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Player: @chandaman1
“You may doubt my actions, but never doubt my heart.”
Character Build
Class Focus: Healer
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Magic Arcana
Biographical Data
Real Name: Taryn Rebecca Sartus (Brooks)
Known Aliases: Sapphyre
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Sacramento, California
Base of Operations: Millennium City,
Relatives: All Members Deceased
Age: 25
Height: 5’6
Weight: 145lbs
Eyes: One Blue, One Brown.
Hair: Short. Blonde with Purple Streaks.
Complexion: Fair.
Physical Build: Well-toned. Lithe. Agile.
Physical Features: Tribal Purple Tattooing on Chest and Arms.
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Lawful Neutral

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Identity: Publically Known
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Music Teacher
Education: BA in Music Education
Marital Status: Married.
Known Powers and Abilities
Healing Magic. Gun Kata.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Taryn Rebecca Brooks was born on February 1st, 1986, to two very loving and devoted parents in Sacramento, California. Her father was a business man and her mother was a stay at home mom. The doctors found it odd and yet incredibly interesting that the young girl was born with one blue eye and one brown eye. They even theorized that perhaps there was some sort of mutant genetic code in her. They attempted to convince her parents that she should be tested to see if she had any mutant abilities, but her parents refused. They wanted it to be a surprise if she developed powers. The doctors called them irresponsible, and that they should have her tested so that if her powers manifest harshly, it doesn't cause harm to anyone. Even then, they had faith that that would not be the case.

Early Years

Her life was pretty normal the first seven years of her life. When she was four, she started looking over books and instantly started reading things that were at a higher grade level then hers. This amazed her parents and caused them to give her more and more books to read, hoping that perhaps she would grow up smarter and able to keep up with public school criteria.


When she was seven years old, her father was offered a business job out of Millennium City. They were willing to move just him but he refused the offer until they agreed to move his wife and child as well. This was hard on Taryn, as she had grown to love Sacramento and knew she was going to miss it. However, looking back on it now, Sapphyre had this to say:

"Sure, I still slightly miss Sacramento... But had my father never have taken the job, I wouldn't have met John, The Ultimate Guardians, and many other people I have grown to love and trust."

Johnathan Sartus was her first love and her first husband that she met in Elementary School her first day. They stayed together as friends all throughout elementary school and the friendship continued onto High School.

High School

In high school, Taryn was the typical geek girl with big rimmed glasses and more interested in education than anything else. She eventually became interested in the Occult and things such as magic and the different forms of magic. She eventually fell in love with it and decided to start up a club at her high school in order to get other teens involved and perhaps see what would come of it. She was the President of the Occult Club all four years of high school. Her Vice President for all four years was a man by the name of Taggert Yorke (See Villains: Death Flame), who was the best friend of Johnathan Sartus.

Always the Damsel

Life After College

Becoming an Orphan

"John's Dead."

Becoming a Hero

Joining the Guardians

Villains: Death Flame

Taggert Yorke

Recent Events


Abilities and Powers

Healing Magics

Gun Kata


Taryn has had many different types of relationships with many different people. Here are just but some of them:

Tavia Darkrose ~ Tavia was one of the first friends she ever met and became close to that was female in Millennium City. She was introduced to Tavia through John while he was working (unbeknownst to her) with UNTIL. At first, their relationship was awkward before they became incredibly close as sisters. She was the maid of honor at Tavia's first wedding.
Billy Ishida aka Kitsune Cowboy ~ Billy Ishida was the second man she has ever fallen in love with. Through the Ultimate Guardians, at first they were friends. Good friends that were able to laugh with each other. After a few dates and spending a lot of time together, they fell in love with each other.
Vaith ~ Taryn was introduced to Vaith through an Ultimate Guardian known as Daemi, who is a demoness. It was a lunch date, but the two instantly started becoming close and eventually became lovers. Vaith is currently living with Taryn in her home in Millennium City.
Timothy Manning aka Tin Man ~ Timothy Manning is one of those men that goes after what he wants when he wants it. He became a part of her life through persistence and in the end the two also fell in love with each other. Although they have separate living spaces, they tend to stay at one another's houses whenever they do.
Taryn 'Tari' Yorke aka Amethyst ~ While being with the Guardians, they encountered an alternate personality of herself, calling herself Amethyst. She came from a different time frame where her John Sartus was the one who became evil and not Taggert Yorke. Although their relationship was awkward, they became good friends and call each other "sisters".
Scarlett aka Sprocket ~ Scarlett has been one of those good friends to Taryn that she likes to spend time with.
Vale ~ Vale is another good friend of Taryn's that is always able to make her laugh by making comments and jokes to lift her spirits.
Angie aka Sparrow ~ Angie was her first girlfriend that she has ever been with. She met her through the Guardians and although their relationship ended, they stay good friends.
Ginny aka Virginia Bennett ~ Ginny is Angie's girlfriend but a lovely lady that Taryn enjoys having for company and friendship.

What Others Think of Her

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"Taryn is a marvelous friend and a sweetheart to know. I enjoy her company and her friendship." -Winter Lily