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The Shadowknight Of Millennium City
Player: @ryan1580
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Adam Ryan
AR, AJ, Shadow,
September 11th, 1982
Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
Dual Canadian / American
Millennium City
Shadow Cavern Beneath Ryan Tower In Millennium City
CEO And Chairman Of The Board Of AR Solutions/Full Time Hero
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
  • Father: Adam Ryan Senior; Status: Deceased
  • Mother: Sandra Ryan; Status: Deceased
  • Butler / Legal Guardian: Jeeves; Status : Alive
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
155 lbs.
Body Type
Dark Tan
· Distinguishing Features ·
Tall, Athletic build
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
  • Peak Human Attributes
· Equipment ·
  • Shadowknight Armor
  • Shadowknight Metallic Armor
  • Shadowknight Power Armor
  • Shadowknight Giant Armor
  • Utility Belt [Refer To Equipment Section For Details]
· Other Abilities ·
  • Refer To Skills Section As Adam Has Numerous Skills


Adam Joseph Ryan Junior was born September 11, 1982 at Saint Paul's Hospital in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada to Adam Ryan Senior and Sandra Ryan where he was a perfectly healthy child with no complications in his birth that would give him any limitations or weaknesses that some others have been known to be born with. The Ryans were very successful business people with various comapnies and holdings which meant that they had money meaning that Adam Junior would have the proverbial silver spoon from before he was even born.

Early Years

Living in the wealthy West Point Gray section of the city the Ryans were able to afford a gigantic custom built mansion where Adam being the first and ultimately the only child of the Ryan Family would been born with the proverbial silver spoon for anything that Adam would need his parents would get and not only get but they made sure to always get the best of the best when it came to the things that Adam would need growing up.

Adam Senior and Sandra would hire an army of nannies as well as a butler who would be assigned solely to Adam Junior as both of the child's parents would ensure that Adam Junior would always have someone around to help with his personal needs especially during the times when office business would keep them away from home and away from being able to spend much needed time between the family.

Adam would grow up spoiled but this entitlement would never effect Adam who would learn very early on the care about those who were less fortunate then themselves and help when asked even by those who would be considered by public standards to be beneath him. When it came time to start his education beginning with Preschool Adam would be sent to Queen Elizabeth Elementary School where he would be attend public classes as both Adam Senior and Sandra felt that Adam Junior needed to be around other children in order to form friendships and interact with other children his own age.

As his grades advanced through the years Adam continued to remain in public school with it never crossing the mind of either of his parents that he would do better in a private school where the family's wealth could allow Adam to coast by in his classes and exploit the money and influence that his family had.

Death Of Adam's Parents

July 23 1992 would be a day that would forever change the life of Adam and set him upon a dark path in his life for it was the Battle of Detroit. While Adam was safe at home like many people around the world watching breaking news on television about the events unfolding in Detroit it was a different story for his parents for they were in Downtown Detroit at the time visiting the local branch of their company inspecting its operational effectiveness which was something that they did on a regular basis at various facilities either owned or managed by their company.

At the time Doctor Destroyer activated the orbital weapons platform that destroyed much of the city Adam Junior could only watch in horror as news outlets in the city before losing transmission as a result of the blast showed that the Ryan Facility was one of the first buildings to be struck by the blast. Adam would burst into tears as his butler Jeeves and those caring for him would do their best to comfort the child and hope and pray that by some miracle the Ryans were somehow able to survive the blast and would be alright and able to return to their son.

two days into the clean up efforts Jeeves would get a call from the National Guard who was on scene in the remains of the city and would inform him that the recovery teams had been to the Ryan Facility and had recovered the remains of Adam Senior as well as Sandra leaving Adam orphaned which was the worst case scenario for this situation.

Picking Up The Pieces Of His Life

After being informed of the death of the Ryans Jeeves would be brought to the Police Station where he would learn from Ryan Business Lawyers that according to the will that had been left behind by the Ryans Jeeves was left Guardianship over Adam Junior and that the entire family fortune and business holdings would be left to Adam leaving him as one of the richest 10 year olds on the planet.

All the money and business titles in the world would not make up for the loss of his parents which left Adam angry and would cause the child to lash out at everyone around including those who were trying to help him through the grieving process and recover from the horrible events that had struck the family. As days turned into months 6 months in total would pass before Adam would be able to at the very least accept the death of his parents and would finally begin to allow those close to him to help him with the grief that he was experiencing especially Jeeves who would never stop being at Adam's side and beacon call whenever the child needed him no matter how angry Adam would get at him as the butler would do his very best to fill the loving role that his parents had filled for so many years and on Jeeves part he wanted to live up to the faith that the Ryans had put into him when it came to the raising of Adam in the event that something as what had happened would take place and that they would no longer be able to care for their son.

7 months after the Battle of Detroit Adam would return to school where he would be a much different student then before the tradegy that occurred for he would not take part in after school activities instead he would spend whatever free time he had during his school hours inside the library either doing his homework or often times he would do additional assignments that he would request from his teachers showing that he was focused solely on his academic studies and not anything else such as school sports, drama club or any other after school events and activities that were available for students to take part in if they wished to do so.

Because of his determined focus on his school work he would graduate Grade 12 at the top of his class and would earn awards and scholarship options that would go with being in the top of his class giving him a number of options that he could pursue when it came to post secondary education.

Post Secondary Education

At the end of Grade 12 he would graduate at the top of his class with the highest honors possible in academic studies. Making arrangements for the family business so that he could run things no matter where he might be in the world he would take his high school diploma he would return home where he would immediately register at both Simon Fraser University as well as the University of British Columbia where he would take courses in Computer Sciences, Forensic Science, Psychology, Chemistry and Engineering where he would perform a combination of in class assignments and his own personal free time where he would work at his own pace and finished the courses in only 6 months getting degrees of each of the fields.

Instead of continuing and taking a new batch of courses Adam would accept his first ever job taking a position as a trainee at the Barnaby Brothers Family Circus where he would train to be a high flying acrobatics performer. Training day and night he would quickly pick the the skills needed for tightrope walking and high wire swinging Adam would quickly earn the cheers of patrons who would come to watch the circus performances in which he would quickly become a nightly attraction. Adam's job in the circus would last for a year which was the term of the contract but Adam felt that he needed to move onto other things so he would make the choice to not renew his contract and would return to his studies as he would travel to Tokyo Japan where he would attend some business schools gaining valuable information when it came to Business Management and the various factors that come with running and conducting a business.

While in Japan Adam would have his first introduction to the field of Martial Arts after visiting a local shopping center where a group of students were putting on a display for shoppers. Interested in what he saw Adam would speak with the performers and learned of the dojo where they trained and would head there speaking with the masters of the dojo convincing them that he would be a worthy student to accept and eventually granted his request. When he was not taking part in classes where he needed to be physically present Adam would spend his time in the dojo working with the senseis of dojo to learn about Martial Arts. He would study Muay Thai, Kung Fu and Karate where training day and night would allow him to master all 3 arts which was something that impressed many in the dojo who thought that Adam was nothing more then a rich kid looking for the next thrill.

Taking Martial Arts To The Next Level

During his training in the dojo Adam would impress his masters to the point that they would see the determination in Adam and knew that he was not just looking for a thrill and would tell him the tales about the ancient temple of Shamballah to which Adam would take an invitation from his sensei and would pack some supplies for a trek to the Himalayan Mountains. Adam would spend 3 days traversing the mountain using a map given to him that would lead him to the steps of Shamballah where the monks of the temple were waiting for him having been informed that he was coming. Adam would be tested by the monks through a series of questions before he would be accepted into Shamballah. The monks would offer him shelter and training in exchange for daily tasks around the temple to which Adam was expected to perform on a daily basis if he wanted to remain within the temple and allowed to train with the instructors of the temple.

Adam would first start with training in Ninjitsu mastering his skills to the highest level possible before he would return to training with Muay Thai, Kung Fu and Karate further developing his skills beyond what he had learned in Japan. Eventually Adam would begin to add Submission Grappling to his training schedule learning how to take down a foe with a single strike regardless of how big or strong his foe might be. Along with this training he would significantly work on his stamina learning to pace himself when dealing with a particularly strong foe or for dealing with multiple foes at any given time. During this period Adam would not only work on his martial arts skills for the monks would teach the value of meditation as well as teach him about alternative medicine which Adam found would have potential uses as many techniques were either not commonly used in modern medicine or were techniques that doctors did not know about.

Adam would finish his training but rather then leave he would relax within the peace and quiet of the temple spending 6 months where it is at this time that he would learn about the city of Agharti and the war that was occurring between the two cities over the years. He would learn that the city was home to less favorable types of people and home to techniques that many in Shamballah considered to be dark and unnatural. Adam would find himself tempted by the stories that he would hear due to being curious by nature which would get the better of him as he would don a disguise and venture from Shamballah and head to Agharti where he would at first investigate the city but was ultimately discovered by those in charge of Agharti who would sense within Adam a darkside that existed within him. These leaders would offer Adam the chance to stay in the city and train with them where at first Adam was opposed to the training that he was offered however he eventually realized that this would be a good chance to understand the dark aspects of the world which he lacked any significant knowledge of.

Adam would begin his training by studying the art of Ninjitsu learning to become a real life ninja where his previous training would help him learn at a faster rate then others who were training in the city thus allowing him to work at his own pace. Through determination and hard work Adam became the top student in the city at the time quickly mastering Ninjitsu then moved on to studying the art of assassination which Adam found distasteful but continued with the training as he found that it gave him insights into the mind of such people which might one day be useful for him. Upon completing his training Adam would find himself being assigned to infiltrate Shamballah and kill his former instructors to which Adam refused fleeing the city and returning to Shamballah where he would inform his instructors of the impending attack and helped to defend the city and stop those from Agharti from succeeding with their planned attack.

Adam had the option to remain within Shamballah but at this point in his life he felt that it was time to return home bidding farewell to the monks and would make arrangements to return home to Vancouver.

The Return Of Adam Ryan

As Adam was flying home a passenger manifest was examined by media outlets and learned that Adam was on a plane that was going to be landing at YVR Airport so reporters across the city would flock to the airport hoping to catch a glimpse of his return home and if lucky get an interview with him. Adam would emerge from his flight entering the airport and while he was expecting his return to be covered by the press he was not expecting just how big of a deal his return to the city would be.

Adam would stand in front of the reporters as he knew that he would not be able to dodge them so he would give them to proverbial bone by saying that he had a long flight and that he needed rest but he would be holding a news conference to announce his future plans and that he would make sure all reporters had enough warning to attend the event. Picked up by Jeeves they would leave the airport heading back to the family home followed by the Paparazzi trying to snap photos of Adam but tinted windows prevented that and his home mansion's gate system would keep them out giving him privacy.

The first thing that he would do upon entering his home was turn on the local news then CNN as he would learn about events that had been occurring while he was away and what he saw was a world where heroes like Defender and the Champions were out in the world fighting against those that others could not. Adam would keep this in mind as he would turn his attention to company records for the family business learning that it had been successful in his absence which meant that he still had an income in order to live in the city.

Adam would begin to think about all the training that he had done in his travels and then thought of people like Defender and knew that someone he would like to put his training to use and could picture himself in the world in a position similar to Defender or other members of the Champions and even pictured himself as a member of the Champions fighting alongside members of the Champions. Seeing a picture advertising the newly rebuilt Millennium City Adam would read about the rebuilding of Detroit and its transformation from Detroit City into Millennium City. After learning about the rebuilt city Adam would make arrangements for a private flight to the city where he would visit the site of his parents death. At the memorial that had been setup honoring the lives of those lost in the Battle of Detroit he would see the names of his parents on a memorial plaque which only further added to the resolve that Adam wanted to do something with his training that would honor the memory of his parents.

While walking the city streets in a disguise he would take note of innocent beings going about their daily life but on occassion he would pass an ally where looking down he would see criminals operating in the shadows causing trouble for innocent people by threatening them for money or just because they could. It was at this time that Adam would remember back to his childhood and when he was scared of the dark his father would tell him about Shadowknights that lived in the dark shadows and would emerge when innocent people when in danger and would protect them before returning to the shadows. This memory would give Adam a revelation that would forever change the course of his life.

Adam would make arrangements for a secret trip back to Vancouver where he would meet with a man named Marcus Coleman who was a close friend of his father and a man who often made technological devices and advances for his father that they would sell through various family business ventures which was how Adam Senior had made much of his fortune. After the death of Adam Senior Marcus often helped Jeeves with the raising of Adam Junior with Adam Junior often referring to Marcus as Uncle Marcus showing the level of love, respect and trust that he felt towards him.

Adam would tell Marcus about his journey around the world and how he intended to put his training to use as a vigilante which was where Marcus came in for Adam needed someone he could trust to help him with the designing of his new identity to which Marcus would accept the request and dove into helping Adam with his plans.

The Beginnings Of Shadowknight

Adam would call a press conference where he would announce to the world that he would be starting a new business venture which he was going to be calling AR Solutions which would work with any law enforcement or military agency to develop equipment needed to handle Superhuman, Supernatural and extraterrestrial based beings around the world. Various agencies took note of Adam's intention and would watch closely to see if Adam was serious or just a rich boy would to try the next big business venture. Adam and Marcus would start with the construction of a brand new building in Millennium City which would be called Ryan Tower which would serve as the global headquarters for this company as well as a Penthouse home for Adam. It would take a full year for the construction of the tower to be completed during which time Adam would use the time to put his business model together and hire the staff that he would need. He would begin to meet with various agencies around the globe with major interest from the MDPD, PRIMUS and UNTIL where each agency would give Adam a basic contract to see how he would handle it.

Once Ryan Tower was constructed and open for business the company would launch to a running start completing introductory contracts impressing various agencies which would bring AR Solutions serious contracts not only from MCPD, PRIMUS and UNTIL but all around the globe which quickly made AR Solutions a global success and a business that would only add to the wealth that Adam had.

With AR Solutions off to a running start Adam's public identity was secure so it was time for Marcus to show Adam what his private life would be like for Marcus would take Adam to the elevator of Ryan Tower where he would reveal a panel in the elevator was actually a secret palm scanner which when pressed by someone with an authorized palm print would cause the elevator to descend below the sub-basement of the building coming to a stop 1,000 feet under Ryan Tower where Adam would be shown a large Rocky Cavern which was augmented with various technological features. Marcus would tell Adam that he along with a few trusted workers had constructed the cavern during the building of the tower hiding the funding for the cavern within business ventures for the tower. Exploring the cavern with Marcus as his tour guide Adam would be introduced to a state of the art computer system, an armor vault containing custom made armor suits, an armor vault containing various gadgets that Marcus had either made over the course of his life or over the course of the last year all of which was custom prototypes not in production anywhere else on the planet or were prototypes of items currently in existence but had modifications that made them completely unique and the final thing that he would tour was a fleet of mobile vehicles which consisted of Grav Bikes, Grav Tanks and Grav Jets.

Everything that he would be shown impressed him and only furthered his resolve to be a hero telling Marcus that he had a name picked out that would honor the memory of his father...Shadowknight.

The Rise Of Shadowknight

Thanks to the hard work that Marcus had put in Adam had a disguise and a plan so he would begin to train inside the armored suit that Marcus made for him as well as train with the various gadgets that Marcus made for him so that he would be a master in their use rather then testing out gadgets and equipment in the field where a failed gadget could lead to his death or the death of others that he was protecting.

Adam took a month for his training before he felt that he was ready to make his mark and his entrance to the city and the criminals that operated there. The first stage of his plan was to use his new computer that he would nickname Shadow-Wave to begin monitoring the MCPD Scanner traffic as he would begin to pinpoint locations of criminal activity around Millennium City as well as read MCPD Records on various criminals know to operate within the city for he wanted to know what he was getting himself into and where he would be most effective at making his presence know.

Adam would spend 3 days monitoring Criminal Activity within Millennium City before he felt that he had enough information to reveal himself to the criminals of Millennium City and would make plans for the following night selecting a drug shipment arriving at the West Side Docks as his first target for it was a shipment that was somehow able to get past police forces trying to stop shipments from coming in. The following night just as he had planned Adam donned his suit and new toys heading to the docks where he would conduct surveillance on the area in order to learn about those who would be waiting for the arrival of the shipment. With a total of a dozen well armed guards moving around the area in a seemingly random patrol route Adam would use his training to pick off the guards one by one using stealth and shadows to avoid detection picking off the guards one at a time until the only person remaining was the dealer in charge of distributing the drugs to those on the streets who could pay for the drugs. Using fear and intimidation Adam took down the target breaking an arm and telling the man to tell everyone in prison that Shadowknight was now operating in the city and that no one would be safe from his sight and notice.

Over the next few nights Adam would use the MCPD Radio Frequency to intercept crimes in progress intervening before law enforcement officers could arrive taking on everyone with street level thugs all the way up to crime bosses as the name Shadowknight spread among the Criminal Underworld for Shadowknight would take on all forms of crime showing that no one crime was above his notice which only made criminals fear him that much more. Within a short period of time Adam was able to force criminals to alter the way that they conducted business in the city for criminals of all levels would come to fear the Shadowknight forcing them to hide their plans and conduct business in private instead of the open as they would do everything that they could possible think of to avoid drawing the attention of Shadowknight.

Current Activites

Adam would continue on with his guise as Shadowknight where in the present day he is still leading a public life as the CEO and Chairman of the Board for AR Solutions while at the same time working as Shadowknight as situations arise. He spent the longest time working alone however situations he would encounter forced him to realize that at times working as part of a team was required to deal with threats beyond what any one hero could handle. He continues to work on Millennium City the majority of the time often operating in the West Side where he is often needed the most but if needed while head into the Downtown areas of the city. He works on his own for the most part but after a recent incident in Japan he has realized that the time of being a solo hero is now over and he is now setting out to find a group for which he can fit in and help as he wishes to continue his life as a superhero doing what is required in order to protect the innocent from those who would wish to cause harm and chaos to those weaker than themselves.

Powers And Abilities

Peak Human Physiology: Through the use of a specialized diet and intense daily exercise designed specifically for him by medical professionals Adam has developed his body to the peak potential for a Human being of his height and weight class. He all of his physical and mental attributes are classified as being at the highest level possible for a Human Being to reach without being classified as a Metahuman and has reached this level naturally without the need of drugs or serums like some other Humans have used to reach this state. His attributes allow him to easily handle the average criminal and when dealing with Metahumans or Extraterrestrials he has a good chance of dealing with them by avoiding or blocking attacks that would injure or kill other Humans trying to protect themselves from such attacks. Adam has a strict workout policy that he adheres to everyday in order to maintain his physical and mental shape for the rigors that come with being a hero and is constantly pushing himself to the breaking point in order to ensure that he is the best he can be and is able to maintain that shape for as long as his body will allow him to maintain it.

Peak Human Strength: Adam's strength is considered to be on par with the strength of an Olympic Class Athlete as he has been able to bench press 1,250 lbs and dead lift 1,000 lbs. He is easily able to lift the average person off the ground and hold them in the air for an indefinite period of time with a single hand and has even gone as far as lifting two full size adults at the same time without showing any sign of strain on his part. Through training he has learning how to strike foes with the force needed to knock the average being out in a single strike and will do this often especially when engaged in fights where the numbers are not in his favor as he will eliminate foes as quick as possible to return the odds to his favor. Through his training he is able to punch or kick through materials such as wood, concrete, tile, bone and many other common substances and materials without any protection and any chance of injuring himself in the process.

Peak Human Speed: Adam is able to match the speed of an Olympic Class Athlete allowing him to easily out run the average being and is even able to keep pace with most conventional vehicles currently on the road. Adam is exceptionally fast for he is able to move at these speeds even while in his full armor and carrying a fully stocked utility belt.

Peak Human Reflexes: Adam is fast enough even while wearing his armor to avoid incoming attacks including gunfire even at point blank range. He has been seen avoiding the gunfire of 3 targets armed with automatic weapons and 5 targets armed with semi automatic or other slow loading weapons. He has been seen to be fast enough to catch the arrows of archers who shoot at him using nothing more then his bare hands. Adam has faced off against beings using swords where he has shown that he is fast enough to catch sword blades with his bare hands when needed to. He has shown that he is agile enough to reach heights beyond an average's person's skill to reach and has shown that he can use his surroundings to easily move around in manners that others are not capable of without undergoing similar levels of training.

Peak Human Stamina:Adam is known for being able to hold his breath for 2 minutes and 45 seconds while underwater or in environments normally hazardous to Human beings without the need of specialized breathing equipment and 15 seconds when exposed to the vacuum of Outer Space. Through his training he has developed himself to the point where he is able to function for 5 days without the need of sleep, 4 days without the need of food and 3 days without the need of water allowing him to survive in various conditions without the need of basic things that other would need on a more regular basis. When in physical activity he develops fatigue toxins slower then the average person allowing him to take part in physical activities for 2 hours before the first signs of fatigue would begin to impair him but he can push himself beyond this to the point that he can function for 4 hours total before he would reach a fatigue level that would require him to stop what he was doing and rest for a period of time before continuing with physical activities once again.

Peak Human Mental Processing: Since Adam does not possess any Superhuman or Supernatural Based Abilities he finds himself in the position of having to rely on his brains in order to deal with the various situations that he finds himself in. He is known as a strategist able to devise tactics to deal with any foe he encounters regardless of how much stronger or faster they are compared to him and has even shown that he is able to develop tactics on the fly in the middle of an intense fight. In a fight he is able to face off against any foe or group of foes and immediately identify their fighting style as well as any strengths of weaknesses that they might have. He has thus far shown the ability to devise a tactic or tactics to use against any foe that he has come up against. His strategic mind allows him to be an excellent chess player with those who know his secret coming to try their luck against him while enemies often devise puzzles and traps to try and trick him but too date he has yet to be beat by an enemy while his allies have often found themselves getting nothing more then a stalemate against him if not a constant defeat. He is willing to assist others in devising tactics for handling various threats and often finds it interesting to do so especially when dealing with a foe that he has dealt with multiple times and needs to develop a fresh tactic that would work against them. When devising tactics to use against his foes Adam often likes to use distraction and misdirection in order lull his foes into a false sense of confidence so that they will make mistakes that Adam can use to his advantage and take them down much easier then normally as they would not make such mistakes if they were focused and not thinking that the advantage was on their side.

Indomitable Will: Adam has learned to tolerate pain to such levels that even if suffering a fatal injury he can continue on without allowing the pain to effect him mentally and will do what he can to avoid allowing an injury or injuries to impair him physically when possible. His sense of will is such that he has the determination to carry out his planned role as a hero where he has shown that he is highly resistant to the effects of telepathic techniques used against him where he is known to make it extremely hard if not impossible for telepaths to use their abilities to effect him to even the slightest degree.

Skills And Training

Polymath: Adam has had the chance to travel the world where he has been able to learn various subjects over the course of his life which has afforded him a vast array of information on various topics which helps not only as Shadowknight but in his life as Adam Ryan as well. Thanks to a Photographic Memory Adam has shown that he has been able to remember massive amounts of information over the years and has yet to shown signs that he is reaching the limits to what he is able to remember and had yet to forget able anything that he has studied over the years at least nothing that he remembers forgetting about. Over the years he has learned about the following topics.

  • Business Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Ancient Religions
  • Mythology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Applied Physics
  • Geology
  • Assassination
  • Archaeology
  • Kinesiology
  • Martial Arts
  • Infiltration
  • Survivalist
  • Parkour
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Computer Sciences
  • Criminology
  • Pilot
  • Vehicular Driving
  • Combat Driving
  • High Speed Vehicular Pursuing
  • Automechanics
  • Law Enforcement Tactics
  • Military Tactics

Martial Arts: Adam has had the chance to study various forms of martial arts over the course of his life ranking in as one of the world's greatest fighters in hand to hand combat with few able to fight him on equal ground and even fewer who are able to defeat him in a one on one fair fight. Through his training he has had a chance to learn Folk Wrestling, Bare Knuckle Boxing, Bajan Stick Licking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, American Karate, Collegiate Wrestling, Submission Grappling, Street Fighting, Aikido, Judo, Tai Chi, Ju-Jitsu, Kendo, Ninjutsu, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Eskrima, Muay Thai, Wing Chun and Krav Maga where he has mastered each style to the highest degree possible. After mastering these styles Adam would take techniques that he liked from each of the styles and mashed them together to form his own unique style which heavily relies on the use of counterattacks thus Adam often allows his opponents to strike first and will counter and react based on the moves and techniques used by his opponents. Due to this preferred style it is rare that Adam will be the one to strike first unless he needs to press an attack against a foe or foes for whatever reason.

Melee Weaponry: During his martial arts training Adam would learn to make use of Swords, Daggers, Combat Knives, Spears, Maces, Batons, Nunchucks, Bo Staves, Sais and many other types of martial arts based weapons where he has shown that he can defend himself from a wide range of foes who utilize various weapons against him. While in the field Adam prefers to fight using his bare fists and only resorts to the use of weapons when the situation calls for it and even then Adam tends to avoid lethal blows unless fighting an Inorganic Foe such as a machine. When resorting to the use of weapons he tends to rely either on the Custom Taser Batons that he keeps in special holsters on the inside of his boots or a pair of Questionite Karambits that he keeps in his utility belt.

Ranged Weaponry: During his martial arts training Adam would learn to make use of Shurikens where he would develop a lethal accuracy thanks to hours upon hours of training to perfect his aim. He has developed his skills to the highest degree possible as Shurikens and Boomerangs are among the gadgets that he most frequently uses. Early on in his training Adam would study the use of various firearms but he found that he did not like using them so while he would train to understand how to use them he would avoid using them unless absolutely required. While trained in various firearms he does not carry any on his person as he would rather carry tasers or rocket launchers which can use non lethal warheads as Adam does not want to kill anyone who he fights against. He continues to train with firearms in the event that a situation arises that requires him to use firearms but he does not utilize them unless in the most desperate of situations that might arise. While he does not carry or make use of firearms while on the ground his various vehicles are equipped with various firearms such as M61 Vulcan Machine Guns, High Energy Laser Cannons, Missiles, 60 mm Assault Cannons and other lethal weaponry which he will use make of these weapons however he always uses these weapons to disable vehicles or people when at all possible refusing to utilize lethal shots or tactics with the weaponry of his vehicles unless he has no other option available to him.

Acrobatics: Adam has trained himself in both the use of Gymnastics and Acrobatics during his time with the circus to the point that he is equal in skill to an Olympic Class Athlete easily able to compete against these athletes where most of the time his skill is enough that he may have a slight edge over others including Olympic Class Athletes. He is known for being able to use Handstands, Cartwheels, Tucks, Flips, Twirls, Rolls and other techniques from both styles where he has even shown that he can chain together techniques in order to move in methods that those who do not know him would not expect him to be able to move in.

Stealth Movement: Adam is known for being able to move around his surroundings without drawing unwanted attention to himself or alert hostiles to his presence thanks to the specialized training that he gained in Agharti. Even those close to Adam are known to comment on how quiet he can be often times not knowing that Adam is present with them unless he chooses to reveal his presence. His skills are even more impressive by the fact that he has been able to hide his presence from beings with Superhuman or Supernatural Based Sensory Abilities to the point that even these beings are unable to detect his presence even with their senses. His skills come from his Ninjutsu training which he has mastered to the highest degree possible and are skills that he often resorts to using while in the field.

Infiltration: Adam is known for being able to get into places where he is not welcome and has made getting into the most secure facilities on the planet look like a piece of cake thanks to the specialized training that he gained in Agharti. He is known for avoiding guards as well as surveillance cameras, booby traps and other types of security systems in place to keep out intruders. Adam is known for remaining undetected unless he wishes his presence to be known or unless it is too late for anyone where he is breaking into to do anything to stop him from doing whatever it is that he broke in for in the first place. His skills are so good that he is called upon by agencies such as PRIMUS and UNTIL to test security at various facilities as they believe that if someone like Shadowknight can get into their facility then someone else with similar skills could get inside as well. In the event he gets in without tripping any security he will offer suggestions to better security in order to keep others from doing what he had just done.

Deductive Reasoning: Adam is known for his fast mind where he is able to solve puzzles much faster then other people around him. Once beginning his work as Shadowknight Adam has shown that he is able to solve crimes with fewer pieces of evidence then even seasoned police officers and is able to come to the correct suspect to a crime that he looks into with much less evidence then others need. In his guise as Shadowknight Adam will assist in solving crimes especially the crimes that have police officers baffled as to who their suspect is and more importantly why they committed the crime that they did. Adam has been trained in Forensic Sciences which means that he knows how to collect evidence from a crime scene without contaminating it and is able to run the various tests that a Crime Scene Investigator does but at faster times thanks to the lack of red tape and better equipment that he has at his disposal.

Psychological Warfare: Adam is known to rely on less then approved methods of getting information from criminals especially when he needs information on a crime that is about to be committed so that he can get the information that he needs in order to prevent that crime from occurring. He has utilized various methods of torturing criminals such as holding them upside down off the side of a building, dropping them from heights only to catch him before hitting the ground, beating them into talking and many other forms many of which are not really approved by law enforcement and other heroes and things that might make the weak stomached to get squeamish. He has studied various forms of torture used throughout history and is not afraid to use such tactics against those who have information vital to stopping a crime especially crimes that have the likelihood of causing massive casualties and destruction. Due to his frequent use of Psychological Warfare Shadowknight has come to be feared around the world as both criminals and civilians have become intimidated in the presence of Shadowknight which often works to his favor as news his spread about the things that he has done and other rumors as to what he could do has most people afraid of what he could do if they do not cooperate with what Adam is either asking about or what he wants them to do.

Intimidation: Adam likes to cause fear and intimidation in his foes so that they will slip up and make mistakes that he can exploit to defeat them much faster then normally possible. He is so good at intimidating others thanks to a combination of Psychological Warfare and the unique design of his suit he is able to intimidate others to the point that even those who show no fear have admitted that they find Adam scary which is something that Adam uses to his advantage at any point that he is able to do so in order to shift a fight into his favor.

Interrogation: Adam is known for being able to speak to witness, victim and criminal alike as he can appear calm and caring when dealing with victims and witnesses while being cold and fearful when dealing with criminals or suspects which allows him to get the information that he needs from whomever it is that he needs to talk to during the course of any investigation that he chooses to conduct.

Multilingualism: During his travels around the world Adam would pick up many languages learning to speak them in order to speak with the various people that he would encounter along his travels. Over the years he has become fluent in English, Spanish, French, Latin, German, Japanese, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Greek, Portuguese, Arabic, Sanskrit, Hindi, Thai, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, American Sign Language and Military Sign Language just to name a few however he has shown that he is able to speak or understand other languages as well and seems to have a talent for learning languages faster then others when needing to learn something new. He can hold a conversation in any of those languages as well as read any written languages written in any of these languages. Aside from speaking and reading in foreign languages Adam is a skilled lip reader able to read lips and a distance and understand what it is that people are saying while he is safely away at a distance and out of sight which allows people to speak openly about things that they might not speak about if they knew that he was present and able to listen in to the conversation.

Parkour: Adam has developed skills in Parkour allowing him to move around his surroundings with ease even while in the heat of combat where he is known for using his surroundings to his advantage especially when facing off against beings who are stronger and faster then he is showing that he can use his surroundings to aid him in moving around with ease but also to fight against opponents by using the environment against them or moving in methods which others would not think possible.


Human Factor: Adam Ryan is a Human Being possessing no superhuman or supernatural based abilities. He is just as susceptible to things such as Aging, Disease, Illness, Toxins, Drugs, Stab Wounds, Gunshots and many of the other factors that can effect a Human being of his height and weight class showing no resistance or immunity to these things outside of the protection that his armor grants if he happens to be wearing it. He has a strong resistance to telepaths but is not immune to them thus telepaths who take time can break through his mental defenses and depending on the skill of the telepath could effect him to some degree of a short period of time until he is able to refocus and put up barriers to protect his mind.

Utility Belt Size: Adam is limited in what he can bring into the field with him by the size of the utility belt that he wears at all times in the field. Adam has made his belt as large as possible to carry as much as possible but he is only able to hold so much at any given time which could limit his options in a fight.

Gadget Reliance: Adam has no Superhuman or Supernatural Based Abilities which means that when facing Metahumans or beings with abilities beyond those of the average person Adam is often considered the Underdog of the Fight thus he finds himself forced to rely on his brains and his gadgets in these cases in order to give him a chance of standing his ground against beings more powerful and stronger then he is and walk away the victor.

Avoidance In Killing: Adam does not like to kill unless all other avenues have been exploited which means that he often times draws out a fight in order to prolong it so that he can subdue a criminal rather the killing them which may or may not leave Adam open to an attack or throw himself off guard just enough to leave him open to an attack that could injure him. While he avoids killing when at all possible he has often told others that he will not kill but at the same time he has been known to not save criminals such as child killers, cop killers and rapists leaving them in a situation where they are killed but at the end of the day they were killed by factors other then by his own hand or hands.


Shadowknight Armor: The Shadowknight Armor is a custom design created by Marcus Coleman to suit the needs of Adam Ryan in his alternative life as Shadowknight. Marcus produced the suit under the designation of AR Solutions Tactical Assault Suit and was marketed for a time but no police department or military wanted to purchase the suit due to a single suit costing roughly 10 million dollars to produce. This suit is what Adam wears in the field and is always making modifications with help from Marcus based on his experiences so that his armor will be able to protect him from the evils of the beings that he finds himself facing on a regular basis. Listed below are features that can be found within the Shadowknight Armor.

  • Reinforced Armor Plating: The Shadowknight Armor is designed using the best military grade body armors possible affording a high level of protection against a wide range of attacks that the wearer might find themselves on the wrong side of. The armor is composed of a double layer of protection which on their own might not be the best protection but when combined in the way that the design of the armor uses the combination of protection is enough to protect the wearer from the harms crime fighting brings. The first layer is a skin tight bodysuit made of Reinforced Kevlar which provides a material that is bullet, tear and element resistant. The skin tight suit is able to keep the internal temperature of the wearer at a comfortable temperature of 37 degrees ensuring that no matter where the wearer might be they will maintain a comfortable body temperature and will not be effected by the hot or cold conditions of the environment that the wearer finds themselves in. This bodysuit has been coated in a special material similar to what is used on Stealth Fighter Jets allowing for the wearer to retain their body heat preventing them from being detected by Thermalgraphic Scans and other heat detection technology as well as make it hard for him to appear on Radar when gliding or swinging through the air. The second layer is a Kendrium Dipped Tri-Weave Fiber Mesh that was reinforced over vital areas of the wearer with Kendrium Dipped Ceramic Armor Plating which allows the suit to have further bullet and tear resistant properties as well providing protection against a wide variety of elemental forces much like the bodysuit adding a second layer of added protection to the point that they are almost bulletproof, tearproof and highly resistant to elemental forces. Thanks to the combination of protection Adam has yet to find himself totally vulnerable to the attacks of his enemies where his armor has too date been able to provide him with at least some protection against the various attacks directed at him which he can negate completely through careful movements or the various gadgets that he keeps with him.

  • Armored Cowl: This cowl does far more then just protect the identity of Adam for it has been incorporated with various pieces of technology that allows Adam to perform feats and pick up on things that others might not pick up on or miss. A specialized pair of lenses are able to drop down over the eye sockets of the cowl which is able to filter various visual spectrums allowing for the wearer to pick up on things that are normally outside the regular Human ability to see on their own. The lenses are able to filter in Night Vision, Low Light, Thermal, Bio-Metric, Infra-Red, Spectrographic and X-Ray Visions allowing for them to see many things beyond the sight of others. While the visual lenses are dropped down they are able to run a targeting program that can assist the wearer is lining up a shot to ensure that they can strike a target that they need to especially when landing a hit at the right spot it critical. The targeting program is extremely useful when needing to line up ricochet or deflection attacks when dealing with hard to reach targets or multiple targets in a single strike. The inside of the right side of the Cowl has been fitted with a Radio Speaker that allows him to use audio transmissions with his allies, listen to surveillance bugs that he has planted or tune into various AM, FM or Emergency Responder Radio frequencies allows him to hear events or emergency personnel operating at any given time. This radio unit is able to pick up audio transmissions from his allies or those with the technological means of hacking into his frequency and speaking with the wearer. The Cowl is made of the same material as the rest of the armor with the only difference being that the cowl has a degree of lead in the material that protects the identity of the wearer from X-Ray Technologies and beings with X-Ray Vision. In order to avoid any unauthorized persons from removing his cowl the unit has a small electrical field generator which is able to provide an electrical current that can incapacitate a person trying to remove the cowl without knowing how to do so safely. With the press of a button on the Micro Computer the cowl is able to utilize a built in Voice Scrambler in order to distort Adam's voice so that those who could identify him based on his voice would have no idea who they were talking to while the scrambler is active.

  • Armored Gloves: The gloves of the armor are made of the same Kendrium Dipped Tri-Weave Fiber Mesh as the rest of the armor however the knuckles of the gloves have been reinforced with solid Questionite around the knuckles in order to allow the wearer to strike harder with punches and kicks then normally would be possible and to strike foes or objects without fear of damaging their hands by striking targets that are harder then what they should normally be able to hit. Through use of the Micro Computer the gloves can produce the fingerprints of anyone whose prints are on file which is extremely useful when needing to get past a fingerprint scanner. The fingers of the gloves are able to become magnetized at the press of a button allowing the wearer to stick to metallic surfaces or hold onto metallic items without dropping them or having them taken unless the person trying to take the item is able to pull stronger then the magnetic field holding the item in the wearer's hand or hands. The gloves are able to conduct electrical currents which are required for anyone which Memory Form to make full use of the cape that comes with the suit. The fingers of the gloves have finely tuned sensor units which are able to scan virtually anything that the user wishes having the scans uploaded to the Shadow-Wave for search results to be conducted and can do this nearly instantaneously. The fingertips of the gloves have state of the art parabolic microphones which are able to penetrate various surfaces allowing the wearer to hear inside rooms or structures without having to enter as long as they are able to maintain contact with a surface that can be heard through.

  • Armored Boots: Much like the gloves the bottom of the boots are made of the same Kendrium Dipped Tri-Weave Fiber Mesh as the rest of the armor however the soles have been constructed entirely out of Questionite in order to ensure that any kicks made by the wearer will be harder and stronger then normal allowing them to strike foes and objects without fear of damaging their feet with blows that could injure them. The soles on the boots can retract to reveal a set of small thrusters which are able to propel the wearer into the air in order to make use of the glide cape or to jump to heights in order to reach something beyond their normal jumping height or to jump up into the air in order to perform a martial artist technique from the air. The soles are able to be magnetized at the push of the button on the Micro Wrist Computer allowing the wearer to stick to any metallic surface for as long as the magnetic field is able to be maintained. Inside on the back of the boots are specialized holsters which house custom made Retractable taser batons made of Solid Kendrium which when needed can conduct an electrical charge and is something that Adam will use mostly when facing off against foes where he needs extra power behind his blows then what he can get with his bare hands or feet.

  • Micro Wrist Computer: Wrist Guards of the armor have been incorporated with state of the art micro computers designed to provide computerized equipment while in the field. The Micro Computer is designed to connect to the Shadow-Wave Computer located in the Shadow-Cavern which allows Adam complete access to his main computer system without having to return to one of his hideouts in order to gain information or use specialized programs that are found only on the main computer. Aside from the various programs that can be run through the main computer the Micro Computer has a Built In Explosive Detonator allowing him to trigger explosives or other devices that have been tied into the detonation system. The device has an SD Card Reader, Micro SD Card Reader and a USB Port so that the wearer can review data from flash drives or SD Cards found at a crime scene. The system has a built in USB Cable with multiple ends so that the computer can be plugged into other computers in the field where the device is able to hack computers the wearer might come across in order to attempt to recover useful information from the computer that might help with stopping a crime or assist in tracking down a criminal. Through bluetooth or WIFI connections the Micro Computer can be used to remotely connect to various computers or or electronic devices and hack into them in order to review information stored on the device or gain the ability to control something remotely with the computer. The computer is able to to produce detailed 3-D interactive holographic displays of information stored within the computer such as videos, maps, and even audio, video transmissions from allies through a heavily secured version of Skype no matter where he is and is able to produce these holographs for an indefinite amount of time. The Micro Computer is able to control the security features of armor, cowl and the utility belt allowing the system to be turned on or off at the push of a button and requiring the entering of a small security code before the system can be shut down where the security feature is designed to protect the wearer if any unauthorized beings get hold of the computer and try to shut off the system or effect any of the armor's systems which are controlled by the Wrist Computer. The computer maintains a constant uplink with his state of the art vehicle allowing him to issue commands to the complex computer which can allow him to control the weapon systems, gadgets and drone of the vehicle without having to be physically present in the Driver's Seat to operate the features of the car.

  • Armored Cape: The cape of the armor is custom cut Memory Form which appears like any material until an electrical current from the gloves is used in which case the cape becomes rigid allowing the wearer to glide across the skies like they were using a Hang Glider. The cape can become rigid and revert back as many times as the user wishes and is near instantaneous allowing them to move in any manner that they wish in order to reach any target that they wish to reach.

  • High Energy Deflector Shield: Controlled through the Micro Wrist Computer is a powerful energy shield which is able to form a skin tight field around the wearer of the armor which is able to protect them from a wide range of various attacks directed at them. based heavily on Gadroon Shield Designs the shield is able to be used anytime the wearer wishes however due to the high energy needs of the shield the downside to the shield is that the stronger the attack the more energy that is required which means that the shield can only be used once or twice based on the attack in which one defends themselves. Once used the shield is able to recharge itself automatically where it can take up to an hour to fully recharge the system depending on how much energy was used in protecting the wearer when the shield is activated. In the case of Adam he will only use this shield in cases where he is in need of a sure fire defense and all options have been exhausted or are deemed ineffective against whenever has been sent his way. The various functions of the shield are controlled by the Micro Wrist Computer

Shadow Drones: Marcus Coleman would make use of Military Grade Drone Technology and converted it for Adam's needs as a hero as he felt that in some circumstances Adam might need some extra help or might need to strike in two different locations at the same time. Dubbed Shadow Drones these unique drones are controlled by the Micro Wrist Computer on the Shadowknight Armor or through a remote link with the Shadow-Wave computer in the Shadow Cavern underneath Ryan Tower in Millennium City and is the only way to control the Drones thanks to security firewalls incorporated into the design to prevent unauthorized hacking of the devices when they are deployed. Some of the features of these Shadow Drones are as follows

  • High Energy Particle Laser Cannon
  • M61 Vulcan Machine Gun
  • Micro Munition Launchers
  • Micro Kendrium Tanglecoil Launcher
  • GPS Tracking Beacon Launcher
  • Taser Dart Launcher
  • Tranquilizer Dart Launcher
  • EMP Pulse Generator
  • Multi Spectral Multi Frequency Sensor Network
  • Audio / Visual Recording Cameras
  • Audio / Visual Holographic Playback
  • Audio / Visual Holographic Distractions
  • Micro Computer Transmitter

Shadow-Net: AR Solutions has launched a series of satellites into orbit which the company uses as part of a Worldwide Communications Network however this is as far as the public's knowledge of the satellites goes for Adam and Marcus would design the satellites with a few hidden features into the satellites which are of benefit to his work as Shadowknight. Not only are the satellites able to allow Adam to communicate across the planet they are able to monitor various parts of the world recording information or being able to provide real time satellite intelligence by feeding information directly to the Shadow-Wave terminal in the Shadow Cavern. Offensively the satellites are installed with a High Energy Particle Cannon which is able to target any spot on the planet and release blasts of energy that could vaporize a target with ease. Adam has yet to utilize this weapon system but has it available in his arsenal when the day comes that he needs to rely on a desperate weapon like this to defeat a powerful foe.

Utility Belt: Adam wears what appears to be a standard Utility Belt which he uses to house the various gadgets and pieces of equipment that he brings into the field with him. In order to protect against unauthorized access to his belt and the equipment stored within Adam as incorporated a security feature which at the press of a button on his Micro Wrist Computer locks down the belt preventing it from being opened until the lockdown is ended through a code entered into the computer. Those attempting to open the pouches while the system is active will find themselves suffering from an electrical shock that can disable or stun them for a period of time. One of the pouches on his belt is made of lead for times when the wearer needs to transport radioactive materials in a safe manner. All of the gadgets are inventions of Marcus Coleman where Adam would often have an idea for a gadget or something that he would need to do in the field and Marcus would be the one in charge of taking Adam's dream or vision and doing whatever it took to make it a reality.

Listed below are the items that he is known to have kept in his Utility Belt while the items that have [Standard] at the end of them are items that are considered standard equipment and carried in his belt at all times while other items listed are items he has at his disposal should he be able to get to his hideout or a storage location to get specialized gear that he normally does not carry with him at all times.

  • Foldable Boomerangs [Standard]
  • Micro Boomerangs [Standard]
  • Scatter Shot Boomerangs [Standard]
  • Fordite Boomerangs [Standard]
  • Taser Boomerangs [Standard]
  • EMP Boomerangs [Standard]
  • Sonic Frequency Boomerangs [Standard]
  • Remote Controlled Boomerangs [Standard]
  • Kendrium Boomerangs [Standard]
  • Questionite Boomerangs [Standard]
  • Cable Boomerangs [Standard]
  • Double Bladed Boomerangs [Standard]
  • Gas Filled Boomerangs [Standard]
  • Foldable Questionite Karambits [Standard]
  • Kendrium Caltrops [Standard]
  • Fordite Orbs [Standard]
  • Sonic Orbs [Standard]
  • Cryogenic Orbs [Standard]
  • Taser Orbs [Standard]
  • Flashbang Orbs [Standard]
  • Tear Gas Orbs [Standard]
  • Smoke Orbs [Standard]
  • EMP Orbs [Standard]
  • Entangling Mesh Orbs [Standard]
  • Black Sand Orbs [Standard]
  • Black Sand Dust Orbs [Standard]
  • Black Sand Charges [Standard]
  • Cryogenic Charges [Standard]
  • Remote Controlled Charges [Standard]
  • Time Delayed Charges [Standard]
  • Fordite Charges [Standard]
  • Questionite Grapple Hooks [Standard]
  • Gas Powered Grapple Gun With 1,000 Foot Questionite Microfilament Line [Standard]
  • Gas Powered Zip-Line Grapple Launcher With 1,000 Foot Questionite Microfilament Line [Standard]
  • Gas Powered Hand Held Rocket Launcher [Standard]
  • Gas Powered Bola Launcher [Standard]
  • Gas Powered Taser Launcher [Standard]
  • Gas Powered Projectile Launcher [Standard]
  • Fordite Gel Sprayer [Standard]
  • Questionite Handcuffs [Standard]
  • Kendrium Bolas [Standard]
  • Fordite Bolas [Standard]
  • Taser Bolas [Standard]
  • Audio / Visual Surveillance Transmitters [Standard]
  • Audio / Visual Distraction Projectors [Standard]
  • Multi Frequency GPS Signal Beacons [Standard]
  • Portable Military Grade Foldable Gas Mask [Standard]
  • Fordite Lock Charges [Standard]
  • EMP Lock Charges [Standard]
  • Rocket Thruster Emitters [Standard]
  • Questionite Caltrops
  • Fordite Caltrops
  • Taser Caltrops
  • Questionite Marbles
  • Kendrium Marbles
  • Thermite Orbs
  • Thorium Orbs
  • Hydrochloric Acid Orbs
  • Fire Foam Orbs
  • Solar Orbs
  • Silver Nitrite Orbs
  • Unstable Kelvarite Dust Orbs
  • Stable Kelvarite Dust Orbs
  • Shrapnel Orbs
  • Pepper Spray Orbs
  • Shrapnel Charges
  • Superglue Charges
  • Tear Gas Charges
  • Thermite Charges
  • Plastique Charges
  • Thorium Charges
  • Sonic Charges
  • Solar Charges
  • Silver Nitrite Charges
  • EMP Charges
  • Emergency First Aid Kit
  • Emergency Forensic Kit
  • Gas Powered Tractor Beam Generator
  • Gas Powered Tanglecoil Launcher
  • Voice Operated Vehicle Remote
  • Multi Spectral Flashlight
  • Micro Power Generator
  • Miniature High Energy Laser Torch
  • Portable Electronic Jammer
  • Portable Cellphone Jammer
  • Portable Audio / Visual Recorder
  • Particle Energy Mines
  • Fordite Mines
  • Time Delayed Mines
  • Proximity Mines
  • Black Sand Mines
  • Brass Knuckledusters
  • Kendrium Knuckledusters
  • Chunk Of Unstable Kelvarite
  • Chunk Of Stable Kelvarite
  • Lockpick Tools
  • Thermite Lock Charges
  • Blank USB Flash Drives
  • Blank Micro SD Cards


Shadow-Defender: The Shadow-Defender is a custom one of a kind vehicle that the the ultimate collaboration between Adam Ryan and Marcus Coleman early on in Adam's vision for his crime fighting alter ego realizing that he would need a way to get to various crimes as well as needing a means of combating criminals operating high tech vehicles to commit their crimes. To the ordinary eye the Shadow Defender would appear to be a Cherry Red Hot Rod Roadster which would be Adam's luxury car when in public to show off the rich side of his personality however at the press of a button the vehicle could morph into a Skyfox Aircraft on wheels which was the true defender and where the specialized equipment Adam would need to fight crime is located. Listed below are the features that have been built into the Shadow-Defender

  • Defender Mode: Normally this vehicle is nothing more then a Cherry Red Hotrod which Adam likes to drive around however in order to access the features that Adam realizes on as Shadowknight the vehicle most morph into what Adam calls the Shadow-Defender Mode however publicly the car is simply called Defender and Adam has no trouble calling it by its public name. When Defender Mode is activated the Hotrod shell of the vehicle is rotated out for a Double Reinforced Double Thick Kendrium Vehicle shell resembling a Skyfox Hawkwing but without the wings found on the fighter and wheels so that it could function as an automobile. In Defender Mode the entire vehicle is armor plated with the same kendrium plating found on the shell ensuring that the vehicle is one of the most heavily protected armored vehicles currently in operation on the planet. The design of the armored vehicle to this date ensures that the Defender is protected from every possible angle from various forms of attack with very few things able to penetrate the armor shell of the vehicle.

  • Flight Mode: In the event that a crime occurs in the air or a criminal attempts to escape by some form of aircraft the Defender is able to morph its form by pushing a panel into the ground which rises the vehicle up off the ground in order to allow the wheels to rotate under the carriage of the vehicle then the hubs open and deploy the wings that are common for a Skyfox Hawkwing and moments later a thruster on the rear of the vehicle activates provided the thrust needed to get the vehicle rapidly up to heights of 50,000 feet in a matter of moments if needed.

  • Micro Computer Uplink: When the operator in many cases Adam is away from the vehicle he is able to control many aspects of the vehicle through his Micro Computer. The Micro Computer is able to activate a GPS signal beacon which allows the vehicle to auto navigate to his location at the press of a button and is able to activate any of the vehicle modes with the simple push of a computer button so that the right mode vehicle comes to him in a pinch. The Micro Computer is able to send signals to the vehicle in order to have the vehicle perform commands without the need of having a drive behind the wheel such as using the weapon systems or using the auto navigation as a very effective distraction tool.

  • 4WD Mode: In order to meet criminals in any road condition or surface terrain the Defender is able to enter a specialized 4 Wheel Drive Mode simply called 4WD Mode which allows the Defender to increase the size of its wheels as well as the traction the wheels have allowing the vehicle to travel across terrain and road conditions which would not normally be possible for the typical city vehicle that one would find operating on the streets currently. To this date the Defender had yet to encounter a surface that it can not drive across while in 4WD Mode.

  • Holographic Projection System: The Defender is able to produce a small Holographic Field Generator from a panel on the roof which allows the operator to create lifelike holographic images of anything that the operator wishes. The projection system can even be used to mask the Defender allowing it to appear as another type vehicle making the projection system the ultimate tool in undercover surveillance as the criminals being monitored have no idea that a vehicle in their surroundings is the Defender until it is too late to do anything about it.

  • Retractable Battering Rams: The Defender has a pair of Battering Rams which can be deployed from the front and rear of the vehicle so that the Defender can be used to crash into various vehicles and objects with the full force of the vehicle behind it. Both sets of Battering Rams are created out of solid Questionite to ensure that no matter what the Defender decides to crash through the rams will never dull or become damaged by striking into a harder then average substance that the operator of the vehicle might encounter.

  • Public Address System: While safely locked within the protected shell of the Defender the operator is able to speak to people outside of the vehicle without having to exit the vehicle and expose themselves to a potentially hostile situation when they are perfectly safe and protected within the Defender. Volume levels can be adjusted in the event of a large crowd such as a riot or a mob and is a useful tool for dispersing crowds before having to resort to other offensive options at the driver's disposal.

  • Ejection System: The Ejection System is built into both seats of the Defender which acts as your typical ejector seat seen in numerous tv shows and movies over the years. For Adam he frequently uses the system to launch himself out of the Defender and into the sky where he can use his cape to glide around the city in order to reach areas faster then what he could with the Defender or reach tall heights in a timely manner.

  • Passive Laser Restraint System: This system works both in and out of Defender mode. Using a series of laser projectors the system projects a safety harness which protects the user from combat related impacts as well as impacts resulting in sudden stops.

  • Deployable Weapon Pods: These pods are built into the doors of the Defender and are able to deploy and retract at the simple push of a button. These pods house the primary weapons systems of the Defender. The Defender comes equipped with Twin 7.62mm Machine Guns, Twin Missile Launchers With Adjustable Varied Warheads, Twin Static Pulse Cannons, Twin Laser Cannons and Twin Tracker Grapple Missiles With Long Range Tow Cables

  • Rear Mounted Weapon System: Housed within in the rear panel of the vehicle is a tri barrel weapon system incorporating a 50mm Machine Gun, a Missile Launcher and a Grapple Hook to be used against targets trying to attack him from the rear.

  • Countermeasure Defense System: Located within the top panel of the trunk is a micro launcher system housing standard Countermeasure Flares which can be used to intercept incoming attacks with the potential to cause harm to the Defender or innocent people or the environment around the vehicle and is something that is often used in the vehicle.


The Shadow-Cavern: Located 1,000 feet beneath Millennium City over the site that was built into Ryan Tower is the home base for Adam's activities as Shadowknight. This cavern has been hollowed out to the exact specifications of Adam himself so that the space would be maximized to the needs of Adam. This cavern has been housed with the most sophisticated and state of the art equipment much of which has been personally designed by Adam himself or designed specifically for his use as Shadowknight and has not been made available to the public including law enforcement or military agencies such as PRIMUS or UNTIL. Listed below are the features of the Shadow-Cavern. Listed below are some of the features of the Cavern

  • Shadow-Wave: Shadow-Wave is a state of the art computer system which is classified as a super computer as it is able to process vast amounts of information in a short period of time and is unlike any super computer currently in operation anywhere else on the planet. The entire network is considered a closed system which allows for Shadow-Wave to function in the event that a computer shutdown would occur around the world. The system has an independent internet connection which allows for Shadow-Wave to function on the internet without being on the public internet domain would could expose the system to various computer viruses that are floating around the internet. Because of this private connection Shadow-Wave has a vast database at its disposal in which to analyze data where any data that is put through to be analyzed can be done so in a much faster time rate then other computers as the system is not bogged down with frivolous data then public servers used by law enforcement or military agencies or even private or public labs could do. Thanks to a special deal made with PRIMUS, MCPD, UNTIL, FBI and other various agencies Adam has access to their networks further increasing his access to information especially information that is not available to the public. Shadow-Wave is tied into the MCPD at all times monitoring emergency dispatch channels in order to monitor emergencies throughout the city and can alert Adam to situations where he may be needed to assist local law enforcement especially if it involves Super Villain Crimes.

  • Armor Vault: The Armor Vault is much like a secure bank vault where Adam houses his various armor suits. He has made several spare suits in the event that he damages a suit while in the field ensuring that he always has a suit ready in emergency. The vault has an area where he has setup a small workbench where he can construct new suits, experiment on new armor designs or make repairs to any suit that he has damaged in the course of his work.

  • Equipment Vault: Much like the Armor Vault this vault is used to house the various equipment that he uses in the field. He has stockpiled much of his equipment so that he has what he needs at any given time when something comes up that requires his attention. He keeps at least 4 belts stocked and ready to go in an emergency and can add or subtract from a belt based on the situation he is planning on entering and what he thinks he might need and what he might not need. Like the Armor Vault Adam has placed a small workbench in the Equipment Vault for the times that he dreams up a new gadget and needs a place to create a prototype that he can test or if he needs to make repairs or adjustments to an existing gadget before entering the field or after returning from a situation.

  • Vehicle Maintenance Bay: Adam uses this space when needing to make repairs or upgrades to his various vehicles as this area houses the special equipment needed to work on the various vehicles that Adam has in his arsenal. He stores all of his vehicles in the Bay and tinkers with them when he has an idea in his head for an upgrade or if he needs to make repairs to a vehicle that has been damaged in the field.

  • Forensic Science Station: Adam set this small area up for the times when he gathers evidence which he needs to process. His state of the art equipment allows him to rival the equipment of the finest Crime Scene Unit anywhere on the planet where he can get results much faster then any other lab could as he can do the work that needs to be done and does not have to prioritize his results based on cases or overload himself with multiple cases as he can focus on what information he needs at any given time.

Ryan Tower: AR Solutions Memorial Tower is located in the downtown core of Millennium City and serves as both the global headquarters for AR Solutions as well as serving as Adam's home as he lives in the building's Penthouse. Adam likes to hold parties and events within his Penthouse as a means of throwing off anyone who might suspect that he is anything other a rich CEO Playboy often using these events to shield his private life as Shadowknight. Listed below are the features that this Penthouse has to offer.

  • Kitchen: This Kitchen is fully equipped with the latest in Kitchen gear and is constantly stocked with a wide range of foods, drinks and ingredients so that Adam or his Kitchen Staff can make anything that Adam or his guests would want at any given time.

  • Office: Adam has a desk set up in what he calls the office which is an open room which he has setup with a solid oak office desk and a comfortable leather chair so that he can work in private when he needs to conduct business in private away from the office that he maintains downstairs.

  • Shadow Terminal: This computer is a miniaturized version of the Shadow-Wave terminal found in the Shadow-Cavern which is able to connect to the main terminal so that Adam can access his network without having to head into the Shadow-Cavern in order to access any information from the terminal.

  • Emergency Stockpile: Adam designed a Panic Room located within his Office area where he has stored a fully stocked utility belt and a suit of his armor so that in the event of an emergency when he is at home and unable to reach the Shadow-Cavern or if time is of the essence then he will use this supply and restock it later.

  • Emergency Lockdown: Adam's office area has a lockdown feature which is able to secure the office room in which Kendrium Wall Panels deploy to seal the office from the rest of the building and also seals the windows preventing anyone from getting in or out of the room until the lockdown is ended. Once the lockdown is in place security features prevent anyone outside the room from being able to get into the room or use surveillance technology in order to access information from within the room while the lockdown is in place allowing those within the room to talk without noisy neighbors or eavesdroppers from learning anything that they do not need to listen to.

    Shadow-Base: Located on the moon the Shadow-Base was constructed by Adam's father where it was originally built for AR Solutions as a place to study various plants and medicines while in Zero-G environments. Adam has shifted resources to the base without drawing attention to its presence making the Shadow-Base a place that Adam can use as a place of operations when needing a place that is isolated. Listed below are features of the Shadow-Base

    • Shadow-Wave Terminal: Adam has a second Shadow-Wave terminal setup within the base as it is connected to the main terminal in the Shadow-Cavern on Earth where this terminal is considered a backup terminal that can serve while Adam is within the Shadow-Base or if the main terminal is disabled for whatever reason. This terminal has the same features as the terminal located in the Shadow-Cavern on Earth.

    • Storage Vault: Adam designed this vault to be a storehouse for items that he considers too dangerous to be kept on Earth so he will bring them to the base where he will lock away the items in a security place where others can not gain access to without a fight. Currently the vault is empty but Adam has it ready to go when he comes across the first item that he thinks needs to be stored within the vault or if someone else asks him to keep something secured as the vault is the most secure place that he has access to.

    • Landing Strip: This runway has been designed for various sized spacecraft to both land from and take off from but more often the not it is used as the launch and landing pad for the Shadow-Wing thus it can handle any craft of similar or smaller dimensions as the Shadow-Wing but can handle crafts as large as UNTIL Shuttles.

    • Missile Silos: Adam has several silos which house missiles that can be fitted with various warheads so that they can be launched against intergalactic threats to the Earth before they have a chance to reach the planet so that in the event of invasion Adam might be able to take out some of the threat before they can reach the planet. Adam currently has 250 Missiles at his disposal ready to be launched at a moment's notice should an Intergalactic Threat approach the Earth with hostile intentions.

    • High Energy Plasma Cannon: At his disposal is a High Energy Turret System attached to a Quantum Particle Generator in order to produce blasts of highly focused quantum energy that can be devisating to anything that is struck by a blast from the turret. The turret is able to be set for energy blasts or sustained beams giving options for when the day comes that Adam will need to activate this system and use it should an Intergalactic Threat approach the Earth with hostile intentions.

      Facts and Comments
      • Adam likes to act like a rich playboy while in public but this is a smokescreen to hide his true identity. Those who know his secret know the truth about him while the General Public continues to believe that he is just a rich guy seeking thrills in his life or attending parties with beautiful woman and not taking anything in his life seriously.

      • Adam has a soft spot for Charities that send proceeds to Children thus he can be found attending various charity and fundraiser events for such groups and actively assists in trying to raise funds for these groups both in his guises as Adam Ryan and as Shadowknight.