Suicide King

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Suicide King
Player: Geothermal
I go outside dressed like this, and you think I'll be afraid of a little thing like you?
Biographical Data
Real Name: Nicholas Hecker
Known Aliases: none
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Apparently mixed caucasian and hispanic
Place of Birth: North Detroit
Base of Operations: Millenium City, Chinatown
Relatives: none known
Age: 29
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Quite tan
Physical Build: Extremely athletic
Physical Features: A nose that has been broken several times, and a large snake tattoo wrapping around his torso and left arm
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: American
Occupation: none
Education: Inconsistent: Dropped out of formal schooling early, but studied some subjects later, as Bronze Tiger's


Marital Status: single
Known Powers and Abilities
Ki-based martial arts, extraordinary recklessness
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Brass knuckles, chains, "confiscated" vehicles, bizarre herbal remedies
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Nicholas Hecker was a born loser in what might as well be an abandoned city. While the ruined center of Detroit was rebuilt into the shining City of the Future, the northern outskirts decayed, with its poverty only highlighted by its beautiful neighbor. Like too many other youths in that city, he spiraled to the lowest rungs of society, turning to crime at an early age. The small gang that he ran with was nearly wiped out by another, leaving Hecker as the last man standing, with bloody hands. He was swiftly apprehended by a Chinese expatriate superhero known as Bronze Tiger.

To his surprise, however, Tiger offered him a choice: to pay the price of his crime in prison, or to pay in battle. Startled, but not willing to throw away the chance of freedom, Hecker accepted the second option. Under the grueling tutelage of Bronze Tiger, however, Hecker began to truly respect the man, and accept his teachings as his own philosophy. More than that, he began to truly believe that he could, and must, atone for what he had done.

While he learned many things from Tiger, however, Hecker never learned the reason why Tiger chose to take him as a disciple instead of a prisoner. When Tiger, already a very old man when they met, died, Hecker took Tiger's mask as his own, and set out to try to follow the hero's example.

NOTE: Bronze Tiger was a member of a martial cult, of sorts, and was searching for a potential disciple with certain spiritual characteristics to be capable of learning the Crumbling Heavens Fist. A character familiar with Tiger's conflict with the Tiger Squad, leading to his flight from China might know this. The Suicide King does not.

Early Conflict

One of the Suicide King's earliest, and most influential conflicts was against a vigilante who called himself Razorburn. The vigilante seemed all but untraceable, for a three week rampage, where he murdered a number of criminals, some wanted and some recently paroled,leaving notes that stated "Where your system is crippled, my justice is absolute." When Hecker finally succeeded in intercepting the murderer, he found that Razorburn was a metahuman with a superhuman ability to recover from injury, making him nearly impossible to subdue.

It was the successful capture of this nigh-indestructible madman, using a dumpster full of defective window tinting film that made him truly believe that he just might be strong enough, with his new skills, to stop bloodshed, instead of spreading it.

The Suicide King and the Authorities

The Suicide King has a relatively friendly working relationship with UNTIL, helping with crises around the world, and relying on their transportation to do so. He also has a number of long term contacts inside of the MCPD, mainly as sources of, and recipients of information.

His relationship with PRIMUS has been slightly rockier, partially because of a conflict over the handling of a PRIMUS operation intended to apprehend the mechanical menace, Citizen Circuit, which intersected with Hecker's personal hunt for the villain, and partially because of his refusal to register under ASPRA on the grounds that he is not a metahuman.

The Identity of the Suicide King

The King has taken great pains to maintain his secret identity. He lives very nearly no life as Nicholas Hecker. He holds no job. He registers his real name with no agency. He lives in the basement of a condemned building. Most of his support network knows his mask, but not his face. He never wears clothing that would leave his tattoos exposed, when unmasked.

He has also been unsuccessful, because of DNA samples left behind on occasions where he was injured. Worse, in his earliest heroic exploits, he sometimes left behind a playing card, the king of clubs. In a few cases, these cards also carried partial fingerprints. His heroic identity and his birth name have been clearly connected by PRIMUS, and possibly by others.

Common Tactics

For investigation, the Suicide King alternates between street level eavesdropping, adopting the guise of a filthy methamphetamine addict, and panhandling, on the theory that people who don't want to make eye contact don't remember faces, and more straightforward intimidation tactics, once he believes he knows who to question.

The Suicide King usually relies on his superior agility (and often on reckless, unnecessary stuntwork) to close the distance to his enemies and engage in hand to hand combat. Against normal human opponents, he often uses brass knuckles when outnumbered, but prefers to use blood-chokes to render single opponents unconscious, when he doesn't anticipate attack from another direction.

Against more dangerous foes, he fights barehanded, using ki-channeling strikes which he refers to, collectively, as The Crumbling Heavens Fist. These attacks would most likely prove lethal against a normal human, and while not near the highest tiers of metahuman power, have proven capable of affecting nearly any type of enemy.

In extremely dangerous situations, he has also displayed a tendency to immediately view any vehicle he can get started as a weapon, even going so far as the drive a cement mixer off of a double decker highway onto the armored behemoth Hammerfist, when when a PRIMUS Iron Guard team's heavy weapons proved insufficient.

The Crumbling Heavens Fist

The Crumbling Heavens Fist is a heavily ki-based martial arts style. The user channels a portion of the energy of his spirit into each strike. When preparing to strike, the appropriate contact surface (hand, foot, knee, whatever) takes on an unhealthy appearance, like a bruise, or blood blister, which remains for a few minutes afterward. The pseudomystical nature of this style allows its users to strike effectively against even extremely powerful foes, who would otherwise be unaffected by human strength.

This style is extremely dangerous to use, as the spirit is a strictly limited power source. A practitioner of the CHF who fails to keep a cool head, and becomes overly emotional runs the risk of overspending his soul, possibly resulting in coma, or death. Only intense mental training and extreme emotional discipline allow the use of any but its most basic forms.

NOTE: The rare character who is aware of the nature of this style might be surprised to see Hecker using it successfully, as he does not present the image of the serene master. However, his constant quips and flippancy are not the opposite of the needed emotional tranquility, but a tool to distance himself from his own emotions. He also practices his own strange form of asceticism, maintaining a strict vow of poverty, and relying on the gratitude of others for even basic sustenance.