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An organization founded a million years ago on the planet Odrugar whose members are dedicated to protecting the peoples of the Galaxy from all sorts of dangers, threats, and menaces. Its warriors, or Star Guardians, all wield a powerful weapon called a Star*Staff or Star-Staff. The Star*Guard base in Earth's solar system is located on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. Currently, the Guardian of Earth's region is Andre Almena.


Approximately one million years ago, on the planet Odrugar deep in what is now Se’ecra territory, an extraordinary being named Gloran was born. Gloran had one of the most powerful minds the Galaxy had ever known, and from a young age he became aware of the insidious nature of evil and the responsibility the strong had to protect the weak. He built a massive computer he called CONTROL, more advanced than any that had ever existed, and with its assistance began to seek out and battle those who would endanger the innocent and cause suffering to other intelligent life forms. Gloran fought his war on evil for untold centuries, gathering to his side many allies, until at last his body began to fail him. Refusing to give up his crusade, he had his own brain engrams uploaded directly into the circuits of CONTROL. That way he could continue to assist and advise his followers, who by this time had become an army of hundreds known across space as the Star*Guard. The Guard adopted as its uniform the battlesuit Gloran wore, and with the aid of CONTROL developed a magnificent weapon known as the Star-Staff, which was feared by evildoers across the Galaxy. The earliest members of the Guard formed a Council of Overseers to manage the group which by the mid-twentieth century (as Earth accounts Time) had thousands of members patrolling the spaceways. The Council began to assign Star*Guards to specific sectors of space, with support teams (called “Marshals”), and bases full of equipment and ships to carry out their missions. Earth’s sector received its first Star*Guard, a Dendrian named Brin Rei Tarn, in 1968, and he served there until his death in 1990 at the hands of a traitorous former Guardsman called Mordace. The first (and to that point only) Human Star*Guard — a Spaniard named Andre Almena — replaced Tarn. Almena was still active in 2009 when Mordace led a small army of the Guard’s in a direct assault on Odrugar. That attack decimated the Guard and the Council, and damaged the physical quantum matrix containing CONTROL’s memory circuits. Almena and the other survivors did their best to rebuild the organization, but the Star*Guard had barely regained its footing when the defeat of Tyrannon changed the fundamental nature of the Universe in 2020. The Guardsmen found that many of their devices, including many functions of the Star-Staffs, no longer worked. (The Guard had long been aware that a “primal force” underlay Reality and made certain powers possible, but kept this information a closely-guarded secret, unknown even to most Guardsmen, for various reasons.) With their weapons weakened and CONTROL no more than a powerful computer, the Guard adopted new tactics of secrecy and subtlety. Teaching its members the skills of infiltration and disguise, the Guard transformed itself over the next few decades into a secret underground society, eschewing frontal assaults and well-armed bases for quiet stealth ships, networks of contacts, and missions of subversion from within. They continued to recruit new agents, and were sometimes nearly as effective as before, even if almost no one knew of their existence. The public image of the organization faded into legend and mythology. By the second half of the thirtieth century, the Star*Guard was a small but efficient secret society of no more than a hundred Guards and three Overseers, still based on Odrugar (which had become a pastoral world of simple farmers who helped hide the Council’s secrets). One of the Overseers, however, had not come up through the ranks of the Guards as the others had. 2-N Violet was an Az’arc’a, one of the mysterious energy beings known to live in radiation belts around a gas giant near the Galactic Core. A spherical mass of pulsing rings of plasma, Violet claimed to be many thousands of years old and to have known hundreds of Star*Guards, among them some of the greatest heroes of the organization. Violet said he could see the future, and maintained that it was very important to the future of the Galaxy that the Guard remain an active force. In 3000, the Kolvel Event made superpowers and super-technology — including the full functions of the Star-Staff — possible once more. With the aid of 2-N Violet and a Malvan engineer named Heddras, the Overseers vastly improved the weapon and placed the first one in the hands of Koh Calidore, a Perseid Guardsman they felt was the most qualified to lead the organization into the future. Since then, the Guard has started a slow, careful recruiting drive, seeking beings from throughout the Galaxy with the moral fiber, bravery, devotion to justice, and willpower to become part of this august organization.

Group Relations

The Star*Guard is an organization in transition, moving from a thousand years of secrecy and silence back to a public role on the stage of galactic affairs. Some of the Guard will no doubt find the transition difficult, but the Council hopes the recruiting efforts of Calidore and those like him will bring in honorable warriors worthy of the name... and, in turn, that they will prove worthy of the burden of leading this group of heroes. Tactics: The Star*Guard has relatively few “group tactics” as a military organization would define that term. Traditionally each Guardsman operated more or less independently, calling upon his fellows for help only in the most desperate circumstances — but even then, a group of Guards were more likely to fight together than truly act in concert tactically. Each Guard relies primarily on his Star-Staff in battle. An energy weapon of great power, it can project concussive bolts, move hundreds of tons, create force-barriers, and propel the user through the air or space at tremendous speeds. Each Guardsman’s Staff works a little differently, with the color of its energy and the ways it manifests depending on the Guardsman’s personality and imagination. For times when energy powers won’t get the job done, Guardsmen are trained in Odrugaran staff-fighting as well as a host of other skills.

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