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Player: @In-Betweener
Class Focus: DPS/Support
Power Level: 20
Research & Development: Avatar
Personal Data
Real Name: Cassandra Fischer
Known Aliases: Cassie, Strato-Girl
Species: Human
Ethnicity: White
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 124
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: College Student
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Base of Operations: Millenium City, MI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents - Brad and Julie Fischer
Known Powers
Electricity, Ice, Flight
Known Abilities
Localized weather control

A Brief Explanation

Strato-Girl was my Storm Defender in City of Heroes. She started out as a sort of fangirl to a senior member of our Supergroup; another Storm Summoner named Liberty Gale. After Gale's player left the game she developed more into her own character. Cassie became a decendent of a long line of Storm Mavens in Croatoa.

A Brief History

Cassie grew up in old Detroit. She was a normal, popular girl. She loved the attention being cute and popular brought her. She finished high school and went to college. She got into a fight at a frat party after a few too many drinks and accidentally shocked the girl she was fighting with. People momentarily backed away in horror. She ran and hid for a couple of days while she sorted this new development out. This would definitely impact her popularity. Deciding that she was going to turn this into a positive thing she started a second life as a superhero. She took up the name Strato-Girl because of her weather powers. As she made more headlines her popularity increased and after a while left the mask she wore behind, showing people who she was. She enjoys the attention.


Cassie loves being in the lime light. While some of her professors might not appreciate the attention that her other life garners, Cassie loves it. She's outgoing, cheerful, friendly, and charismatic. She uses her looks to her advantages in situations where her personality isn't enough. She is fully aware of every weapon she has at her disposal. Despite everything she is still moderately immature. She's a hero solely for the attention that it brings.


After the fight that brought her powers to light, she called her parents and sobbed to her mom about the incident. Her mother came clean to her about their family's lineage. Cassie is descended from a long line of weather witches dating back to the druids. Cassie is able to manipulate lighting in various forms. She can also call up the winds to allow her to fly. She can clap her hands together and create a deafening Thunderclap.

The Present

Cassie is a senior in college. She's become a part time student, and a part time superhero. She loves the attention that being a superhero brings, but it occasionally cuts into her party time, which annoys her a bit. She still has a long way to go before she could be a truly great hero but she's maturing slowly. She's not sure what she's going to do after college. Her fashion and business management classes were more of a trifling plaything than something that she wanted to pursue. Her classes have become more geared to aiding her in her superhero career. Fashion, public speaking, marketing and so forth. She's considered taking up being a superhero full time after college, but she's not a fan of being beat up on a daily basis.


  • Strato-Girl when to the same university as Coldsnap. They teamed up several times as their powers were quite complementary. After Coldsnap graduated they stopped communicating for the most part.
  • Strato-Girl has had several offers for photo shoots from several mens magazines but she's turned them all down for now. She learned in her marketing classes that the more you say no, the more that they want what you have to sell.