Steph Metralla

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Steph Metralla
Player: @Fared
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"An' people said I pulled a deck o' cards off o' me hands"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Stephanie Kheldiss Metralla
Known Aliases: Steph, the punk lady in magician's clothing
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: British
Place of Birth: Manchester, UK
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Mother: Nitria Metralla (Deceased), Father: Joseph Metralla, Brother: Deveroux Metralla
Age: 23
Height: "Ask me those bloody questions an' see what happens..."
Weight: "Ye ain't bloody liable to ask me such questions!"
Eyes: Glowing blue
Hair: Raven-ish black (Dyed red)
Complexion: Lightly tanned skin
Physical Build: Lightly athletic
Physical Features: One arcane tattoo on her left arm, two normal tattoos on her right
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: "I ain't well known yet"
Citizenship: Dual citizenship in Britain and USA
Occupation: Mage
Education: "Who needs school when I train in th' magical arts by me father"
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
High lightning efficiency, Medium Celestial efficiency, aspects of celestial energy, low fire efficiency and low ice efficiency
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Memorabilia of her mother, a bookpack that can carry 3 tomes of elements at once, a celestial saber that's been built from the arcane metal and the celestial crystal
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Stephanie Metralla was born to two mages in Manchester, at her early age she was trained by her father who was strict with the teachings of the magic, her mother was nearly strict but give Steph some breaks in order to teach her own way of controlling the dimensional power that's been given by the Metralla mages of the 19th century, Steph went to the celestial dimension to train in the art of healing and the art of combat by one of the celestial spirits.

Steph during her early teen years went training with her dad on controlling one of the 3 elements of the earth, she mold her magical powers into electricity and shoots her dad who then formed a barrier to deflect the attack on his daughter, Steph then was shocked until she was nearly unconscious and her dad said that she needed to work on the element of lightning a little more until she gets it done right.


Deveroux was jealous of his younger sister because Steph was being the focus of the magical training instead of him, he then talked to the gang leader of a upcoming gang called the One Spade and planned a assassination on Steph's mother and father, when Deveroux went to the Metralla mansion while Nitria was unaware, he thrown a dark magic enchanted knife which killed Nitria, when Steph saw what her brother did Deveroux fled right before the authorities catch up to him.

Steph saw her mother slip away, not before telling her to do not mourn for her passing, for death is another phase of life, she then under her dying breath told Steph to continue training under her father, only he will be able to complete her training to become a full fledged mage.


Steph in her late teens went to the Manchester police department to tell one of the officers to reveal the location of her brother who is hiding from the authorities because he murdered Steph's mother out of sheer jealousy, the officer revealed that he is unable to locate her brother but he had the One Spade's gang leader in custody, she then went to the interrigation room to force the location out of him through magic and intimidation, the leader frightfully reveals that Deveroux is planning to finish what he started and kill her father at his private apartment.

Steph went to Deveroux's apartment to confront him for what he did to Steph's mother, Deveroux then attacked Steph with black magic, Steph survived this ruthless assault and retaliated with the combination of lightning and celestial magic which almost killed him, when Steph was about to deliver a final blow to him, Steph's mind thought that this isn't justice when she killed him, she then knows that if she killed him than she is no better that her brother, Steph then delivers her brother to the police department where he will awaits judgement for the murder of her mother.

When Deveroux's trial arrive, Steph told her story about the murder of her mother by her brother out of jealousy, Deveroux then told his side of the story about he was forced to prove him to the One Spade by killing Steph's mother, the jury wasn't buying his side of the story, when his sentencing day arrives, an unknown force teleports Deveroux out of the courtroom just before the judge carries out his sentence of life.


Steph was angry at the fact that her brother once again escaped justice but was clueless on what the magical force is that helped Deveroux escape, her father then told her that Deveroux made a pact with the Kings of Edom of the Qliphothic Realm as a last resort to get away, Steph then asked her father to train her some more, but her father said that she already learn what he taught her, but he didn't taught Steph how to materialize her clothes and he taught her just that with a snap of the figure, she then went to Millennium City to become one of the heroic magic users and to bring her brother to justice.



Steph's control over the element of lightning and of the celestial dimension gave her the ability to chant her spells of celestial healing or she can chant her lightning spells such as Celestium vialas katios, lightingio sitio lumioas or Celestium solas erials, her moderate control over fire allows her to endure most of the cold weather as well as some ice spells conjured by the enemy mages.


Steph has a keen eye for most spell books that better her control over the elements such as lightning, ice or fire, her intelligence allows her to learn most of the spells given to her by the Metralla clan or by reading some of the spell books. Steph is skilled in the art of stage magic because her mother was a stage magician as well, she can extend her fake hand and while it pops off, a flower or a hand of cards will appear out of her right hand, or she can make her entire deck disappear or reappear right before your very eyes.


Steph's personality is a magical twist described by some, her playful attitude can be derided by her father and she's a lover of stage magic, she's also a snub when it comes to some people looking at her skirt by saying "You're not my bloody type" or "Go peep at some leggy ditzy brood's minidress for all I care.", overall, she's a playful, snubby and magical person who wants to fight for better things than for vengeance.