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Player: @drgmstr
"Da greatest adventure you could have is to keep ya eyes on da horizon and be free, for we are pirates, and dat is da life to be."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Rachal Archar
Known Aliases:
Gender: Female
Species: Kin'lorian
Place of Birth: Rakarn
Base of Operations: Earth, Rakarn, Various Planets
Relatives: Unknown
Age: Unknown (Appears to be in her 30s)
Height: 7' 0"
Weight: 178
Eyes: Green
Hair: Grey-Blue
Complexion: Fur
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 32
Citizenship: Rakarnian
Occupation: Captain, Pirate, Mercenary
Education: Rakarnian Advanced Military training
Marital Status: Taken
Known Powers and Abilities
Marksman, Swordsmanship
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Velium Rapier, Energy "Flintlocks", Explosives, throwing weapons, Claws
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Freedom of Rakarn


A world of nearly all water with only 10% of the planet containing land mass, Rakarn became a trade port world being a key location of the central gateways of the Milky Way trade routes. The locals of the world bringing exotic goods as their main means of income and exports. Several species reside on Rakarn that of animal humanoids. The Kin'lorians (Canines, but are mostly of a jackal breed) as the main species of the world, Ray'its (Felines), Perits (Lemurs), and Rin'osians (Reptilians) all live together as Rakarn with its three fertile moons to sustain live for each of the main races. The culture of the Rakarnians were that of a victorian era of Earth but more advance in technology with the means of knowing advanced health care, computers, and space travel.

For centuries the Rakarnians would be in peace with any who visit their home until the arrival of the Tan'ems, an aggressive alien race that were humanoid in nature with squid like heads for being aquatic in nature. They saw Rakarn as a potential world for the front lines of a war they were engulfed in several hundred light years away outside the neutral zone that Rakarn was in control of. The locals did not enjoy the sudden uproar of the Tan'ems putting their fortifications and pulling Rakarn into a war they did not want to be part of.

The Rakarnian capital, Nalarr

Several years would go by as the Rakarnians were treated as slaves for manual labor for the Tan'ems. The blockade has brought upon an economic collapse over Rakarn as the locals struggle to survive. Many died due to starvation, poor health, or exhaustion. Nearly half of the population would be wiped out before riots would break out demanding their freedom. A resistance would be formed led by a Kin'lorian, Emas Liralen, and several thousand troops strong would lead an assault on their own capital, Nalarr. With the military genius of Emas, the Rakarnians retook their capital by means of guerrilla warfare by having small shuttle crafts sneak aboard the large Tan'em cruisers and capture them to turn the tides of war. The first act of piracy the Rakarnians would soon become famous for in the means to keep the peace to their home world and across the galaxy. After reclaiming their capital, the Tan'ems lift the blockade and frees Rakarn.

The Scarlet Vixens

Several hundred years would pass in peace as the ways of life slowly returned to Rakarn. From the battles that took place to reclaim their world, new means of military tactics have been brought forward. From the acts of Emas Liralen, the development of mercenary piracy grew. With the help of the stolen ships those many years ago, new ships and fleets were born reverse engineering the technology of the Tan'ems. To any threats that bestowed upon Rakarn, the Rakarnian military tactics are that to cripple than destroy, so to ransack the enemy ships and imprisoning the crews and held for ransom to aid in the economy of the planet while giving a fair court case for breaking Rakarnian laws. Various groups would be created as special military elites to take on the tasks of top of the line missions to keep the trade routes safe. One such group would be named The Scarlet Vixens, lead by Captain Ourra Inar of the Liralen, named after the war hero Emas Liralen. The Scarlet Vixens was different than most groups as it was an all female elite ship crew fitted with the latest Rakarnian technology. Over time being that of only Rakarn citizenship, as more visitors arrive to the planet, many would join the ranks to support the cause. One of the most fearless groups, they have been through a wide variety of battles between space and ground skirmishes across the sector and gained the respect of many.

A teenage Rachel as a member of the Scarlet Vixens.

The Distress Call

As much reputation the Scarlet Vixens is known within the sector, they treat one another as family and accept all as an equal. These humble actions would be proven and put to the test when a distress call of a Rakarnian colony ship several light years away stranded along the trade route. Skeptical of the incident, Inar orders her crew to make haste. When they arrive to the source, they find the colony ship under attack by raiders of unknown origins. Inar orders a boarding party to fend off the raiders and save any surviving passengers. Both sides taking casualties to reclaim the colony ship. Inar among the boarding party would find a section of the ship blocked by twisted metal and fires. In the corridor she sees a Kin'lorian family trapped among the wreckage. Inar had no means of being able to move the wreckage to free the family, but the parents demanded to save their two daughters who were small enough to fit through a narrow gap to safety. As Inar save the children, an explosion goes off inside the ship when the raiders true intentions are to destroy the ship after they raided what they needed. The explosion causes the roof of the corridor to fall where Inar with the two children leap to safety but to the parents sacrifice not so fortunate. The ship was lost and Inar ordered the boarding party to retreat back to the ship. With what passengers they could save, they pull away the Liralen away just in time before the colony ship explodes. The raiders begin to flee as the Liralen gives chase but the raiders ship was too quick for the old Rakarnian Tan'ems cruiser. The first defeat of the Scarlet Vixens to suffer. Inar saving the two children would adopt them as her own. Rachel and Clir Archar (Ages 4 and 7 respectively) devastated to the loss of their parents, accept to be part of the Scarlet Vixens family.

Becoming Captain

As they years went by, Rachel grew the respect from the crew as a deck hand under supervision of Inar. Sadly though by the age of 13, her sister Clir would leave the Scarlet Vixens to set out on her own adventures. Rachel remained with Inar and went up in ranks from a simple deck hand, to a weapons officer trained under Inar's wing. At the age of 18, Rachel grew up to a mature and brave woman and trained enough where she became leader of her own small away team squad. Keeping the peace over Rakarnian space, Rachel's training would provide her usage for the upcoming events.

One of the Rakarnian mining facilities on Ranl, the largest moon of Rakarn, would be under siege by bandits trying to steal one of the rare minerals used in Rakarn society for building ships and weapons, called Velium, and destroy the facility. Arriving to the facilities, Rachel would bring her away team along with Captain Inar to the moons surface to restore order. During the skirmish, Inar becomes wounded receiving a laser blast on her leg. Rachel and her team would protect Inar from the aggressive bandits pulling Inar to safety. Surrounded, Inar orders Rachel and her team to go find the explosives while she stays behind to distract the bandits. Disobeying the order, Rachel stays back with Inar while the rest of the team slips by to safety. Both fighting for their lives when the catwalk they were passing falls and knocks them over the edge, hanging on for dear life over the mining pits. Rachel not strong enough to pull both up starts to slip before Inar makes her sacrifice by letting go and plummets into the seeming endless pit. Rachel pulls herself up over the loss of their captain and her mother figure. The Scarlet Vixens saves the facility in the end and capture any remaining bandits, but to the loss of one of their most beloved crew members.

The Liralen without her captain would return to Rakarn to hold a funeral for Inar. The Scarlet Vixens in disarray without their beloved leader until the crew nominates Rachel to become their new captain. Rachel accepts the promotion and continued the legacy of the Scarlet Vixens stronger than ever. She proves her strength and courage to the Scarlet Vixens keeping the reputation as protectors of peace among the stars. Rachel now captain would extend her sense of adventure leaving Rakarnian space and travel from system to system eventually arriving to Earth where her and the Liralen crew currently reside.

Upon recent events of changing rules and permissions of the Scarlet Vixens, males are now starting to join the crew. Rachel announces that the Scarlet Vixens are now retired and are now called the Golden Corsairs.


Rachel is a Kin'lorian of the planet Rakarn. Kin'lorians are a breed of canine (usually of jackals variants). Their furs would vary in colors from dark browns to shades of blue with either stripes or spots that is normally of grey or black. Tall jackal ears up to a foot in length to show their high sensitivity to sounds. Eyes are normally a shade of green but there has been some cases of mutations of that with red, blue, and orange as well. They also have a protected layer lens over their eyes for them to be able to see under water clearly and not be effected by the high volume of salt in their oceans. Long tails for added balance with the Kin'lorians custom of decorating or grooming for appearances. Tails are also a sign of attractiveness as when a Kin'lorian falls in love, they use their tails to wrap around the hips of their mates as a sign of commitment to their love. Due to the planet mostly of water, the Kin'lorians have retractable claws on both their feet and hands which they used to grip onto trees and cliffs on land or in shallow waters to grip onto the seabed while hunting sea life.

Rachel is a common looking Kin'lori with dark navy blue fur with grey tints of fur and leopard like spots over her athletic body with and hazel green eyes. Standing at seven feet tall, seven feet and six inches if counting ears, she is at average height for her species of a jackal breed and a thin cat like tail. Hair that reaches to her shoulders with the right side braided and held together by a metal golden hair wrap with two large gold earrings on her left ear. Her outfit consists of Victorian attires made into capes and jackets with attached metal platings for her captains wardrobe with thigh high black boots and brown leather gloves. She traditionally had a large 'metal' Chinese style straw hat as her iconic image but recently gave it up for her current new look over the changes of herself and of the crew and ship.

Rachel honing her skills.


Rachel has a free spirited personality that goes along with her sense of adventure and toughness when in the heat of battle. Her voice of that of english Victorian times, soft and gentle but has a tone of stern and toughness in it. She is mostly calm and a bit of a tease at times but when needed she shows she means business when confronting an enemy. She speaks with words mostly with 'th' in them sounding like 'd' and '-ing' not saying the 'g' to the words, for instance saying the word "that" wound sound like "dat" or "something" sounds like "somethin'". Cheerful at most when she is around her crew and those she cares for. You rarely see her without her infamous snicker expression. She is also loyal to her word as captain. She never backs down from a promise she brings forward. She is also very smart tactician leading her crew into battle. Along with her sense of adventure, she is very helpful and a social butterfly. Always eager to speak out in what ever current discussions or tell tales of their worlds past of brave captains and pilots of their past to personal tales of Rachel herself experienced.


Rachel has no means of special powers as meta humans would have. Her long perk ears give her a increased sense of hearing able to detect the slightest of sounds easily. Her vision increased for their anatomy having basically a second pair of lenses to protect them from the elements, and acts as a means of seeing distant objects more clearly than the average humans. Retractable claws used as means of melee at times and sharp enough to cut through flesh. Kin'lorian teeth are not as sharp as most but powerful jaws enough like their claws can rip through flesh as well. Her agility is to par of an athletic gymnast able to run up to speeds of 30 mph and perform leaps and somersaults with ease. Her tail can act as a weapon for quick whipping motions able to crack rocks or even bones to unprotected areas.


Personal Equipment

Being captain of a spaceship, Rachel wears her traditional Victorian style wardrobes with custom made armor plating around her arms and shoulders. She is always found carrying her trusty 'flintlock' energy pistol given to her by Captain Inar at an early age. Even if the weapon is old and past its expiration date, she continues to use it regardless to keep old traditions. She also has a rapier style sword made of the common metals found on Rakarn, Velium, which is similar to earths steel. Her uniform fitted to hold a wide variety of weapons from daggers, pouches of trap bombs and explosives and hidden custom made blasters. Previously her old straw metal hat was fitted to be used as a throwing weapon with retractable blades attached to a thin fiber wire to give her control over the weapon while in flight. Today she hangs up her traditional hat and replaces the same throwing blades with shuriken like blades in special compartments on her attire.

The Liralen

The Liralen (made by tinkercad.com)

The Liralen is a captured Tan'em cruiser retrofitted by Rakarnian tech and weaponry with added features. The original design of the Tan'em cruiser equipped with four Main Ion Cannon Batteries, two on each side of the upper decks, with a large array of laser turrets and beam arrays, missiles platforms from anti-ship, starcraft, and shields. When the Rakarnians captured this ship, every weapon output would be loaded with Rakarnian weapon designs. Only thing original would be the main ion cannon batteries due to their devastating effects against other ships. The Liralen would also build a section of the top hull for hanger where several dozen starcrafts and bombers with room for five shuttles and twenty additional starcrafts can be stored away. The Liralen is a fast ship despite her size. The Liralen has a wide turning radius when moving in battle speeds but can turn on a dime when still at a slow rate to bring the ship about to full face batteries on targets. When traveling to distant locations, the Liralen can travel across the galaxy with its hyper-space drives that can travel across the Milky Way within weeks. At times when the Liralen travels, the addition of solar sails has been installed to be used for short distance travels and within an atmosphere to save power to the Liralen power supplies. The bottom fin of the ship can be retracted to be stowed away for landing procedures and have the capabilities to go underwater when needed. With the ship able to hold as much as 1,200 people, the actual crew consists of around 800 despite the large size with few hundred used for families and passengers.


To common knowledge, Rachel is built like a human. Meaning what ever can harm a human can harm her. She is particularly weaker when in colder weather due to the climates of her home world being warm and tropical yearly. Even with her fur, it is not thick enough to retain body heat when in areas below 7° C (41° F). With her abilities of an acrobatic, cold weather also would slow her down thus making her an easier target. Her tail acts as a counterweight when performing these acrobatic skills so if anything would happen to her tail, she would not be able to keep balance as well. Due to the extra protective layer over the lenses in her eyes, the downside of this feature is the extra sensitivity to light as the extra layer bends light into a more precise focal point to see crystal clear visions. She can be easily blinded when exposed to a bright object for short periods of time before she is able to focus again. Her ears also while a strength, can be a weakness. The sensitivity of her ears can pick up frequencies that humans normally wouldn't. High pitch sounds can render her prone to attacks.


The Scarlet Vixens (Golden Corsairs): The Vixens is a special crew than no other. The entire crew consists of females from Rakarn and its three moons. Over time with the spread of the trade routes, many would join the crew outside their own sector of space. Even some Earthlings making their way to join the crew. Due to the nature of the Vixens from Rakarn, at least 90% of the crew are that of animal species with the remaining 10% of other non animal species, like Humans. As of recent, Rachel has passed a rule among the crew that crew members can bring their family members aboard the Liralen, which also includes having the opportunity that males can be part of the crew now and has then changed the crew name from the Scarlet Vixens to the Golden Corsairs.


Clir Archar

Rachel's older sister. After Clir departed from the Scarlet Vixens, she would have a sense of revenge to find the very raiders who killed her parents. She spent several years on Rakarn hiring her own small personal crew to trace these unknown raiders while in secrecy going under the alias: Athera, to prevent anyone of the Scarlet Vixens know of her presence. Clir with her crew set out through space tracking down the unknown raiders but their search would come to a quick end when exploring the same sector where the colony ship Clir was on was attacked. The very same raiders would attack Clir and her ship. Inexperienced in combat, her crew would fall to the hands of the raiders, but Clir was spared. The captain of these raiders, Captain Dol, would take the young Clir and have her join his crew of raiders. Despise of the fact to be part of the crew that killed her parents, they corrupted her mind and turned her into a vicious warrior. Vicious enough to where being the pupil of Captain Dol, Clir murders him to become the new captain. Now with her own ship and crew, Clir forms the Raddarian Raiders where her goal would be to spread chaos across Rakarnian space, and her only rival that can stop her was her younger sister, Rachel and her crew The Scarlet Vixens.

Clir hearing of Rachel on the distant world of Earth, she takes the absence of the Scarlet Vixens and causes trouble among the Rakarnian sector space. Now and then Rachel would travel to deal with her sister personally while Clir would travel to Earth to butt heads with her sister rival, even causing havok among the planet by raiding weapon depots and high security establishments to resupply Clir's ship and crew and selling good over the black market.


Theme Songs

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  • Rachel has ties to many worlds the Scarlet Vixens has visited thus has allies for emergency calls.
  • Being of a trading world, the Liralen acts as a trade ship as well. Goods can be sold, bought, or traded if asked.
  • Her favorite drink is called Cernt, a fruity drink with similar tastes to that of strawberries.
  • She currently has a bounty on her head worth 1.6 million credits.


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