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Player: @zwipezanther
[[Image:Rooster-Man 2.jpg|300px|]]
Biographical Data
Real Name: Charles "Charlie" Clint
Known Aliases: The Plucky Daredevil
The Fowl-Mouthed Avenger
The Egg-cellence of Egg-secution
Roost Dogg
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Filipino-American
Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA
Base of Operations: Millenium City, MI
Relatives: Harry Clint (Father)
Age: 32
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170 lbs
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Complexion: Type IV
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: No visible scars/tattoos
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Mechanic
Education: Vocational
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

  • "Pun-ishment" Banter
  • "Rooster-Sense" Reflexes
  • "Chi-Ken-Do" Martial Arts

Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • "Feather Dart" Shuriken
  • "Chicken Wire" Shielding
  • "RoostTube" Virtual Display
  • Evette's Pendant

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Background and Origin

Charlie Clint

Charles "Charlie" Clint was born to a Filipina nurse and an American mechanic in San Francisco, CA. Charlie's mother died during labor, and he was raised by his father Harry. He spent most of his youth hanging out and helping at his father's motorcycle shop. In his formative years, his classmates nicknamed him "Chicken Charlie" because he would never stand up to the bullies that troubled him. Shortly after graduation, Charlie moved to Millennium City to attend Ravenswood Acedemy, but dropped out after 3 months to avoid being bullied. He began work at Westside Cycle Repair instead, and has been fixing motorcycles ever since.

Death of Evette

Charlie had a huge, but secret crush on Evette Moore, the receptionist at Westside Cycle Repair. Evette would initiate conversations with Charlie, but he would always find a way to blunder. Frustrated with his cowardice, Evette dragged him out on a date to tour the sites of Millennium City. The night took a grim turn when Charlie and Evette were held up at gunpoint near the shop. Overstruck with fear, Charlie froze as he watched Evette struggle to keep her purse. Evette was shot in the scuffle, and the robber escaped. Evette dying at his side, her last words, "Why didn't you help me, Charlie?", would continue to haunt him to this very day...

Birth of Rooster-Man

Tormented by Evette's death, Charlie quit Westside Cycle Repair. In an effort to gain some clarity, he decided to spend a few months in the Philippines and help out at his now retired father's chicken farm. One morning, he encountered a snake slithering around the chicken coop. His father grabbed a fighting rooster, and pitted it against the snake. They both watched as the rooster danced, dodged, and countered the snake's strikes until the it grew tired. The rooster then landed a killing blow, picked up the snake's body, and ran off with it. Impressed with the rooster's reflexes and tenacity, Charlie said to his father, "I didn't know they could fight like that. I thought chickens were afraid of everything."
"Chickens ARE afraid of everything," his father said jokingly. "It's just that this one didn't want to believe it."
These words made Charlie think, realize all he had lost by giving in to fear, and ultimately conclude that bravery is the only path to self-redemption. Inspired by this breakthrough, Charlie set up a makeshift dojo. He devised a combative fitness regimen, and started training intensely. ***Insert "Eye of the Tiger" here.*** After six months, Charlie was almost unrecognizable. He went from an average build to extremely lean and muscular. He became so quick, nimble, and fearless that he was handling the infesting snakes bare-handed. Reinvigorated with confidence, Charlie moved back to Millennium City and returned to his old job. At first he started crimefighting on his days off as an unknown vigilante, but later realized the neighborhood kids needed a persona they could root for. Modifying a costume he bought at a Halloween outlet store, Charlie Clint now patrols and protects the streets of Millennium City as The Plucky Daredevil officially known as Rooster-Man.

Abilities, Skills, and Traits

Signature Abilities

"Pun-ishment" Banter - The most notable tactic in Rooster-Man's arsenal. His one-liners are so distractingly annoying that Cosmic-level threats with no comprehension of the English language often experience a high level of irritation. When directed at a specific target, it gives the recipient an uncontrollable urge to make Rooster-Man shut up. This causes the target to completely focus on him, keeping others safe from aggression.

"Rooster-Sense" Reflexes - Using his own fear to enhance his senses, this method of defense allows Rooster-Man to anticipate and dodge his opponent's attacks without conscious thought. So effective that it can allow Rooster-Man to avoid lethal attacks even while asleep.

"Chi-Ken-Do" Martial Arts - (Way of the Chi Fist) A fighting style that consists lightning-fast kicks followed by a single punch; A punch so potent it can burn skin underneath thick layers of armor. Rooster-Man uses this fighting style to wear down his opponents' defenses and expose their weak points to more powerful attacks.

Physical Skills

Parkour - Rooster-Man is an avid traceur. His fearlessness and conditioning has enabled him to perform amazing feats of agility. He frequently practices his daredevil stunts in Renaissance Center Plaza, where his sessions have become a popular tourist attraction.

Breakdancing - A B-boy in his youth, Rooster-Man's loves Hip-Hop. His dancing skills are so ingrained that he incorporates some of his fancy footwork in his attacks. It is not uncommon to find Rooster-Man hogging up the dancefloor after having a few drinks.

Motorcycle Racing - An obsession he inherited from his father, Rooster-Man loves to ride motorcycles as fast as he fixes them. His need for speed has earned him a bit of infamy with MCPD, and his insurance premiums are most likely through the roof.

Personality Traits

Headstrong - Like a rooster, fierce independence is the defining trait of Rooster-Man's personality. He is so stubborn that even telepaths have trouble influencing his attitude and actions.

Reckless - Rooster-Man rarely passes up the chance to show others how brave he is. While admirable, his tendency to take risks may present a liability in more discreet operations.

Entertaining - Rooster-Man's comedic crimefighting antics made him an overnight sensation. He loves to put on a show for his fans, and is plain and simply a fun guy to watch.

Gear and Equipment

"Feather Dart" Shuriken - Rooster-Man's signature weapon. Hurts and tickles at the same time. Extremely annoying.

"Chicken Wire" Shielding - Electromagnetic reinforcement to Rooster-Man's armor that reflects attacks back to his assailants. Can be charged to use offensively. Requires two AAA batteries.

"RoostTube" Virtual Display - A holographic screen integrated into Rooster-Man's mask. Locates an opponent's weak spots instantly. You can change the color too.

Evette's Pendant - The one Evette was wearing when she died. Shaped like the number "8". A tangible promise to never give in to fear again.


Love Interests

  • Evette Moore (deceased) - Charlie's former object of affection. Evette's death triggered a series of events that lead to the emergence of Rooster-Man.
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  • Fowl Play - A psychopath in a chicken suit similar to his. He claims Rooster-Man stole his style, and the world isn't big enough for both of them.
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General Perception

Rooster-Man gained national attention for publicizing and escalating his feud with Mayor Biselle, after the mayor called him, "some buffoon in a chicken suit littering feathers all over the city". While Rooster-Man is loathed by local authorities and more exemplary heroes, the citizens treat him as a bit of a local treasure. Because of this, MCPD pretty much lets him be, due to the political ramifications of locking him up. Celebrity status aside, Rooster-Man is a very polite, very approachable, very charming person, and has never been known to turn down a drink or selfie with a fan or friend.

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