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Player: @thatlazybastard
I'll trap the evil inside me.
Character Build
Class Focus: Hybrid
Power Level: 12
Research & Development: Confidential
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sara Ferreira
Known Aliases:
Gender: Female
Species: Transformed Human
Ethnicity: Not Applicable
Place of Birth: Lisbon, Portugal
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Confidential
Age: 25
Eyes: Completely black
Physical Build:
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: Portuguese
Occupation: Confidential
Education: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Powers and Abilities
Flight, seduction, Magic.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Leather whip
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The Story Begins

Our story starts in Lisbon, Portugal. Sara had been called by the archaeological master John Bones, a father to her, in order to be assigned to a very special project in Belize. New ruins had been found and, has an expert of Mayan history and mythology, it wasn't a surprise that she would be invited to the excavation site.

She got on to the first plane available and flew towards the newly discovered city. Once there, she met with the other archaeologists and decided to be on the first team to enter the ruined palace. It was a dangerous job, but she knew that, with her experience, the journey trough the ruins would be a bit safer to the six excavators that would follow her trough. After two hours of walking and with two less followers that died due to traps, she arrived at the main room. There, two thrones sat, with their skeleton still sitting. It was a strange sight to see. She knew that every Mayan king and Queen would be buried according to the tradition, and for these ones not to be buried, either they weren't loved by their subjects, or the entire civilization fell at the same time. Upon a careful reading of the symbols on the wall and on the throne, she found that they were indeed loved and that these two weren't King and Queen, but King and... King. This city was ruled by two brothers, but not just any two brothers. According to the symbols, the two skeletons belonged to the Hero Twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque.

She couldn't believe her eyes. According to the Popol Vuh Twins Myth, Hunahpu and Xbalanque were said to have defeated a demon bird and the deities of disease and death before ascending to the sky and becoming the Sun and Moon. Well, apparently, if these two skeletons were indeed the famous twins, the last part of the myth was wrong. After reading this, she quickly radioed the main encampment and revealed her findings, but as she was doing so, one of the excavators stepped in a pressure plate and activated a trap. Suddenly, the door of the main room collapsed, leaving her and the excavators trapped inside a crumbling room. She quickly instructed the excavators to seek protection, however, she was the only one that survived the collapsing by crouching between the two thrones.

The Power it Contains

She was alive, but she didn't knew how. She looked upwards and there was a rock small enough to fit between the thrones and also big enough to be able to kill her, however, it seemed to be floating in mid air. In fact, upon standing and looking around, she found that all the stones that would hit the thrones were indeed floating in mid air. Another unbelievable sight, and, after reading some symbols on the pieces of the ceiling that were now floating, she understood that this phenomenon was being caused by what the Mayans called the "Demon's Necklace" and the "Angel's Ring", two artifacts that the two Twins would always carry. She quickly searched one of the skeletons and indeed found one of the items that she was looking for. It was the "Demon's Necklace", a necklace with a red eyed black skull. She quickly put it on and was about to search the second skeleton for the ring, but a trapdoor opened below the throne and it fell in to a pit filled with spikes with the skeleton still on top of it. After this, the necklace began glowing purple and a female voice sounded on her head. Even tough the voice was speaking in a different language than anything she had ever heard, she could understand it completely. "For you to acquire the full extent of my powers, you will need to consume evil spirits within people. I will give you the powers you need to do so, as long as you keep feeding me."

Sara was scared. Apparently, the necklace was alive and the spirit inside it had given her a mission. However, she was still trapped, and without leaving the ruins she couldn't fulfill the mission given to her. But as she was looking around for a way out of the ruins, the necklace released a purple smoke which enveloped Sara. when the smoke cleared, she was back in Lisbon, on her own house. It seemed that the necklace had teleported her to this place, knowing that it wouldn't receive the evil spirits it craved for while Sara was trapped in the ruins. Knowing that she was safe, Sara grabbed the necklace, closed her eyes and thanked it. Surprisingly, the spirit inside the necklace said "You're welcome."

This surprised her and after a few more words spoken with the necklace, she realized that the spirit inside the necklace was the spirit of a succubus, a female demon that, according to her knowledge, used their looks to acquire the life force of humans trough sexual acts, an idea that the spirit quickly removed from her head by stating that in fact, succubi, were the destroyers of evil spirits and that her demon like appearance was due to the way they destroyed these evil spirits. By eating them. Succubus, the name that Sara had given the spirit after she refused to mention her real name, was actually a gentle spirit when it came to idle conversation, but when Sara wanted to know more about the spirits, their powers or even the "Angel's Ring", she only answered "You'll see".

The First Evil

After sharing her own personal life with the Succubus in order to attempt (and fail) to make her reveal a bit about herself, she left her house and traveled by car to John Bone's office at the university. She knew that he would have been informed of her fate and that he wouldn't leave the office until he could see her with his own eyes. It had happened before, in Egypt, when she was trapped within a tomb for three days. When she returned to Portugal, she found him sleeping on his chair with pizza and chinese food boxes all over his desk. She was certain that this time would be the same thing. However, when she was about to enter the room, she heard an argument. It seemed that someone was yelling with the professor, but she couldn't understand what he was saying. after a while, a "bang" sound echoed trough the walls and she quickly ran in. Standing next to the dead professor was one of his worst students, holding a gun to the professor's head, even tough he was already dead. the boy quickly turned around and pointed the gun at Sara, knowing that he couldn't leave any witness alive. Sara backed away against a wall and was about to scream when succubus spoke to her. "I will give you the power" She said and the same purple smoke enveloped the female. This time however, she wasn't teleporting. She was transforming. Her skin became light grey, her eyes turned completely black and she gained horns, a tail and wings, not to mention spikes all over her body. After the transformation, and before the smoke completely dispersed, Succubus spoke to her again. "You know have power. Use it." Suddenly, magical words appeared in her head and as soon as the smoke vanished, she threw an eldritch bolt at the boy that was stunned due to her new appearance. The boy fell backwards with the powerful bolt and fainted. After that, a purple energy flew from his body in to the necklace. The first evil spirit had been caught. After speaking with Succubus, and realizing that she wouldn't teach her how to turn back in to her normal shape without first acquiring more evil spirits, she flew away from the university and traveled to another part of the country. There, she worked as Succubus, a super heroine with magic as her primary weapon. After one year, she received information that the Qularr were attacking, so she quickly flew towards the area being affected, in order to help with the defense of the planet.

Powers and Abilities