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James "Pines Heartflow" Dessik
Racnor eyes 2.png
"Just a professional Monster"
PLAYER @Trahand
Super Group (pending) Nex.U.S.
Rank N/A
Current Affliations Confidential
Former Affiliations ARGENT, █ █ █ █

Real Name James "Pines Heartflow" Dessik
Known Aliases Rancor, North-Walker, Heart-Eater
Gender Male
Species Human / Yee Naaldlooshii Hybrid
Birthdate Jan 2nd 1914
Place of Birth Canadian-US border
Current Location Confidential
Relatives Unknown

Apparent Age 33
Height 6ft 3in tall (Variable)
Weight 191lbs (Variable)
Eyes Golden-Green
Hair Black w/ Silver (Variable)
Complexion Swarthy (Variable)
Build Athletic/Muscular(Variable)
Notable Features tapetum lucidum shines with direct light, slightly pointed canines, fingers tipped in small claws

Identity James Dessik
Citizenship US-Canadian
Marital Status Single
Occupation Current: Hero,Forrest Ranger. Former: Villian,Mercanary,Trapper,Assassin
Education Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology


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Rancor is of lakotah/Navajo and English descent. He is an unremarkable-looking man in his early thirties, built as if had more muscle to him than it is readily apparent. His features are clean-cut, pleasant but not particularly handsome. Swarthy skin, Dark-haired with a few threads of grey in it, his eyes, however, aren't human: golden-green with metallic flecks in them his tapetum lucidum shines brightly in direct light. His movements are fluid and graceful, someone who is comfortable in their own skin. Carried with an air of a tightly coiled spring ready to release.

Outside of his fairly nondescript human form mentioned above his form and description vary substantially. Preferring forms and shapes of a predatorial nature to reflect his own nature.



Rancor is the product of a pairing between a human and a yee naaldlooshii


-1914- Rancor was born James Dessik on January second to human mother Anita Dessek and yee naaldlooshii father Pine Shadow on the relatively newly formed Standing Rock Reservation.

-1915- Father leaves claiming to need to head home in the north.

-1916- Mother is forced to flee for her and her hybrid infants’ lives once the news of the taboo pairing becomes public.

-1918- Mother,Father and James all settle in a homestead on the shore of Lac La Rong, Saskatchewan

-1924- Mother succumbs to consumption. His father begins to teach him about what he is.

-1929- James completes a rite of passage with the name “Pines Heartflow his father disappears, leaving James to fend for himself in the Canadian wilderness.



  • Shapeshifting/Genetic memory: Rancor is a natural born shapeshifter able to take on the characteristics down do a cellular level allowing for near innumerable combinations in shapes. Limited only to things he has personally come into contact with ( or eaten in some cases). Recent additions have included flesh that mimics in organic materials.
  • Superhuman Strength.
  • Superhuman durability.
  • Superhuman Reflexes.
  • Atavistic control. Allowing for various effects upon his person.
  • Extreme Heightened senses.
  • Longevity. Rancor is 106 years old showing no signs of cellular decay, he may be functionally immortal.
  • Low grade Regeneration.
  • Life Force consumption/absorption. Rancor can absorb the life force of other beings by beings in proximity or a more direct route through physical consumption greatly increasing his regeneration.
  • Fatigue resistance. Rancor is able to exert himself physically for approximately 30 hours before needing to rest.
  • Locomotion: While he is capable of forming wings to fly at normal speeds rancor tends to his speed and strength to his advantage on the ground running and jumping at exceptional speeds.


  • Berserker Frenzy. Rancor can fall into a berserk like state
  • Certain forms of rituals can cause him to lose his powers temporarily.
  • Requires a diet of raw meat.
  • Cannibalistic Tendencies. Rancor suffers from cannibalistic urges.
  • Memory issues. Due to the length of time he has been alive Rancor cannot recall every memory with 100% clarity often forgetting experinces.


  • Expert hunter & tracker. Due to his senses and experience Rancor is an exceptional hunter and tracker
  • Proficient Tactician
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
  • Multilingual ( Lakota,Russian,Spanish)
  • Survivalist
  • Hand to Hand combatant. Due to his powers and experience Rancor is a formidable and deadly close combatant. He relies little on formal training, preferring to use claws, teeth, various other natural implements in combat.
  • occult knowledge