Rubber Bullette

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Rubber Bullette
Player: @ironhellkite#3289
Biographical Data
Real Name: Emily Anne Arden
Known Aliases: Bullette, RB
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: New York, New York
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Edward James Arden (father), Victoria Arden (mother)
Age: 28 (Born June 6th, 1992)
Height: 5'5" (variable)
Weight: 136 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Fair skin, often slightly sunburnt
Physical Build: Athletic, top-heavy; Can adjust body shape at will.
Physical Features: Very long hair, contralto voice
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: ~10
Citizenship: United States of America
Occupation: Freelance writer, photographer
Education: College Graduate
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Elasticity, Supersonic Running Speed, Hyper Metabolism; basic martial arts training, exceptional muscle control, near-perfect sense of balance
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Lightweight elastic bodysuits in various colors, zipties, pocket mirrors, flashlights, disposable cameras, bandages and medical wraps, huge quantities of small snacks.
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Rubber Bullette is springing into action in Millennium City, bringing her own high-caliber brand of heroics! She is more than willing to extend a hand to the citizens of her city and speed to the rescue whenever she's needed!


Emily Anne Arden was born to Edward James Arden and Victoria Arden in 1992, in New York City. At an early age it was apparent that Emily was an unusual child. Even as an infant she had a voracious appetite and demonstrated a remarkable resilience. As a toddler, she would sometimes entertain herself by throwing herself down the stairs and bouncing to a stop at the bottom, giggling the entire way down, and it was noted, through further medical examination, that she was born with a greatly accelerated metabolism as well as an incredibly pliant body. Doctors told her parents that both factors would grow and develop further as she matured.

While Emily was young, her mother was killed in a car accident, leaving her father to raise her alone. Because of this, Ed Arden became quite protective of his daughter, and determined that he would do what he could to dissuade Emily from any possible heroics that she might engage in as a young adult. This ultimately seemed to be largely unnecessary, because as she grew up she never displayed more than a casual interest in super heroes. She was always a good-hearted young woman, and she went out of her way to help others around her, but because of the relative isolation she lived in she was not always comfortable in her own highly elastic skin and therefore not always inclined to make her abilities known.

During her schooling, Emily suffered some teasing as a result of her developing elastic powers. She'd always been naturally bookish and quiet, preferring to spend time alone reading or being in nature over being around others, and a bit of bullying from one classmate proved too much for her and she became very withdrawn and introverted. Having been mistreated, she became afraid of how she'd be seen by others because of her powers; Emily often turned down dates and social activities as she grew older for fear of her abilities being found out. Despite this, her unique physiology was something that was always very difficult to hide. Her good nature frequently led her to want to help others, though, and feeling a need to disguise her nature weighed on her a great deal.

With the emotional difficulties she ran into because of her bullying, Emily's father decided to move the family out of the city. In a small neighborhood north of New York, Emily met and became very close friends with a neighbor, who she then went to high school with later on. The two were inseparable, and Emily even trusted her friend enough to confide in them about her powers. This friendship was not to last, though.

While riding in her friend's car from New York, a car being driven by a crew of drug and gun smugglers approached from behind while pursued by police cars. The smuggler driver, ironically being the same young man who tormented Emily as a child, rammed the car Emily and her friend was in and forced it off the road to successfully distract and block the pursuing police. Unfortunately, while Emily was ejected from the rolling vehicle and left unharmed because of her rubber-like powers, her friend was knocked unconscious and left in the car while it slid into the river. Coming to her senses quickly, Emily realized that she had a choice: Either remain anonymous, keeping her powers concealed, or use her abilities to save her friend. In her indecision and fear, Emily watched as her friend drowned.

This event, with its dire consequences, eventually led her to consider the uses for her powers, and after much discussion with her father she decided that she was not going to waste her potential. The decision for her to become a hero was not one that was well received by her father at first, but he eventually relented and decided to help her become a capable heroine by counselling her to gain training and education for the task. She spent a great deal of time thereafter learning about law, first aid, as well as some basic fighting techniques to protect herself and others, then set out to make her mark on nearby New York City. Emily took the name Rubber Bullette to reflect her abilities and set out to make her mark.

During that time, she came into her own as a heroine; Emily's selflessness lent itself well to her small heroics, but she also struggled a great deal with her own vanity. The praise and attention she received for her heroics and her unique powers played into that. Through her own mistakes and a long period of learning, Emily eventually was able to find what purpose in her life heroics would play and turned toward trying to develop her own life outside the mask as well.

This led her to studying at Michigan State University, eventually graduating with a degree in English. Since she lived near Millennium City, famous for its heroes, Emily decided to settle in there so that she could pursue a career as a freelance writer, which currently gives her the flexibility she needs to continue her heroics.


Emily is a confident and capable heroine.

Emily is a fairly reserved young woman, often preferring to let her actions speak for her. Since she was not particularly interested in heroes prior to becoming one herself, Emily typically speaks in a very matter-of-fact way regarding hero work, keeping conversation out of the way of resolving situations if necessary. When she does speak, she tends to be soft-spoken, but with a quick wit and a dry sense of humor. Perhaps unusually for someone with a fast metabolism and super speed, Emily is a bit cautious and calculating. Her usual preference is to think through a situation and then act accordingly instead of leaping headlong into action.

She is somewhat of a loner, but is still quite friendly when around others. Her general good nature lends itself well to meeting new people and making conversation, but she frequently feels a little uncomfortable in large groups and will revert to being quiet if she is not being directly spoken to.

Despite this, Emily is quite confident and proud. At an early point in her heroic career, the quick attention that she received for her hero work played to her vanity, and she became somewhat arrogant. This led to mistakes, and personal problems within her hero work, and she has since tried to remain humble about her heroics. Her successes led her to have confidence in herself; her failures help her to stay grounded.

All in all, Emily acts more or less the same in costume or out of it, not taking on much of an alter-ego when she's in her heroic guise. Emily and Rubber Bullette are very much one and the same, rather than two sides of the same coin.



Rubber Bullette is pretty flexible!

Emily Arden's primary power is the ability to stretch and contort her body in fantastic ways. Her body seems to be entirely normal, with muscle fiber, tendons, skin and bones, but Emily's body has impossibly elastic properties.

This power comes with a bewildering variety of uses, only limited by Emily's capacity to imagine a use for them; she is able to elongate her limbs to form cords and ropes, flatten and stretch her body to form a wide sheet, or fold and compress herself to be able to squeeze through impossibly tiny spaces. Essentially, there are three main uses of her elasticity, namely stretching, contortion and expansion/compression.

Stretching is fairly self-explanatory; Emily is able to extend every part of her body to incredible lengths. This naturally gives her a massive reach advantage in hand-to-hand fighting, but combat ability is far from the only use for it. The practical limitations of this power are almost entirely up to her own imagination. With the incredible reach she has, she is able to gain huge amounts of leverage, and can spread out weight over larger portions of her body. This allows her to accomplish feats that would require greater strength than she actually possesses. This elasticity also grants Emily incredible resilience against physical trauma, especially blunt force. Punches, kicks, stabbing, gunshots and even some explosions can be absorbed and dissipated by stretching reflexively, allowing her to avoid injury from most kinds of physical attacks.

Rubber Bullette is almost entirely immune to blunt trauma

Despite the versatility of her stretching powers, Emily's body does have limits; Her arms, for example, can at their greatest length extend to nearly sixty yards, and the rest of her body can stretch proportional to that. Her body retains all the tensile strength of her skeleton, meaning her body can withstand pulling force of up to 10,000 pounds per square inch. She does need to be clever, though, because while the long bones of her body are quite strong, her joints and tendons are relatively weaker and susceptible to sprains and tears when fully extended. Overextending herself can and will result in injury.

Contortion is a natural bi-product of her elastic properties. Even though she has the same skeletal structure as any normal woman, she is able to bend and twist herself to an extreme degree. Due to the nature of her flexible skeleton and body tissues, Emily is easily able to put professional contortionists to shame.

Expansion and Compression of her body is another use for her elastic powers. By stretching out different parts of herself or even her entire self evenly, Emily can enlarge her limbs if necessary or increase the size of her whole body. The opposite is also true; Emily is able to compress and squeeze her body as if she is made of putty. The obvious applications are that she is able to squeeze into places that a human should not fit. Pipes, vents, gaps under doors and so on are all easily passable to her thanks to this ability.

Any of these powers can be combined in a practically limitless way. Again, the only practical limit to the uses for Emily's stretching powers is her own imagination.


Super Speed

Emily's super speed stems from two innate abilities, one of which is derived from her stretchiness. First is that her elasticity grants her increased lung capacity and greater blood flow throughout her cardiovascular system, providing her the fuel she needs to run at high speeds. Her naturally springy limbs also help her to be able to run at remarkably high speeds for a relatively sustained period of time; she has been clocked at nearly a hundred miles per hour running in this way.

In addition to the speed granted by her body's elastic properties, Emily's body can be 'wound up' to increase her speed far more dramatically. Her mind's processes increase, her muscles tense, and in a burst of speed she can reach velocities upwards of the speed of sound. Emily has been capable of catching up with and even passing some pistol bullets through this power. This 'winding up' is effective only for a very short burst of speed, usually no more than ten to fifteen seconds at most, although within that time she can cover an incredible amount of ground.

The second form of her speeding power comes with a heavy cost on her, though; the expenditure of so much energy can cause her to be drained physically, and in some instances she has managed truly astonishing speeds only to pass out from the exertion. She must eat a massive quantity of food and rest for a time before she can attempt to move at those speeds again. Depending on the effort she expends, she may be simply winded and worn out, or she may collapse entirely.

In both cases, Emily's speed does not grant her immunity to the forces of inertia and momentum; at higher speeds especially she has to be cognizant of obstacles well ahead of her, as well as her own route planning. Her body weight moving at six hundred miles per hour equates to her needing to take wide turns or stretch herself to be able to swing around corners. Fortunately for her, she is able to absorb impacts that come from her speed quite easily for the most part; she is usually able to withstand running face-first into an unexpected city bus without much trouble.

Hyper Metabolism

Emily's powers come with a somewhat unfortunate side-effect: Her body requires an enormous caloric intake. Thanks to both her elasticity and her incredible speed, Emily's dietary needs start with her needing to take in her body weight in food each day. Greater exertion requires greater amounts of calories, and so in some cases she has managed to eat staggering amounts of food in alarmingly short times; eating double or occasionally even triple her body weight in food is not uncommon for her. Her metabolism is also related to the overall speed that her body runs at, affecting many of her vital processes; her average heartrate is 140 beats per minute at rest, with matching respiration. Her body temperature is also typically at 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

Emily's favorite food is waffles, but she is also quite partial to pizza in its many forms. She dislikes mushrooms.

Exceptional Muscle Control

Thanks to her elasticity, Emily has a remarkable level of musculature control. She is able to very finely and precisely move her limbs and digits, making her very dexterous and agile. This also grants her very good hand-eye coordination; Emily is a piano virtuoso partially as a result of this. She can also modulate her voice to a very great degree, granting her an incredible vocal range and perfect pitch.

Near-Perfect Balance

Related to her musculature control is the very minor power of almost perfect balance. Emily is well-coordinated and very balanced, making it difficult to disorient her or even to push her over without excessive force.



Emily works from home!

Not all of Rubber Bullette's life can be devoted to crime fighting; a hero has to have a place to live, and food to eat! Emily, therefore, has taken up work as a professional writer. She is quite talented at this, and frequently writes advice columns and opinion pieces for local publications under the pseudonym Rachel Brooks. She is a natural writer, but has gone through college to refine her talents. Her publications are fairly well-read, and she sometimes receives mail from readers regarding her advice pieces.

Emily has long had a goal of being published, and she recently had a novella put into print. Waystation is a short and heartwarming story published within a collection of other short stories.


Emily has a hobby of photography. She has always enjoyed taking pictures; as a young girl, her father gave her a polaroid camera which she used to take pictures of nearly anything and everything around her home. As an adult, she has more seriously pursued her hobby, investing in more professional equipment and learning to edit her own pictures. She has had her photos used for calendars and postcards for Millennium City. On a few occasions, when she is able to find the time, Emily does freelance photography as a way to supplement her income, but being a hobbyist, she is largely relegated to working for friends and acquaintances. Most of her work is taken of interesting things she finds throughout the city, but she particularly enjoys taking pictures in nature as well.

Hand-to-Hand Training

As part of her decision to become a hero, Emily underwent a fair bit of martial arts training. Her trainer worked with her to not only give her a basic course in martial arts and self defense, but ultimately this served to give her an understanding of momentum and leverage more so than it did a set of moves to use. Thanks to her unique physiology, this has lent itself to her having a very unusual fighting style.

First Aid Training

Almost more important than her fighting prowess is Emily's training in first aid. She is certified in emergency treatment, and has a working knowledge of treatment for various kinds of injuries. While not anywhere near as qualified as a professional EMT might be, she is able to assess and treat most injuries well enough to stabilize a patient until paramedics arrive.

Basic Criminal Law Training

As part of her training, Emily learned a small amount of relevant legal information as it relates to her activities as a superhero. Despite being a fairly mundane and dull topic compared to things like fighting and first aid, it has helped her to work better with local police departments in the course of her heroics.


Almost out of necessity, Emily has become a competent chef, able to quickly prepare meals for large groups, only to eat it all herself in most cases.

Musical Aptitude

Emily is quite gifted at playing musical instruments, thanks to her innate coordination and dexterity, but she has not had any formal training in any one instrument. She has a fondness for piano, though, and knows quite a few songs.


In addition to her skill with the piano, Emily is a natural vocalist. She has a very impressive vocal range, and has very good if not perfect pitch. Singing along to her favorite songs might not be the most heroic talent, but she is very good at impersonations, and can reproduce most voices with a convincing degree of accuracy.


Rubber Bullette joined the Adventurers, a group of heroes based out of Millennium City! Among her friends within the Adventurers, she has been especially close with Maya Moreno (La Sombra) and Marshall McCallister (Blue Fox).

Emily is, outside of her hero work, fairly known by her immediate neighbors and some of the people within her community; she has a number of friends and acquaintances throughout the city.

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