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Strike Team Zulu
A snake in the grass is worth 2 in the Argent.
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Science will set you free
founded: August 2010
base of Operations
The Moon!
A group of men who have 2 things in common, a love of technology and a desire to crush organized super crime
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Strike Team Zulu is a small group of men that have encountered each other during their pursuit of Viper or Argent and decided to band together to further the goal of crushing these organizations

It was during one of his walks that Bryan Quinn heard the general alarm about a Mega-Destroid active in the city. Bryan decided it would be a good shake down for his new suit and had it beamed to him. As Halon, Bryan leapt into the fray already in progress, battering away at the giant robots legs trying to get it to fall. The battle touched his recent memories but he was determined to overcome his fear. The gigantic machine was a formidable adversary and heroes began to fall. Bryan noticed an oddly equipped hero flinging lightning bolts, jump in front of the Destroid's own lightning attack and absorb it, saving the already incapacitated catwoman lying on the ground near him. But the worst thing about the Mega-Destroid is it's ability to adapt to it's enemies and quickly switched to a missile attack that took apart the other hero's suit and laid him out. Bryan acted immediately and fired his own missile launcher in conduction with his chest beam which tore a large chunk out of the robot's head and gained it's undivided attention. But the damage it was sustaining was making it falter and Bryan and the other heroes finally brought it down. Bryan went over to check on the fallen hero in the odd suit and to congratulate him on his bravery, if he was still alive. Pieces of the odd suit were scattered across the ground, none of them really seemed to match well. Bryan could see the man's helmet had come off and stopped in his tracks when he saw his face. It was none other than his own brother Norman, now known as Sigma.

After Bryan got over the initial shock he ordered a transport beam for the both of them back to his hidden labs. Bryan was pleased to discover that Norman was only dazed and quickly recovered. The two brothers exchanged their own incredible stories that led to this encounter. Bryan realized that his brother had finally accomplished something worthwhile on his own and Norman understood what had happened to his older brother and why he had had to allow everyone to believe him dead. The two of them immediately vowed to work together and shared their technology with each other. With access to Bryan's manufacturing facilities, Norman was able to construct a brand new suit, that matched, and greatly increased his survivability. By studying Norman's designs, Bryan was able to increase the power and efficiency of both suits and together, they began to come up with some radical new designs including some fully robotic types.

The brothers worked well together and the kernel of an idea began to form in Bryan's mind. Not long after this, Bryan was contacted by the hero known as Quartermoon, and the idea took hold. Bryan decided that working solo would eventually lead to his own defeat, and invited Quartermoon to join he and Norman to destroy Viper and Argent. Quartermoon agreed and Strike Team Zulu was born.

Bryan decided to use Quartermoon's social contacts to try to find a robotics expert to aid them in their new projects and was delighted when Q introduced him to a retired industrialist, Alexander Hartenau, who in turn would introduce them to another man known as Heron who was an inventor and accomplished roboticist. Mr Hartenau also introduced them to a mighty hero named Count Ubiquitous, who preferred to simply be called, the Count. With Heron's help, Bryan and Norman were able to construct a massive machine they called Sigmalon, in order to battle things like the Mega-Destroid on an even footing. Bryan invited both Heron and The Count to join the strike team and they agreed.

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