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Player: @Fared
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A star of beauty has been born
Biographical Data
Real Name: Alanza Elmuri
Known Aliases: Star
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Ethnicity: Mixed
Place of Birth: Napoli,Italy
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Marco Elmuri,Silvia Cromalise
Age: 37
Height: 5'11
Weight: 142 LBS
Eyes: Blueish
Hair: Strawberry blond
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Long but messy hair, a small scar of her left cheek
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Lawful Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: Since 2013
Citizenship: U.S Citizen
Occupation: Astronaut
Education: A collage degree in Harvard
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Superhuman strength, superhuman durability, superhuman stamina, the ability of flight and the ability to fire optic beams
Equipment and Paraphernalia
A suit that is made of the fabric of the Skylab_A7L spacesuit
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Alanza Elmuri was born in 1974 to canadian mother Silvia Cromalise and italian father Marco Elmuri, a prominent figure among the italian astronauts as one of the space station Fulmine's crew members. A strict but loving parent, Marco single-handedly educated his daughter in matters of the world at large from elementary knowledge to academics and basic self-defence, marveling at her daughter's talent and laborousness.

Prior to launch of space shuttle Stella le Bianco, Marco found an engine malfunction which he attempted to repair by himself. Dying in the explosion, Elmuri has left a devastated daughter and wife behind. At Marco's funeral of colors, Alanza's mother strictly forbade her to pursue a flight career, let alone that of an astronaut despite her strong feelings to follow in the footsteps of her late father's genius. This has left Alanza with some disdain and resentment, but she has seen the clarity of such a wish from her mother.

Graduating from Harvard College alongside many friends she has proven to be her father's daughter by attaining a degree of Cellular Biology, Applied Mathematics and Engineering. After Alanza's 1986 graduation, she was approached by the Italian Space Agency, offering her a role of importance as a new crew member for Space Station Fulmine. At first reluctant due to a good few restless nights and nightmares regarding her father's incident, she eventually did make up her mind to oppose her mother's will and indeed follow in the footsteps of her father as he always wanted her to.


After a few years of uneventful service on the Fulmine, Alanza received a most concerning briefing from director Volbori: a kinetic mist headed towards planet Earth, threatening to destroy life as we know it. It was up to Alanza and her crew as the last line of defense to find a solution to the dire crisis, as this mist was identified as a sentient being intent on destroying our world.

Aware of the fatal danger the mist posed towards all of humanity, she briefed her crew of the nature of the danger and they all agreed to the mission, knowing the risks thereof. They would approach the colossal kinetic force in a space shuttle, intercepted by the enemy and being flung through the atmosphere like a piece of rock into a pond, most of the crew dying or injured in the encounter. Alanza remembers nothing of the incident to this day past this point, however. It is fact that the mist has been repelled and the planet saved by her and her crew.


Awakening in her hospital room, Alanza would feel a sudden strange sensation of foreign power coursing through her veins. Attempting to remove the medical equipment attached to her, she broke it. Taken aback by the power of her motions, she stumbled through the window, finding herself floating in horizontal free fall right towards the nearby street where she would collide with a truck, surviving it unscathed while the truck's front took heavy impact damage.

Her superhuman powers were of course always attributed to her outer-space encounter with the kinetic mist, further examined after an incident with a street robbery attempt on her where she would simply heat up an attacker's weapon by glaring at it. The man was forced to discard the blazing piece of metal and flee.

Inspired by the memory of her father, her newfound powers and the grave news of the battle of Detroit, she would take the role of Starflight and oppose Dr. Destroyer and his destroids in her full, stellar might.

Powers and abilities


Starflight belongs in the "Flying Brick" Superhero Class. She is able to bench-press up to 130 tons of weight, able to endure most forms of gunfire, and to emanate lasers at a non-lethal heat-ray magnitude. Her flight speed high end limit has been measured at Mach-3.


Starflight is not completely invulnerable, and is very much able to get tired, even if slower than the average human being. She also has claustrophobia originating from early childhood, augmented by the incident with the space shuttle crash. She is also vulnerable to psychic attacks despite her mind being shielded for the most part thanks to her exposure to the kinetic mist.

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