Shinnosuke Yamagami

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Shinnosuke Yamagami
Player: @Sekimen
"Do not waste your breath explaining your creed. The actions of the just have no need for poetry."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Shinnosuke Yamagami
Known Aliases: None
Gender: Male
Species: Psychopomp
Ethnicity: Japanese
Place of Birth: Ōmi Province, Sengoku period
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None
Age: 471
Height: inconsistent
Weight: inconsistent
Eyes: unknown
Hair: none
Complexion: unknown
Physical Build: athletic
Physical Features: Almost featureless mask and cold aura.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 420
Citizenship: none
Occupation: Servant of the Reaper
Education: Odani Castle
Marital Status: widowed
Known Powers and Abilities
darkness and martial arts
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Horobi Blades, chained kunai
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Shinnosuke Yamagami (山神 慎之介) was born in the Ōmi Province during the Sengoku period. Orphaned at a very young age, he was given to the Azai Clan's ninja branch, who took it upon themselves to bring him up as another agent of the clan. He showed great aptitude and grew up to lead Azai Clan's ninja unit for scouting and infiltration missions.

He served faithfully under the daimyo Azai Nagamasa. Before his lord committed seppuku, one of the Azai heirs was entrusted to Shinnosuke. Together, the ninja and the young lord fled and went into hiding. They were successful for a while, but their whereabouts were soon discovered and they were attacked by Nobunaga's assassins.

Shinnosuke fought against overwhelming numbers, refusing to fail no matter the odds. Slowly, the world around them shifted. They had entered the ethereal, dying without knowing it. Yet even in death, the battle wouldn't end and the now dead Shinnosuke continued to fight the spirits of those he had killed, wishing to protect the young lord even in death.


The furious battle garnered the attention of the Reaper, who had come to bring a close it, as the conflict in the ethereal had caused tears in it, releasing spirits of anger, hate and fear into the realm of the living. Shinnosuke refused to back down and challenged the Reaper, but failed horribly after only one of his adversary's attacks. The Reaper then demanded the ninja undo the mess he had created. After Shinnosuke had hunted down the spirits his battle had let loose, the Reaper saw a potential servant and gave the ninja an offer: eternal servitude in exchange for the safe passage of the young Azai to the realm of the dead.

Yamagami agreed and ever since that day, he has been fighting to keep balance between the realms of the living and the dead.




Shinnosuke wields a set of blades called Horobi. They are magical in nature and are able to banish spirits back into the realm of the dead. When used against mortals, anyone slain by them is sure to pass on and not be bound to the land of the living as a ghost, zombie or any other kind of undead. If a target is immune to magic, they will act as normal weapons. Only the aura of the blades is consistent. Shinnosuke may shift them into any form that he deems appropriate.

Ethereal Step


Shinnosuke is able to jump between the material and ethereal plane at will. He is not able to carry any objects or persons with him between the planes, unless it is a part of him or has been properly enchanted. This also lets him bypass various obstacles, like being on one side of a wall, entering the ethereal, and then emerging from the other side. As he can move freely while in the ethereal, he sometimes employs this plane shift mid-combat to teleport behind flying opponents.

Ethereal Sight

Shinnosuke can at any time see the ethereal plane while he is in the material plane and vice-versa. He is not, however, able to hear between planes or affect one while he's in the other.


Time moves slower for Shinnosuke than for mere mortals. Because of this, he is able to react with near-divine speed to dangers, as long as he notices them.

Indomitable Soul

Shinnosuke is immune to any attempts of mind-control or mind-affecting abilities regardless of nature. Such attempts could possibly stun him like any powerful blow, but no-one short of the Reaper himself is able to control him. However, actually tricking him is something else entirely.



Shinnosuke cannot die. He can only be banished or subdued, but never killed.

Training during life

Shinnosuke has been trained in martial arts and use of various ninja equipment, infiltration and calligraphy.


Shinnosuke is neither living, nor dead. Because of this, his form is unstable and he will never be at full power. He is as likely to receive a surge of strength mid-battle as he is to lose a good portion of his combat aptitude. He may also be banished between planes. In the material plane, anything that would likely banish a ghost, for example, would banish him as well. While in the ethereal, any banishment that affects mortals affects him as well.

He is also extremely vulnerable to arcane magic and needs to take extra caution whenever fighting arcanists.



One of Shinnosuke's first missions after starting to work for the Reaper was in Edo. There, he met the demon dog Yago, who has been a faithful follower ever since. Nobody really knows why Shinnosuke allowed the demon dog to follow him, but they seem to possess a mutual understanding of one another that seems implausible to any onlooker. The exact nature of this friendship remains a mystery to everyone but the two.

He also holds the doctor Amadhan in high regard, often calling him "Storyteller" semi-jokingly.



400 years of service has taken its toll on Shinnosuke. As he is more closer to being dead than he is to being alive, Shinnosuke has grown detached from humanity. He shows little empathy or concern when dealing with anyone. He is blunt and does not refrain from insulting others. However, many of these insults are closer to a scorning teacher than a malicious person.

A part of him is still human, though. It is likely that because he still has a human soul that resorting to banishing spirits of deceased children, widows and many innocent have made him weary of existence.

Through Dead Eyes

These are some of the answers Shinnosuke has given when asked about his opinion on certain subjects.

On Death: "I did not notice when it happened and I am not dead to know what the afterlife feels like."

On Humanity: "Eventually, you realize they are all the same and nothing surprises you anymore. Many hail humanity as being the epitome of variety and ingenuity. Then why are they so predictable in their actions?"

On spirits: "The most selfish entities I have ever encountered."


On the Reaper: "I despise him."

On modern-day Japan: "It has aged poorly."

On Yago: This is the closest Shinnosuke ever comes to a "heh".

On using lethal force: "I have long since stopped caring."

On metahumans: "They are the same as humans, only loud about it."

On heroes: "I have met many of them in person over the years. They come in many shapes and forms, but regardless of that, anyone I honor of calling a hero is someone who has my endless respect."

On immortality: "I wouldn't wish it upon the most hated of my foes."

What They Say of Him...

To be filled out by other heroes. Leave your thoughts here!

"He's disturbingly insightful, but I think I would rather have him on the team than against it." - Friendly Fire

"Guid man, if a wee bit doom an' gloom most a' the time. But bein' dead'll do that tae a person. Mind, if ah c'n make 'im laugh once, ah c'n do it again. An' ah suspect it'll do'im mair guid than he'd ever admit." - Amadhan

"He means well." -Yago

"He's rude, blunt, creative with words, and very mecha-looking. What's not to like? He's like Kamina from that anime...You know, with the drills? Only like know?" - Rufus, previously known as the Sin Reaper

"Awww he dwesses cool and is a gweat teacher. But the best thing is his fwiend Yoda! Yoda is pwetty awesome" -Chocolate Chip Chelsea

"Shinnosuke? I believe he is what the Americans my age call Emo? Dark and gloomy. Yes, Emo." - Litha Al'Lanore

"Like him best when he is not around at all... Provoking jerk." - Daemi

OOC information

Due to his work (as well as to avoid annoyances), Shinnosuke keeps a very low profile. Information about him is scarce to none. In case your characters wish to know more about him, have them ask Yago or Shinnosuke directly. Another way to find out more about Shinnosuke is consulting the spirits, but any such information has a good chance of being inaccurate, thanks to the regular flow of false information both driven by rumors the spirits spread and the rumors Yago maintains.

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