The Consul

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The Consul

The Consul is an organisation which started as the result of the OSF victory over 3 different planets in the same solarsystem. The Poltan, Kymorians and Ben'haians have united in this organisation to finish off the OSF. Joining their armies together, combining their knowledge, trying to overcome a powerfull threat. It was formed shortly after the end of the Battle for Avaren by Beyel Yirkal of the Poltan, Alardran Urnimdra of Ben'hai, and Nikahim vir Essasha of Kymore. They form "The Elite" of the Consul. There are more members, which will be described after The Elite. The Consul's HQ is situated on Yveso, a moon of Ben'hai. It is a very well defended fortress, filled to the brim with heavily armed security personnel under the command of the Ben'haian commander Burban Koon. Its space perimeter is being guarded by the Poltan warlord Vokel Mimos and his airforce.

The Elite

Beyel Yirkal


"I can assure you, Kymorian, old rival of the Poltan, that...Us Poltan have changed over the course of time...We are now here to help, not to destroy. Trust me on...My word, ambassador. Machines can change."-Beyel talking about the rivalty between Kymorians and the Poltan, to Nikahim.

Beyel Yirkal is a female Poltan (and the only female Elite), and the prime minister of outland affairs. She was discussing with a few Kymorian ambassadors when the OSF attacked. She instantly called together the Poltan Ministery, which consisted of warlord Vokel, minister Chervel, minister Bokel, and herself. It was decided by warlord Vokel that they would fight back. Beyel accepted this choice too. The Poltan possess a gigantic airforce under Vokel's command. All of this resulted in an epic space battle between the OSF and the Poltan airforce. The Poltan flagship, the Dauntless Destroyer, had proven itself the strongest flagship of both parties, even besting the OSF's flagship, the Yellow Lance. However, the Dauntless Destroyer was still lost in the battle. It went down in sacrifice. The Poltan knew the OSF was too powerful, so they saw no other way than to do the one action that decided the battle. Minister Bokel took over control of the Dauntless Destroyer, and made it fly into the Yellow Lance. The explosion that it caused was huge, killing everyone inside and destroying the Yellow Lance. The Dauntless Destroyer however suffered the same fate: everyone inside, including minister Bokel, had to face their demise. Sadly, no one knows it was Beyel who struck a deal with the OSF, in order to let her people survive. She gave Poltanusk, in exchange for mercy. The OSF's leader accepted it, and he had mercy. But that didn't mean he wouldn't enslave all of the Poltan. And so it happened. Only Poltanusk's army, the ministers and a big deal of civilians made it away from the planet. The others were enslaved. Beyel regrets the choice she made, and rather wishes she had beaten the OSF, instead of striking a deal with them. All these events turned her into a quiet and unsure Poltan. What she plans now is to liberate Poltanusk, along with Kymore. She joined the Consul for this very reason. What her intentions are when the OSF is gone, remains a mystery, but the Kymorians fear that the Poltan will become an even bigger threat than the OSF. Beyel assured the Kymorians that the Poltan are a peaceful race, and have changed since the time they tried to take over the Ississ solar system. She and Alardran are two of the few people who know about the superweapon the Poltan are currently making. She assured Alardran that the Poltan would not misuse the superweapon, instead trying to threaten the OSF with it. She and Vokel are also busy with trying to retrieve the "Warmaster H-097", an old Poltan superweapon that fell into the hands of the OSF.

Nikahim vir Essasha


"I don't know who these guys are or where they come from...I only know that we all want to kick their butts back to where ever they came from!" -

Nikahim during the first meeting of the Consul.

Nikahim vir Essasha is a male Kymorian and their ambassador. He was walking around in his mansion's garden, when his bodyguard Nabec Arkin ran up to him and reported that strange ripples in time space had appeared near Kymore. As peaceful as Nikahim is, he waited for what was coming. And what came was completely unexpected. All of a sudden, Kymore was in war. Nikahim was called to the Ambassade, where he and other ambassadors were discussing what to do. They decided to fight. Nikahim hates to fight, but he had no choise. Kymore has a huge army on the ground, but isn't that strong in aerial combat. The OSF suffered huge losses on the ground against the Kymorian tanks, mechs, and extremely well armed soldiers. However, the OSF adapted to the situation and shifted to aerial combat. The Kymorian army got crushed by the OSF's near endless fleet of gunships and bombers. Nikahim, along with all other ambassadors and at least 2000 civilians, escaped the war torn Kymore. He was shocked and confused at how fast it went: It took the OSF 3 days to defeat the Kymorian army, take over Kymore, and enslave the Kymorians remaining on the planet. He joined the Consul as soon as he knew of it's existance. He is now planning to rebuild the Kymorian army, and help liberate Poltanusk and Kymore. He fears the Poltan, for he knows that the Kymorians and them have never been good allies. But now that he has met Beyel, he has hope. He thinks Beyel might even be the Poltan with the most personality he has ever met. And despite Beyel is quite silent, he knows how nice she actually is. Some people are making fun of Nikahim's personality and armoring. His mild and nearly girly personality, combined with his purple armoring, appearantly forced people to make jokes about his sexual preferences. However, he has claimed not to be gay in any way, even saying he already had over 4 wifes. What few people know is that Nikahim is the -last- Kymorian you want to be your enemy. He'll never rest before he has defeated his nemesis. When he gets angry, his personality changes from mild, to extremely harsh. He wields an energy blade designed by warlord Vokel, as a sign of friendship between the Kymorians and the Poltan.

Alardran Urnimdra


"Ben'hai is not lost yet...And let's make sure it will NEVER be lost."-

Alardran after suggesting to get the OSF off of Ben'hai.

As Ben'hai's emperor, Alardran Urnimdra is responsible for the peace on the planet. He could not maintain this peace during the OSF's attack, even being taken prisoner by Vorakk during the War for Avaren. When he got freed by the L.A.J, he is the one that came with the idea of the Consul. He used an old mining base on the moon Yveso as an HQ for the Consul. He recruited the best of his generals and leaders, and transported them to Yveso. He hired some Poltan Constructors to make living appartments at the mining base, and to make it more inhabitable. After all that had been done, he tasked general Burban Koon with guarding the base from the inside, and later he tasked warlord Vokel with guarding its space perimeter. He hoped for all other Ben'haian factions, such as the L.A.J, to join. Lucky for him, those factions did. He is now known as the head of the Consul. He comes up with most plans and tactics, and also tries to keep the Consul together. He knows the Poltan and the Kymorians are rivals, but he tries to maintain the peace between the two. Lucky for him, he has the perfect personality for being in charge of a faction such as the Consul. He is calm, can plan ahead, and most of all: He is kind to friend and foe. He intends to get the OSF off of Ben'hai first, to make sure they'll have a place to run to once the OSF seems to get too powerful. After that, he wants to liberate Kymore and Poltanusk. He and Beyel are two of the few people who know about the superweapon the Poltan are currently making. He wants to make sure the weapon will not be misused, but Beyel assured him it would not happen.

Other important members (And factions)


Warlord Vokel


Warlord Vokel is a male Poltan who is in charge of the Poltan military force. He is known for being rather unfriendly, and VERY unreliable, having betrayed the Poltan a few times. Also, he is the one behind the great rivalry between the Poltan and the Kymorians. He is a rather good speaker, being one of the few Poltan to actually be able to change the pitch of his voice. He gained the trust of many Kymorian ambassadors, and slowly but certainly manipulated them to the point where they gave him critical information about the Kymorians. When the OSF attacked, he was the one who wanted to fight back. They lost, but that didn't even slightly damage his self-esteem. It only seemed to have grown. As of today, no one really trusts Vokel, but sadly enough, they all have no other option than to co-operate with him. Not very much is known about his intentions, but they seem to be far more sinister than everyone could have anticipated...

General Burban Koon

General Bulban Koon.png

General Burban Koon is the one currently in charge of the army that is on Yveso, where The Consul's headquarters is settled. In his past, he was a normal squad leader on a mission in Elnarynn Province. The OSF had invaded the place and raided all factories, the Ben'haian weapon technology there was all stolen. He and his squad were successfull in intercepting an OSF cruiser, loaded with Ben'haian technology. However, when returning it back to an L.A.J base, Koon and his squad came across a minefield with OSF jumpmines. Already 2 of his squad had died during the interception of the cruiser, so he did his best to avoid the mines. However, he cared too much about his team to care about himself. In an attempt to find mines, he accidently triggered one. It jumped up and exploded right in front of him, literally blowing his arm off. Suffering from the pain, his squad slowly carried him through the minefield. Once they returned, his squad member Eskele Zakoru (a field medic) took care of Burban's ravaged body. She came to the conclusion his legs were too severely damaged, and could not be used anymore. A few hard days followed for Burban, in which he became more machine than Ben'haian. From the waist down, everything was replaced with machinery. His left arm got replaced by a robotic one, and his left eye is now a scanner. Now he goes through life as at least two third machine. He climbed up ranks and is now known as General Burban Koon, guardian of Yveso.

Commander Trik fiv Birak

Commander Trik.png

Now that the OSF is more active than ever, Trik and her fellow L.A.J members decided to also join in with The Consul. Under the command of the Poltan warlord Vokel Mimos, Trik and the other L.A.J members are fighting on Poltanusk, trying to bring down an OSF Radio Antenna. They managed to trespass the OSF's long range anti-spacecraft cannons on Poltanusk, but bringing the antenna itself down is not easy: The antenna is heavily guarded by the OSF, as it is THE antenna that controls all of the OSF Robotic units. Tons of L.A.J Soldiers have passed away already, but Trik (as the stubborn person as she is) continues the war. There are rumors that she and commander Ruzvuk have a secret love together, but that has yet to be confirmed. Commander Trik fiv Birak is stubborn, reckless, but also cares for every unit in her army.

Commander Rakyk ark Quaoia

Commander Rakyk.png

Commander Rakyk ark Quaoia is one of the more unique members of the LAJ: She is namely the one that is the most cyborg. Even worse than Burban. Rakyk lost her body after an intense firefight with the OSF during the Battle for Avaren. At first, she didn't want to accept the fact she couldn't do various things anymore, but finally had to give in. She couldn't live her life as a half-destroyed Ben'haian floating in a tank. With the help of the Poltan, they constructed her a new body. They placed Rakyk's brains, eyes, and other vital organs inside the machine, and the new Rakyk was born. The new body is optimized for combat, having built in aiming systems, various built in weapons, and a very strong armoring. Rakyk is currently on Poltanusk, fending off OSF at the LAJ's homebase on that planet. Most soldiers of the LAJ are afraid of Rakyk, and not only because of her looks, but mostly because she is likely the toughest of all of the leaders on Poltanusk, maybe even tougher than Trik and Burban.


The Consul also consists out of various factions of other planet, which are:


The Lead Army of Jylt is a Ben'haian military faction that has been around for ages. It is one of the largest factions in the Ississ solar system, having more than 31 million soldiers at their disposal. That number is EXCLUDING the various gunship pilots and commanders. The L.A.J is being led by Mak' uk Talkan, who is the supreme general of them. Other leaders include general Burban Koon, commander Ruzvuk Talkan (Mak'uk's younger brother), commander Trik fiv Birak, and commander Rakyk ark Quaoia. The L.A.J was established during the period in which Ben'hai was led by Emperor Rayos, and Empress Rhin, 30 years before the OSF struck.

The Zhilkin fleet

The Zhilkin fleet, also simply known as the Poltan Airforce, is a massive aerial army led by the Poltan warlord Vokel Mimos. The Zhilkin fleet has shrunk dramatically after the OSF attack on Poltanusk, but it still remains one of the larger factions in the Consul. Other than warlord Vokel, the Zhilkin fleet is also being led by the Poltan minister Beyel Yirkal (Currently THE most important Poltan) and the Poltan scientist Et-nal Nysves. The Zhilkin fleet was disbanded shortly after the Poltan uprising in the Ississ solar system 50 years ago, where the Poltan once tried to take control. But it was re-established a few years before the OSF began their terror. It's as if the Poltan knew...

The Kymorian Secret Police

Despite the fact just 2000+ Kymorians escaped, a solid 200 of them forms the Secret Police. The Secret Police is a Kymorian faction that is one of the most unknown of them all. And only for the better. They are the main observers of the Consul (followed closely by the Poltan's Secret Service), having various agents across the universe, including two on Earth. The Secret Police is being led by officer Rorik Romir, and is co-leaded by agents Naney Vavul and Nutyk Lonery.

The Poltan Secret Service

One of the minor factions, consisting of just 100 members, the Poltan Secret Police is a mixed bag of Blue Poltan, Red Poltan, and White Poltan. They are mostly active on Earth as they were assigned to go there by Beyel. One of the most prominent members that can be seen is agent Sosir, a Red Poltan. And agent Uskit-al, a White Poltan.