, Iron has trained to do a lot of different jobs.

I Call It Vera- The chainsaw guantlet on his armor is named "Mr. Chainsaw".