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"The Conscientious"
Adjuvant of Tomorrow
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"This is typically the part where you say something inspirational."
Player: @xemion1111
Super Group
3rd Founding Member
· Other Affiliations ·
Quantum Quartet
Real Name
Kai'el Urogoz
Kyle Uruguay
October 30th, 1998
Andarion, Velarius System
United States · Velarian Confederacy
Millennium City, Michigan
Quantum Quartet HQ
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Al'dreza Urogoz (Mother) · V'estrus Urogoz (Mother) · Le'za Urogoz (Sister)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
6 ft / 1.83 m
158 lbs / 67 kg
Body Type
Short; Black
· Distinguishing Features ·
Deep-chested · Pointed and ribbed ears
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Molecular Speed Manipulation · Enhanced Hearing
· Equipment ·
Heads Up Display · Cable Ties · Utility Pouches
· Other Abilities ·
Gymnastics · Polyglottism · Computer Programming


Soft-spoken, idealistic, accepting, and conscientious are all words that best describe Kai'el; his inner desire to help and support others is only matched by his interest in the socio-political development of other cultures and species. Though he is still young and getting a handle on his newfound abilities, he does his best to provide help and support for those in capes and not to which he is often described as a 'momma bear' to his friends and even the criminals he places under arrest. His treatment of criminals is one of the traits that sets him apart from his peers in that he strives to provide even the most hated of enemies a choice to set aside their criminal ways and used their skills or abilities for the greater good.

As an alien youth on a foreign world hundreds of thousands of lightyears from anything he even remotely understands to be 'normal', he often finds himself frustrated by his inability to connect with humans as easily as they seem to be able to without fault or failure. Seeing himself very often as an outsider looking in, Kai'el does his best to use this to his advantage in the field of xenology as he is capable of gaining a unique perspective on the 'human experience', one that is often clouded by one's own human preconceptions.

The strange and atypical are Kai'el's playground and he revels in the new and 'presently fascinating' with his very short attention span, moving from topic to topic in conversation, asking questions without 'filtering' them, examining strange things often with a sense of nascent curiosity that would kill the cat, revive it, and investigate how such a bizarre happening could have occurred. His naivety regarding the unknown can often get him into trouble, but, on a fundamental level he struggles with situations which do not have an absolute black or white resolution; protesting that it is universally unfair to have an end to something which leaves you with contentious feelings of uncertainty opposed to the clearly more satisfying resolute knowledge that comes from a definitive response.

Powers and Abilities

Molecular Speed Manipulation

Following exposure to a tachyonic field, Kai'el's electromagnetic field gained the ability to augment the speed of molecules which pass through it to speeds beyond or below luminal by use of electromagnetism. At the beginning of his life as a hero, the Velarian only displayed the ability to slow matter down enough to where it could be dodged and or -- in the case of people -- easily arrested, as time went on and through training with allies he learned how to enhance this power further to a relatively large area; resembling in operation the ability to slow time to a near-halt. Only as of recent did he learn that he was equally capable of accelerating matter in motion to the point where it impacting another object could result in an explosion, or, accelerating a stationary object to the point of melting; earning him the moniker Railgun from his fellows in the Quantum Quartet.

  • Molecular Acceleration
  • Molecular Combustion
  • Molecular Deceleration
  • Molecular Immobilization
  • Molecular Inhibition

Racial Traits

Velarians evolved several evolutionary traits to allow them to not only survive but to thrive in their otherwise extremely hostile environment. Tidally locked to its giant moon of Andarion -- which is itself nearly another planet at half of the size of Velarius VII -- the homeworld of the Velarians has a standard day roughly ten Terran days; the Velarian trait to remain awake for thirty Terran days is often cited as their rise as the dominant species, needing only eight hours of sleep per these thirty days periods of wakefulness. Another evolutionary boon would be their enhanced sense of hearing with a range of roughly 65 Hz to 43 kHz with a maximum distance of just under three hundred feet in thicker atmospheres such as Earth.

  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Extended Wakefulness


  • Gymnast: Kai'el possesses both agility and flexibility due to formal as a gymnast. Though 'classically trained', there are influences of modern parkour added into his physical codex of moves and manoeuvres; his formal training excels primarily in the fields of flips and vaulting.
  • Polyglottism: His travels across the galaxy and eventual arrival on Earth sparked a talent for linguistics within a young Kai'el; learning languages at an exceptional pace compared to his abysmal school grades in other fields. His interest in alien languages eventually spread to the field of xenoanthropology and his new life on Earth provided for him the perfect opportunity to study a unique brand of aliens in their natural habitat; as well as another contribution to his hobbies, the human science of cryptozoology.
  • Computer Programmer: Following the previous ability, computing codes are viewed by him as similar to just another alien language that can be deciphered in time. This has allowed him to learn computer programming at quite the impressive rate and through his interactions with his computer-oriented teammates, he is learning more and more in this field.


  • Mortal: Whilst in his either form he is susceptible to magical curses, charms, hexes, psions, possession, illness and the like.
  • Electromagnatism: As the speed of the particles that he manipulates are charged form or another -- positively or negatively -- a manipulator of electromagnetism or simply an object or field with a similar charge would be able to refract or redirect his attacks back at him with ease.
  • Sonic Devices: With the ability to perceive sound differently than a human in a Terran atmosphere comes its own challenges. Chiefly among these is that he has a lower tolerance for exceedingly loud sounds or devices designed to emit powerful sound waves and such things induce immense pain, inability to focus, and vertigo.



  • Cable Ties: A bundle of dual looped red cable ties kept within his belt's pouches. They are entirely normal red plastic cable ties with no special qualities but are quite effective at apprehending normal criminals; they tend not to work so well on super-powered entities as he has found out.
  • Heads Up Display: Providing him with a constant data stream of information, access to all the cat videos he needs, and the location of the molecular clusters he is presently controlling is his heads up display; an advanced piece of future technology given to him by a friend from the future.
  • Utility Pouches: A number of pouches line his belt which by default contain: three small sample containers, five sample swabs, a pair of latex gloves, and a small UV torch. Several others are left empty for situational use as exemplified with Kai'el typically using them to store a chocolate energy bar, ten dollars, his bus pass, and fifty marbles just prior to going on patrol.


  • Public Transportation: Unlike many heroes, Kai'el neither has the funds nor licence to acquire and operate a vehicle, as such he relies on public transportation or his abilities to get from point 'A' to point 'B'.


RP Hooks

  • He can be seen riding public transportation in full hero attire, while heroes are by no means rare in Millennium City, one might find it rather odd for one to take the bus.
  • Those with sensors or abilities they allow them to detect particles would immediately notice that Kai'el is emitting tachyons to such an absurd degree, it is entirely possible for his presence to interfere with the readings of lower-end detection methods. Higher end detection methods would reveal a lifeform at the epicentre of the tachyons as well as any other data the tachyons could have been obscuring to lesser technology or abilities.
  • From 7 PM to 10 PM on weekdays and 5 PM to 11 PM on weekends, police typically report a short blue-green person wearing a scarf and superhero attire leaping across rooftops in the Westside, occasionally delivering small-time criminals to the police station with red cable ties keeping their hands locked in the rear stack position.


  • He has a blog with his friends and often advertises it. The blog, when looked up, produces articles on various interesting, mysterious, or otherwise paranormal activity. The most popular one with several hundred views is "The Toaster of 276 Sherbet Dr." a piece on a haunted toasted which could spell out predictions in the toast, sadly the toaster was found destroyed in the morning after it made a prediction the owner disliked.
  • When it comes to music, his favourite human genres are classic rock, punk rock, vaporwave, and J-Pop, with his favourite song most likely being 'Seven Wonders' by Fleetwood Mac.
  • Kai'el speaks with a peculiar accent comparable to that of a vaguely Nordic accent mixed with Northern Welsh.
  • Reading material on Velarians: Link