Succubus Half

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Succubus Half
Player: yinepuhotepgames
Evette assisting in the BWD Armory
Combat Focus: Infernal energy blasts, robot decoys, gunnery, and emergency medical support.
Power Level:
Meta Focus:
Personal Data
Real Name: Evette Lawson
Known Aliases: NA
Species: Demon
Ethnicity: Succubus
Age: Appears to be about 24 (Actual age 6 years (this incarnation) / Approx. 8,000 years (total combined experience) )
Height: 5'8" (top of head) / 8'2" (top of wings)
Weight: 160 lbs. (without cybernetics) / 200 lbs. (with cybernetics)
Eye Color: Green, glowing (left); Green, cybernetic (right)
Hair Color: Auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Full-Time Hero
Place of Birth: a hell dimension / Springfield, MO
Base of Operations: Springfield, MO
Marital Status: See Notes
Known Relatives: Jules Lawson, Tabithat Hodges-Lawson, Naomi Strong-Lawson
Known Meta Abilities
Infernal powers, cybernetic enhancements, and robots
Known Skills and Training
Training in crime scene investigation, evidence preservation and handling, and basic police procedure. Able to acquire fluency with any language after exposure to it.
Known Assets
Pretty much anything Lawson Engineering has in storage or is able to assemble on request

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SUBJECT: Succubus Half


June 21, 2010
an abandoned used car dealership in Springfield, MO. The dealership had been abandoned since the last Gadroon invasion, but over the last year, Jules Lawson's monitoring probes had been noticing people moving about it, cleaning it up, installing new furnishings, embedding ritual symbols in the floor, and marking it up with the signs that it had been taken over by the DEMON.
This night, Jules noticed that the cultists had brought in a number of bound, gagged, and blindfolded people, and had reported his observations to the police. When The Justifiers, Springfield's local superhero group, showed up, Jules cranked up the shielding on his own home, a converted warehouse not far from the auto dealership, to full and went to bed, assuming the police would shortly be there to pick up any cultists who didn't manage to escape.
June 22, 2010
Jules sent his robots into the DEMON base to collect any interesting devices that might have been left behind, and to retrieve any of his monitors that hadn't been destroyed or collected since the night before. What he found, shocked and horrified him, and he willingly turned over copies of his surveillance footage, in order to bring the villains responsible--The Justifiers--to justice.
Within the DEMON base, Jules found the body of a succubus, nearly dead, raped, tortured, and mutilated with silver weapons, so that he had to amputate her wings and tail in order to save her life. She had lost her right eye and ear, as well as the top half of the right side of her brain, in the attack, and had to undergo nineteen hours of surgery to remove all the silver he could find from her wounds, before she began to heal in any reasonable fashion. He began calling her "Evette" as he worked on her, trying to save her life.
June 25, 2010
Evette woke for the first time since her attack, screaming in terror. Jules and Tabby were able to soothe her back to sleep, and she woke again, a couple hours later, with no more control over her body than a newborn, thanks to the brain damage done in the attack. As she began to understand her condition: severely brain damaged, unable to speak, her wings and one eye gone, she nearly gave in to despair. However, with Jules and Tabby cuddling her as they discussing her condition, she recovered enough of herself to understand that she needed sex, and she wasn't going to get any better without it. With effort, she convinced Jules and Tabby to give her what she needed, and soon healed enough that she could communicate with them, even if the parts that had been poisoned by silver would never regenerate.
July 4, 2010
Evette left Jules' house for the first time since her attack, even if it was just to go to the roof with Jules and Tabby to enjoy the Independence Day celebrations. When she instinctively reacted to protect Jules and Tabby at the sight and sound of explosions in the sky, they realized she had become a hero sometime during her convalescence, and began planning for her to go to Millennium City for training that neither of them could offer.
July 5, 2010
Evette admits to having been created on June 21, in response to the DEMON summoning ritual, and implanted with the data of several thousand previous incarnations, as well as her duties in regard to both Hell and the mages who summoned her. She also admits to not knowing, thanks to her programming, what this love Jules and Tabby constantly talk about even is, so they begin the job of teaching her about love.
August, 2010
Evette begins preparing her testimony for the Missouri Attorney General's office, and discovers that she is fascinated by the work the Attorney General's investigators do, and due to Jule's association with the police was able to begin interning with the investigators from the state crime lab. She quickly expanded her work to helping at the Greene County and Springfield crime labs as well, and spends the next two years learning how to examine evidence, discover hidden clues at a crime scene, and maintain and process collected evidence so meets the standards needed for trial.
July, 2012
Evette, supported by representatives of the criminal justice agencies of Springfield, Green County, and the State of Missouri, takes the oath of citizenship and becomes an American citizen. With the help of her friends in the local criminal justice community, Evette is introduced to people in the Millennium City PD, PRIMUS, and UNTIL, as well as the Wayne County Sheriff's Department, Michigan State Police, and the District Attorney and Attorney General's offices within Millennium City.
December, 2012
Jules presents Evette with an experimental shuttle he designed and registered to her, so she could regularly return home without having to rely on finding some way to cram her wings into an airline seat, and Tabby, Naomi, Jules, and the robots all help her move to her new apartment in Millennium Citey.

A Natural History of Succubi

Contrary to human mythology, succubi do not steal souls. Not in the way usually thought of, that is. Succubi are negotiating agents for Hell, designed specifically for that purpose, and created as needed to respond to human summons, to negotiate deals which will result in Hell gaining an advantage in the mortal world. To ensure she performs as required, a succubus is designed so that the only way she can gain the energy she needs to live is to be either near to, or participating in, sexual activity. She does not harm those engaging in that activity when she does so: she merely needs the energy they produce while engaging in sexual activity in order to live.

A succubus is eternally youthful and beautiful, because she is created at the time of summoning, designed specifically for the summoner, out of a pool of raw demonic matter--what Evette refers to as Demon DNA--that is the source of all demons other than the demonic princes, from imps to pit fiends. Each succubus is programmed with full knowledge of sex, seduction, negotiating tactics, languages, human history and culture, and whatever else she needs to complete her mission--but not one single thing more. Thus, a succubus who looks to be in her late teens or early twenties might actually be only a few minutes old, and despite being able to talk rings around a Harvard lawyer, knows nothing of human existence outside of the data that was programmed into her brain when she was created.

One thing succubi are notably lacking in, is any concept of love, making love, or any other form of intimate personal emotional/spiritual connection with another living being. Thus, to a succubus operating in her normal environment, a human is nothing more than a pawn to be played on whatever gameboard she has been sent to act as Hell's player for. This is not to say a succubus can't learn--only that she doesn't come equipped with any knowledge or understanding of these concepts. Acquiring that knowledge is a traumatic experience--and usually requires traumatic triggers to initiate the acquisition. Such as being saved from certain death, and nursed back to health, by a human.

The average succubus comes equipped with magical abilities that augment her natural programming: empathy, telepathy, seduction, mind control, all of these are a part of her arsenal. For defense, a succubus can rely on basic spells of shielding, warding, and negative energy projection, which are all she needs under most circumstances.


After being rescued and rebuilt by Jules and Tabby, Evette is now a succubus with a number of cybernetic replacements and augmentations. Except for the occasional flashback, her disposition is sunny and cheerful, making the most of her circumstances. While she's unable to turn off her natural charm, she doesn't actively do anything to seduce men. Thanks to the memories implanted in her at her creation, she "remembers" having been summoned repeatedly over thousands of years, especially around grand sabbats like Halloween and Midsummer's Day, and being used for sex by her summoners.

Because of the implanted memories, and because the Justifiers used rape as part of their torture, now that she can choose for herself, she finds her tastes run both toward women and toward being the one in control. Despite considering Jules, Tabby, and Naomi to be her spouses (spice?), Evette is open to the possibility of building a relationship (or relationships) with a woman (or women) she meets in Millennium City. Until now, she hasn't only because she has focused herself on maintaining her relationshipo with her existing family.


Having lost her connection to Hell, Evette no longer has the vast arsenal of magical powers she had when created. Oh, she can still sense emotions as readily as most people breathe, and she can still understand every language ever used by any living species, after exposure of a few moments to a few minutes, but she can't throw spells around the way a ninja throws shaken. Instead, she uses what's left of her infernal power to fire bolts of energy that hit their targets like concentrated venom.


Evette appears, from a distance, to be a typical auburn-haired succubus. It's only when you get close enough to make out details that you can see the differences.

  • Her wings, for instance, aren't standard demon wings. Instead, they appear to be made of sheets of polished reddish brass.
  • Her left arm and her left leg have cables threaded into them that glow with energy that augments her damaged nerves, making it possible for those limbs to function as if they were uninjured.
  • Her right eye, despite the best efforts of both Jules and Tabby, was totally destroyed by the spear that had been thrust through it and so is surrounded by a reddish brass plate and flickers with a greenish light that almost, but not quite, matches the natural glow of her left eye.
  • She wears a belt with power pods mounted on both hips, both of which glow faintly at all times, and become brighter in direct proportion to how heavily she's using her cybernetics.
  • A reddish brass bracer covers her left forearm, with a the augmentation cables fed into it, and a right-handed keypad built into the back, along with several single-function buttons, such as her "summon everything" button that she can slap to rez all of her robots from storage into reality. The keypad allows her to combine the processing power of her bracer, the optical display of her cyber eye, and the audio output of her cyber ear, to have as much network access as someone using a Chromebook, as well as setting up a live feed of everything she can see and hear with her cyber eye and cyber ear, so that any of her teammates can see and hear what she does, or set up a live feed of what her bots see and hear, so she, or any of her teammates, can see what they sense.



Blackwatch Defenders
The Blackwatch Defenders are the only supergroup Evette has encountered that has not recoiled from her species, while at the same time not treating her like she should be some sexual party favor. The members of the group have been her support in recent days, and have even helped her begin to heal from her fear of males.


Evette's family is an exclusive group, with her husband (Jules) and wives (Tabby and Naomi) still in Springfield, where Tabby is the Medical Examiner, Jules is a freelance mad scientist and inventor, and independent consultant to a number of city, county, and state agencies, for which he does materials testing, evidence analysis, and engineering work, and Naomi acts as Jules' legal advisor, both for corporate and patent purposes, and for advice on how his work could affect both local legal agencies and Evette's work in Millennium City.
She has yet to add any members to her family from Millennium City, because she has is looking for just the right girl: Someone who not only is willing to open herself to loving a succubus, but at the same time is willing to be, at the very least, friends with her husband and wives.


Aside from the fact that their agents summoned her to Earth in the first place, and share responsibility with the Justifiers for the slaughter of two dozen innocents, Evette despises them because they use magic for evil, just like she did when she was still an agent of Hell. In a way, hunting the DEMON is cathartic for Evette, as it allows her to use her abilities to fight her memories of what she once was.

The Justifiers

Based in Springfield, Missouri, the Justifiers is a super group that is sponsored by a coalition of local churches that considers the Assemblies of God to be too liberal and accomodating. The membership of the Justifiers is drawn from individuals in those churches that have the required abilities. They were considered a part of the Springfield hero scene, until the end of June, 2010, when the entire group was charged with two dozen counts of murder, aggravated assault, rape, and false imprisonment. They dropped out of sight when the charges were announced, and are still, as far as anyone knows, at large.

Known members include:

Professor Photon
Until 2005, Wilbur J. Tancredo was known as Doctor Capacitor, until he was stripped of his hero license and sent to prison for attempted murder, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, arson, and reckless endangerment. His absence from prison was not known until the events of Midsummer's Day, and the discovery spawned an investigation that revealed extensive infiltration of the Missouri prison system by members of the coalition supporting the Justifiers. He is known to be able to absorb energy (electrical, light, etc.) and use it to power his attacks, all of which are variations on photonic beams. He is known to have no sense of responsibility for his actions, to use his powers to bully and threaten others (including others who are presumed to be helping him, such as his defense attorney when he was on trial), and to be something of a berserker when in combat.
The Crusader
Wearing the armor and tabard of a Crusader, this man uses both medieval and modern weaponry to bring "the justice of Jesus" to evildoers.
Dead to the World
Once, this man was a minor criminal mastermind known as "The Necro-Mantic", but since he was "Born Again", he uses his necromantic powers, both as a traveling evangelist (among the coalition of churches supporting the Justifiers) and as a hero. Nothing like seeing a zombie walk down the aisle of a church to make the wavering renew their vows of faith.
The Zealot
He looks like an ordinary homeless man, until he unleashes his power of radiant energy. Usually, he is seen feeding energy to the rest of the Justifiers and healing their injuries in battle.

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