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Remnant 1 "The Phoenix"
Player: Darwin
The Firstborn
Character Build
Class Focus: Dual Swords Melee Combat
Power Level: 14 (Folia Dungeon Level, Base Form)
121 (Folia Dungeon Level, Phoenix I)
458 (Folia Dungeon Level, Phoenix II)
802 (Folia Dungeon Level, Phoenix III)
1196 (Folia Dungeon Level, True Phoenix)
Research & Development: Confidential
Biographical Data
Real Name: Arman Wan
Known Aliases: Arman Wan, Samuel Mace, R1, Priest Proxima, Remnant of War, The First Remnant, Champion of Argen, Centurion Arman, Argen's Finest, Saviour of Argen, Kingslayer
Gender: Male
Species: Remnant
Ethnicity: Chinese
Place of Birth: Outskirts of Amod
Base of Operations: Tsuyuki Dorm
Relatives: Prime Aspect Deimos (Conceptual Grandfather), Decen of Acadia (Progenitor), Decen's Fourteen Remnants (Brothers), Daniel Mason (Brother), Quinn (Brother), Rachel (Sister), Numerous Unnamed Decenites (Siblings)
Age: 28 (Remnant Normalization), 18 (Arman's World)
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 150 lb
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, White-Gold (Phoenix Form)
Complexion: Slight Tan
Physical Build: Athletic-Muscular
Physical Features: Mark of Ares Tattoo on Left Forearm
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Confidential
Years Active: Confidential
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Confidential
Education: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Powers and Abilities
Superhuman Regeneration, Strength, Reflexes. Combat Intuition. Blessing of Pollux. Phoenix Transformation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Pariah, Loz-Q, Mark of Ares, Chains of Icarus
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"He is the first. The first of many to come. The Remnant of War. The oldest of his kind. He is the Kingslayer, and he shall avenge the death of my Paladin, along with his brothers." - Guardian Merrow Rivenlight

Remnant 1, or Arman Wan / Samuel Mace is the first Remnant of Paladin Decen, and is currently the strongest Remnant in existence, with the exception of an adult Remnant 15. Arman specialized in dual sword wielding with the magical celestial slayer Pariah, as well as the sword of Koios Lozarus Quintus (Loz-Q). Additionally, Arman also wields the Chains of Icarus for long ranged attacks, grappling, binding, or controlling the battlefield.

Of all the Remnants, R1 stood at the top, having accomplished feats that no other Remnant had accomplished before, such as defeating Remnant 4 in his True Dragon Form, with the latter being considered a Demon Lord of Calamity, defeating Paladin Icarus, as well as being one of the few Remnants to survive a repeated onslaught of punches from Prime Aspect Mogul.


Being the Remnant of Decen, Arman possesses an appearance very similar to the Paladin. Arman's face is asian in ethnicity, however, his eyes are brown, not magenta, and his black hair is cut short, and spikes upwards, slightly slanting to the left of his head. Two small bangs sprout from the front of Arman's face, which reach his left eyebrow. Arman's hair possesses no magenta streaks. While Decen's face appeared very aggressive, Arman's face has been described to be very friendly and kind, as well as approachable. Very likely from growing up with Priest Pollux in the Argen church, Arman's appearance allows the children of the church to easily approach the Remnant, and allowing R1 to be easily accepted into the Argen community.

Arman is seen frequently wearing his Argen armour, which consists of a bronze shoulder plate on his left shoulder, and a strap that runs along the side of Arman's chest reaching the right side of his waist. The strap serves to simultaneously sheathe both Pariah and Loz-Q, in their respective protective cases in a cross style. Underneath, Arman wears a black T-shirt and dons a dark green scarf, decorating with gold drawings depicting Arman's heroic actions during the Battle of Manhattan, a gift from the Hephaestus cabin after the war.

Arman wears a pair of black baggy pants, which are cladded with bronze plates that line his kneecaps, and a pair of black boots comprised of dragon hide.

Arman is very lean and fit due to years of fighting, but is rather short, weighing at 145 lbs at 5 feet 7 inches. Although not very muscular, Arman's muscle definition is obvious from the exposed parts of his T-shirt. Along his left forearm, is The Mark of Ares, a black tattoo of a spear.

After leaving his brethren and seeking strength as Samuel Mace, Mace's hair becomes clipped short, and possesses a more muscular frame. Attached on his back is both Loz-Q and half of Pariah, and along his left forearm are the Chains of Icarus.

In his Phoenix Form, R1's black hair grows spiky, and turns gold-white. His eyes, initially gold, then progressing into white pupils, with further mastery of the form. In this transformation, R1 possesses a swirling white and gold mist like aura, and his body gains an angelic white glow all around, illuminating his muscle definition.


Although very brave and stoic like his Paladin, most of the time, Arman is very compassionate, having been brought up by Priest Maxima Pollux, and lived a majority of his life under the care of the Argen Church, Arman is kind, approachable, and very friendly the people of the church. This allowed Arman to rise to the position of Priest Medula, and later Priest Proxima. Smiling often, Arman was raised to be polite, and well articulated by Pollux. Arman rarely uses slang, and had a habit of addressing people he believed to be important formally, even if they tell them it isn't necessary. An example of this was when Arman calls Merrow "Lady Rivenlight" out of habit, despite the Guardian telling R1 that "Merrow" is okay. In addition, Arman was also very courageous, and possessed a warrior's honour among his allies in the Argen Guard, which was respected by the other soldiers. Arman's bravery and heroisms allowed the Remnant to rise to the rank of Centurion in the army. During the Battle of Manhattan, Arman inspired his allies in Cabin 6 to give it their all, when his allies were terrified of Kronos' army, and after Zack had suffered fatal wounds from Krios, Arman continued carrying the young demigod, staying with him despite the armies of Kronos surrounding him. When Arman was interrupted by Krios while delivering Zack's body to the campers, Arman was angered, and pushed the Titan away.

Arman loved Pollux very much, seeing the old priest as a father. The Remnant also greatly loved Lyra and Kaius, seeing them as family. When Kaius was severely wounded, and Lyra had undergone a possession, Arman broke down crying.

One of Arman's qualities that set him the most far apart from his progenitor is his ability to forgive others, as was shown when he had forgiven Reimos even after the Hellspawn had severely injured Kaius with a blast of Darkfire, leading to a series of events where Lyra would leave Arman for years, searching for a cure. When Reimos was killed by Taras, Arman cried, showing that he cared for the Hellspawn, believing he had truly reformed.

Despite being a very kind individual, Arman is notoriously reckless, just like Decen, Arman often overestimated his abilities just because he was capable of Regeneration, and would jump into a fray. This recklessness is further amplified when Arman loses it and becomes angry. However, R1 has made strides to improve this quality of himself, and admits that he does not like this darker side of him that much.

Throughout Arman's story, after learning more about Decen's contracts and his battles, Arman develops an inferiority complex to his parent Paladin, initially striving to become as strong as him. When his opponents insult the Remnant and telling him he is not at Decen's calibre, Arman takes the insult personally, and becomes upset that he will never reach Decen in power. However, over time, Arman grows out of this mindset, realizing that he can grow strong his own way, through his friends and family, and regains his positive outlook on his life and journey. Despite this, Arman still holds a large amount of respect to the Paladin, believing him to be an unstoppable force. This was such to the point where when he met Paladin Icarus, Arman was so petrified by the one being who surpassed Decen in power that he could not even face him in battle.

After the events of his second battle with Mogul, along with reflecting his life of slaughter under what he believes is a guise of Priest Proxima, Arman underwent a personality shift. Becoming darker, and believing that if he was to walk a path of slaughter as he battled Mogul with all his brethren together, he would be a "lost cause". Renaming himself as Samuel Mace, Mace chose to abandon his old personality, old habits, and old customs, in an attempt to become stronger with nothing holding him back.


Decen's Remnant: Being the Remnant of Decen, Arman was created as an exceptionally powerful warrior. Arman possessed a portion of Decen's memories, as well as some of his powers.

Superhuman Regeneration: Arman had inherited Decen's regeneration at a near unreduced level, making him extremely hard to put down in a fight. This ability allows Arman to keep fighting despite taking wounds, and healing from them at an abnormal pace. This power allowed Arman to fight beings that are considered far more powerful than a mortal, and hold his own. For instance, when Arman held his own against Titans Krios, Hyperion, and Koios, simultaneously. Arman's regeneration was so proficient, that the Remnant was able to fight Mogul, the Prime Aspect of Sin, and hold his own, albeit for a brief time. When Arman was overpowered by Mogul, his regeneration was unable to keep up with the Prime Aspect's powerful punches, knocking the Remnant unconscious multiple times, showing that the power has its limits. The power is also vulnerable to negation cancelling spells, like The Blessing of Pollux, or even the arctic power of Loz-Q, as shown when Arman went catatonic from having the blade impaled through his body.

Superhuman Strength: Arman possesses superhuman strength from Decen, although at a reduced level, is enough to allow Arman to wield Pariah, and to push Krios several feet backwards from a single shove. Arman's strength was up to the point where he was able to overpower Merrow Rivenlight, and outwrestle Kaius as a child. Arman uses this power in a multitude of ways, from dealing incredible slashing damage with his swords, to bounding great distances, to sprinting at incredible speeds with the power of his leg strength.

Superhuman Reflexes: While not to the same level as his regeneration, Arman also inherits Decen's reflexes, with a slight reduction. Arman is able to fight hordes of enemies, dodging and countering at a very fast pace, faster than a normal human can react. Arman was able to hold his own against a technique superior Koios, who's skill with the sword is unparalleled due to his superior intelligence.

Combat Intuition: A power that Arman inherited from Decen that was unique to him, Arman is capable of looking at his enemy, or a group of projectiles, and can quickly assess and predict the fight pattern of the threat, instantly formulating an appropriate counter. This ability allowed Arman to fight Troja Shel, evading his attacks despite being outclassed in speed, and to fight multiple Titans at once during the Battle of Manhattan. Arman also uses this power against Merrow Rivenlight, but initially, the power alone was not enough to keep up with Merrow's incredible speed, which shows that the power has its limits.

The Blessing of Pollux: To allow Arman to venture into the Underworld and become immune to the dark influence, Pollux gave Arman his blessing, and passed away, entrusting Arman to find the daughter of Diablos and bring her home, seeing Arman's compassion for a girl who was shunned just because of her heritage. The Blessing of Pollux gives Arman a subconscious boost in his healing factor and strength. Activating the Blessing boosts all of Arman's physical parameters, giving him an augmentation to his strength, speed, and reflexes. The celestial nature of the ability allows Arman to "purify" dark celestials to an extent greater than Pariah, and was capable of purifying the likes of Diablos. Calling more of the Blessing will boost Arman further, but calling too much will overwhelm his healing factor, and will neutralize it temporarily, making the Remnant vulnerable to all damage for a short time. Arman is also able to imbue his weapons with the Blessing of Pollux, augmenting its parameters. When Arman imbues Loz-Q, the weapon's natural frost blade augments, to generate massive snowstorms. If Arman imbues the Blessing of Pollux to Pariah, the blade's ability to reverse celestial flesh becomes more intense, and the radius of absorption increases.

Phoenix Mode: This new transformation, unlocked in Chapter 111 of Mogul vs. Remnants, is a new power discovered by Arman Wan during his training with Icarus, the Paladin of Light. After remembering why he decided to fight Mogul, Arman unlocked this transformation that allowed him to fight toe to toe with the Paladin, albeit, with him holding back his power. This transformation gave Arman a massive boost in his physical parameters, especially his regeneration, which was so powerful that he was able to bulldoze his way past Icarus' chains. In this transformation, Arman's body gains a white and gold aura of swirling mist like power, and his hair spikes up even more, turning gold. His pupils also glow gold. This transformation is by far the most powerful of his powers, and just the transformation alone surpassed both his Fires of War and Blessing of Pollux boosts even past their limits.

It is revealed that this power was actually a power obtained from Icarus when Decen had absorbed him. The Phoenix Form was so powerful, that when combined with the Blessing of Pollux along with The Fires of War, Arman became the first Remnant, if not, the first mortal to best Paladin Icarus in combat, which is a testament to its incredible potency. The reason why Decen was incapable of accessing this power was largely in part to an impure heart, and selfish desire to become stronger for his own benefit, while Arman's desire was to protect his friends.

Despite this, the form has limits, as it did not come close to Mogul's power in the end.

  • Phoenix Mode II: A direct upgrade to the Phoenix Form/Mode, Phoenix Mode II granted Arman with even greater strength, speed, and durability. The form is estimated to provide a x4 boost, in other words, Arman's powers were quadrupled in strength compared to his standard Phoenix Mode. In this form, Arman's hair spikes up even further and he gains an additional blue bioelectrical discharge, and his aura becomes more jagged and aggressive. It is speculated that Arman unlocked this new level of power from when he had his powers dampened during his time in the Tsuyuki Dorm. Where Arman, under the name of Samuel Mace, trained his body to fight without his powers with the help of Rei Tsuyuki. By surpassing his limits in his base form, Arman's Phoenix Form became dramatically stronger, allowing him to tap into more power.
  • Phoenix Mode III: This form was developed in the time skip, which was statistically much stronger than Phoenix II, sporting even longer spiky gold hair and more aggressive bioelectrical discharge. The form was strong enough to withstand the unstoppable might of Mjolnir, and to defeat Sammy Le in his Black Dragon Form, which was recorded to be able to fight the entire military forces of Iaia as well as the entire pantheon of deities, going as far to even killing several and sending them to heaven. This transformation was ultimately inferior to Sammy when the rival Remnant began concentrating his power into his Black Dragonoid transformation.
  • True Phoenix: Arman's ultimate form, which brought out the maximum potential of Icarus' phoenix power. This form was so powerful that it outclassed and withstood blows from Sammy's ultimate form, the True Dragon, and survived Sammy's ultimate attack, a 953% Tsukuyomi Ignis. The True Phoenix solidified Arman's position as the strongest Remnant.


Master Swordsman: Arman has been trained to wield the sword since conception, first from Kaius, then for almost ten years with the Argen Guard, Arman's skill with the blade is superior to most swordsman he has encountered. A testament to this is when he had singlehandedly bested the entire Athena cabin, and multiple times, has overwhelmed massive hordes of armies just from his swordsmanship itself. Paired with Arman's superhuman reflexes, alongside Combat Intuition, R1 has consistently held his own against numerous powerful beings. Of all the Remnants in his brethren, Arman is arguably the most skillful fighter, as shown when Arman defeated Merrow Rivenlight in a sword and spear blade exchange.

Bilingualism: Arman speaks fluent English, learning from both Kaius and Pollux. In addition to English, due to being a Remnant to a Paladin, Arman also subconsciously is able to speak Acadi, the tongue of the Acadians. However, it is unknown if he can do it at will, as Arman was only seen speaking it when he had gone feral from overusing the Fires of War.

Natural Leader and Soldier: As the Centurion to the Argen Guard, and serving the army for almost ten years, Arman is extremely experienced in the art of war, fighting numerous battles with his comrades, and learning to inspire his allies when the duty rises.


Pariah: The Legendary Celestial slayer, comprised of Celestial Steel, a near indestructible metal smithed by the Makers. Pariah possesses a magical aura that is capable of reversing celestial matter, allowing the blade to seemingly "cut through celestials". Pariah is shaped like a Tonfa, serving a double purpose of a shield along the user's arm and shoulder. Pariah is capable of absorbing energy and magic, and redirecting the power outwards. However, due to being made of Celestial Steel, the weapon is incredibly heavy, and requires a user with superhuman strength to wield. The sheathe for Pariah is also magical, designed to hold the weapon without breaking any additional straps of the user. Pariah is silver in colour, and its aura is white. Due to the sheer weight of the weapon, Arman is able to push back opponents due to the immense momentum generated from his swings.

Later in the story, Arman regained the sword after passing it down to Lucius when the blade was broken into two during their fight with Paladin Icarus. Lucius obtained the right half of the sword, and Arman took the left half.

Lozarus Quintus: Loz-Q was a weapon that was once belonged to Koios, the Titan of the North. The blade was comprised of Zephyr Bronze, and is of very low temperatures, allowing the blade to freeze anything on contact, and reducing its strength to a brittle material. The blade possesses complex shapes and is segmented elegantly similar to two blades attached together. Kaius describes Loz-Q as "angelic" and "elegant" in appearance. Loz-Q is indirectly linked to the Titan, and is capable of accessing tremendous arctic energies, and is able to summon storms or blasts of frost from Arman's will. Loz-Q's sheathe is comprised of ice crystals, padded with a leather housing, to sheathe the blade, preventing it from freezing the user while hoisted on the back.

Mark of Ares: Gifted to Arman from Ares following the Battle of Manhattan, after Ares had learned that Arman had battled three Titans at once to allow Cabin 6 to escape, Arman was given a tattoo of a spear on his left arm. When the tattoo is cut, Arman is able to access the Fires of War, which boosts his abilities tremendously, depending on how much Arman allows the Fires to consume him. The Fires race up Arman's left arm, giving it a fiery aura. Calling more of the power provides Arman with an over mold of fire. The boost provided by the Mark of Ares far surpasses the Blessing of Pollux, however, calling to much of the flames will begin to outpace Arman's healing factor, charring the Remnant's brain, and sending the Remnant into a feral and wild state, dubbed the Rage of War. In this state, Arman becomes a berserker, and gains immense strength, capable of overcoming Dante's x450000 gravity powers, and decapitating the archangel instantly before he could react.

Chains of Icarus: Icarus' last gift to Arman, his chains. The chains are wielded in a similar nature to the Paladin, and due to Arman's new Phoenix power, he is able to draw out a portion of the power. Arman uses these chains in a manner to bind his opponents. He has yet to have mastered the chains to its full potential as Icarus did.



Arman loves Kaius like a father, as he was raised by the fallen angel when he was discovered emerging from the ground. Kaius had taught Arman to speak, and showed Arman mannerisms when he young. As such, when Arman had seen Kaius severely injured by Reimos, the Remnant became enraged, and fought the hellspawn despite being outclassed initially. Arman will do anything for Kaius, even going to the extent to utilizing the Fires of War to its absolute maximum capacity to overcome Dante's gravity trap, against Ares' warnings, after seeing his the old protector being slain by the Archangel Tayael.

Priest Pollux Maxima

When Lyra and Kaius travelled to the City of Argen, the old priest took the two under his care. Arman grew up under Pollux's teachings and tutelage, raising the boy to grow up and become a heroic, chivalrous, compassionate, and strong Argenite. As with Kaius, Arman sees Pollux as a father figure, and after the ten year time skip, Arman is seen tending to the elderly Pollux, and sheds tears when Pollux gave his life to bless the young Remnant so he could travel to the Underworld to find Lyra.

Lyra Tetras

Arman sees Lyra as family, openly telling Trista that he loves her (although Trista misinterprets this as romantic love). The feelings are reciprocated, and Lyra sees Arman as family as well. The two have frequently been seen protecting each other, and being there for each other, along with Kaius.

When Arman discovers his fated demise against the Prime Aspect of Sin, Arman tearfully says goodbye to Lyra and Kaius, telling them that the revelation has led him to be devastated, and did not want Lyra to witness Arman's death just as she had witnessed Kaius' apparent death. When Arman lost Lyra to Diablos, the Remnant was in despair, causing him to lose his stoic attitude in front of the people of the Argen Guard.

Arman, like Kaius, made a vow to protect Lyra from whatever harm befalls her, going to the extent of creating a Paladin Pact with the protector.

Trista of Argen

Trista was Arman's second combat mentor, and later, his comrade in the Argen Guard. Arman Learns much from the General of the Argen Army, and as Arman grew in power, rose to the rank of Centurion, aiding Trista in her battles across the country. Trista trusts Arman, and this trust is reciprocated.

When it was time for the armies of Argen to battle Diablos' Underworld Legion, Trista willingly sacrificed her life for Arman to save Lyra, showing that Trista respected Arman and would help her friend no matter what.

Arman openly states that he believes Trista is the bravest and most courageous warrior maiden he had ever met, showing that the Remnant respects his comrade greatly. When Trista lost her life to Diablos, Arman mourned her death.

Merrow Rivenlight

Arman respects his progenitor's Guardian, and respects her power. After Merrow reveals everything to Arman, the Remnant is willing to accompany the Guardian in her quest to avenge Decen's death.

Merrow is attached to R1, as he bares striking similarity to Decen, from his appearance, to his desire to become stronger. Merrow understands that R1 seeks strength to protect his loved ones, which the Guardian respects. Although she loves Arman, his resemblance to Decen causes her to be reminded of her Paladin's death, leading to sadness.

Arman has left a long lasting impact on Merrow's heart, due to his kind personality, which Merrow notes bares stark contrast to Decen's brazen and dark personality. After Arman was impaled by Loz-Q during his fight against Mogul, the Remnant became catatonic, slowly dying as the frost of Loz-Q's blade slowed down and overwhelmed his regeneration. Merrow was deeply distraught, and vows to save the Remnant.


"The Power of the Paladins shall bring upon a new age, from which you will be the progenitor. The stem, the seed for which numerous branches shall grow. Think. Think about what you should have done, how you should have lived your life. And the Power shall flow through you." - Elder Paladin Rolah to Paladin Decen about the conception of his Remnants


A young R1 awakens several feet under the dirt, having been manifested from Decen's consciousness, R1 was in stasis until his body developed enough to move on its own, making him a child. The Remnant digs his way out of the ground and finds himself in the backyard of an old hut, which is tended by an elderly yet well built man, and a younger woman.

The man protects the girl upon seeing R1, and grabs his sword, telling R1 to back off. The Remnant is incapable of understanding language and perceives the sword as a threat, and instinctively rushes forward, disarming the man and pinning him down.

The man tries to punch R1 in the face, but his fist is caught, and R1 discovers he has superhuman strength, launching the man into the roof of the hut. The girl retreats within the structure as the man attempts to put down the Remnant, only to find his strength completely overpowered. R1 launches the man into several plants.

R1 approaches the man to finish him off, but is shot in the back several times by the girl, who is now wielding a crossbow. The crossbow dampens R1's powers and he loses consciousness.

R1 regains consciousness to realize that the man has spared his life, on the girl's command. The girl introduces herself as Lyra Tetras, and explains that the man, Kaius, is her protector. She is the daughter of Eria Tetras, and is the descendent of the demon king Diablos, making her a possible reincarnation for the demon to return. Because of this, the winged warriors of The Silver City have relentlessly hunted her down, in an effort to kill her before Diablos reawakens. With the death of the Paladins, the "Silver Legion" have made the decision to eliminate her to avoid fighting the demon. However, R1 is unable to understand anything Lyra is saying, and Kaius deduces that R1 is incapable of language, which may have been the reason he had become hostile upon seeing the sword.

Lyra holds R1's hand and assures him that she means him no harm. The warmth of her gaze provides R1 with the indication that the two are not hostile, calming the Remnant down.

Growing up

Several months have passed, and Lyra discovers R1 has matured and grown at an unusual pace, his body having grown to a teenager. Kaius teaches R1 to speak English, and teaches the Remnant mannerisms, while Lyra offers to give R1 lessons on the crossbow. However, R1 finds himself inept with ranged weapons, preferring to use a sword.

Lyra and Kaius ask R1 if he has a name, as they had found him emerging from the ground. R1 explains that his memories are very hazy, but believes he had a life before this. The one thing he does remember is the name he was given. "R1". Unfortunately, due to still being relatively new to English, Lyra interprets his name as "Arman Wan". Kaius and Lyra begin calling R1 "Arman", after the nickname begins to stick.

A few more weeks pass, and R1 becomes slightly fluent with English, and is able to understand the language. Helping Kaius with his hunt, the two head out.

Arman asks Kaius how he met Lyra, and Kaius explains that he was tasked to protect her by the townsfolk who had raised her when she was young. When the Silver Warriors descended from the skies to pursue Lyra, the townsfolk attempted to reason with the winged intruders that bloodshed is not the solution. Unfortunately, all the settlers were slaughtered. Lyra's father, Cetus, begs Kaius to look after his daughter, and proceeds to aid his fellow townsfolk in holding off the Silver Warriors, sacrificing himself to save Lyra.

Before Arman can respond, a massive explosion from the hut distracts and sends the two into distress. Kaius and Arman return to the hut to discover that Lyra has been attacked by a Silver Warrior, who Kaius recognizes as Caile, Gatekeeper of the Sixth Pillar. Kaius tells Arman to protect Lyra, but Arman, seeing the hut as his home, in pieces, becomes enraged. Arman draws his sword and engages Caile.

Remnant 1 vs. Caile of the Sixth

R1 slashes at Caile, who deflects the Remnant's swipes with her wings, however discovers that the boy possesses superhuman strength, and is blown away. R1 pursues the angel while Kaius tends to Lyra.

R1 and Caile exchange blows, but Caile notes R1's inexperience with the sword, and easily outmatches the Remnant, slashing at his stomach. R1 falls to his knees, allowing Caile to swipe once more at the Remnant's face, sending him through several trees.

Caile believes she has won, but sees Arman emerging from the ruins, his wounds regenerating and healing at an alarming pace. R1 and engages Caile once more, with Caile continuously damaging R1, to no avail as the Remnant's regeneration is too much for her to handle. Arman swipes at a depleted Caile, cutting her face, causing the angel to become angry. Caile grabs Arman and flies to the skies launching him several thousand feet into the ground. The shock of the fall sends the Remnant unconscious.

Aftermath and Nomadism

R1 regains consciousness and discovers that Caile had been too injured to fight Kaius, and had retreated. Kaius and Lyra tended to the Remnant, only to realize he had already fully healed from his wounds. Lyra asks R1 what he is, and R1 is unable to answer, unsure of the answer himself.

Kaius notes that if Arman masters the sword, he might be able to fend off and possibly defeat the Silver City, but Lyra tells her protector that this isn't up for them to decide, as bloodshed is not a solution. The trio look at their destroyed hut, and scavenge as many resources as possible to look for a new home.

Mercenary Days

Arman, Kaius, and Lyra travel to the village Amod, where they are greeted by the townsfolk who introduce themselves as the Amodites. Kaius asks the Amodites for a place of refuge, but the villagers tell the nomads that they cannot trust them.

Lyra offers them their services as mercenaries, as she reveals that they are capable of combat. The Amodites agree to the terms, and allow the trio to stay in their village in exchange for taking up offers.

Arman, Kaius, and Lyra spend the next few months working as mercenaries to the village, defeating bandits, destroying soul beasts, and protecting the townsfolk. Over time, Kaius and Lyra gain fame, and are appointed to members of the Village Council. Arman, unfortunately, is not recognized for his deeds, leading to him becoming an outcast. Due to his strange powers of regeneration and his superhuman strength, he is regarded by the townsfolk as a monster. Deeply hurt by this, Arman decides to leave the village alone, without letting Kaius and Lyra know.


While walking around the outskirts of the village, Arman discovers a secret cult that has been rumoured to abduct villagers for sacrifices. Arman foolishly interrupts the ritual and attempts to fight the cult and put them up for arrest. Arman defeats the cult members, but one of the cult members calls Arman a fool, and frantically tells him to end the ritual. Unable to comprehend what a "ritual" is due to his still developing English, Arman does not end it, causing the hellspawn Reimos to emerge and be loose.

Reimos slaughters the cult members, and declares himself to be free. Arman draws his sword and attempts to engage Reimos, but Reimos swats the Remnant aside, laughing at R1's foolishness. R1 regains his composure and attempts to fight Reimos again, but Reimos blasts Arman with Darkfire, bypassing his healing factor and defeating the Remnant.

Arman awakens in an underground room, and is tended to members of the cult. The members tell Arman that the hellspawn is now on the loose, and need all the manpower they can get to return him to the Underworld. Arman asks the members how that is possible, and the cult members tell the Remnant that they noticed his superhuman strength, meaning he might have the means to wield the legendary celestial slayer. Pariah.

R1 Obtains Pariah

R1 and the cult members enter The Labyrinth, a dungeon with numerous traps and dangers. Arman ignores these traps and takes the damage head on, his regeneration keeping him from dying. The Remnant leaps platform to platform until he reaches a room.

The room contains Pariah, a powerful steel blade that glows white, but is guarded by a heavily armoured angel. The angel introduces himself as Yule, The Mind, and tells the Remnant that if he seeks the blade, he must defeat him.

R1 engages Yule, but discovers that his blade is unable to penetrate the angel's armour. Yule's immense strength combined with his battle axe knocks R1 all across the room. Yule remarks that R1 possesses incredible regeneration, but lacks the strength. Arman continues taking punishment from the angel as the cult members attempt to provide the Remnant moral support.

Yule's axe catches R1's skull and launches him into the side of the room, cracking it. Yule tells R1 that the only reason he made it to the room was that he relied on his powers. This causes R1 to clutch his head in pain, as memories flood his consciousness. R1 sees the memories of a boy, that looks very similar to him, climbing the platforms of what appears to be another realm, cursing and telling himself that he relied too much on his powers and that he should have trained his body as well.

Yule is taken aback, having seemingly seen the vision too. R1 gets to his feet, but is confused as to why Yule looks horrified. Yule calls R1 a child of a monster, and backs away, offering the Remnant the blade in exchange for his life. R1 asks Yule what he means by this, but the angel is terrified, begging for mercy.

The cult members meet with Arman and see that the angel is in a weakened state. The cult members are also confused, and one of the members asks Yule why he is terrified, and what he means by Arman being the child of a monster.

Yule tells the cult members that when he fought Arman, his powers seemed very familiar, and upon seeing the vision that Arman had emitted to him due to his telepathic powers, realizes why. His powers were similar to that to Decen of Acadia, the Paladin of War. Arman doesn't understand, but upon hearing the name, experiences another vision, this time of a boy having his neck choked by a towering orc, his sinister face, eyeing him with utmost evil. The boy's neck cracks as he goes limp, his soul dispersing into pieces.

Yule also experiences the vision, and horrifyingly confirms his most feared suspicions: Arman is the Remnant of Decen. The angel retreats, blowing a hole through the roof of the labyrinth, and leaves. The shockwave of Yule's retreat destroys the magical casing barring Pariah, and the Remnant takes the sword, strapping it to his back. The cult members tell R1 to go to the surface, and face off against Reimos once more, this time with the Celestial Slayer.

Remnant 1 vs. Reimos

The cult members tell Arman to battle Reimos, explaining that the hellspawn must be weakened enough for the ritual to work and return the monster back to the Underworld. Arman runs to the village, where he hears the sounds of battle, and discovers that Lyra and Kaius have been battling the hellspawn alongside the Amodites.

Reimos has slaughtered a number of the townsfolk. Kaius attempts to swipe at the monster, but Reimos's Darkfire keeps him at a distance. Lyra's crossbow bolts do no damage, and Reimos tells the two that he will destroy this entire village, and claim his territory.

Arman leaps from the top of a building, and slashes down, cutting deep into the Hellspawn's shoulder. Reimos roars in agony and launches the Remnant away with Darkfire. Arman falls to the ground and is saved by Lyra, who is angry as to why Arman had left without letting her or Kaius know. Arman explains that he had set the Hellspawn loose by interrupting a ritual from the cult members, and that because of this, Reimos is now on the loose. Feeling responsible, Arman vows to defeat Reimos himself, getting up without listening to Lyra.

R1 engages Reimos, and the hellspawn blasts the Remnant with Darkfire. Pariah absorbs the flames, and R1 manages to unleash the torrent in a powerful slash, severing the hellspawn's arm. Reimos growls, and tells Arman that wielding the Celestial Slayer means nothing. R1 and Reimos clash, but R1 quickly realizes his superhuman strength is not on par to that of the hellspawn's and is sent flying into a hut.

Reimos leaps into the air and smashes R1 further into the ground. Picking up the boy, Reimos opens his claw, and blasts the Remnant's face with Darkfire, damaging and burning his skin.

Reimos stops and realizes that his side has been pierced by Kaius, who managed to close the distance. Reimos, in rage, fires a torrent of Darkfire at Kaius and knocks him into the ceiling of the hut. R1, seeing his friend's charred body, becomes enraged, and slips out of the hellspawn's grip, grabbing Pariah, and piercing Reimos' chest, weakening the monster.

Still in a rage, R1 jumps in the air, using the lodged sword as a foothold, and begins repeatedly punching the hellspawn in the face; Remnant and Hellspawn stumbling out of the hut and landing at the foot of the Amodites as well as the cult members. The cult members see their chance and begin chanting, invoking a return ritual to send Reimos back to the Underworld.

Reimos gets to his feet and tries to stop the cult members, but Arman also recovers and charges, ramming into the monster and sending multiple punches to the hellspawn's midsection. However, Reimos is too durable, and Arman realizes his superhuman strength is not enough to deal any damage. Reimos grabs Arman's face, and slams him into the ground. Imbuing his claws with Dark Energy, Reimos begins punching Arman's face as the Remnant sinks deeper and deeper into the ground.

While Reimos is distracted by Arman, the cult members continue their chant, while Lyra runs to Kaius' side, realizing that her protector is still alive, but in terrible condition.

Reimos is about to deal a finishing blow, but his fist is caught by Arman, who's rage has completely taken over his body and mind. Arman glares at the hellspawn, and tells him he will not lose, seeing visions of the same boy, having realized that this boy is none other than Decen of Acadia. R1 opens his hand, and Pariah comes flying to its new master, cutting through Reimos' chest once more. The monster is severely weakened, the runes of the invocation now slowly retrieving the hellspawn's essence. R1 gets to his feet, and using the flat of Pariah's blade, slams Reimos further into the rune. Arman retreats as Reimos roars in defiance, but is ultimately banished back to the Underworld.

Arman turns around to see Lyra and a severely injured Kaius. Lyra is in tears as the two tend to their friend.

Aftermath and the Search for the Cure

Kaius is revealed to have been sustained permanent injuries for which recovery is not possible. Lyra vows to find a cure, but is interrupted by the Amodites, who banish R1 out of the village for aiding the cult members and unleashing a hellspawn that slaughtered many.

Lyra pleads to the Amodites for a second chance, but Arman's banishment is final. R1 tells Lyra that he will leave and not worry her and Kaius, but Lyra tells the Remnant that he is family to her as well. If Arman goes, so do they.

That night before the trio set off, Kaius gains partial consciousness, and tells Lyra that should he die, she now has a new protector: Arman. Lyra tearfully rebukes this thought, and scolds her current protector for thinking this way, swearing that she will find a way to cure him. Kaius brushes the girl's hair and tells her that no matter what they tell her, no matter who her bloodline is, she is what she makes of herself. Her adherence to morals and acceptance is what prevents Diablos from arising. Her fate as Diablos' reincarnation shall be bent. Twisted.

Arman sits outside, inspecting Pariah. The blade glows with a white light in the darkness, illuminating the forestry. Suddenly, a vision flashes in his eyes. A beautiful young woman, perhaps the same age as Lyra, looking back at the Remnant. Her hair, bright green, and her eyes, the same colour. Piercing. Calculating.

For some reason, Arman knows this lady's name.

Merrow Rivenlight, The Guardian of Decen.

The Silver Priests

Lyra leads Arman, who carries a dying Kaius to the city of Argen, home of the silver priests who serve the Silver City. Arman is confused as to why Lyra would take the trio to the city that wish for her death. Lyra explains that the silver priests are loyal to the Silver City, and thus must know Celestial Magic, which is restorative in nature. Meaning they must have a solution to cure Kaius' Darkfire wounds. As the Silver City and the Underworld have been long fated enemies.

As the trio continue their journey, Lyra begins to become increasingly annoyed at Arman's lack of understanding of the world, eventually becoming frustrated with the young Remnant. Without Kaius to teach and act as R1's mentor, Lyra is forced to show the Remnant how the world works, a role she is not used to taking on. This eventually results in Lyra calling R1 a brainless idiot, hurting the Remnant's feelings. Lyra apologizes and confesses that she is under tremendous stress. Her protector she had known all her life is dying before her very eyes. She is being hunted by the angels of the Silver City, and the fact that they are going to them right now to beg for a cure. All of this stacked on the prophecy that she will one day be the vessel for the demon lord Diablos, it has taken Lyra everything she has to keep moving forward.

Lyra dons a disguise, and approaches the civilians, seeking for medical attention for Kaius. The civilians call for emergency support, taking the man to the healers, who treat him. Lyra and Arman wait outside.

Lyra watches as the civilians continue on their day, and begins to contemplate whether or not her views of The Silver City were just. For the longest time, she had blamed the Silver City, and all those who serve them for the death of her family. All the cause for her pain, as the Winged Warriors hunted her. However, seeing the civilians kindly take the trio in, treating Kaius' wounds, she ponders if her feelings on the Argenites were valid.

An elderly priest approaches the two, having noticed that Kaius was being treated by the healers, and deduces that Kaius and Lyra have a strong bond. The priest introduces himself as "Pollux", offering the two support from the church he serves. Lyra is hesitant to leave Kaius alone, but Pollux reassures her that he is in safe hands.

On their way to the church, Arman is in awe at how developed the civilization of Argen is. Pollux observes this, and asks Arman if he is new to this world. Arman tells Pollux that his first birthday will be in three days, causing Lyra to nearly choke. However, Pollux is unfazed by this, and explains that he has encountered many magical species in his time taking in refugees and nomads.

Arman and Lyra spend the next few months under the care of Pollux and the church. While Lyra routinely checks up on Kaius, Pollux has taken the mantle of Arman's mentor, teaching the boy the ways of the Silver City. Lyra is initially against this, as she still harbours an intense hatred for the Winged Warriors, however, seeing that Pollux's teachings were not hostile in any form, permits Arman to follow Pollux.

Pollux teaches Arman how to read and write, how to properly address strangers, mannerisms, and Silver City politics. Arman also learns morals and ethics. It is during this time, where Arman begins to truly mature and evolve into a kind, compassionate, and civilized person. Under Pollux's teachings, Arman becomes a member of the church, hosting regular services with the old priest, and becomes accepted into the community of Argen, and achieving a high ranking position as Priest Medula, under the tutelage of Pollux.

Lyra, on the other hand, becomes increasingly impatient, as Kaius' wounds have seen no progress, despite these past few months. One day, Lyra checks up on Kaius, and discovers that his progress has not improved, but rather, worsened. Enraged by this, Lyra grabs the healers and demands an explanation, sparking fear amongst the infirmary. Lyra is asked to calm down by one of the senior healers, and to approach things objectively, but Lyra escalates the situation by physically attacking the guards, telling them they don't know what Kaius is to her.

During a ceremonial baptizing to officially declare Arman's allegiance to the church of Argen, the Remnant is interrupted by a member of the church, that Lyra has started a violent situation at the infirmary. Arman profusely apologizes to the committee and to Pollux, and rushes to the infirmary.

Lyra has defeated a majority of the soldiers who attempted to solve the situation, and Arman intervenes, attempting to calm Lyra down. However, Lyra sees Arman's robes, and calls him a traitor, asking if he has decided to join the Silver City, choosing them over her and Kaius. Lyra once again reminds Arman that the Silver City seeks to destroy her, and that they are only here for Kaius' sake.

Arman tells Lyra to stop, but Lyra continues, revealing her disguise and that she will extract the cure from these healers no matter what. At whatever the cost. She will not let her protector die. Lyra's identity reveal causes shock amongst the members of the infirmary, and Pollux, who manages to catch up to Arman.

Lyra tells Arman to choose: her, or the people of Argen. Because if he is to continue with his ways, he might as well leave her. Arman thinks back to his months with Pollux. How Pollux had treated the Remnant like a son, and how the people of Argen treated him like family. Arman thinks back to how Lyra had gotten upset at him just because he was unfamiliar with the world, still too young to understand the situation she was in. Arman thinks back to how he was secluded from the people of Amod, and how when he left, Lyra was more angry than concerned for his safety. Pollux puts his hand on the young Remnant's shoulder, and tells him that no matter what he chooses, he will still be like a son to the old priest.

Arman tearfully tells Lyra that he chooses the people of Argen. However, he will do his best to restore Kaius. Lyra, in immense hurt and turmoil, renounces her relationship with the young Remnant. Taking Kaius from the bed, Lyra announces that she no longer wants anything to do with Arman.

Several soldiers from the Argen army enter the infirmary, after receiving word that the descendent of Diablos is among them, but Pollux dismisses them. Lyra tells Arman that he is dead to her, and that she will find a cure herself, without his help: By travelling to the Underworld, and searching for a way to undo the Darkfire. Arman is in shock, telling her that such a task is too dangerous, and tells her he will come, but Lyra angrily dismisses the Remnant.

Lyra is escorted out of Argen, along with an injured Kaius. R1 watches the two leave the city, as Pollux comforts the young Remnant.


Arman initially wishes to pursue Lyra, explaining that she will die from the Underworld, however Pollux tells the young Remnant that doing so is unwise. Lyra is immune to the dark effects of the Underworld, being the descendent of Diablos. However, R1 is not, and his regeneration will not be enough to withstand the darkness, essentially nullifying it. With the Underworld, time is warped, so years in Argen would equate to weeks in the Underworld.

Arman still vows to one day find Lyra, even if it means venturing to the Underworld. One of Argen's military guard recognizes Arman's determination, and introduces herself as "Trista". Trista notes that R1 possesses incredible regeneration, superhuman qualities, and is somewhat skilled in swordplay. However, his abilities can be further trained, and offers to introduce the young Priest in Training to the fighting style of the Argen.

R1 spends the next few months training with Trista and the Argen army, assisting them in their battles, conquests, and adventures, while also serving the Argen church under Pollux's teachings. These months turn to years, as R1 reaches full adulthood, achieving the rank of Centurion in the Argen Guard, and Priest Proxima, member of the church. R1's skill with Pariah has become expert level, from years of fighting alongside the Argen guard, and with his services to the Argen church, Arman now possesses the love and trust of the city of Argen.

One night, an adult R1 stands on the balcony of the church, after having treated an elderly Pollux. R1 unsheathes Pariah, and once again inspects the weapon, its glow illuminating the surroundings. The Remnant hadn't received a vision ever since the day Lyra had left him. R1 suddenly remembers his promise. That one day, he will have grown strong enough to overcome the darkness of the Underworld, and find Lyra.

Sensing R1's uneasiness, an elderly Pollux asks R1 if he still remembers his promise. R1 confirms this, and asks his mentor if he is strong enough to find Lyra. However, Pollux explains that the power he has gained is still not enough to overcome the darkness of the Underworld. R1 is confused, as his years of fighting alongside the Argen Guard has made him strong. His regeneration has evolved to the point of being capable of holding off entire legions of undead, hellspawn, and enemy soldiers. His skill with Pariah has reached to the point of being capable of holding his own against Trista herself, who's swordplay is unparalleled in all of Argen. Even Arman's superhuman strength, has become stronger, with R1's fully developed body.

Pollux laughs, and tells R1 that it isn't physical strength that he lacked, but rather his spiritual resilience. To withstand the darkness of the Underworld, R1 needs to be pure. In the heart. R1 asks Pollux how to achieve this, and Pollux smiles, telling Arman that he must have the priest's blessing. Arman is in shock, as he understands what must happen.

For R1 to achieve this, he must receive the blessing of Pollux, at the cost of the old priest's life.

Suddenly, the walls cave in, as explosions fill the city.

The Underworld Invades

Arman shields and protects Pollux, unsheathing Pariah and quickly cutting boulders into pieces, preventing any from hitting the Priest. Arman grabs Pariah and leaps out of the building, to be greeted with two hellspawn.

The hellspawn recognize an adult Arman, remarking that he was the same boy who was unable to take down their brother, Reimos. The two charge the Remnant, R1 easily dispatches the two, stating that he is no longer the same person Reimos had fought, and that he has become far stronger. The two hellspawn watch in disbelief as Pariah absorbs the Darkfire, and as R1 closes in, slicing the two with blinding speed.

R1 rushes to the Argen Guard, commanding the soldiers to take and protect Pollux.

Remnant 1 vs. Underworld Army

R1 turns to face multiple hellspawn, who are being held back by the Argen Guard. R1 assists his brothers and sisters in battle, protecting the city, and dispatches hellspawn left and right. The hellspawn are in awe at the power of the Remnant, and retreat behind a bigger and much more powerful hellspawn.

R1 faces the hellspawn general, as the two armies face off.

Trista stands by R1's side, but the general growls, telling the people of Argen that he wishes to battle the legend himself. The being who had slain his brethren, who had battled his brother, Reimos, and lived to tell the tale. The Hellspawn General wishes to fight Remnant 1, in one on one combat.

R1 nods at Trista, who commands the Argen Guard to back down, as the two armies circle around R1 and the General in a giant arena.

R1 unsheathes Pariah, which glows white with energy. Arman asks the general for his name, and the general introduces himself as Troja Shel, the brother of Reimos Shel and Arcel Shel. Troja had risen to the rank of general, commanding the armies of the Underworld. Seeing his brothers as inferior, one having defected from his kind to live among the mortals, and the other having been defeated by Arman, Troja vows to avenge his brother's honour. By killing R1.

Remnant 1 vs. Troja Shel

R1 and Troja clash, but even with R1's improved superhuman strength, he is still overpowered by the much larger, much more powerful hellspawn. Troja laughs as the hellspawn swipes his fist, sending the Remnant flying. Although he had gotten stronger, Troja declares that he is not Reimos. And that Reimos had entered the world untrained, while Troja had been training since conception.

Troja fires a torrent of Darkfire at R1, who absorbs the flames with Pariah, closing in and swiping at Troja's face. However, the hellspawn predicts this, and dodges, slashing at R1 with his claws, dealing immense damage. R1's shredded body hits the ground as the hellspawn cheer. Troja celebrating.

Arman's body regenerates, as the Remnant gets to his feet. Troja is enraged, and engages Arman once more. However, Arman quickly understands Troja's fighting pattern, having somehow adapted to the hellspawn's technique, and outpaces the monster, slicing and disabling his arms, then leaps to the air, slicing Pariah right through Troja's face.

Troja, in disbelief falls on his back, as R1 lands on top of the Hellspawn General's chest, seemingly victorious. R1 positions Pariah to Troja's neck, about to finish off the general. However, this is interrupted, as black lightning erupts from Troja's body, powering up as Troja pushes R1 off, sending the Remnant flying once more.

Troja's speed and strength have now been boosted from the dark powers of the Underworld, and begins outpacing R1, pummelling and disarming the Remnant. Troja pins down Arman and begins clawing at the Remnant, out damaging his healing factor.

Arman, now losing consciousness, looks onward at the armies of Argen. His comrades in shock as their greatest soldier is brutalized before their very eyes. Trista glaring at the General and about to call in the armies to intervene.

Arman suddenly experiences a vision unlike any other.


Arman wakes up, realizing he is in another memory. He is in a different place, and for some reason, it's almost like a different world. R1 looks around, and takes in the environment. Dark and cloudy. Rain pouring from the skies. It is night, but all around, the buildings are of a different kind. Not the type seen in Argen, and not the type seen in Amod. These buildings seem... advanced.

The vision moves forward, and Arman witnesses the same monstrosity holding Decen by the throat, declaring to end the Paladins. A woman screams Decen's name, alongside another being, his face disfigured heavily. The monster drops Decen, and leaves, as the woman grabs Decen. Despite her protests, the much larger dark being grabs the woman and runs from the monster, leaving Decen's body sprawled on the ground.

R1 approaches the Paladin, his progenitor, and watches as the body begins to dissolve, bits and pieces flying into the air at incomprehensible speeds.

Arman is interrupted by a voice behind him, and he turns around, realizing that it is the woman, her hair green. Merrow Rivenlight looks Arman up and down and remarks on the resemblance. R1 asks Merrow what she wants, and if she is the cause of his visions. Merrow smiles, and tells the Remnant that it has been too long since she has seen a face like his again, but tells him that when he is ready, to seek her. To find her, to truly understand his origins, and where he has come from, and his purpose.

Arman asks Merrow if she is real, but Merrow dismisses this, and tells him that he must become stronger. This link was established because Arman had subconsciously created it, as he seeked strength. As of now, he is unable to defeat Troja, and needs more strength.

Merrow asks Arman if he really believes strength is enough to win, and Arman tells Merrow that strength is absolute in this fight. Merrow sighs and tells Arman that his progenitor, Decen of Acadia, always had the same mentality, and that even after using the Power of the Paladins, it never left him, and ended up being transferred to his Remnants.

Arman is upset, and Merrow senses his discord, asking if this fight with Troja is the only reason he seeks to become stronger. R1 responds that he wants to become strong enough to defeat Troja but also to find Lyra, and save Kaius. Arman wishes to find Lyra and properly apologize, and after all these years, he has been training for that reason.

Merrow tells Arman that what he seeks is not just strength, but also love. Familial love. Just like Decen always did, even if he didn't want to admit it. However, he has already achieved this, with Lyra, Kaius, Pollux, and the members of Argen. Just like Decen had with Merrow and Sentry.

The strength that lies from the people around him, that is the strength Arman always had, just ready to be tapped into.

Arman awakens from his vision, and instantly dodges Troja's finishing attack. Troja powers up once more, breaking through the Remnant's defences, and sending him back with a powerful shockwave. Troja closes in to swipe once more, but Arman has suddenly already predicted this, dodging and countering.

This cycle continues, with Troja dealing damage, then being countered. Despite landing blows, Troja discovers that he is being ground down, as R1's regeneration keeps him from gassing out.

Troja roars in frustration, asking how Arman is capable of keeping up despite having powered up already. Arman realizes that he has developed the ability to analyze Troja's increasingly elevating fighting pattern. The power of Combat Intuition, unlocked from using the strength of his allies and family.

Arman dodges and weaves through Troja's last ditch attacks, seamlessly evading his attacks and powers up Pariah, who has absorbed a substantial amount of Darkfire. Arman leaps into the air and delivers a powerful slash of Darkfire, which incinerates both Troja and half the hellspawn armies.

The Blessing and the Search for Lyra

With R1's powerful attack, the armies of the Underworld retreats, leaving Argen's armies victorious. The Argen Guard carry Arman on their shields, rejoicing in their victory.

That night, Arman was given the customary honours for bravery and utmost performance in battle by Trista. After the ceremony and party, Arman finishes conversing with the Argen nobles and tends to Pollux, who has decided to give Arman his blessing. However, Arman does not want to see his father die.

Pollux tells Arman to stay strong and true to himself. Out of all the many years Pollux served as a priest to the Argen church, he had never met someone as unique as Arman. Despite the time they spent together, Pollux is still human, and is ready to depart to the afterlife. Pollux thanks Arman for providing him something he had never thought of having ever since choosing to walk the path of the Priest: a son.

A tearful Arman receives Pollux's blessing as the old priest dies in peace, with a loving smile on his face. The resultant blessing imbues Arman with new power, boosting his Regeneration and overall abilities. Arman opens his hands, as he discovers he now possesses a silver glow just like Pariah. The glow dissipates as Arman closes his father's eyes, and commands several of the house maids to arrange a memorial service for the high priest of Argen.

Arman sets off to enter the Underworld, through the Scar of Hades. Trista offers to join the Remnant, but Arman tells her that he wishes to pursue this quest alone. Trista tells Arman that she will back him up, along with the people of Argen, should he need it. Pollux was a father figure to not just him, but also to her, and all the people of Argen. Trista asks Arman if he loves Lyra, and Arman confuses this as familial love, telling the Argen soldier that he does indeed love her. Trista misinterprets this and word spreads among the legion of Argen's armies that the centurion of Argen is in love with the descendent of Diablos.

R1 enters the Scar of Hades, the blessing of Pollux neutralizing the effects of the darkness that attempts to corrode the Remnant's mind. Arman fights through the voices and emerges from the gate, entering the Underworld, and begins his search for Lyra.

R1 traverses the dark cathedrals of the Underworld, asking the local hellspawn for the location of a girl carrying an injured man, but his mere presence shocks the dwellers, as they recognize him as Arman of the Argen Guard, the slayer of Troja Shel. The hellspawn flee from Arman, leaving the Remnant clueless and unable to locate Lyra.

All the hellspawn flee from Arman's location except one, and Arman recognizes him. Reimos Shel.

Reimos has sustained immense damage, and limps to Arman, attempting to kill the Remnant, but Arman easily outmanoeuvres the hellspawn and kicks Reimos with his upgraded superhuman strength, launching the hellspawn through several pillars of a dark cathedral.

Reimos tells R1 to kill him, as he has failed his family and his kind. Having been defeated by Arman in his younger years, Reimos was abused by Troja for being a failure, and the entire family was cast aside for being defeated by a mortal. R1 tells Reimos that Troja is not his family, if he treats him like that. He can give Reimos a chance if he helps him find Lyra. Reimos' expression becomes surprised, as he had been the reason R1 was banished by Amod, but R1 forgives him, understanding his predicament and emphasizes on his situation with Troja. Reimos, taken aback by R1's compassion decides to assist the Remnant in locating Lyra.

Reimos' senses allow the two to locate and pinpoint the location of Lyra, as Lyra possesses the blood of Diablos, who once ruled the Underworld. R1 is curious, and asks Reimos more about Diablos and his family line.

Lyra's Bloodline

Reimos explains that eons ago, the Underworld was ruled by Diablos, the demon king. While initially indifferent to the surface world, the dwellers of the Underworld only had quarrels with the Silver City. However, Diablos saw the prospects of the mortal race, in particular, the beings known as the Acadians, power of creation and destruction, that possibly surpasses the Silver City itself. Diablos began sending his subjects to invade the Acadians, but the subjects never returned, as the invaders, the armies that Diablos had sent were wiped out by the sentries of Acadia: The Paladins.

Diablos, in frustration, decided to send his hellspawn to invade neighbouring countries, pillaging them, and sending them into turmoil. However, Acadia had sent their Paladins to dispatch the armies too, leading to numerous bloodshed on the Underworld side.

Enraged by this, and believing his hellspawn were inferior, Diablos left his throne, and set foot to the mortal realm himself. The power of Diablos was so great, that Earth's defenders were incapable of holding him off. Diablos slaughtered several low ranking Paladins who had dispatched his kind. The presence of Diablos himself caused the Silver City to send their angels, but Diablos slaughtered them too.

At some point, the bloodshed caused the people to contact Acadia, and hire one of their more powerful Paladins. Decen, The Paladin of War. Believing he was superior to the Paladins, Diablos decided to fight Decen, but discovered that the Paladins he had slain were low ranking, and that Decen was on a completely different level.

Diablos was eliminated by Decen, and his demon cells were absorbed by the Paladin. The Underworld was sent to chaos, and new hierarchy sought for a new leader to lead the hellspawn.

Several years later, it turned out that Decen had not absorbed Diablos completely, and part of the cells that were left unconsumed developed into a partially complete mortal human form. This mortal Diablos wandered the mortal realm, in hopes of regaining his power, but was unable to do so. It was then did he realize that the only way to return to his power was to inhabit a body that is healthy, and not incomplete, as his was partially complete. This led to Diablos manipulating a local village, and starting a family line with the people in the village, in hopes that one day, his descendants will one day create a child that could serve as a proper vessel for Diablos' power.

At some point, the mortal known as Eria became pregnant with Diablos' child, and this child would grow up to become Lyra, making her a half human half demon. The Silver City did not take this lightly, and sought for the elimination of Lyra and Diablos, but Diablos had already died from old age, leading to just Lyra being the last line for Diablos' return to power. At this time, Acadia was in ruins, having been invaded by another immortal race: Mogul, The Prime Aspect of Sin.

R1 is shocked at the revelation, and that Lyra was not just a descendent of Diablos, but was his daughter. Reimos explains that Lyra surviving the darkness of the Underworld is not surprising, being hellspawn herself, but the man she was with, Kaius, was not. This means that the very environment of the Underworld most likely has eroded his brain.

Arman shakes his head, telling the hellspawn that they must find Lyra, and Reimos agrees to track down the daughter of Diablos.

The Escape

Reimos pinpoints Lyra's location to an abandoned cave, for which dwells a powerful hellspawn ancient known as "Taras Vall". Taras is among one of the strongest hellspawn, but had been exiled to the cave due to his maniacal nature and anarchist views.

Arman, in a panic, unsheathes Pariah and goes to engage Taras, but Reimos tells the Remnant that he is no match for the ancient with the power he has now. Arman argues that the safety of Lyra is paramount, but Reimos says that Lyra and Kaius appear to have found a spot hidden from the ancient's sight, allowing them to be concealed. However, judging from the fading life energy of one of the two people in the cave, it is clear that Lyra had never found the cure to Kaius' wounds.

R1 and Reimos sneak past Taras and enter the cave, and locate Lyra, who is holding Kaius, begging for him to stay with her. R1 steps forward and tells Reimos to undo the Darkfire, for which Reimos opens his claws, dark energy exiting Kaius and restoring the protector.

Lyra, in shock, rushes to attack Reimos, but she is subdued by Arman, who Lyra does not recognize. Lyra tries to fight R1, but years of combat and battle allow R1 to easily fend off Lyra, and Lyra is pinned down. Kaius tries to intercept, but Reimos explains to the two that he has undone the Darkfire and that he seeks atonement for his actions. Kaius calms Lyra down, and the two stare at a grown up Arman.

Arman explains that while the two had been in the Underworld, time had dilated for them, and while they had been gone for weeks, to Arman, they had been gone for years. Arman had fully matured, his powers had grown immensely, and had ventured deep to find the two. Before Arman can finish his explanation, Lyra embraces the Remnant, profusely apologizing for the way she had treated him, and how she did not consider that despite his appearance, Arman was still a child at the time. Arman forgives her, and Kaius joins in the hug.

Suddenly, a massive roar appears from the cave, as Reimos' presence has alerted Taras. Reimos leads the trio out of the cave and opens a portal back to the mortal world, commanding the three to leave, however, Arman refuses to leave Reimos alone with Taras.

Arman draws Pariah, and engages Taras in a fight, but Taras' speed outpaces Arman and the Remnant is sent airborne, slamming through multiple boulders.

Taras explains that he wishes for absolute anarchy for all Underworld creatures, as it is in their nature to betray, to kill, and to destroy. In addition, he harbours a hatred to all hellspawn who served Diablos, including Reimos, and especially Lyra, who is Diablos' daughter. Taras vows to ensure no one escapes the Underworld alive.

Arman emerges from the ruins of the boulders and fights Taras once more, utilizing Combat Intuition to analyze the ancient's fighting style and predicting the monster's powerful claw swipes. However, R1 underestimates Taras' power, and the resulting wind pressure scrapes the Remnant's sides, sending him off course.

Reimos turns to Lyra and Kaius and tells the two he is deeply sorry for what he had done to Kaius. Lyra is skeptical and asks why Reimos has a change of heart, and Reimos points to Remnant 1, who continues to clash and fight against Taras in a hopeless battle. Reimos tells the two that it was Arman who had forgiven him and given him a second chance at redemption. This chance is now clear: he will distract Taras and create an opening for the trio to escape.

Arman catches Taras's claws, and unleashes the power of Pollux's blessing, augmenting all of his physical parameters. R1 leaps forward, kneeing the ancient in the chin, sending him airborne. Arman, capitalizing on this advantage, spins in the air, redirecting all the Darkfire accumulating on Pariah and unleashes a Darkfire torrent at Taras, who absorbs the power, fuelling his strength, and launches a punch Arman's way. Arman powers up the blessing to his max, his glowing silver aura turning a bright white as Arman delivers a powerful swipe of Pariah, which glows brighter than before. The sheer power of the slash severs Taras in two as R1 falls to the ground, his body smoking from the heavy use of Pollux's blessing.

Taras regenerates, and whips around, the dark energy in his body creating multiple clones of himself. R1 is unable to use his Combat Intuition on the sheer number of clones and is unable to tell which is the right one. The clones unleash a flurry of claw swipes that outpace R1's upgraded healing factor, sending the Remnant to his knees. About to be finished, Taras jumps forward but is tackled by Reimos, who yells at the trio to enter the portal and escape.

Lyra grabs Arman, who tearfully shouts at Reimos to come with them, but it is too late. Arman watches as Taras overpowers Reimos and decapitates the weaker hellspawn, and blasts his regenerating body with Darkfire, disintegrating him.

Arman breaks down crying in Kaius and Lyra's arms as the portal closes, sending the three back to the mortal world.

Remnant 1 leaves Argen

Arman, Lyra, and Kaius emerge from the portal, and return to Argen. However, upon return, Lyra and Kaius wait at the gate, telling R1 that they are not welcome in the city anymore. The members of the city of Argen greet R1 with open arms, but stop at the sight of Lyra.

R1 tells the people that he appreciates everything they had done for them, but it is time for him to move on, as his home, although with Argen, was a large part of his life, ultimately, he chooses to live with Lyra and Kaius. Should Lyra stay, the legions of The Silver City shall reign judgement on the people of Argen, in an attempt to kill the descendent of Diablos. Arman believes it is best if he leave and keep the people away from peril. The people of Argen bid R1 farewell, and Trista tells Arman to keep the clothes and gear he has on, a token of appreciation for all the things he had done for them in his time as both a Centurion and Priest Proxima.

Lyra is shocked at Arman's decision to leave Argen for the two, and Kaius tells the Remnant that he truly has grown up, and that he respects him deeply. R1 smiles and tells the two that he will serve as their protector, the both of them. Lyra warns R1 that she is still a very big target for which the Winged Warriors of the Silver City still hunt, and that no home with her shall be permanent. However, R1 hugs Lyra and tells her that so long as he is with her and Kaius, he is home.

Lyra and Kaius want to spend the night with Arman, as they assume that he missed them greatly over the years they had been away. However, there was still one thing Arman needed to do.

Remnant 1 vs. Merrow Rivenlight

Arman draws Pariah, and concentrates on the woman with green hair. The Remnant establishes a link to his progenitor's Guardian, and awakens in a vision.

Merrow is swimming in her mermaid form on the dock, and for some reason, Arman recognizes this scene, as his progenitor had once sat in the same exact spot. Arman stands at the dock, as the beautiful form of a mermaid emerges from the waters, her eyes piercing.

Arman thanks Merrow for her help in unlocking his Combat Intuition, and for helping him defeat Troja and bringing Lyra home. However, Merrow tells Arman that the credit goes to himself, for having unlocked the power. She was only there to give it a small push.

Nonetheless, Arman tells Merrow that he is eternally grateful, causing the Guardian to smile. Merrow remarks that despite being Decen's Remnant, in many ways, he is different. A sense of justice, compassion, and humility, something Decen never possessed.

Arman asks Merrow if he was created for a purpose, as all he knows is that he was created off of the consciousness of Paladin Decen, possessing some of his memories, and his powers. Merrow looks Arman up and down, and splashes to the dock, transforming into her human form. The mermaid summons her spear, imbuing it with Hydropower, and sends the Remnant back several feet.

R1 gets to his feet, and asks why Merrow is doing this, and Merrow explains that she wants to see how strong the Remnant has become. Because she wants to know if he can handle the truth behind his purpose, and whether he is ready to find her.

Arman tells Merrow that he has gotten a lot stronger, and that his powers of Combat Intuition will allow him to figure out how to defeat her. Merrow smirks, and tells the Remnant that his overconfidence is very similar to Decen's. The two charge.

Arman slashes at Merrow with Pariah, but Merrow evades with blinding speed, sending an uncountable number of spear jabs at R1's back before he can even react. R1 falls to his knee, and swings Pariah in a powerful arc, but wildly misses.

Merrow moves quickly, seemingly materializing in front of Arman, and begins sending more attacks his way. R1 tries to use Combat Intuition to read the Guardian's attacks, but Merrow is moving far too fast for his brain to even register, and Arman is quickly disarmed.

The Guardian kicks R1 in the chest and sends him flying into the water, where Arman is encased in a powerful fist of Hydropower. Merrow tells R1 that he still needs to become stronger for her to reveal anything about the Remnant's origins.

R1 summons the Blessing of Pollux, and roars, destroying the water construct, and utilizing its parts as leverage as he jolts forward, summoning Pariah back to his hand. The two clash, as R1 begins to drive Merrow through the floorboards of the dock, his superhuman strength outclassing hers. However, Merrow asks Arman if such a move is wise, as Arman pushes Merrow through the floorboards, causing her to crash into the water.

Arman is suddenly pulled through the floorboards, sending the Remnant underwater as he becomes face to face with Merrow in her mermaid form. Gills line her sides and her eyes glow a piercing green. Merrow tells Arman that here, she is in her home turf, and that in water, she is at her strongest. To prove this, Merrow lets go of her spear and pushes R1, sending the Remnant hurtling into the seabed like a torpedo.

Arman is unable to catch his breath as he begins to drown, losing consciousness from the force of Merrow's blow. Watching as Merrow descends to his field of vision, Merrow tells the Remnant to keep training and growing stronger, for one day, he will surpass his brethren, and only then, will Merrow tell Arman about his origins and his true purpose. Arman loses consciousness as the vision fades.

A New Journey

Kaius brings Arman and Lyra to the docks, for which he has obtained a ship. Arman shudders, and Lyra asks the Remnant what's wrong, which he dismisses, remembering his bout against Merrow. Arman asks Kaius why he has chosen to travel through the waters, and Kaius explains that the place he plans to travel is ruled by the Pantheon, which is outside the outskirts of the Silver City. There is a chance that Lyra will not be hunted if they reach this country.

Lyra perks up, and realizes that Kaius wants to travel to the land of the Greek Pantheon, and praises the old protector for his knowledge. Arman asks what a Greek Pantheon is, and Lyra explains that during her childhood, she had studied other realms. The Greek Pantheon is comprised of twelve deities, and their children, known as the demigods. There, should the Silver City invade, they will need to fight the Pantheon as they are out of their territory.

The trio set sail, as Arman is fascinated by the ocean. Lyra remarks that R1 has never seen the ocean before, and shows Arman an old book she had read when she was little. Of how vast the ocean was, and the many creatures that are under the water. Lyra flips through the pages and tells Arman of the many stories of the pirates and the god who ruled the seas: Poseidon. Kaius, who is piloting the vessel, smiles as this reminds him of how he used to show Lyra the same book when she was little. And to see Lyra do the same for Arman.

Arman sleeps below deck, but is unable to fall asleep, and eavesdrops on a conversation between Lyra and Kaius. Arman overhears that Lyra has been experiencing terrible visions of Diablos, the demon lord entering her body and unleashing his fury on the world. With the Paladins annihilated, no one can defeat the monster. Should the prophecy be fulfilled, Lyra tells Kaius that he must be the one to end her by the sword, and to never let Arman know. Kaius tells Lyra that there is still hope, and swears he will do everything in his power to keep her safe.

Arman turns around, and stares at Pariah, glowing silver in the room, illuminating the room. Opening his hand, the glow of Pollux's blessing further illuminates the room. R1 also swears to keep Lyra safe, and to ensure that Diablos shall not possess Lyra.

Arman and Chiron

Arman, Kaius, and Lyra reach land, and are spotted by several scouts from a recon tower. Two boys descend the structure to alert what appears to be a camp. One of the boys approach the party, and asks if they are hostile. Kaius holds his hands up and ensures that they mean no harm, and are here to seek shelter.

Lyra recognizes this camp as a refuge for demigods, from the books she had read. The daughter of Diablos introduces herself as a half blood, which is technically true. The boy introduces himself as James, the son of Hermes. Lyra introduces James to Kaius, her protector, and Arman, her friend. Several half bloods arrive on shore, and part way for a centaur, who introduces himself as Chiron. Chiron remarks that he senses some immortal blood in Lyra and in Kaius, leading to the confusion of both Lyra and Arman, as Kaius was thought to be human.

Chiron narrows his eyes at Arman, and asks if he is a mortal. Arman confirms it, but states that he possesses powers that do not make him human. The demigods of the camp become agitated, and become guarded, but Kaius ensures that Arman is not hostile. Lyra swears by the River Styx that the trio do not mean any harm. Chiron permits Arman to stay in the camp alongside Lyra and Kaius.

Kaius and Lyra stay in the Hermes cabin, while Arman has peaked the interest of Chiron, who invites him to stay in the house. As R1 walks with Chiron, the Remnant notices the scenery, a training grounds, archery field, lakes. Chiron explains that this camp is protected by magical borders to keep monsters out, and that it is shrouded by a mystical power known as The Mist. Because Kaius and Lyra possess immortal blood, they are capable of seeing past the mist and are able to bypass the magical borders. However, Arman is not immortal, making him a special type of mortal capable of seeing past the mist.

Chiron tells Arman that although the camp serves as a refuge to the children of the Pantheon, they are not safe, as the great titan Kronos conspires for their elimination, in an attempt to bring back the Golden Age. Arman tells Chiron that they seek refuge for Lyra, and Chiron reassures that he will do his best to keep her safe, as he has done with all the people in this camp. However, with the rise of the Titans in the world, this may be difficult. Arman asks Chiron if he can help, as he has experience slaying immortals, causing Chiron to be surprised.

Arman unsheathes Pariah, and explains that the blade is capable of cutting through Celestials and Immortals. Chiron leans in, and observes that the blade is of a different metal: Celestial Steel, and tells the Remnant that he possesses an extremely rare type of sword. The weapons in the camp are forged of Celestial Bronze. Chiron also further deduces that Arman is not of this realm, as he mentions Celestials, which are beings that are unheard of in the Pantheon.

Chiron asks Arman where he came from, and Arman tells Chiron that he isn't human, and that he was created off of the consciousness of a powerful warrior known as a Paladin. As a Remnant of the Paladin, Arman possessed the warrior's powers.

The two spend the evening conversing over the immortals of their respective home places. Chiron learns of the Celestials and the Hellspawn, while Arman learns of the Pantheon and the Titans, as well as the numerous monsters in Kronos' command. The camp has been running several operations to slow down the Titan's efforts, but with the last expedition, lost one of their finest: a son of Hephaestus. The people of the camp are preparing for war as they speak, and need all the help they can get.

Arman clutches his head, seeing a vision of Decen taking on an entire army on his own, obliterating it. Decen was contracted to destroy a threat to a neighbouring country, but the threat had escalated to a full blown military. Despite that, Decen had still outmatched them, destroying and eliminating the entire legion with his bare hands. Arman closes his eyes, pondering if he truly has the strength to reach his progenitor in power.

Chiron offers Arman some tea, and tells the Remnant that despite being mortal, his gear, and the way he wields his weapon displays proficiency and experience in the battlefield. Arman explains that a lot of his skill was obtained from training with the Argen Guard, followers of the Silver City. As he was appointed to the rank of Centurion, he was very experienced in the art of war. Standing up, and remembering what Merrow had told him, Arman tells Chiron that he will assist the half bloods in their war against Kronos, in hopes of unlocking more of his power.

Arman and the Half Bloods

Arman assists the Hephaestus cabin in their tasks, after discovering that R1 possesses superhuman strength. During his time with the children of Hephaestus, Arman learns more about their former counsellor, who was brave and kindhearted. The Remnant, having experienced death from his years fighting wars with the Argen Guard, sympathizes with the cabin members.

R1 then heads to the arena, where he sees half bloods training. One of the half bloods recognize Arman as "The Mortal", which is the name he has been referred to throughout the camp. The half blood introduces himself as Wellman, the son of Athena, and challenges R1 to a spar, to assess his combat skill.

Arman draws Pariah, causing Wellman to gasp, as he has never seen such a blade before. Arman explains that the sword behaves similar to Celestial Bronze, and is capable of cutting through immortals. The two spar, and Wellman is easily outclassed by R1's skill. R1 disarms Wellman instantly, to much of his surprise.

The other children of Athena take an interest in Arman, as he had single handedly defeated the second most skilled fighter in the Athena cabin.

Arman spends the evening duelling and besting the Athena cabin. While he is praised for his skill, Wellman tells Arman that there are still other campers who possess incredible skill, and powers that could pose a challenge to the Remnant. For starters, their counsellor, a daughter of Athena, is one of the most experienced campers, and her closest friend, is widely considered one of the greatest swordsman in the entire camp. This peaks R1's attention, and he asks about this swordsman, who Wellman explains is the Son of Poseidon, a child of the big three, and will lead the camp to their final battle to defend Olympus from Kronos, as the gods have devoted their power to fighting Typhon.

R1 finds Lyra studying several books in the house, curious of the world they are in. Lyra closes her book and tells Arman that she worries if The Silver City will invade to eradicate her, risking quarrel with the gods. Arman tells Lyra that the point of coming here was to ensure that The Silver City would not hunt her down, but Lyra tells Arman that she knows that the gods are completely focused on taking down Typhon. Meaning there is no deity to stop them from coming here and killing her. With the camp already burdened with Kronos' army, the additional threat of the Silver City will overwhelm the half bloods. Lyra is embraced by the Remnant, who tells her that no matter what happens, he and Kaius will be there for her.

Prometheus confronts Remnant 1

Arman, Lyra, and Kaius join the demigods on their conquest to seek council with Zeus. However, Arman is asked to stay outside due to being a mortal. Not wanting the Remnant to be alone, Lyra and Kaius offer to join Arman outside of the building. However, Arman tells the two that he will be alright, and waits outside.

Arman sits on a nearby chair, observing the power of the goddess Hecate putting the mortals around him to sleep. Suddenly, a voice appears from behind him, a man in a tuxedo, who introduces himself as Prometheus. Arman unsheathes Pariah, but Prometheus tells Arman that he does not mean any harm at the moment, noting that the Remnant is neither demigod, nor human. Prometheus speculates that Arman is of a different species, for which Arman confirms.

Prometheus looks at Arman's weapon, and is momentarily shocked, realizing that Arman is not of this realm. R1 aims Pariah at the Titan, and warns him that he has fought many deities in his time serving the Argen Guard, and that he possesses the powers of Decen, the Paladin of War. Prometheus tells Arman he knows who Decen is, however refutes the idea that Arman is at the Paladin's calibre, stating that the Paladin he speaks of has slain beings much more powerful than those Arman has slain.

Prometheus warns Arman that the presence of a Paladin Remnant is not welcome in this realm, and that both titans and gods will not take lightly to this intrusion, telling him to return to return to his place, alongside Lyra, who he deduces to be the daughter of Diablos. Prometheus tells Arman that once Lord Kronos achieves his full form, and annihilates the demigods, he will destroy Lyra and Kaius themselves, being the children of demon and angel respectively.

Arman realizes that Prometheus has revealed that Kaius is part celestial, and is about to question further, but Prometheus leaves, telling Arman that when the armies of Kronos comes, he and his friends will not be spared just because they are of a different world.

Lyra, Kaius, and the demigods emerge from the building, and Lyra asks Arman what's wrong, as Arman is still clutching Pariah, glaring at the spot that Prometheus was just on. Arman confronts Kaius, asking to know what he is. Kaius realizes that Arman does not know, and explains that he was a member of The Silver City. However, he was banished for refusing to hunt Lyra, as she was just an innocent girl. Stripped of his powers, Kaius was sent to the mortal realm as a fallen angel and a mortal, where he would serve as Lyra's protector for eternity, for that was what he wished.

The Battle for Manhattan

The leader of the demigod army, the son of Poseidon, begins assigning the demigods to different groups in battling the Titan army. Lyra and Kaius are assigned to assist the Hermes cabin, while Arman has been assigned to the Hephaestus squad.

The group branch out, and Arman tells the two to be careful. Arman assists the Hephaestus cabin in setting up traps. One of the demigods of the cabin, Zack, confesses of his fear of fighting the Titan army. The other demigods also begin to show fear, as their head counsellor was dead. R1 finishes helping set up a trap, and tells the group that no warrior approaches a battle without fear, for fear is what keeps a soldier in check, and from doing stupid and careless things.

R1 turns to his allies, and tells them that it is only when a soldier is backed in a corner, do they truly prove if they are worthy of the battlefield. Arman's aura gets to the other campers, and the squad cheers. Arman continues his inspirational speech, telling them that out of all the wars he has fought with his brothers and sisters in the Argen Guard, he has always felt fear, but that is okay. Because to be afraid, means there is something a soldier cherishes. The people to protect and save.

Arman draws Pariah, turning to the rapidly approaching army of dracaena and enemy demigods. The traps begin to trigger, as enemies are slowed down. Some of the enemies manage to get through the traps, and the Hephaestus cabin battles the opposing army. Arman joins the fray, and knocks out demigods and kills the monsters.

With R1's power, the tide turns to the campers' favour, as the army is driven back. Arman taking down demigod after demigod flawlessly, intimidating the opposing army with his skill. The army retreats, and Zack begins to celebrate, but not before being incinerated by a powerful light. Arman quickly grabs Pariah and absorbs the energy, sensing it to be similar to Starlight, and grabs Zack, who has suffered fatal wounds.

Zack is terrified, as he struggles to breathe, telling R1 to stay with him until the end. Arman holds the son of Hephaestus and tells him he is here for him.

Another blast of power shatters the ranks of Hephaestus' cabin, and the campers scatter, seeking cover. Arman continues to stand in the same spot, regenerating from his blast wounds, carrying and shielding Zack as the boy breathes his last few breathes.

The campers of Hephaestus shout at Arman to fall back, but it is too late, as the ranks of Kronos have overwhelmed the traps, and have completely outnumbered the cabin. Standing before Arman, are three large figures. One, possessing ram horns, the other, glowing like a sun, and the third possessing black Stygian iron armour. A dying Zack tells Arman to run, for the three beings before him are the Titans of Kronos' army: Krios, Hyperion, and Koios, respectively. However, Arman looks at the dying half blood with a smile on his face, and reassures him everything will be okay. Zack asks Arman who he is, and Arman continues to hold Zack, despite the armies of Kronos surrounding the two, and the three Titans closing the distance. Arman tells Zack that his name is Arman Wan, the Remnant of Decen, the Paladin of War. Zack smiles, telling Arman that he knew he wasn't like anybody he had ever met, and closes his eyes for the last time.

Arman carries Zack away, his back turned to the Titans, to return his body to the children of Hephaestus for proper burial. However, one of the Titans grabs Arman's shoulder, telling the Remnant that they need to have a little chat. An enraged Arman turns around, and shoves the Titan who grabbed his shoulder, Krios, pushing the Titan several feet into two cars. Hyperion is in a rage, but Koios stops Hyperion, telling his brother to let the Remnant take the demigod away.

Arman gives the Hephaestus cabin Zack's body, telling them to run far from here. The cabin stares at R1, after having witnessed Arman launch a ten foot tall Titan several feet back with just a push. R1 shouts at the cabin to run, as they take Zack and leave.

Arman turns around, Pariah humming with the Starlight that Krios had used to kill Zack, and assumes his stance, facing the three Titans head on.

Remnant 1 vs. Krios, Hyperion, and Koios

R1 brandishes Pariah, launching a blast of Starlight at the three Titans, but Krios holds out his hand, stopping the blast, and is about to launch it at the Remnant, but Koios tells the Titan to just throw it aside, as R1 possesses a blade capable of absorbing power.

Hyperion blasts R1 with a beam of light, but Arman blocks it, channeling the power with Pariah, then shoots forward faster than the Titans can react. R1 swipes up, about to blast Hyperion, but quickly readjusts his stance, aiming the fiery blast and redirecting it to Krios. The blast launches Krios through several cars.

Hyperion slashes down, catching Arman in the back of the neck, smashing the Remnant into the pavement and creating a shockwave that destroys all the car windows in the vicinity. R1, still on the ground, grabs Hyperion's boots, and spins, knocking the Titan off balance. R1 gets to his feet, and slams Pariah at the Titan's midsection with as much force as he can muster, baseball bat style, launching the Titan several feet into a building.

Koios smiles, and tells R1 that he is very proficient in battle, as he is capable of holding his own against Hyperion and Krios simultaneously, and draws his sword, telling the Remnant that he is different than his brothers. R1 charges, and clashes with the Titan, who has already predicted Arman's fighting moves, and disarms him. Koios opens his palms, and blasts Arman with a ray of frost, smashing the Remnant into the side of another building, and freezing him in place.

Arman activates the Blessing of Pollux, and his body is imbued with celestial energy, augmenting all of his abilities. Arman blasts from the ice restraints, and summons Pariah back to his hand, engaging Koios in combat once more. Koios outclasses Arman in technique, and manages a few more slashes at his body. Arman is still able to keep going with his regeneration, and utilizes Combat Intuition to read Koios' moves. Koios is surprised at Arman's power as it is similar to his, and is momentarily pushed back, as Arman has taken full advantage of this shock, leaping into the air, and grabbing Koios by the head, throwing the Titan into a building. However, before Arman can continue, he is intercepted by both Hyperion and Krios, who grab each of Arman's arms.

The three bound miles into the air, smashing into the side of a skyscraper.

Arman summons more of Pollux's blessing, combined with his superhuman strength and reflexes, Arman is able to hold his own against the onslaught of both Titans. However, Hyperion unleashes a blinding light, incapacitating Arman, allowing Krios to land a powerful Titanic Energy Blast, blasting R1 out of the building. R1 falls several stories into the ground, destroying the pavement, and creating a shockwave that launches nearby cars and city debris in a wide radius.

Arman's regeneration mends his broken bones, and is about to get up, but Koios has closed the distance, and powers up his sword, swirling around it is what appears to be a powerful snowstorm of frost, and slams Arman through the pavement, the cold and the concussive force rocking the Remnant's skull. Koios tells Arman that although he possesses regeneration and superhuman abilities, which is what allows him to keep up with his Titan brethren, he still has human qualities, and that he is still prone to being knocked out.

Koios continues bombarding Arman with concussive blows to the skull, forcing the Remnant to shield his head, dropping Pariah. Krios descends from the building, and fires rays of Starlight at the Remnant's exposed parts, severely damaging Arman.

The two Titans have stopped their assault, and Arman realizes that the two have stopped because they have made way for Hyperion, who has powered a massive destructive beam of light, which blasts the Remnant through several buildings, tumbling into a bridge. The Remnant crashes through the Apollo cabin, who is in shock.

R1 gets to his feet, and runs back to the battlefield, utilizing his superhuman strength to its max potential, sprinting at superhuman speeds. Koios tells his brothers that Arman is a remarkable creature, and that his powers are similar to a being that he had once encountered and battled: Decen of Acadia.

Before Koios can finish his sentence, Arman materializes from the air, and slams his blade against the Titan's, and begins to win the clash, summoning even more of Pollux's blessing. Koios notes that this "boost" that R1 uses appears to be temporary, and allows Arman to win the clash, Pariah slashing through his armour. Koios steps back and begins rinsing Arman with blasts of frost, freezing the Remnant in place. R1 manages to trudge through, but Hyperion and Krios also join Koios in the clash, blasting Arman's chest with Starlight and Sunlight. Arman continues to trudge through the pain, his regeneration fighting back the tremendous damage being dealt to his body.

Arman raises Pariah, and begins absorbing the energy of all three Titans, but the force of the three beams combined begin to push the Remnant back. Arman utilizes the maximum potential of Pollux's Blessing, and manages to neutralize all three beams. However, the overuse of Pollux's blessing has temporarily eliminated the Remnant's healing factor.

Koios predicts this, telling his brothers that the Remnant has foolishly used up his boost, and tells his brethren to finish Arman off. The three Titans close in, but not before Arman grabs Pariah and slashes at the three with all of their combined power. However, Koios had already predicted this with his power of Foresight, and creates a massive snowstorm, slowing Arman's swipe down, giving the Remnant frostbite as Pariah falls out of his hands, clattering to the ground.

Koios tells Arman that despite being the Remnant of who he has deduced to be Decen, he is no match for the combined might of himself, Hyperion, and Krios. Years ago, Koios had met Decen of Acadia during one of his contracts, and Decen had engaged the Titan in a battle for delaying his operation. Despite the ability of foresight and intellect, Decen's strength and speed was unparalleled, his regeneration nearly limitless. The Paladin was just simply too strong for a mortal, and possessed power that should only be reserved for the mightiest of immortals. The fight ended in a draw, but had it gone on longer, Koios admits that he would have lost.

Arman gets to his feet, and begins to summon Pollux's blessing again, surpassing his limits. Koios is shocked, but suddenly receives foresight. This shock turns to satisfaction and curiosity, as Hyperion and Krios step in to quickly finish the fight. Arman pushes his body past its limit, and summons The Blessing of Pollux to an even greater intensity, launching a powerful punch that is intercepted by the blades of both Hyperion and Krios, who struggle to keep the force of the punch at bay.

Arman powers through, declaring he will become stronger, remembering what Merrow had told him, and thinking about Lyra. He will become stronger, and protect the people he loves. Arman's body begins to glow even brighter white, as white veins arc all across the Remnant's body and erupting into a massive white shockwave, flattening Krios, Hyperion, and Koios, and disintegrating all the buildings and cars in a two mile radius.

Remnant 1 Obtains Loz-Q

R1, now depleted, limps to Koios, who has suffered tremendous damage, bleeding Ichor all over the ground, and aims his sword at R1. Koios tells R1 that he has foreseen this: The Remnant of War besting three Titans in combat, and will continue to grow in power, for when he shall battle the very being who had caused his conception.

R1 asks Koios what he means, and Koios smiles, telling the Remnant that he has foreseen Arman's fate. His final battle, against a being far more powerful than he has ever seen. A being who had slain his progenitor and hunted his Guardian. R1 suddenly remembers the powerful orc who had strangled Decen in his vision. Koios tells Arman that while he wishes for the fall of the Pantheon and its children, the presence of this being threatens even Lord Kronos, for the being surpasses even the King of Titans in power.

Arman asks Koios who this being is, but Koios slashes at Arman with his sword, who the Remnant catches. The frost of the blade freezes Arman's hand, cutting deep into it, and the blood leaking out freezing, falling to the ground as crimson crystals. Despite the pain, Arman rips the sword out of Koios's hands, wielding both it, and Pariah.

Koios falls to his knees in defeat, telling Arman that he has foreseen it too. Koios tells Arman that this second blade he now wields is known as Lozara Quintus, or Loz-Q for short, and possesses a fraction of the Titan's power. The extremely low temperatures of such a blade has its implications, and will serve Arman in his final battle. Before Arman can finish his sentence, Hyperion and Krios take the Titan, and retreat, vowing to finish Arman again for good. However, Koios tells his brothers to forget about the Remnant, and to not mention about this encounter to anyone, for the Remnant does not belong in this realm.

Reconciling with Lyra and Kaius

R1, now with both Pariah and Loz-Q strapped to his back makes his way back to rendezvous, for which the Hephaestus cabin is in utter shock as to how the Remnant is still alive after facing off against three Titans at once. R1, realizing that Koios had wanted to keep his fight against the three a secret, decides to also keep it a secret, and lies to the campers that he was spared, as the Titans were needed elsewhere in the battle.

Arman assesses the demigods, and realizes many have been wounded from the span that he had been away fighting the Titans. Someone in the corner catches his eye, and Arman rushes to a bedridden Lyra, who has suffered a terrible burn. Kaius is holding her hand, and curses that he does not have the power to heal her. Lyra notices that Arman now wields a second sword, and Arman tells Lyra that he defeated Koios, Hyperion, and Krios. Koios had given him his sword, Loz-Q. Lyra smiles, telling Arman that he never ceases to amaze her. Lyra's state breaks Arman's heart, but Lyra tells Arman that everything will be okay, and that she will be fine. Arman apologizes for not being there for her, and feels that he is to blame for her injury, but Lyra brushes this off, telling him that if he had been with her when he was to fight the three Titans, she surely would not have survived. Splitting up was the best choice at the time.

Kaius senses that Arman is uneasy, not just of Lyra's condition but of something else, and asks R1 what is wrong. The two leave Lyra to rest, and talk outside the tent. R1 tells Kaius that during his fight against Koios, the Titan had foreseen Arman's fate. Arman will lose his life in a final battle against a being that surpasses even Kronos in power, and had killed Decen. Kaius puts his hand on Arman's shoulder, telling him that this should be something to worry for in the future. What matters is now. Arman smiles, but is still uneasy, as he does not want to leave Kaius and Lyra. Kaius hugs Arman, and tells him that even if he has grown up, he will still be a son to the old fallen angel. Kaius tells Arman that every mortal has a time in their life where they must say goodbye. During his time as an angel in The Silver City, he had always pondered what it would be like to live a life with an ending, rather than eternity of service.

Arman thanks Kaius for raising him, before he was picked up by Priest Pollux, he had always seen Kaius as a father. Kaius smiles and tells the Remnant that he loves him, and will stand by his side should the time to battle this powerful foe shall arise. Arman looks at Lyra, who has fallen asleep in the infirmary tent, and vows to also protect her alongside Kaius.

Arman raises his fist, remembering an old piece of Decen's memory. The gesture of a pact, similar to how Decen had made a pact with Icarus and Jonna to become the greatest Paladin. However, this time, this is different. A different kind of pact. A pact not of strength, but to protect. To protect Lyra from Diablos. Kaius smiles, and also raises his fist, interlocking it with the Remnant's, sealing the pact.

Dual Wielding

The leader of the camp army continues to fight the war despite a majority of the demigods having sustained injuries. Word spreads that the Son of Poseidon had defeated Hyperion, encasing the Titan in roots.

Lyra looks at Arman curiously, having known that the Remnant fought Hyperion and two other Titans, but R1 tells Lyra to keep it a secret from the other demigods.

Because the size of the army had reduced, the idea of groups is no longer an option, and that the only option is to hold back the monsters from the Manhattan building. Kaius tells Lyra and Arman that Kronos' army has barely faltered, whereas the army they have now is on their last legs. The enemy front has advanced.

The demigods prepare for battle once more, and engage Kronos' army in a final push. However, despite the Styx-bathed Son of Poseidon, and Arman's efforts, the army is too vast. Arman becomes frustrated, as even with the help of Camp Half Blood, the Remnant is still unable to defeat the legion of enemies, while Decen would not have struggled one bit, even alone.

Kaius and Lyra fight by Arman's side, Lyra having recovered from her wounds. Arman's lethality in the battlefield has increased significantly, as the Remnant now dual wields two swords. Pariah, absorbing the Greek Fire from the enemies, and Loz-Q's low temperatures freezing and weakening the armour of the bulkier monsters. Several dracaena charge Arman, who slashes the air with Loz-Q, the slash encasing the monsters with frost and freezing them in place, allowing Lyra to shoot them down with her bow.

Arman turns to a massive legion of enemies, and powers up Loz-Q, crossing his swords, and allowing Pariah to absorb the other blade's frost energy. Arman unleashes a crossed slash, blasting the legion with a huge crossed arcs of frost and ice, freezing the enemies, their dust suspended in blocks of ice.

R1 turns around to see the Son of Poseidon engaging the enemies, not taking any damage from the blows of the army as if he possessed iron skin. Lyra explains that the Son of Poseidon had bathed in the River Styx, and if the stories of what she had read was true, this gave him the curse of Achilles and near indestructibility.

As the battle continues, a massive roar breaks the battlefield, as a massive slithering creature joins the fray. Lyra recognizes the beast as a drakon, from the books she has read, and Kaius tells her to find a place to hide, as the gargantuan monster causes mass chaos, slithering from the building and petrifying demigods just by its gaze.

The Son of Poseidon announces that he will fight the drakon, alongside the head counsellor of the Athena cabin. Arman steps in to join, but suddenly, his surroundings elongate, as Kaius and Lyra shout his name, attempting to pull him back, but it is too late. Arman is teleported away from the battle and his allies, forcing the Son of Poseidon and the Athena Head Counsellor to fight the drakon on their own.


Arman is teleported to another part of the city, surrounded by groups of enemy demigods and monsters. The monsters make a circle around the Remnant as the leader steps forward. The leader introduces himself as Kronos, The Lord of Time. Arman realizes that he has been teleported behind enemy lines.

Kronos tells Arman that his spy has reported a warrior in the demigod side who is unlike any other. A mortal, possessing power rivalling that of multiple Titans. R1 unsheathes both Pariah and Loz-Q, and Kronos' eyes narrow, asking Arman how he has obtained Koios' weapon.

Koios is nowhere to be found, and Kronos tells Arman that the Titan was sent back to Mount Othrys, along with Krios. Kronos tells Arman that the Remnant is too much of a threat to the Titan army, and that he will be eliminated right here, before he meddles with his plans. Having obtained Koios' weapon, Kronos concludes that the Remnant had bested the Titan in combat.

Kronos draws his scythe, and tells Arman that he does not know what he is, or where he has come from. But he will be killed for interfering. Kronos' army joins their leader, as Remnant 1 faces the entire army of Kronos alone.

Remnant 1 vs. Kronos

R1 summons the power of Loz-Q, and freezes the first wave of enemies. Charging in, R1 absorbs the Greek fire coming his way with Pariah, and redirects the blasts back at the monsters. Rolling, swiping, blocking, and slashing, Arman clears a fraction of the army.

A Hyperborean jumps in and launches a punch straight at Arman's face, sending the Remnant flying through several cars. The Remnant is overwhelmed by hordes of monsters until he summons the Blessing of Pollux, slashing and tearing monsters apart at a hypersonic speed.

Battered, bloody, and out of breath, Arman faces the army, which is still at an overwhelming number. Regenerating from the numerous wounds inflicted on him, Arman powers up Loz-Q and absorbs some of the frost into Pariah, launching arc after arc at the legion.

Twenty minutes pass, and Arman has cleared out another fraction of Kronos' army, but the Blessing of Pollux runs out last minute, allowing one of the dracaena to impale the Remnant with a spear. Several demigods flanking Arman fire their bows, which embed themselves on the Remnant's backside.

More monsters begin throwing their javelins, which catch Arman's limbs, and Arman is disarmed of both Pariah and Loz-Q from the one sided blade exchange. Arman falls to his knees and is sent hurtling to the edge of the already collapsing bridge from a Titanic Energy blast from Kronos.

Arman fights through the pain, and dislodges the arrows, spears, and javelins that pierce his body, regenerating from the wounds. However, Kronos steps forward and stomps his foot. Arman's healing factor is significantly reduced, and Kronos tells the Remnant that he controls time, meaning he is the perfect counter against Arman's powers.

Arman gets to his feet, and Kronos asks Arman how skilled he is with his blades without his healing factor.

Arman and Kronos charge, clashing, blades against scythe, and Kronos is surprised that Arman is able to keep up with a Styx bathed host. Arman utilizes Combat Intuition to analyze Kronos' fighting pattern and develop a counter to his slash, driving Pariah to the Titan King's neck, only for the blade to bounce off, dislocating Arman's shoulder. Kronos waves his hand, sending Arman hurtling with a blast of Titan energy. Arman falls off the edge of the bridge, and catches on with one hand as Kronos approaches the Remnant, looking down on him.

Loz-Q and Pariah fall into the ocean, but due to the low temperatures of Loz-Q, the ocean is locally frozen, suspending the two blades in the ice.

Kronos kneels down, and tells the Remnant that despite possessing so much power, he is still too overconfident of his abilities, and that he is not as strong as he thinks he is. Kronos tells Arman to remember this defeat, and to remember that at the end of the day, he is just a mortal. Kronos stomps on Arman's fingers, sending the Remnant hurtling from the edge of the cliff into the ice below, slamming and crushing the ice, sending Arman and his two swords falling deeper into the ocean before solidifying again.

Kronos turns to his army, declaring himself to be superior to R1, and tells them that Arman is not a god, but just a mere mortal, not worthy for him to even waste time fighting. The morale of Kronos' army goes up, with the defeat of the Remnant.

Arman loses consciousness as he is trapped in the frozen ocean, his regeneration still being slowed down by Kronos' time dilation, and his wounds keeping the Remnant from focusing on channeling the Blessing of Pollux.

The Kingslayer

Arman watches Decen face off against a massive legion of soldiers, around ninety thousand in number, far surpassing Kronos' army, who each possess powers of their own. The vision focuses on Decen, as the soldiers await the command of their generals.

Decen looks onward at the army with an expressionless face, and warns the generals that he will not hesitate in assassinating the King, just because he is protected by the five kingdoms of Edom. And if it means destroying the armies of Edom, he will do whatever is necessary.

The generals look at the Paladin of War in hesitation, but deliver the command to charge. The armies charge at Decen, firing blasts of magic at the Paladin, but Decen smashes his fist into the ground, glowing red, as massive spikes burst from the front of the Paladin in a wide conical shape, becoming bigger, sharper, and taller, as the black and red spikes grow as tall as multiple skyscrapers, shadowing the land with darkness and red light. The entire army is consumed by the massive waves of spikes that the Paladin had sent their way, annihilating nearly everyone, their souls breaking apart into a red mist, entering the spikes, and being consumed by Decen.

Arman is in shock, staring at Decen, as his progenitor had not just defeated the legions on his own, but had done so in a single move, without even breaking a single sweat.

The chaos subsides, as the spikes return to the Paladin, and Decen calmly walks towards the King's quarters, surrounded by the bodies of the dead soldiers who protected him. Decen's arm turns into a massive blade, and the Paladin slashes at the building, severing it in half, revealing the King inside, who tries to escape through a portal. Decen's body sparks with red electricity, and the Paladin instantly closes the distance between the King and the portal. Arman is blown away at Decen's speed, finally seeing why Koios would have had trouble with the Paladin, for what he had claimed about the Paladin was true. His speed, his strength, his power. They were simply too powerful for a mortal. They were too strong.

Decen was too strong.

Decen walks to the King and grabs him with one arm, his other, transforming into a black and red claw. The King threatens Decen, telling him he will live with the slaughter of thousands on his mind, but Decen brushes this off, telling the King he simply was only contracted to kill him, and anybody that gets in his way. Simply put, he couldn't care less about the casualties, as he has been hired to take him out. To eliminate the proxy. Decen, slashes at the King's throat, and absorbs him, stating that his contract is complete.

Decen goes to return open a portal to his home country, Acadia, stepping through, and disappearing, leaving a huge trail of war and bloodshed that was once the five kingdoms of Edom.

Merrow appears behind Arman, and asks if Decen's power scares him. Arman turns around and tells Merrow that he can't imagine himself ever approaching his progenitor in power, and apologizes for being too weak. He was not strong enough to hold back the forces of Kronos' army, and lost against Kronos himself in a one on one fight. If it had been Decen, he would have killed Kronos and absorbed his powers.

Merrow picks up a piece of rock that had split from the severed castle that Decen had cut in one swipe. The Guardian asks Arman if he wishes to be like Decen, but Arman shakes his head, telling Merrow that all he wants is to keep Lyra and Kaius safe. Merrow smiles and tells Arman that this motivation is good, and it is better to fight for something good, than to fight, kill, and betray for the selfish benefit of being the best. Although Decen possessed incredible power, it was ultimately his ego, the darkness in his heart, and his betrayal of his friends that had ultimately gotten him killed. Arman is different from Decen, in that he possesses a kind heart. His strength does not have to be his own, and that the power Arman has through his friends and family is what makes him different from his progenitor.

Merrow walks up to Arman and tells the Remnant to be himself, and to keep doing what he is doing, and not let what he hears and sees of Decen dictate his progress, as there were many things Decen had lacked. Many weaknesses that not many people had known. Merrow tells Arman to keep getting stronger, and to not give up, for when it is time, she will find him.

The End of the War

Arman awakens to Lyra's concerned expression, who crushes the Remnant in a hug, telling him that she had thought he had died. Kaius tells Arman that they found him suspended in multiple layers of ice, and that it took the combined effort of the remaining members of the Hephaestus cabin to dig him out. The weight of Pariah was too heavy for the demigods to carry, and required multiple pieces of machinery to hoist from the ice, along with Loz-Q.

Arman asks the two how the war is going, and Kaius tells Arman that the battle was over, and that The Son of Poseidon had managed to defeat Kronos with the help of the head counsellor of Athena, and a satyr. Many had died during this battle, and sacrificial shrouds have been made for the heroes who gave their lives. The people of the Hephaestus cabin wanted to commemorate Arman, but since he was not a demigod, did not know what kind of shroud to make, so they had other campers create drawings of Arman in battle as a way to commemorate his actions. Arman looks at the shroud, which depicts Arman facing off the armies of Kronos, and Arman carrying Zack. Another picture depicts the Remnant facing off against Krios, Hyperion, and Koios in a titanic battle. Arman's contributions to the war were recognized by the children of Hephaestus, and many were hit hard when they learned of Arman's defeat.

The children of Hephaestus discover that Arman is awake, and run to him, joyed that the Remnant is still alive. R1 looks at the shroud that was meant for him, and asks if he can keep it, to cherish his time with the cabin. One of the campers, Colin, reshapes the shroud into the form of a scarf, and Arman wears the scarf proudly, in addition to his Argen battle gear.

The following few days were full of memorial and mourning, as many lives were taken. However, the heroes of Camp Half Blood are invited to Olympus to be granted their honorary gifts for their bravery.

As Arman was still a mortal, he is asked to wait outside. Lyra and Kaius head to Olympus with the other demigods.

While everybody is gone, one of the gods approaches Arman, who greets himself as Ares, The God of War. Ares looks Arman up and down, and tells him he looks very similar to Decen. Arman asks Ares how he knows of his progenitor, and Ares calls Arman an idiot, as Decen was The Paladin of War. Beings of war are closely linked.

Ares commemorates Arman for being able to fight off three Titans at once, as even he admits he would have struggled to do, and that R1 has gained the respect of the God of War. However, Ares warns Arman that he still does not welcome the presence of Lyra and Kaius, being the children of the Underworld and The Silver City, respectively. Outworld politics do not resonate well with the Pantheon.

R1 tells Ares that he will make accommodations to leave this realm, and Ares tells Arman that despite not being recognized for being a hero of Olympus, he is still a champion to War. As Ares respects strength, and Arman had clearly demonstrated it during the war, Ares gives Arman a gift. A mark, on his left arm, shaped like a tattoo of spear. Ares tells Arman that he knows of the Remnant's quest to becoming stronger, and tells him that when he had met Decen, the Paladin was among one of the strongest beings he had ever come across. Arman, although making good progress in his growth, is not even close to Decen's calibre. This mark that he has given Arman will serve to aid him in his journey to becoming stronger, but warns that relying on the mark will eventually hinder his growth. Consider the mark as a stepping stone.

Ares explains that his children are capable of receiving his blessing, that boosts their physical parameters, and encases them with invulnerability for a short time. In many ways, it is similar to Arman's Blessing of Pollux. Although this mark does not provide him with the same blessing, due to not being his child, the mark will allow Arman to tap into the Fires of War. By scraping and cutting the skin that is stained with the Mark of Ares, Arman will be able to access the flames of Ares to aid in his battles. However, Ares tells Arman to be careful, as War is ironically fragile. The Fires of War, although powerful, is similar to that of power, and that if Arman uses too much of it, he will give into the Rage of War, and could corrode his mind into a feral killing machine.

Arman thanks Ares for his gift, but Ares tells Arman not to thank something he has earned. Quickly following up with a threat and an insult to Arman's skinny and short frame. Ares tells Arman he needs to bully the Son of Poseidon, and bids the Remnant farewell.

A few hours later, the demigods leave the building in a celebratory mood. Lyra and Kaius also emerge, and Kaius notes the spear tattoo on Arman's arm, and recognizes it as the Mark of Ares. Arman tells the two that he has received it from his display of strength, however is warned by Ares that he does not condone the presence of Lyra and Kaius, telling them they need to leave this realm. Kaius grimly nods, and tells Lyra it is time to leave for a new adventure, to find a new home. Lyra sighs, but understands.

Arman Learns of Argen's Destruction

Arman, Lyra, and Kaius leave the realm of the Pantheon, and travel out of the country. Unable to locate any villages, the trio make camp in the woods.

Arman finds Lyra standing at the top of a cliff, overlooking the world in the night scene. Arman asks Lyra how she is doing, and the daughter of Diablos tells Arman that she is saddened that she is unable to find a permanent home. However, the decision to leave Camp Half Blood was with merit, as the last thing anyone would want is conflict between the Silver City and the Pantheon.

Lyra tells Arman that she has appreciated all the time she has had with the Remnant, and that watching him when he was young made her realize just how important life was, revealing that the prophecy that predicts her transformation into Diablos haunts her greatly. Arman stands by her side, and tells her that he is also haunted by a prophecy, a prophecy in which he is destined to fight a monster too powerful for him to beat, and that he will lose his life doing so. Lyra turns to Arman in shock, but R1 keeps an objective mindset, telling her that a wise man once told him that the best way is to keep moving forward. Arman holds up his fist, declaring he will continue getting stronger and protect Lyra with his life, as even if he will go down fighting, he will do it giving his absolute all. Lyra smiles at the Remnant and tells him he is one of a kind.

The moment is suddenly interrupted when the stars in the sky appear to move, glowing brighter and brighter. Arman realizes just in time and tackles Lyra to the ground before the blasts of Celestial energy gets her. Arman gets up and puts distance between Lyra and the Angels of the Silver City.

Arman recognizes one of the angels, as Caile. Caile sneers at Arman, telling him he has grown up, but is no match for the Silver City, and that the trio were foolish to leave the jurisdiction of the Pantheon.

R1 tells Caile and the other angels that fighting them is wrong, as he is a Priest Proxima of the City of Argen. However, one of the angels introduces himself as Remiel of the Fourth Pillar, and tells the Remnant that the city of Argen is no more, the city currently being destroyed for housing the daughter of Diablos, and for allowing a Remnant who affiliated himself with her to become a Priest.

Arman is enraged, and draws Pariah and Loz-Q.

Caile tells Arman that just because he has grown and obtained another sword does not make a difference, as the combined might of the Second, Third, Fourth, and Sixth Pillar gatekeepers. R1 commands Lyra to run back with Kaius and escape, while he fights the four angels.

Arman uses the Fires of War

Arman powers up Loz-Q, and launches a swipe of frost energy at the four angels, who fly out of the reach, however, Arman had used the arc as a distraction and leaps into air, slamming Pariah against the Fourth Pillar Gatekeeper, sending him flying into a tree. Caile swoops in and grabs Arman midair, but the Remnant flips around, slashing at Caile's wings with Loz-Q, which instantly freezes the feathers, and shatters the wing. Caile screams in pain as Arman flips in midair, slashing at the angel with both swords and sending her to the ground.

Arman approaches the Second and Third Pillar Gatekeepers, who fire beams of light at the Remnant, but R1 absorbs them with Pariah and redirects them back at the angels alongside another arc from Loz-Q. The third pillar is instantly knocked out by the concussive forces of the blades. However, the Second Pillar Gatekeeper flies out of the way with blinding speed, closing in on Arman, knocking the Remnant through several boulders.

Arman activates the Blessing of Pollux, and keeps up with the Second Pillar's speed, utilizing Combat Intuition to analyze and disarm the Angel's staff. However, the Second Pillar flies into the air, summoning his axe, and activates a Celestial spell, transforming himself into an Archangel, with four wings. The angel introduces himself as Tayael, the brother of Kayrael, who had defected from the Silver City to live his life as Kaius. Tayael flies in, outpacing Arman and disarms the Remnant of Pariah.

Tayael tells Arman that Loz-Q's frost properties are no match for his armour, as Tayael is a frost-type himself. Arman and Tayael clash, Loz-Q attempting to freeze the Archangel's axe, to no avail. Tayael overpowers Arman, and launches him through several trees, dematerializing and slamming the Remnant downwards through a waterfall. Arman falls, and Loz-Q ends up freezing the water, trapping the Remnant.

R1 attempts to summon more of Pollux's blessing to break through, but Tayael tells the Remnant that it doesn't matter how hard he strikes, Loz-Q will only be but a blade with no bite. He cannot freeze something that is already frozen. Arman suddenly remembers the Mark of Ares.

Arman summons Pollux's blessing, and breaks through the ice with his right arm, summoning Pariah to fly to his hand. Arman, aims the blade at his arm, to Tayael's curiosity, and slits the skin on his tattoo. Suddenly, Arman's heart rate grows, his vision turning red, as the ice around him melts, the Fires of War consuming his left arm with an orange flaming glow. Arman remembers what Remiel had told him. How the Silver City descended to the City of Argen and destroyed the people just because they showed compassion to three innocent people who sought for refuge. Arman thinks back to his time with the Argen Guard, and the people who greeted him every day he went to the Church to do service. How the people, who were loyal to The Silver City, were slaughtered mercilessly by the people they served.

Arman roars in fury as the frozen waterfall becomes steam from the Rage of War. Arman glares at Tayael, who is shocked that a mortal was acknowledged by Ares, and is unable to react when Arman leaps into the air, imbuing Pariah with the flames of Ares, roaring in rage as the Remnant swipes at the Archangel, melting his ice-armour with a flaming Pariah. Arman kicks Tayael into the ground, shattering the nearby rocks and plant life. Arman lands on top of the Archangel, and presses Loz-Q against a flaming Pariah, generating immense steam pressure, blasting the steam at the Archangel with tremendous concussive force. Tayael is knocked unconscious.

R1 puts Pariah and Loz-Q back into their sheathes, and grabs Tayael with his right arm, his left arm still blazing with the Fires of War, and begins pummelling the Archangel's face, burning and disfiguring it from the sheer heat. Tayael attempts to break free, but the damage is too much, combined with R1's superhuman strength, the punch goes through the Archangel's hand, and continues to connect with the face. Kaius runs up to Arman and tells him that the archangel is down, but R1, completely taken in from the Rage of War, continues to bash the Archangel's face, having lost control and gone feral.

Lyra and Kaius pry R1 off and Kaius reminds R1 about what he and Lyra told him: bloodshed is not the solution. R1 calms down, as the Fires of War dissipate, deactivating. Remiel and the Third Pillar manage to recover, and grab both Caile and Tayael and escape.

Arman is shocked at what he had done, and is terrified of his rage, questioning if the darkness was from the Mark, or from himself. Arman apologizes to Kaius for what he did to his brother, but Kaius forgives him, telling the Remnant that their priority is to return to Argen and rescue as many people as they can.

The Return to Argen

Arman, Lyra, and Kaius hurry back to Argen, following the trail of destruction and smoke from the city. Arman sees the armies of the Argen Guard giving their all to fight back the Winged Warriors, and the people of Argen fleeing.

An enraged Arman rushes forward with superhuman speed, leaping into the air, and impaling a Winged Warrior with Loz-Q, freezing the angel and defeating it before it brought down its axe to kill two young children. Lyra also runs forward, but the Winged Warriors discover her, and the entire Legion of the Silver City turn to the daughter of Diablos.

Lyra retreats with Kaius, as the Silver City now has been completely switched their objective from destroying Argen to hunting down Lyra. Arman runs to Trista, who is injured, but still able to fight. Trista welcomes Arman back, and tells the Centurion that the Silver City came down in judgement, claiming that the people had fostered Lyra, and made one of her followers a Priest. Upon asking if this was true, the people of the city supported Arman, and rebelled against the Winged Warriors, causing them to annihilate the people of Argen.

The Argen Guard attempted to fight off the Silver City, but they were overwhelmed by the power of the entire Celestial legion. However, with Arman back, the troops have now regained hope that R1 can fend the angels off.

Arman realizes that the angels have now redirected their efforts into chasing down Lyra, and knowing Kaius, has most likely decided to go down fighting to protect her. Arman turns to the Argen Guard, and tells them that driving the Winged Warriors away is not their top priority. Eliminating them is. The Guard nods at the Centurion grimly, knowing the fight will be extremely one sided, and completely dependent on whether or not R1 possesses the strength to defeat the army of angels.

R1 notices the parallel between this and Decen, as while Decen battled the Kingdoms of Edom, Arman battled the Silver City. However, Arman is not alone, and turns back to the Argen Guard. His brothers and sisters in arms during his younger years, and now during his Centurion days. Arman holds Pariah up high, and initiates the charge.

Remnant 1 and the Argen Guard vs. The Silver Legion

Arman rushes forward, with his allies, capturing the attention of the Silver City Legion. The angels turn around, sending their lower ranking soldiers to deal with the Guard while the higher ranking soldiers continue to pursue Lyra.

However, Arman grabs Pariah, and cuts his left arm, unleashing a fraction of The Fires of War, causing his left arm to burst into a fierce orange flame. Arman takes a deep breath, controlling his rage, and also unleashes the Blessing of Pollux simultaneously, giving his body a tremendous combined boost in power. Imbuing Pariah with the Fires of War, and powering up Loz-Q's frost, R1 unleashes a devastating dual slash arc of fire and ice at the wave of angels, disintegrating them all upon impact. The Argen Guard deliver a jarring battlecry, as Arman and his allies stampede over the ashes of the defeated Winged Warriors.

The Silver Legion sends more waves of enemies, but are defeated by a double boosted R1, who, assisted by the Argen Guard, quickly defeats wave after wave.

Seeing Arman as a bigger threat, the Silver Legion stops pursuing Lyra, and turns to face the Argen Guard. Arman brandishes Loz-Q sendings arcs of frost at the army, knocking out some of the angels, and continues to charge. The Silver Legion also charges, causing the two armies to clash.

Arman slashes down Winged Warrior after Winged Warrior, left and right. However, his efforts, though impactful, pale in comparison to the Silver Legion, who has slaughtered even more of Arman's allies than Arman can defeat. R1, realizing that he needs more power thinks back to his battle against Koios, Hyperion, and Krios, which Koios was able to summon a miniature storm on the blade of Loz-Q.

Arman stabs a Winged Warrior with Pariah, and leaps back, concentrating on Loz-Q, imagining the frost on the blade increasing in power, utilizing the Blessing of Pollux on the blade itself. Arman opens his eyes, and raises Loz-Q, which is now emanating an extremely large snowstorm. Arman raises the sword higher in the air, as the Winged Warriors are frozen in place, unable to move. The Argen Guard take their chance, and begin killing the Winged Warriors who are frozen and incapacitated, shifting the tide of the war.

Trista tells Arman to find Lyra and Kaius, as she takes over the command, telling the Remnant that the army should be okay with dealing with the incapacitated Silver Legion. Arman nods at his comrade, and runs at full speed to where the Silver City was chasing the two.

Kaius vs. Tayael

Arman runs in and realizes that there was one angel who was not present in the battlefield: Tayael. Finally dawning on him as to why Loz-Q's winter storm didn't get neutralized, the answer was simple: Tayael was still pursuing Lyra and Kaius.

Arman rushes through the woods, running at speeds faster than he would have thought, and realizes that the Fires of War and The Blessing of Pollux are working side by side to give him an even greater boost to his speed.

R1 reaches a spot in the woods and recognizes it immediately: the hut. The hut from which it all began. From which Arman was raised by Kaius and Lyra, and where he had emerged from the ground. Lyra was on the ground, and Tayael had powered up to Archangel. Standing between the two beings was Kaius, his sword drawn, and his body completely bloodied and injured.

Arman rushes in, but is held down by another Archangel. The Archangel introduces himself as Dante, Gatekeeper of the First Pillar, and boasts that he is the strongest of all the gatekeepers, wielding the gravity affinity. Arman activates more of the Blessing of Pollux and the Fires of War, but Dante increases the intensity of the localized gravity around the Remnant, smashing Arman further into the ground, and forcing him to watch Kaius face off against his brother.

Both Lyra and Kaius tearfully scream at Kaius to stop, but the old fallen angel engages Tayael in a one sided fight. Slashing wildly at the archangel, who retaliates with swipes and slashes of his own, further injuring Kaius. Kaius smiles at Lyra, telling her everything will be okay, and that he won't stop until Tayael is beaten, and that she can continue to live her life, grow up, and become the greatest of scholars. Lyra cries, telling Kaius she cannot possibly live knowing her protector and greatest friend gave his life for her. Lyra begs her protector to stop, but Kaius, old and stubborn, carries on fighting, receiving fatal blows from Tayael.

Arman screams, as he tries to summon more and more of both of his boosts to overcome Dante's gravity. However, the First Gatekeeper simply increases the intensity. Kaius stabs at Tayael, and manages to get a good blow in, piercing the archangel's chest. Tayael is in shock, and flies back, angrily telling his brother that he is beneath him. And that he chose to serve the daughter of the very being that wishes for the destruction of his kind. He was a traitor, and when he fell to the Earth, he did not regret it one bit. Not even regretting leaving his brother behind.

Kaius tearfully tells Tayael that if it means leaving behind his blood, his kind, for the purpose of protecting an innocent girl, he would not hesitate once, and would repeat the entire thing over again. Over and over. For eternity. Tayael growls at Kaius to shut up, and swipes upward with his axe, catching the old protector through the chest, sending Kaius flying backwards, landing on his face. Lyra screams and sobs, wishes to unsee, but is unable to do anything.

Arman watches in disbelief, seeing Kaius fall. Having already lost Pollux, Arman cannot lose another father figure. Tayael asks Kaius if he still has any fight in him, and Kaius' left hand twitches. The sight causes the Fires of War to become a fully powered Rage of War, and Arman becomes feral, viciously growling and overcoming Dante's x450000 gravity, much to the archangel's disbelief. Tayael turns around and stares at the feral Remnant. Before Tayael or Dante could make a move, Arman has already closed the distance between him and Dante. R1 grabs both Pariah and Loz-Q, and angrily decapitates the archangel, to the shock of Tayael.

A feral R1 then turns to Tayael, approaching the archangel, who has now become frozen in fear. Arman's rage has completely taken over his body, making him sputter incomprehensible language. However, Tayael recognizes the tongue to be Acadi, the tongue of The Paladins of Acadia. Tayael backs up, dropping his axe, petrified at Remnant 1, but before Arman could make a move, his body suddenly stops moving, as the combined use of a maximum power Blessing of Pollux, and Rage of War, has finally overloaded his body. Arman's muscles burst, and the Remnant falls face first to the dirt, the Rage of War reducing to the Fires of War, and sputtering out, while Arman's silver glow also dissipates. Pariah and Loz-Q fall to the ground.

Tayael chuckles, and picks up his axe, walking up to Arman, noting that the overload has likely temporarily neutralized the Remnant's healing factor, meaning the Remnant can be killed in this state. Arman regains his consciousness, but is unable to move his body, staring at a sobbing Lyra and a defeated Kaius, whispering at them to run. However, just as Tayael is about to deal the finishing blow, Kaius gets to his feet, and tackles his brother to the ground.

Lyra screams at her protector to stop, but it is too late, and Tayael grabs Kaius, throws the fallen angel to the ground, and drives the axe deep into the old protector, killing him.

The jolt of seeing Kaius' death sends adrenaline into Arman's system, jolting the Remnant back. Arman gets to his feet and calls Pariah and Loz-Q back to his hands, and rushes to Tayael, but it is too late. Kaius' corpse is emotionless, and Arman, in tears closes the protector's eyes. Lyra becomes hysterical, sobbing as Tayael turns to the girl. Arman gets up and tries to stop Tayael with whatever power he has left, but Lyra looks up, her face completely changing. Her brown eyes becoming orange. The colour of flames. The colour of the demon.

Lyra tells Tayael and Arman to stop, but her voice is no longer hers.

Dark smoke emerges from her body, as demonic lines arc across her arms and legs. Tayael is petrified, and Arman is in shock, for he knows what has happened. For the voice was no longer Lyra. Her face was on longer Lyra's. Her soul... was no longer Lyra.

For the voice that spoke from the grief stricken girl, who had watched her protector be killed by her very eyes, was the demon king himself.

Diablos has awakened.


Diablos laughs sinisterly from the body of Lyra, and commemorates Tayael for his foolishness, killing the protector when he should have killed his daughter. Letting his feelings get in the way of the true mission. The demon king turns to Arman, and before R1 can react, a powerful flaming shockwave sends the Remnant flying into several trees. Diablos tells Arman that his progenitor, Decen of Acadia, had nearly killed him, but did not finish the job. R1 is nowhere close to Decen in power, and will pose no threat for his mission to conquer.

Diablos transforms into his full demon form, disintegrating Lyra's body before Arman's very eyes. Tayael screams and slashes at Diablos with his axe, but Diablos' eyes brighten, and the archangel disintegrates before Arman's very eyes. Diablos picks up Kaius' corpse, and devours it, stating that he needed the "snack". Diablos then makes his way to Argen, to destroy the remaining soldiers of both the Silver City and the Argen Guard.

Arman trudges, his body regenerating from his wounds, as he makes his way to the battlefield. The Argen Guard, who was previously victorious over the Silver Legion is now under attack by Diablos, who kills a massive majority of the remaining soldiers. The soldier attempt to retreat, and Arman screams at Diablos to stop, but the demon king slaughters most of them.

Diablos turns to Arman, who has reached the front, surrounded by the survivors of the Argen Guard, and tells the Remnant to prepare for war, as he shall bring upon the armies of the Underworld, and conquer not just the realm of the Silver City and the Underworld, but also the Pantheon. The Norse. Everywhere.

Pariah's True Power

Arman is grief stricken, over the loss of both Kaius and Lyra. Trista tells Arman that there is still a chance that Lyra is still inside Diablos, as for Kaius, Trista tells Arman that she is sorry for his loss. Arman inspects Pariah, knowing he must fight Lyra, but does not want to.

One of the surviving Priests notices Arman's weapon, and asks if it is the Celestial Slayer. Arman confirms it, and tells him that the blade's name is Pariah. The Priest is shocked and tells Arman that he possesses an extremely powerful weapon, however Arman doesn't believe it. R1 tells the Priest that the weapon was only ever good for absorbing power and redirecting it. However, the Priest tells the Remnant that the blade is made of Celestial Steel, and that it is capable of cutting through celestials.

R1 is frustrated and tells the Priest he knows all this, but the Priest tells Arman that it is capable of more than just cutting through celestials, as the blade glows silver for a reason. Arman looks up, and the Priest tells Arman that the reason it cuts through celestial flesh, is because it isn't parting the molecules, or cutting it, but rather the moment the blade is in contact with the celestial matter, it reverses the tissue. By cutting through, Arman reverses the tissue back to before conception, essentially eliminating it. Arman noticed that whenever he had impaled a Winged Warrior with Pariah the warrior had shrunk momentarily before being dissipated into golden dust.

Arman formulates a plan to use Pariah to its maximum limits by channeling The Blessing of Pollux into the blade, the same way he had done with Loz-Q. If he can reverse Diablos' cells to revert back, he might be able to bring Lyra back. However, Trista tells Arman that Diablos will not be waiting for Arman to charge the weapon, and tells the Remnant that she and the Argen Guard will do their best to distract Diablos for when the weapon is fully charged. Arman stares at Trista, and Trista tells the Remnant that she is willing to put her life on the line for Arman, after everything he has done for Argen. The other members of the city, the survivors, agree with Trista, telling Arman that they had rebelled for him. And that compassion for life was above all things, even if it means rebelling against the Silver City.

Trista tells Arman and the survivors to gear up, and that they will take on Diablos on the seventh hour.

The Argen Guard vs. The Underworld

Arman and the Argen Guard reach the location of Diablos, and begin to prepare for an attack, however, upon further inspection, Trista's scouts report that Diablos is not alone, and that he has summoned the entire legion of the Underworld to aid in him. Having realized that the King had returned, the Underworld emerged to the mortal world in full force to support Diablos.

Arman curses, realizing that the original plan of distracting Diablos will no longer work. Trista turns to Arman and tells him that she will send the entire Argen Guard to battle the hellspawn, and that she will assist him in his battle against Diablos.

Arman faces the possessed Lyra, who laughs sinisterly, asking if this is the last line of defence for the people of Argen. Arman unsheathes both Pariah and Loz-Q, telling Diablos that he will kill him, just like Decen had so many years ago, and bring Lyra back. However, Diablos laughs, telling the Remnant that he is foolish to believe he can do what Decen could, and asks what is so different this time. Trista steps forward next to Arman, and tells Diablos that it is because he is with the armies of Argen, the brothers and sisters who had fought by his side, shed the same tears, and bled, side by side. Arman is one of them, and if Arman shall fight, so shall the Argen Guard.

Arman raises Pariah, vowing to return Lyra, and charges, alongside the Argen Guard. Diablos roars at the mortals, and the hellspawn also charge, the two armies clashing.

Arman Wan vs. Lyra Tetras

Arman and Trista rush through the fray, allowing the survivors of the City of Argen to fight the hellspawn. The numerous brothers of sisters sacrificing their lives for the two warriors as they sprint to Diablos, who welcomes them.

Trista rushes forward with her sword and shield, and engages Diablos carefully, evading the Hellspawn's claw swipes and Darkfire. However, her armour begins to melt from the sheer temperatures of Diablos' attacks. Arman retreats behind a boulder and activates the Blessing of Pollux, entering it into Pariah, allowing the blade to glow even brighter than before.

Diablos laughs maniacally, as Trista attempts to jab at the monster, but is unable to do damage, while the smallest of attacks from the demon king further melts and buckles the maiden's armour. Diablos slams his claws on the ground, sending a fiery shockwave at Trista, knocking her down and disintegrating her shield as well as part of her armour. Trista falls face first, but gets to her feet, staggering to Diablos with sword in hand, declaring she will not stop.

Diablos is in awe at the maiden's persistence and asks why she would help the Remnant of Decen, and Trista tells Diablos that it is because if the roles were reversed, and if it were Arman, he would have done the same for her, for the soldiers fighting and giving their lives in the front, for anybody. Because that is just who she is, and that is just who Arman is. A true warrior. A true man of war.

The Blessing of Pollux reaches maximum power, Pariah glowing a blinding white, and Arman emerges from the boulder, leaping from above. And impales Diablos with the blade, the bright white of Pariah breaking through the demonic orange of Diablos' flames. Diablos roars in pain, as Trista smiles her last at Arman before disintegrating from Diablos' fires, wishing the Remnant luck.

Arman hits the ground, only to realize that Diablos is still Diablos, the hilt of Pariah sprouting from the top of the Demon King's head. Diablos laughs and asks if he really thought the power of Pariah could banish his soul from Lyra. Diablos tells Arman that the reason he was able to possess the girl was because she wanted to be possessed. She wanted Tayael to be destroyed, and she believed nothing mattered anymore with her protector dead.

Diablos walks up to a devastated R1, and prepares to finish off the Remnant with a blast of flame, but Arman grabs Loz-Q and shields himself from Diablos' Darkfire, with the frost of Koios' soul. Arman growls that he will not lose, and will not give up on Lyra, fully convinced that Lyra is still in there, and shouts for her to come back. As she still has people for her. She still has him. Diablos momentarily hesitates, but growls and continues to blast Arman with Demonic Hellfire, the circle of frost from Loz-Q weakening.

Arman summons the Mark of Ares, and burrows deep underground, emerging from the Earth from behind, brandishing Loz-Q. Diablos turns around and roars at R1, as the two clash.

Demon against Remnant.

Lyra against Arman.

Arman calls upon The Blessing of Pollux and goes max power with both boosts, powering up Loz-Q and giving it an arctic overmold. Arman shouts a battle cry and clashes with Diablos, utilizing Combat Intuition, and evading the Demon King's slashes, his speed increasing faster and faster, as the boosts continue to power through his body. However, Arman's regeneration continues to keep up, unlike before.

Arman's love for Lyra and desire to get her back has overcome his raw need for strength and the defeat of his opponent. These feelings allow Arman to break through his limits, and to call even more of his boosts, his Regeneration surpassing that of Decen's. Glowing bright white, like an angel, but also emanating the fierce flames of a warrior.

Arman unleashes a titanic slash from Loz-Q, and blasts Diablos with a massive snowstorm, neutralizing the Demon Lord's flames. Diablos inches back, as the storms of Loz-Q have lifted Arman in the air. Arman opens his left hand, and Pariah exists Diablos and enters his hand, which absorbs the Flames of War.

Fire and ice. Flame and Frost. Hate and Love. War and Peace.

Arman shoots forward, blasting Diablos and outclassing the King with immense speed, technique, and power of his slashes, cutting and tearing away chunks of Diablos away, cutting away claw after claw, and zipping around, outpacing Diablos and dealing massive damage.

Diablos manages to catch Arman midair by the swords, telling him he doesn't care if the blades cut through his flesh, for it is meaningless to the King of the Underworld. However, Arman lets go of both Pariah and Loz-Q, and runs up Diablos' arm, leaping into the air, and landing on the head of the Demon King.

Arman thinks back to what Pollux had told him, about the Blessing being capable of overcoming the dark thoughts of The Underworld. How without it, he would succumb to the influence. If just the subconscious aura of the Blessing could do that, why not a full power aura of it? Concentrated into a single point?

Arman puts his hands on Diablos' head, and summons all of the power he can muster, all of the Blessing of Pollux into the palms of his hands, glowing bright white. Diablos roars, attempting to shake Arman off, but Arman locks his legs onto the Demon's head. Diablos tries to slash at Arman, but cannot reach the Remnant, and Arman continues to channel the power of Pollux's blessing into Diablos' skull, neutralizing the tissue all around him. Cracks appear through Diablos' skin, as the Demon King begins to be disintegrated.

R1 looks up, and sees a man, an elderly man, with the robes of Priest Maxima. Arman recognizes the soul to be Pollux, who smiles at the Remnant, telling him that he will be with him, until the very end. Arman looks at Diablos for the one last time, and delivers one final push, roaring and unleashing the last of his power as the King is slain, disintegrated from the light of the blessing.

R1 falls to the ground, depleted. And the body of Diablos has disintegrated into the wind, the Demon King gone. The Hellspawn, seeing their King slain, retreat in fear, as both sides begin to call Arman the Kingslayer. Arman sits up, tearing up, knowing that even though he had won, he had still lost. He lost Kaius and Lyra. However, before he could jump to conclusions to bodies hit the ground.

The bodies of an old protector, and a young woman.


The survivors of Argen begin to rebuild, after the aftermath and destruction of both The Silver City, and Diablos. Arman assists the people of Argen, knowing the losses were great. However, the survivors still see Arman a hero, and commemorate the Remnant. A memorial service is hosted following rebuilding of the city.

Kaius and Lyra have been comatose since being restored from Pollux's Blessing, as Arman watches them every single day for the next few months.

One of the members of the Argen Guard tell Arman that a woman is waiting for him outside, and claims that she knows him. Arman leaves the infirmary and goes to the gate, and discovers the woman is the same woman from his visions.

Green hair, and a beautiful face. Guardian Merrow Rivenlight smiles at Remnant 1, telling him they have much to talk about.

Remnant 1 vs. Merrow Rivenlight: The Rematch

Merrow leads Arman through a portal, where the two emerge in a dock, which Arman recognizes as the same place they had their bout in a vision. Merrow remarks that Arman has gotten significantly stronger, and draws her spear, powering up.

Arman smirks, and draws both Pariah and Loz-Q, summoning the Blessing of Pollux and the Mark of Ares. Merrow and Arman clash, Guardian against Remnant.

Merrow begins to outpace Arman despite possessing two swords and an additional boost, but Arman summons more of both boosts, and activates Combat Intuition, winning the spear on swords exchange, and swiping the air, delivering a massive slash of flame upwards, launching Merrow back. Merrow spins her spear, blasting bullets of Hydropower at the Remnant, who reads the pattern of the projectiles with Combat Intuition and slices the bullets with a superheated Pariah with superhuman reflexes and agility.

Arman leaps into the air, higher than Merrow, and delivers a slash with Loz-Q, the slash causing a massive snowstorm and an arc of frost. Merrow zips out of the way, but the snowstorm sends her off balance, and Arman uses this advantage to launch in, and slash at Merrow with Pariah, but Merrow flips out of the way and leaps into the water, entering her mermaid form.

R1 lands on the ground, and prepares both blades as he is greeted with a massive Hydropower dragon. At the centre, is Merrow in her mermaid form, asking Arman if he is strong enough to know the truth of his origins. R1 goes full power with the Fires of War and Pollux's Blessing, summoning a massive angel wing of frost on his right arm, and a huge flaming overmold of power on his left. Arman yells at Merrow that he is ready, and launches forward, delivering a jarring battlecry, as Merrow smiles and also charges, delivering her own battlecry.

Guardian and Remnant clash, as the Fires of War neutralize Merrow's Hydropower with a powerful explosion of steam. Merrow attempts to summon numerous constructs all around to flank the Remnant, but Arman's ice wing freezes them all, shattering them.

R1 spirals inward, smashing into Merrow and landing onto the shore, pinning her down, with both Pariah and Loz-Q aimed at her neck. Merrow laughs, telling Arman that he truly has gotten stronger, to surpass his progenitor's Guardian.

Merrow walks with Arman to the docks once more, where Arman stands and Merrow swims in the ocean, the same way Decen had with Merrow all those years ago. Merrow emerges from the water, and rests her arms on the wood, asking Arman if he is really sure he wants to know why he was created.

Arman kneels down in front of the Guardian, and tells him he is ready to hear.

All is Revealed

Merrow tells Arman about Decen and his past. How she had been chosen to become the Paladin's Guardian, their adventures, and recruiting Connor "The Sentry" Shel. Arman perks up, hearing the name and asks if he is related to Troja and Reimos Shel. Merrow explains that Connor Shel is the hybrid son of Arcel Shel and Nessa Akatsume, who was human, making him the first hellspawn human hybrid, even before Lyra Tetras.

Arman is in shock, but Merrow tells the Remnant there is much more to tell. Merrow continues by explaining to R1 that the trio continued completing contracts, but at some point, Decen became unsatisfied with his power. Despite being very powerful, there was one Paladin he could never catch up to: Icarus, the Paladin of Light. One day, Decen was fed up with falling behind despite consuming and absorbing as many warriors, deities, and monsters as he could, and decided to steal Icarus' powers himself. Decen tricks Icarus into engaging Jonna and Decen in a practice bout, in which the two Paladins lose. However, Icarus, depleted from the spar, is suddenly ambushed by Decen, who possessed infinite stamina. Decen defeats a depleted Icarus, and kills him, absorbing the Paladin's powers behind Jonna's back.

In horror at what he had done, Decen accepted that he has become a murderer, and believed that there was no turning back. It was at this point where Decen truly began to spiral, hunting and betraying his Paladins for power, and taking their contracts. This led to significant friction with his brethren, and Decen was no longer welcome to any Paladin celebrations or events. Despite being able to still complete contracts, Decen was no longer allowed to partake in the Great Acadian Statue Ceremony, in which the statue of Seetus Scarlet, the current King of Acadia was commemorated. Decen took Merrow and Connor to a contract, and once they had completed it, returned to Acadia, to realize the country was in ruins, slain by a powerful orc known as Mogul. Jonna died in Decen's arms, apologizing for not fulfilling her promise in becoming the greatest Paladin, and Decen vows to kill Mogul and avenge the death of his friend.

Decen hunted down Mogul, and engaged the Prime Aspect in a fight, but was easily outmatched, his powers stolen, and Merrow and Sentry were both defeated. Decen tried to recklessly fight Mogul once more, and Sentry stepped in to protect his master. Mogul, not used to fighting a being who was immune to the Corruption, retreated temporarily, allowing Decen, Merrow, and Sentry to escape.

However, as Decen continued to run from Mogul, the worse his condition had gotten, for it wasn't just his powers were gone, but his immune system, any form of regeneration and healing were gone. The decaying Paladin began to realize the horrors of his actions, as he and his Guardian are hunted by Mogul. At some point, the three were cornered by the Prime Aspect. Merrow and Sentry stepped in to hold the Prime Aspect off, but were easily outmatched. Merrow was defeated, and Sentry, who possessed the warrior's mentality, continued to fight Mogul. Mogul tells Sentry that the shock of meeting a being immune to the Corruption has become stale, and disfigured the samurai's face. Decen attempts to intervene, but is brutalized by the Aspect, who breaks his bones. Merrow steps in between Mogul and her Paladin and vows to protect him with all she has left.

At some point, Decen had tried to summon the Power of the Paladins, the ability to break apart his consciousness into many pieces, each piece dispersing into another world. However, it was believed he had failed, and Decen was killed by Mogul before Merrow's very eyes. Sentry took Merrow and retreated, as Mogul only cared about the death of the Paladin, and no one else.

Years later, it turned out Decen had succeeded in calling the Power of the Paladins, for each piece of his consciousness that had scattered into the multiverse grew, and grown into a being. This being would then be known as a Remnant.

Arman is unable to comprehend what Merrow is saying, and feels the situation is surreal. Merrow puts her hand on Arman's, and tells him he was created from Decen, and that there are many others of his kind, scattered across the multiverse. He is one of many, and united with his brethren, Merrow wants Arman to join her in her quest to avenge Decen. To band together with the rest of Decen's Remnants and defeat Mogul. However, she cannot guarantee that this will be a success, and is a final ditch effort. There is a high possibility that he will die, just as Mogul had done to The Paladin of War.

Arman suddenly realizes what Koios had meant, for what seemed like an eternity ago, for which Arman's fate would be a final battle against a being too powerful for him to handle. He will give his life to fight Mogul, the Prime Aspect of Sin.


Arman returns to the City of Argen with Merrow Rivenlight, and introduces the Guardian to a comatose Lyra and Kaius. Merrow smiles and tells Arman she knows that he loves the two very much. And Arman puts his hand on Lyra's face, telling her that there is a very high chance that he might not return alive.

Merrow puts her hands on Arman's shoulders as R1 cries, telling the two that he misses them very much and that he loves them with all his heart. However, he must do what he was made for. His purpose as Decen's Remnant, and his fate. Arman turns to the new Priest Maxima, and tells him it is time for him to leave Argen, to partake on a final quest with Lady Rivenlight. The Priest bids Arman farewell, and promises to look after both Lyra and Kaius for him.

Arman wipes his eyes and smiles at both Lyra and Kaius, bidding them farewell. And leaves with Merrow Rivenlight, to unite the other fourteen Remnants of Decen, and find the Prime Aspect of Sin. Arman straps on Pariah and Loz-Q, and dons on his Argen armour, alongside the scarf that was given to him by Cabin 9, the Hephaestus cabin. R1 looks back one last time and smiles, before turning his back on the two, exiting Argen for a new adventure.

Unbeknownst to R1, Lyra had partially gained consciousness during which Arman had said goodbye, not having developed the strength to speak, partially opens her eyes and raises her hand, begging Arman to not go.