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PRIMUS Database Guidelines
as of 24th October 2013

In the spirit of keeping PRIMUS Database enjoyable for all users (and by extension, visitors to the site), we would like you to consider the following guidelines of use and conduct.


Content that is considered acceptable for submission to PRIMUS Database include user-created characters and concepts as well as related fiction, fan artwork and screenshots from the Champions Online MMORPG. Basic information regarding any part of Champions/Hero Games intellectual property intended for use in aiding and enhancing roleplay are also welcomed, but should have sources cited wherever possible (don’t simply copy complete excerpts from sourcebooks, either).

Articles which contain extensive references to intellectual properties unrelated to Champions/Hero Games may be subject to moderation in solidarity with CO’s terms of use. This includes the submission of “clone” characters and the upload of files depicting existing works of fiction (television, movies, comics, et cetera). PRIMUS Database is not intended to provide mechanical information or strategy related to game content within Champions Online: submissions of this nature are better suited to CO Wiki.

The primary language of content found within PRIMUS Database is English. Submissions in other languages, such as French and German, are welcomed: these should be tagged with either a title marker or language category where applicable.

While PRIMUS Database aims to maintain a PG-13 standard, it is acknowledged that some content within may be inappropriate or offensive for certain visitors to the site. That said, your page is allowed to go farther...but only to a point. While it's assumed that being a superhero (or villain) involves things such as violence and/or death, dealing with occasionally being captured, as well as crazed schemes of the week, watch yourself when you cross that line into what would be considered NC-17 territory.

Some things considered NC-17 would be 'sadistic graphic violence', 'bizarre or excessive sexuality or nudity', 'pervasive disturbing images', and 'constant severe language'. The PDB used to tolerate such things with a front end warning, but after debate and consideration, that has been revoked. If a moderator contacts you to tell you that you've 'crossed the line', you need to scale things back or expect to get your page moderated or removed.


We at PRIMUS Database believe it is very important to foster a culture of respect between users and their creative efforts. Making extensive edits to articles not owned by you should be avoided, unless the context of the page or section allows it. If a user asks you respectfully to remove a character reference from your own page, it is recommended that you comply with their wishes.

Feel free to use the talk pages of articles on the Database to leave your feedback, such as compliments and constructive criticisms. Be polite in your comments to other users, and avoid potentially inflammatory statements.

Remember that text on the computer screen can, in certain circumstances, be interpreted in the wrong way due to lack of tone, emotion and/or context. If there is a disagreement, remain civil and diplomatic-- even if others may not be doing the same. If it isn’t possible to “keep your cool”, it may be better to simply walk away from the situation.

To summarize, remember the Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated, and we’ll all get along!


Do not vandalize the work of other users and/or engage in activity that may be considered as harassment.

Do not explicitly plagiarize from other sources.

Do not post “spam” content, including advertisements, solicitations, and links to malware.

Do not create multiple accounts.

Do not disregard the terms of a suspension, if one is given for any reason.