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Sarah Lucy Reid
Player: @Rhundas
Sarah Squad Talking.png
Sarah and fellow squadmembers Lyle and Alex.
Character Build
Class Focus: Gadgeteeting/Electricity
Power Level: 20
Research & Development: None
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sarah Lucy Reid
Known Aliases: White Fox (Whiskey Foxtrot)
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Fox Hybrid
Ethnicity: American
Place of Birth: Long Island, USA
Base of Operations: Where PRIMUS tells her
Relatives: Miles Austin Reid - father
Karen Alice Williams - mother
Reece Jack Reid - brother
Age: 21
Height: Approx 5'6"
Weight: 131lbs
Eyes: Left: Solid blue, mechanical
Right: Green, biological
Hair: Genetically modified, white and cyan
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Build: Average
Physical Features: White, blue-tipped fox tail
White, blue-tipped fox ears
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Lawful Neutral

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Identity: No effort made to hide it - the hair and tail gives her away
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: USA
Occupation: PRIMUS soldier
Education: Typical
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Able to completely ignore her body's need for rest up to a certain point.
This usually is manifest in her ability to sprint endlessly, only to pass out as soon as she stops
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Whatever PRIMUS gives her - usually:
A Pulse Rifle
Some kind of combat armour
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About Sarah

Sarah was originally plain human. Simple as that, no strings attached, no powers. However, at one point in her life she found herself hurting in the bank account department and decided that she had to do something about it. That 'something' was volunteering herself for the 'betterment of science' at the company she worked with: PRIMUS. Unbeknownst to her, this entailed illegal genetic modification research into determining whether is it was possible to provide normal humans with superpowers without the use of the Cyberline serum. Needless to say, it was a failure.

Sarah seems to have gotten off lucky, though. She was one of the few volunteers to actually survive the testing, and without much to show for it... save for permanent white/cyan hair. And a set of fox ears. Oh! And a tail.

After the experimentation, PRIMUS moved her from her job as a receptionist to somewhere where she wouldn't stand out as much - the PRIMUS military forces. During her training she started to notice something different about her body's capabilities, possibly due to the previous experimentation (however there was always a rumor that the soldiers were being slipped Cyberline in their food). She realised that she could exercise indefinitely without feeling tired. She decided to test this by going on a one hour sprint around the obstacle course at the training facility. She completed the course just fine... and then promptly passed out from delayed exhaustion for about six hours.

In the present day, Sarah currently works as a soldier for PRIMUS, where she leads a small squad of five. The squad, comically self-labelled "FoxHot" - which is much to the displeasure of Sarah as she doesn't really like any kind of attention drawn to her - is widely considered to be one of the worst that PRIMUS has under its wing, mainly due to the constant mess-ups it makes. On the force, her natural clumsiness generally leads to her getting picked on a lot, and it's no surprise if she doesn't have at least one object thrown at her throughout the day.


Sarah's personality can easily be described as "flighty". She's quite shy and nervous, to the point of having at least minor social anxiety. Usually she struggles through it with a forced smile here, and occasionally a genuine giggle there, but she's very prone to letting life get her down. She takes a lot of statements and accusations seriously, and usually gets off her shift depressed or upset due to the treatment she receives from her colleagues.


Combat Training

After being genetically modified, and living proof that PRIMUS was conducting illegal research, Sarah was politely 'asked' to change occupations to being in the military section of PRIMUS where she wouldn't stand out as much. She has received training in the use of PRIMUS' special variant of the Pulson Carbine, a high-powered energy weapon.

Natural Clumsiness

While not necessarily a skill, Sarah is prone to long sprees of accident after accident after accident. Her crowning achievement thus far is actually the acquisition of her 'nemesis' figure, Wu Tzu:

In Club Caprice, Sarah felt the urge to sneeze right as the self-proclaimed 'hellish' villain known as "Oogly Boogly Nightmare Man" happened to be passing her. Mr. Nightmare Man had a lot on his mind that day, and due to Sarah's sneeze he lost his temper during a phone call to his boss - the self-proclaimed 'dastardly' villain "Googly Moogly PsychicMan".

This argument was the last straw for Googly Moogly PsychicMan, as his wife was suffering from terminal lung cancer, and so Mr. PsychicMan ended up getting into a row with American politician Rick Santorum about his plan to to brainwash the entirety of the United States into electing him.

This caused Mr. Santorum a large amount of stress, as he could not cope with the thought of his idealistic views failing to reach every American. After much deliberation, Mr. Santorum did the only thing he felt he could do at the time: he located a breeze block and somehow (no one is quite sure how, even Mr. Santorum himself) flushed it down his lavatory.

On the very same day, Mr. Santorum's personal plumber found himself cursing and cussing at some kind of ungodly pipe blockage, and this was taking up much of his time. Time that, he felt, could be used obsessing over his personal compulsive disorder - monitoring random chains of events. It just so happened that he had been monitoring this very chain of events, and instantly knew the cause. Sarah.

The plumber contacted Wu Tzu, famed Asian-of-some-kind-or-another assassin to hunt down and eliminate Sarah, who naturally has absolutely no idea what's going on and why this strange Asian man is trying to kill her.

Sarah has absolutely no idea why she's so accident prone. Nor does anyone.