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Player: @Timbaland_007
"Nothing worth having, is easy to get"--Serafina
Biographical Data
Real Name: Aziza Riham al-Anan
Known Aliases: Serafina
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Ethnicity: Saudi Arabian/African-American
Place of Birth: Hudson City
Base of Operations: Millenium City, Westside District
Relatives: Riham al-Anan(Mother)
Dakir al-Anan(Father, Deceased)
Mayyasah al-Anan(Sister, Deceased)
Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
Weight: I'm sorry, what?!
Eyes: Light Brown(Purple when using powers)
Hair: Jet Black
Complexion: Dark Brown
Physical Build: Curvy Athletic(hides with baggy clothing)
Physical Features: Long flowing black hair, purple eyes and lip piercing
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: Less than 1
Citizenship: American
Occupation: High School Student/Graffiti Artist
Education: Junior
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Heightened VAK capacity, Super strength, Durability and Agility
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Serafina is the alias of a metahuman operating in the Westside district of Millenium City, Michigan. Currently a Junior at Grace Memorial High School, Serafina moonlights as a vigilante or sorts, selflessly using her powers to aid those who cannot aid themselves and to protect those the MCPD cannot--or as she sees it, will not--help.


The Early Years

Born on March 23, 1996, Aziza Riham al-Anan was the younger of two children to an upper-middle class family in Hudson City. Two years younger than her sister Mayyasah, their father Dakir, inventor of the revolutionary Cloud Hypoxic Air-Tech Fire Prevention System and mother Riham, a professor at Hudson City University went great lengths to instill in them the importance of remembering where one came from, applying one's mind purposefully to the acquisition of knowledge and understanding, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals and working hard because nothing worth having is easy to obtain. Despite their upbringing and being eligible for any school in the tri-city area, Aziza and Mayyasah, dubbed "The Cloud Sisters"(due in equal parts to their surname al-Anan--an old Arabic name meaning "from the clouds"-- and because of their soaring academic records) attended Hudson City's Public Schools as per their parents' wishes to teach humility and prevent any superiority complexes, earning several awards and academic commendations in the process. Always sweet, humble, and never boastful or arrogant of their talents and lineage, the Cloud Sisters were nonetheless shunned and hated by most of the students. Other parents and some members of the school faculty accused the sisters of affecting the learning curve and bringing down the morale of other, less fortunate students. Naturally, this experience brought the two ever closer, but all the sisters wanted was to be liked and accepted by their peers. Other like-minded individuals.

Growing increasingly resentful toward others, the sisters drifted through most of High School depending almost exclusively on each other for companionship. Attending Hudson City High as a Sophomore and Senior respectively, Aziza and Mayyasah both discovered they had a natural talent for art and graphic design. The sisters began submitting drawings and paintings anonymously for fear of being shunned once more. For a time, this form of appreciation was enough, until other people out for themselves started claiming the sisters' work as their own. Angered at having their work stolen and unable to step forward to take credit, the sisters decided to use another form of artistic expression one would be hard-pressed to imitate: Graffiti.

But even this would not bode well for the Cloud Sisters.

A break in the clouds

"This empire too, will fall"--Article in the Hudson City Inquirer by Ali Al-Saeed. July 21, 2011

Every weekend for about 4 months, Aziza and Mayyasah--using the pseudonyms Zizi Spinner and Mimi Starr respectively--would traverse their neighborhood and the surrounding areas under the cover of night, scribbling, scratching and spraying drawings that ranged from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings. While the people viewed the graffiti as tasteful or even decorative, the Hudson City Police Dept viewed it as defacement and vandalism, and sought to bring an end to what came to be known as the "Backjump boom of 2011". Despite several close calls with the law and a few nights in holding(charges were dropped because no evidence linking them to the tag names were found), the sisters enjoyed the anonymous fame they were gathering and for the first time in a long time, felt like they belonged.

Eventually, Aziza grew dissatisfied. Pretending to be someone else to be accepted went against everything she was brought up to believe. This put her at odds with Mayyasah, who was fine with being accepted at the cost of her pride. The disagreement between the sisters came to a head in the summer of 2011 during a party in their mother's honor at the Hudson City Banquet Hall. After a heated argument, Aziza retreated to the rear of the hall to calm down, leaving her sister with their parents and the attendees. As the party went on, the fire prevention system designed by their father malfunctioned. The barometric pressure regulator increased the oxygen concentration in the room instead of decreasing it, causing anything with a heat source to erupt in a violent explosion of flame and metal. Dakir, Riham, Mayyasah and a few others were fortunate enough to escape relatively unharmed, but several others were trapped and burning alive.

Noticing Aziza was not among those who escaped and believing she was trapped, Mayyasah ran back inside against her parent's wishes to her sister's last known location. Aziza, seeing her sister run back inside, tried to call out to her, but it was too late. Mayyasah heard her sister's cries, but did not realize they were coming from the outside of the hall and was trapped with the rest before she could turn around. As her sister was engulfed in the smoke and flames, Aziza was shaken by an unsettling realization. This would be different from all the other arguments. There would be no more making up over breakfast, no more weekend movie sessions and no more Cloud Sisters. Mayyasah Dakir al-Anan: her partner, her sister and most of all --her best friend-- gave her life to ensure her safety above all else. And for the first time in her life, Aziza would truly--and quite literally-- be alone.