Storm Dragon

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Storm Dragon
Player: @czarbrent
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Class Focus: Mixed
Power Level: 31
Research & Development: Arms/Fighting Styles
Personal Data
Real Name: Shinji Itagawa
Known Aliases: Shin, Storm, Dragon, Playstation (used only by Night Shift), Stink-ji (used only by Ninjay)
Species: Human/Elemental
Ethnicity: Japanese
Age: 16
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye Color: Electric Blue on Black (if his powers were ever gone, black on white)
Hair Color: Blue and Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Dual citizenship in Japan and the U.S.
Occupation: Ninja (in training), aspiring hero, and student
Place of Birth: Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Hayate Itagawa (grandfather), Kenshiro Itagawa (father, deceased), Eri Itagawa (mother, deceased) Shuhei Itagawa aka Spirit Hunter (older brother), Kenji Itagawa aka Sky Blast (younger brother), "Lord" Shingen Itagawa (uncle, villain), Matsuo Itagawa aka Night Storm (cousin, villain)
Known Powers
Natural lightning magic (due to possesion of the "heart of lightning")
Known Abilities
Highly accomplished gymnast
Halcyon Academy issue communicator and laptop, both augmented by his younger brother, clawed gloves to aid in climbing, belt knife, kunai, familial katana "Blade of Raijin", utility belt full of CANDY.

Storm Dragon is a student at Halcyon Academy. Drawing upon his ancestral birthright the "heart of lightning" Storm Dragon is an aspiring hero, trained in ninjitsu..


Shinji was born to Clan Itagawa, a clandestine clan of ninja/mystics in the remote Aomori Prefecture in Japan. At age tree, Shinji and his newborn brother Kenji moved with their mother to the United States of America, leaving his older brother Shuhei to train with his father and grandfather, grooming him to become the next head of Clan Itagawa. For the next eight years Shinji lived with his mother and brother in Hawai'i. Both of them training under their mother to be ninja as well. Neither were nearly as skilled as their eldest brother, but neither were loved any less because of it. And neither were trained any less rigorously because of it.

Kenji, a very imaginative boy, was rather physically weak, and showed no talent in the casting of combat oriented spells. Secretly, he was very adept at enchanting objects, and had an innate ability to build and create. Shinji excelled at the physical aspects of the ninja arts, perhaps even moreso than his older brother. Unfortunately, he was also a very poor spell caster. That is, until his mother chanced to teach him a lightning spell. For some reason he took to lightning magic like a duck to water. His reliance upon the one element began to show upon him physically as well. The whites of his eyes darkened to the color of the blackest storm clouds, his irises a bright electric blue, his hair as well, changed color; a deep blue color. His family assumed it was due to his being only attuned to a single element, unlike most other ninja of their clan. His grandfather knew better. And unknowingly to anyone else, so did his uncle.

His childhood was not entirely taken up by training. They were home schooled by their mother, and the other members of their family in Japan would visit as often as possible, not to mention the family that lived in Hawai'i. The family members who visited most were his uncle Shingen and cousin Matsuo. Often Matsuo would join in their training, and spar with the younger boys. One of Shinji's favorite things to watch were Olympics, especially gymnastics. It reminded him of various aspects of his ninja training, but seemed much more fun. Noticing this, Shinji's mother called a friend to teach him gymnastics and began incorporating many aspects of it in his training sessions. Everything seemed wonderful to Shinji. Then they moved.

It was a jarring experience for the two brothers...They had made friends in Hawai'i and were reluctant to leave. In addition, they were moving all the way to the East Coast of the mainland! That was about as far as they could get from their family! But their mother was adamant. They needed to broaden their horizons she said. And so they moved. To Paragon City.

Nothing could have prepared them for the city of superheroes they had moved to. An incredibly busy city, full of skyscrapers, a monorail, and people flying every which-way! Soon enough, the shock wore off, and the boys fell in love with the superheroes of their new home. For three years the brothers dreamed of becoming costumed crimefighters. Life settled into a routine for them again...Being prepared to become ninja, 'secret superheroes' their mother told them, and learning everything she could teach them, preparing them for a new life. But what happened next, nothing could have prepared them for.

The day they were visited by Shuhei, whom they hadn't seen in 4 years, back when they still lived in Hawai'i was the day everything changed for them. Shuhei's face was adorned by a scar, he seemed unusually lean, his ears ever so slightly pointed...Unbeknownst to his family, Shuhei had been possessed by a yokai, a demon, though he had already learned to bend it's will to his own. Most telling in the differences in him from before, though, were the very things that sent shivers down his mother's spine when she greeted him at the door. On his back were the twin blades of Clan Itagawa. The same swords previously carried by her husband. Upon laying eyes upon those blades, Eri knew the news Shuhei brought before he spoke them. Kenshiro Itagawa, the boys' father, her husband, was dead. She knew the what, but not the who. And it was this news that she demanded. His own brother, Shingen had done the deed. Shingen, who wanted the Clan for himself. Shingen who made pacts with multiple yokai for power, who had named himself "Lord" Shingen Itagawa, had killed her husband. And he was close by. He fled to the Rogue Islands after being denied the swords he had killed his brother to obtain. And now he was expanding his power there.

Without another word, Eri turned, donned her gear, packed a bag, kissed her sons goodbye, and left for the these so-called "Rogue Islands". Knowing her sons would follow her, and wishing no harm to come to them, she laid a charmed scroll, or ofuda, upon the door before leaving. None may enter or leave unless she broke the seal. Or died. A week passed when the seal was finally broken. Eri Itagawa was nowhere to be found.