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Spellbinder (Created 8/28/2009)
Player: @coffeethrall
Costume coffeethrall Spellbinder CC Comic Page Blue 510228658.jpg
Biographical Data
Real Name: Megan Holt
Known Aliases: None known
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Louisville, KY
Base of Operations: Vibora Bay, Millennium City, and extradimensional
Relatives: Brother, Kevin Holt
Age: 35
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Average
Physical Features: When channeling magic, the sclera of her eyes tend to darken while glowing blue pinpoints of light replace her pupils.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 13
Citizenship: Citizen of the United States of America
Occupation: Bookstore owner
Education: MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in contemporary poetry
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Spellbinder is a sorceress known for charging into battle with a veritable army of summoned minions, often including spectral beasts and eldritch golems. She has been seen casting warding spells to shield others from harm, as well as spells which manipulate bioforce to heal or harm foes.

Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada


Awakened entities desert their tombs,
Their hunger obvious: unholy groans
While shadows stretch and yawn. The evening looms,
And criminals can feel it in their bones.

Perhaps the arcane arts will serve to calm
The angry souls who riot, rage, and fight,
And offer hope to innocents-- a balm,
A beacon gleaming strong throughout the night.

But magic never manifests for free,
Nor can the dabbler comprehend its tomes,
Nor shall the master fail to pay the fee
When forces from beyond invade our homes.

For years, the darkness has enjoyed its reign.
For years, she watched-- but now she brings the pain!


Megan Holt was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on the vernal equinox of 1980. Her childhood was relatively normal, at least until her thirteenth birthday, when her maternal grandmother went missing from her assisted living community. Unbeknownst to Megan, her grandmother had operated as a mystic adventurer known as Spellbinder in the 1940s, and had recently been forced out of retirement by an old nemesis. Megan's parents were aware, but neither shared the aptitude or the inclination to follow in the original Spellbinder's footsteps; indeed, they had gone to very great lengths to shield Megan and her brother and provide a completely mundane life for their family. That changed for Megan when her grandmother's astral form appeared at the foot of her bed one evening, pleading with her granddaughter to "awaken."

Powers and SkillsSbpowers.png

Sorcery ~ Spellbinder's powers derive from her knowledge of spellcasting. Among the spells she knows, she can summon a variety of eldritch constructs she refers to as "eidolons," often taking the form of spectral animals or elemental golems, which she then directs telepathically. For transportation, she levitates or employs teleportation. In combat against living opponents, she typically relies upon spells of biomanipulation which either heal or harm their targets, and against inorganic foes she often summons mystic lightning. She appears adept at warding spells to shield herself and others from harm.

Arcane Lore ~ Spellbinder's knowledge of the occult is considerable, and even without access to her private library she displays a deep understanding of myriad magical disciplines. If she cannot immediately recognize a particular enchantment, supernatural entity or object, then it is most definitely not from "around here."

Academic Knowledge ~ Spellbinder's knowledge of English literature is what one might expect from a person with a terminal degree in English. She reads avidly, and tries to remain abreast of rising poets via academic journals and correspondence with a network of trusted writers.

Occult ParaphernaliaSboccult.png

Talismans and Charms ~ On occasion, Spellbinder imbues small objects, often handmade jewelry, with magical effects. Notable items she has created include a pair of amulets which enable the wearers to sense the physical and emotional state of the other across vast distances, talismans which offer resistance to spiritual and mental attacks, and an ornate ring which alerts the wearer to the presence of various supernatural phenomena which might otherwise be imperceptible.

Private Library ~ In the back of her bookstore, there is a doorway which does not connect to a room on the other side of the wall; rather, with the proper spell of passage, it opens into the pocket dimension which houses Spellbinder's private library of magical lore. The extent of her collection is unknown.



Costume coffeethrall Spellbinder CC Comic Page Blue 510354706.jpg

Spellbinder's most persistent enemy is a man known as Witchbreaker, who employs mercenaries and munitions in his quest to eradicate all supernatural influences from the world. A consummate zealot, he sees no difference between mystic superheroes and malignant entities such as werewolves or the undead.

General PerceptionSbperception.png

Spellbinder receives little mention in the media. Megan Holt is actually more well-known, at least in literary circles. She occasionally publishes a collection of poetry or writes reviews of others' work.


  • Functional Magic: The Inherent Magic variety, although learning how to properly use said inherent gifts took years of intense study.
  • Summon Magic: And how.
  • Collector of the Strange: Spellbinder has a fondness for collecting magical trinkets, and an absolute passion for hoarding mystical literature.
  • Deflector Shields: Her go-to defense in battle involves conjuring arcane shields around herself and her allies.
  • Legacy Character: Spellbinder's grandmother was also a sorceress who adventured in the 1940s using the same moniker.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Spellbinder's costume does this. The temperature isn't much of a concern for a sorceress; still, the version she wears is actually more modest than her grandmother's (Megan prefers full leggings to fishnet hosiery.)
  • Instant Costume Change: It's a fairly minor cantrip, as far as Spellbinder is concerned.
  • Superheroes Wear Capes: And she thinks anyone clumsy or stupid enough to get sucked into a jet engine deserves their fate.
  • Levitating Lotus Position: It's comfortable!


October Project ~ Bury My Lovely    Liath Music.png     "Cover the madness, cover the fear. / No one will ever know you were here: / a figure in the hallway light returning like a ghost. / Something that was left behind, something in a child's mind."

Poe ~ Haunted    Liath Music.png     "Come here. / No, I won't say please. / One more look at the ghost / before I'm gonna make it leave."

Shriekback ~ Nemesis    Liath Music.png     "Very little fruit is forbidden. / Sometimes we wobble, sometimes we're strong. / But you know evil is an exact science: / being carefully, correctly wrong."