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Player: Jade Defender
Character Build
Class Focus: Multi-Functional DPS
Power Level: 35
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name:  ???
Known Aliases: Convict 07
Gender: male
Species: Undead Spectre/Revenant
Ethnicity:  ???
Place of Birth:  ???
Base of Operations: Killing Machine
Relatives:  ???
Age:  ???
Height: 6'8"?
Weight: 340lbs?
Eyes:  ???
Hair:  ???
Complexion:  ???
Physical Build: Immense Strongman
Physical Features: (Masked)
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Evil

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity:  ???
Years Active: 130
Citizenship:  ???
Occupation:  ???
Education:  ???
Marital Status: Deceased
Known Powers and Abilities
Undead Attributes (Doesn't require a biology to function, does not require food/air/water, does not age, does not feel/respond to pain/damage), Shadow manipulation/transportation, Ultima Regeneration (Can regenerate even when completely destroyed), Superhuman Strength, Reality Manipulation (Se7en can slowly draw his victims into a Legend reality where his powers are even greater and survival/escape is extremely difficult for his victims *Very 'Silent Hill'-esque)
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Utilizes ANYTHING to dispatch victims, is adept at wielding virtually anything as a deadly weapon!
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(WARNING: Mature RP)


The story of this madman's past has been told, and re-told, and falsified through countless stories... It is unclear to anyone who he is or what drives him, but it is clear he is an inhuman killing machine

Others believe the stories are manifestations of mass paranoia and the delusions of those involved, however the fact remains... The body count was real, and so was the fear of those that survived...

Something Stirs...

  • NOTE: This information is only available to those that DEDICATE themselves to rigorous study, and interviews with the few remaining descendants of those that survived the original horror of the events revolving around Se7en's origins...

Se7en's murders were a horrific memory to those of the New Zealand area, ages ago... Most of which is broken legends from shaky, older individuals, whom recall with some difficulty the stories from their ancestors. The one thing nearly every story has in common, is that the origin revolves around Cape August...

In 1887 a specialized institute was established to incarcerate the Criminally destitute on Cape August. It was Isolated from the mainland by 33 miles of Salt Water from New Zealand. It was ran by Dmitri Kharcveck, a leading mind in early psychological degeneration. Kharcveck labeled the institute Ballarat Gaol,which was specifically built for him to research and put into practice new implements to understanding the criminal mind. Kharcveck would begin practicing horrible abuse and twisted experiments ranging from mental saturation to blatant torment and drug induced terror. The Facility was under investigation for a period of three months in 1890, due to faculty complaints that leaked from the establishment, which proved groundless, as no "evidence" could be found to substantiate the claims.

Here comes a Candle...

Those incarcerated at Ballarat Gaol, lived in fear of the men in coats, they learned to survive without incurring the attentions of the maddened Dr. Kharcveck.

Se7en's name originates from his inmate number, as convict 07, being one of the very first inmates to be incarcerated at Gaol. All the inmates original names were replaced by their numbers, only spoken to by the new identifiers to strip them more of their connection to humanity.

The records show that this Killer gained his imprisonment due to viciously murdering a middle aged man, and raping his twelve year old daughter. (What the records do not show is that, Se7en saved the girl from her fathers incestous assault, murdering him violently before her eyes. The girl was too traumatized and too ashamed to admit her fathers involvement in her abuse, and Se7en took the blame.)

Convict 07 found his new environment to be very hazardous, as he was a convicted pedophile and rapist, a reputation not received well in the institute. He was assaulted on several occasions, starting as minor scrapes, that always left the involved parties, considerably more bloodied then himself. The men grew to realize he was too dangerous to attack alone, so they grew more cunning. In 1892 several of his enemies arranged an "accident" in the boiler room, by sabotaging several of the valves in his sector, once the emergency began, they assaulted him and severely damaged his face and body with Ventilated gases, that ignited. Though seriously injured he murdered one of the men involved gruesomely. Afterward he was transferred to the infirmary.

Here comes a Knife...

While in the Infirmary, the escaped assailant involved in the Boiler room assault, got more men together to "finish" what he had started, and made arrangements to have Convict 07 killed. The men infiltrated the infirmary through a devious ploy, that required a great deal of subterfuge and coordination... Once they surrounded him, they repeatedly stabbed him, with makeshift weapons, and even kitchen knives. There were seven assailants.

Convict 07 was pronounced dead a few hours later, and the men involved had a tight alibi, and all evidence lead in circles. Afraid to have his institute tarnished by another investigation, Dr Kharcveck had the entire incident covered up.

The legend says that all inmates that passed in Ballarat Gaol, were incinerated, however, no evidence can be found to verify or deny the claims of his bodies disposal.

Seven nights later, a power outage hit Ballarat Gaol, that no electrician can explain... Everything just went dead... There are reports that the security went about the grounds ensuring all was in lockdown, using horses to move about the complex. The Legends say Se7en returned that night to seek his vengeance on his killers, since no justice had been served. The Legends say he stalked through the corridors, that he freed the inmates so they might run, and as they did, proceeded to murder them and anyone else who so much as got involved. The stories all speak of the horrific manner he dispatched the seven men, and many of the other inmates, or security "Coats" that got involved in his hunt. Those that tried to stop him, said that weapons and bullets wouldn't stop him, and that like a ghost he could move unseen. They say he came just as quickly as he arrived, his dark work done, that after his horrific artistry was finished, he simply vanished and the power returned to Gaol.

Here comes a Killer...

There are more legends revolving around more appearances of Convict 07, often associated with gruesome murders that took place even years after the incident at Gaol. Some of these incidents are even at Gaol itself, insinuating he returned again and again... His Legacy grows to one of Paranormal Legend, his killings more gruesome and more mysterious with time, his stories carry on for ages. He is the "Boogeyman", he is the "Bloody May", the "Jack the Ripper" of his story, and he knows no rest...

The Legends say that a nursery rhyme can summon him on the Seventh day of any month...

"Seven days, and seven dead...

Little secrets in their heads...

Seven dead, for seven debts...

Now they stand at Lucy's Bed..."

"Seven days, and seven dead...

Little killer hands stained red...

Seven dead, for seven debts...

Se7en collects all his debts..."

And Now...

Se7en is a killer. A cold, methodical, sociopathic monster... His very existence seems to revolve around causing pain, mass destruction, or death wherever he goes...

Se7en is the boogie-man made flesh. He is the killer from every horror film, and novel produced by the human imagination. He has no motive, needs no motive to decide someone needs to die...

Se7en2.jpg Se7en3.jpg

OOC Information

  • Is a completely immoral and unbiased individual, who's only compulsion is to kill. Has no views or opinions on ANYTHING, not even discussing murder or kills... Interaction is best forewarned as to "approach with caution" as he has no qualms with murder, and any slights or rudeness is almost certainly answered with a murder attempt.
  • Literally cannot speak, since donning the mask, the piece of this being that once was human died, and can no longer convey needs, desires, or intentions by anyway other means besides pointing or gesturing...
  • is supernaturally resistant to mortal wounds, or pain... his overwhelming desire to kill can drive him on even after death!
  • is susceptible to mind altering effects, but is intelligent enough to "see" past some illusions or misconceptions of the mind/dreams.
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