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Phalanx, The Last Guardian

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The Indomitable
The Last Guardian
Player: @MorpheusX
Super Group
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Real Name
Vik'tar Canni
Phalanx, Vik
April 12, 1776 (Equivilant)
Ito City, Earth
Honorary Citizen of Bermuda
Millennium City
Millennium City
U.N. Xeno-Diplomat
Legal Status
Registered Hero
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Athletically Powerful
Yellow Brass
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Various swirling tattoos
Powers & Abilities
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Advanced Sirrixian Physiology, Shapeshifting, Density Control, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Stamina, Photonic Generation, Super Breath, Sirrixian Multi-Phase Senses, Telepathic Disciplines
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Macrobead Communicator
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Diplomacy, Investigation, Xeno-Linguistics, Psychology, Polymath in the disciplines of biology and science.


Vik'tar Canni was born to the race of beings known as the Sirrix, a hyper evolutionary people that bested humanity in early in both species developmental stages. This was attributed to the Sirrix ability to selectively draw on DNA patterns to adapt to new ad harsh environments, usually within a single generation.

As the Sirrix advanced, their genetic coding became more diverse, and eventually evolved to a species so biologically advanced, it began to defy normal genetic standards, the species able to consciously chose on the fly which DNA strands they wanted to use, allowing the species to survive sudden increases in radioactivity, harsh climates, and event environmental disasters that could have led to an extinction level event.

Thousands of years of prosperity allowed the Sirrix to evolve not only biologically but culturally as well. They became an enlightened culture, pursuers of knowledge and wisdom, while eschewing superstition and worship of intangible gods. They plied their hands to building great cities that reached for the skies, and learned to strike an equilibrium with their planet.

Vik'tar was born to one of the finest Genetic Scientists in the capital arcology of Ito City, Ma'ya Canni. His birth an uncommonly auspicious one, as he was a child of immaculate conception. While it was not uncommon for the Sirrix as they could activate genetic codes to swap their sex or even reproduce asexually if needed, that was mostly a conscious choice. Ma'ya never made that choice. Her biology made the choice for her.

After his birth Vik'tar was immediately poked and prodded by scientists to discover the nature of his conception. It was then they learned the Ma'ya family line had been building up excess DNA code, and where the average Sirrixian had a octo-helix strand Vik'tar had a deci-helix. He would be named one of the Sirrixian's chosen, a guardian of their people's culture, trained to use their advanced structure to alter their form beyond anything a common Sirrixian could achieve.


Vik'tar displays an air of stoic dignity about him, he is reserved in nature, and often his passive demeanor is confused for an uncaring aloofness. He is analytical, and speaks plainly his mind when asked, and often when he is not. He is highly compassionate even to those people he has just met, defending those that have been aggressed against, even if that party may have done wrong in the past, hoping his intervention may cause a new leaf in a troubled soul's life.

Vik'tar gives his trust easily, preferring to see the good in someone, but once that trust is broken it will require great feats to restore the shapeshifter's faith in the individual. And while he may trust easily, he is actually quite slow at building strong bonds with another living creature, fearing the emotional contact that has left him devastated at the loss of his people and loved ones.

Powers and Abilities

Advanced Sirrix Physiology
Sirrix as a race bear a remarkably complex biology when compared to humans. The backbone of their physiology is a super octo-helix DNA strand that stores the species thousands of years of genetic information, a repository that allows the Sirrix to 'activate' selected genetic sequences to force their bodies to adapt to hostile and dangerous environments. Their bodies are formed from a strange bio-polymer that rapidly respond to DNA codes, shifting to adapt quickly to the forms willed by the Sirrix. Vik'tar however was born to be one of the race's Guardians, his Sirrix physiology for more advanced than the usual Sirrix and bearing Deca-Helix DNA filled strange and exotic information. Where many could adapt within a few moments of concentration, Vik'tar can do so almost reflexively, allowing him to achieve forms that were not just suitable to dangerous environments, but that could be used in battle, adapting on the fly.

  • Shape-Shifting: Where many Sirrix could shift the color of their skin to stave off radiation or generate web fingers to swim efficiently, Vik'tar can generate almost endless forms from his body's bio-polymers. Wings, talons, even complex materials like armor and cloth can be generated from his body. This ability also allows him to copy other people's appearance and when coupled with his telepathic ability allows him to mimic others with uncanny accuracy.
  • Superhuman Strength:
  • Superhuman Endurance:
  • Superhuman Durability:
  • Density Control:
  • Regeneration: Due to mastery of his physical structure, anything short of complete destruction of his molecular makeup will allow Vik'tar to rebuild his body. The amount of time required is often proportional to the damage sustained. Minor wounds seem to heal remarkably quick, while grievous wounds and limb loss that a significantly larger amount of time to recover from.
  • Photonic Generation: By absorbing and storing ambient cosmic energy, Vik'tar is capable of expelling blasts of high intensity energy from his eyes. When focused he is capable of melting through the armor of a tank in mere seconds, but is also known to use this ability to cauterize wounds and perform surgical laser procedures.
  • Flight: It is unclear how Vik'tor manipulates magnetic fields around his body, but in doing so he can defy gravity and push his body to amazing speeds in flight. He is capable of leaving the Earth's atmosphere under his own power and could in theory reach upwards of Mach 10. However, he seems to prefer a more casual pace on average.


  • Astro-Telepath: Vik'tar's mind is powerful enough to reach out across the void of space to communicate with another. These message take a great deal of concentration and are often short and concise.
  • Telepathic Relay: Vik'tar has the ability to link several minds to his, allowing those 'networked' to freely communicate amongst themselves via his telepathy. This is often distracting to Vik'tar if too much conversation is occurring during stressful situations, and he often regulates himself to a support role when networking.
  • Empathic Connection: Vik'tar can reach out and touch the minds of those he has a positive relationship with. This gives him the ability to 'check up' on the status of those dear to him evaluating their mental well being and physical health. This power is usually only used when he suspects his friends of being in danger as he feels it to be intrusive.
  • Mind Reading: Though he loathes to delve into his ability to read minds, Vik'tar is none the less highly accomplished in the ability to read minds. Able to dig deep into hidden thoughts, cracking open truths that even the subject conceals from themselves. Despite his skill he often picks up on thoughts and memories that were unintended, but powerful in the subjects mind.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes


  • Compassion: Centuries of needless conflict has left a bitter taste for violence in Vik'tar's mouth. Now with the mantle of Phalanx on his shoulders he stands to protect life and will do everything in his power to preserve innocence from harm.
  • Combat Post Tramatic Stress Disorder: Vik'tar has been part of intergalactic wars that have raised whole systems and has witnessed the destruction of his own Earth. These cataclysmic events have scarred his psyche, and can often overwhelm him when he finds himself in a scene of wholesale wanton carnage.
  • Claustrophobia: After being buried alive in the ruins of his home city, Vik'tar seems less than willing to subject himself to dark confined spaces. He will lash out violently, physically or psychically, if forced into such an environment against his will.
  • Aloof: Vik'tar's calm demeanor can often be taken as cold, his pragmatism mistaken for ruthlessness at times. While he can be inspiring, he is often misinterpreted.


  • Macrobead Communicator: Phalanx carries very little equipment, but he always carries his high-powered PRIMUS communication bead tucked into his ear. This allows him to communicate across the globe with his team and other heroes, as well as send tight beam messages to teammates in his direct vicinity.

Exploits and Activities

Cockraoches the size of...
They say the bugs in this city are huge, capable of carrying off small dogs if you let them. Needless to say that commentary hadn't prepared Phalanx for three hundred foot tall kaiju bug monsters storming the Downtown Mall. The ensuing fight between heroes and giant beasts was nothing short of epic as blows were exchanged with the intensity of trainwrecks. Eventually Phalanx managed to topple one of the creatures after shattering its armor with a combination of cosmic heat rays and frigid breath, allowing him to land a thunderous blow to the softer beast beneath.

In the end of the fight, one beast was slain and another taken into custody by UNTIL for study. The mall itself remained mostly intact and no innocent lives were lost.

The Beaches of Bermuda

Calimari Cookout




  • Comically Serious - Vik'tar is intelligent and analytical, he is also a stranger in a strange land. This often means he doesn't quite grasp human humor or sarcasm, and often leads to rather comical social situations the he often responds to with a stoic seriousness.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting - Vik'tar is a highly accomplished shapeshifter, capable not only of taking shapes of strange beasts and mimicking people, but also manifesting clothing and basic weaponry from his bio-polymer anatomy.
  • Last of His Kind - Earth, for Vik'tar, is nothing more than a shattered husk of death in his home dimension. His species hunted to extinction by those his species once subjugated. He is the last of s kind, and in this dimension, his species never even existed. He is a man apart.


Theme Songs
The Last Guardian Score:

Live Action
Character Actor: Shemar Moore

Character Inspirations:
Martian Manhunter - I enjoyed Martian Manhunter's role in the Justice League. He's a stranger in a strange place, but he is steadfast in his dedication to that strange land and its people. As a shapshifter, J'onn provides a fun backbone for a character that can really push the costuming envelope and allows me to have a real good time with the character creator

Superman - I've never really given Superman his dues, always painting him as too much of a paragon, and easy virtue. Then I really came to the realization that he embodies the old 'With great power' adage. Having all that power, you -must- be a paragon. Every day you have to wake up and say 'Today, I will not wipe out two city blocks fighting crime.'. I've tried to adopt that philosophy with Phalanx.

Morph - If there ever was a character that pushed the limits of his body morphing it was this guy. He's really the fun part of playing Phalanx in Champions Online.